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I've just started down the path of collecting and playing this very cool game.

I'm going to start a League that includes my youngest son, a couple of work mates and myself. With this in mind, I read and started thinking on the League rules provided in the free downloadable rulebook.

Nothing is mentioned in the free rulebook in regards to how you go about assigning experience to Mech Pilots, nor how if a Mech is destroyed and unsalvageable, how you go about switching the Mech Pilot from that Mech into a new Mech and retaining their same skill set and any experience they had earnt or simulating the unfamiliarity of a new Mech for that Mech Pilot.

So I came up with a couple of things which seem to me to be fair, but I'd like to hear others thoughts and any suggestions on these two subjects (or if these things are indeed expanded upon in the hard cover rulebook - which is currently winging its way towards me across the Pacific Ocean).

Here's what I've got;

Mech Pilot Experience
Mech Pilots gain experience by taking enemy Mechs out of action during arena combat. Team Managers must keep a record of how many “Kills” a Mech Pilot has made. When a Mech Pilot has 5 Kills, they become an Ace and receive 2 Attribute points to spend on raising their Attributes. From then on, for each additional lot of 5 Mech Kills an Ace achieves, they receive a further 1 Attribute point to spend on raising their Attributes.

Mech Pilots switching to a New Mech
If a Mech Pilot needs to change to a new Mech, because their Mech was destroyed beyond the point of being salvageable in a recent Match for example, then you simply take the Attribute Points from the old Mech and transfer them directly to the new Mech.

However, if the new Mech is of a different weight class than the old Mech, then add or subtract an amount of Attribute Points commensurate with the difference between the weight class of the old Mech and the weight class of the new Mech. Now, subtract a further 1 point from each of the Attributes. The subtraction of the latter points is temporary and only lasts for the first Match the Mech Pilot spends in the new Mech. At the end of this first Match, these points are returned. This temporary subtraction reflects the Mech Pilot becoming accustomed to a new Mech weight class.


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