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Made in us
Unhealthy Competition With Other Legions

The Midwest

Here is the first of my 3 House Griffith Knights. Comments/Feedback are welcome! PMs are good too.

I have christened this one:
Amalric, in Knight Paladin: Thunder's Call
The Young Champion, Bearer of the Legacy, Conqueror of the Broken Wasteland, Doom of the Red Sept
[Thumb - DSC_0453.JPG]

[Thumb - DSC_0455.JPG]

[Thumb - DSC_0456.JPG]

[Thumb - DSC_0457.JPG]

[Thumb - DSC_0458.JPG]

[Thumb - DSC_0459.JPG]

[Thumb - DSC_0460.JPG]

[Thumb - DSC_0461.JPG]

[Thumb - DSC_0462.JPG]

[Thumb - DSC_0463.JPG]

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Made in us
Moustache-twirling Princeps


Ooooh! That is outstanding. That glow is neat too!

Made in us
Legendary Master of the Chapter

Chicago, Illinois

Made in us
Flashy Flashgitz

Pacific Northwest

Gorgeous work. I love the rear glow especially, but the whole model is fantastic. Nice base.


Gorgrimm 'Eadsplittas Bad Moons
Aegis Guard Space marines

"For every battle honor, a thousand heroes die alone, unsung, and unremembered"

My External Space Marine Blog

Made in au
Happy We Found Our Primarch


Nice work man, it looks awesome.

Imperial Fists: 2000
W:9 D:0 L:5
Adeptus Custodes
W:11 D:0 L:4 
Made in us
Unhealthy Competition With Other Legions

The Midwest

Here is Knight of House Griffith #2. I usually use this one as my Seneschal/Warlord. (The title stuff is all the accumulated titles and honours Knights gain throughout their, uh, careers)

Pilot: Letholdus, in the Knight Paladin: Redemption's Wrath
The Red Blade, Liberator, 23rd Castellan of the Lost Citadel, Knight Champion of the Balefire Stars, Defender of the Gates, Subjugator of the Unclean

Let me know what you think, and vote it up if you like it!
Base is by Dragon Forge Design.
[Thumb - DSC_0464.JPG]

[Thumb - DSC_0465.JPG]

[Thumb - DSC_0466.JPG]

[Thumb - DSC_0467.JPG]

[Thumb - DSC_0468.JPG]

[Thumb - DSC_0469.JPG]

[Thumb - DSC_0470.JPG]

[Thumb - DSC_0473.JPG]

[Thumb - DSC_0474.JPG]

[Thumb - DSC_0475.JPG]

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Made in us
Moustache-twirling Princeps


Holy crap man! That is even better than the first one!

Made in de
Shunting Grey Knight Interceptor

House Griffith eh? Do you have close ties to the Band of the Hawk, or the Midland Army?

Those Knights are real beauties, if i may say so. Especially like the heraldry

"When in deadly danger,
When beset by doubt,
run in little circles,
wave your arms and shout." - Litany of Command (parody)

Made in de
Xenohunter with First Contact


Wow. The osl is just perfect imho. Very cool knights!
The heraldry looks so ballanced. Thanks for sharing
Made in us
Unhealthy Competition With Other Legions

The Midwest

Hello everyone. Thanks for all the positive feedback!
Here's the last of my House Griffith Knights, that is until I add a Lancer . Guess I'll just have to make do with that shiny new Adamantine Lance formation! (I have two more Knights that I'll add soon, but they're not Griffith)

Pilot: Maerwynn, in Knight Errant: Bringer of Flame
The Maiden, 3rd Broken Lance, Ghost of the Alcantrax Killing Fields, Savior of the Cadian 224th, Armorbane, Unbound Warrior

[Thumb - DSC_0495.JPG]

[Thumb - DSC_0494.JPG]

[Thumb - DSC_0496.JPG]

[Thumb - DSC_0500.JPG]

[Thumb - DSC_0502.JPG]

[Thumb - DSC_0501.JPG]

[Thumb - DSC_0505.JPG]

[Thumb - DSC_0507.JPG]

[Thumb - DSC_0503.JPG]

[Thumb - DSC_0511.JPG]

[Thumb - DSC_0504.JPG]

[Thumb - DSC_0498.JPG]

[Thumb - DSC_0497.JPG]

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