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Hello guys,

We found that you are interested in tactical games in a weird west setting (Blackwater Gulch looks really interesting, good luck with developing it!).
You might also be interested in a new video game, currently in development, entitled “Hard West” - a Weird West tactical with world map exploration, a hint of adventure and a drop of RPG. We are currently running a campaign on Kickstarter with 10 days still to go.
Here is the trailer:
Among our inspirations you will find Welcome to the Hard Times (novel), No Country For Old Men (movie) but also Deadlands RPG, with which, I believe, you might be familiar. Check out some of the game features:

- The tactical experience is quick-paced and includes some innovative features. Characters can improvise covers from surrounding objects (such as a saloon table) or bounce their bullets off metal objects to hit an enemy behind the corner. The position of the sun plays a huge role: sunlight may blind the combatants, while shadows might conceal them in perfect ambush spots.
- Because of its weird west theme, Hard West unites western with fantastical elements. We focused on horror, which is not unlike Deadlands. Evil is prevalent in our setting. People are ruthless, distrustful and often mad. Evil forces (think Manitou or even Reckoners) mark the world, its fate and its principles. The law is all but non-existent and lawmen may be corrupted and even more ruthless than the outlaws, which reminds you of Deadlands’ hangin’ judges before their deaths.
- The mystical element is omnipresent, but not literal. A mood of mystery and supernatural reigns over the land. Some people believe Indian artifacts and ancient items to have power, others take them for loonies. Real world is connected to nightmare visions and you cannot be sure that things you see are real or whether they are the illusions spawned by your twisted mind. In Hard West, you can find relics inhabited by spirits, unique weapons or play as a harrower-like creature.
- The State is torn apart and the government has no real power on the frontier. Criminals and weird creatures rule those areas, unless they themselves are defeated by the harsh environment. On the other hand, a lonesome federal agent or marshall arrives in town to chase supernatural beasts and try to resolve troubles connected with the occult.
-Our game mechanics include a Luck system and a feature using Poker Cards as tokens, to make it stand out from the crowd and feel more like western.

We will be extremely grateful for your comments, guys.
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