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Made in us
Mutilatin' Mad Dok

The project I was working on when I stopped playing 4 years ago was an RT era Crimson fists army. Here are some pics of what I have painted. I am particularly enamored of the conversion inspired by the RT cover.

This first time my pics were terrible. Now... they're passable. Lol. This is what I have painted. I have a predator, some bikes, a jet-bike, and attack bike, a few land speeders, a bunch of marines and another couple rhinos in various states of assembly
[Thumb - rtchaplainfront.JPG]

[Thumb - rtchaplianrear.JPG]

[Thumb - rtdreadfront.JPG]

[Thumb - rtdreadside.JPG]

[Thumb - RT.jpg]

[Thumb - rtpf1.JPG]

[Thumb - rtpffront.JPG]

[Thumb - rtpotherside.JPG]

[Thumb - rtps.JPG]

[Thumb - rtRhinofront.JPG]

[Thumb - rtrhinorear.JPG]

[Thumb - rtrhinoside.JPG]

[Thumb - rtgroup.JPG]

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Made in us
Ultramarine Master with Gauntlets of Macragge

Upstate, New York

NIce stuff. Got a few of those myself, good times, good times...

Ultramarines, 3rd Co. and friends, 12.5K+ Slowly growing 2Kish
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Made in us
Mutilatin' Mad Dok

 Nevelon wrote:
NIce stuff. Got a few of those myself, good times, good times...


Made in us
Mutilatin' Mad Dok

I've been working on these, steadily.

Here are my converted Captain with Jump Pack and Techmarine. I built the servo arm from a jillion different bits and some wire. The top half of the Techmarine is from an RT techmarine biker. Cut off the hand and replaced it with one that could hold the Thundercannon (Thudd Gun... not painted yet) conroller.

The captain is an old metal Mark VII with a classic jump pack, a custom Shield eternal (tau drone bit), and a custom crest (cut from a chain-axe).

I've also converted and painted 10 assault marines and 2 bikers with grav guns, but no pics yet.

[Thumb - Jump Captain Front.JPG]

[Thumb - Jump Captain Side.JPG]

[Thumb - Techmarine 1.JPG]

[Thumb - Techmarine 2.JPG]

[Thumb - Techmarine 3.JPG]

[Thumb - SAM_0073.JPG]

[Thumb - SAM_0074.JPG]

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Made in us
Flashy Flashgitz

Pacific Northwest

Oh the memories. Well, that cover is my desktop background at the moment, so I guess it is still fresh in my mind.

Nice old school CFs. Makes me want to play the Battle of the Farm!


Gorgrimm 'Eadsplittas Bad Moons
Aegis Guard Space marines

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