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Hello all

Its been an immense amount of time since I posted on Dakka Dakka, so without further ado here is my skorpikan I entered into a local painting competition at GW Brighton.

Hope you like it. I have used a Blood Axe colour scheme from 1st edition book Ere We Go. Also took this opportunity to try some weathering techniques. C&C welcome.


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Not sure why my pics have loaded upside down. Is there a way to rotate them?
[Thumb - DSC_0354.JPG]
skorpikan front

[Thumb - DSC_0353.JPG]
skorpikan left side

[Thumb - DSC_0352.JPG]
skorpikan right side

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Looks pretty cool!

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That is pretty damn awesome and completely unique. Hope to see more of your work.

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Dakka Veteran

The Skorpican is amazing! That is really awesome and well done. Hope you won something.
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Nebraska, USA

Killakan proxy! Love it!

Would be an epic psyche-out move to field a squad of these. They look way way more menacing than killakans.

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