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Made in us
Squishy Oil Squig

First thread added to Dakkadakka! spent allot of time checking out Kraut Scientist's work, it has been very inspiring.

don't have any paints yet but I've been busy working on conversions:

-Kraut Scientist's Lord of the Pit conversion directly influenced me to do my own version. Renegade but not totally lost to chaos. I need my own name for him and I need to come up with a renegade space marine squad to support him. i am thinking the Minotaurs squad would work but i need to figure out a way to relate them to each other so they match enough to look like a squad. might just happen when i paint them. i want them to be Pre-Heresy World Eaters/Khornate themed renegades (despite him having a Puppets War Deamon's Children shoulder pad) but not yet completely lost to the nails and not enslaved by Chaos. Characters more like Kharn and Draeger from the Eater of Worlds novel, and Lheorvine Ukris who has an odd control over his Nails. hes so huge he wields the melta gun one handed like it is but a mere pistol (currently maglocked to his rear)

-Carrowek of Carn Dhu war-drune on slightly modified space marine bike instead of drune horse so he makes sense in the 40k universe. also renegade but not totally lost to chaos. might be comrades with the above character

-Terminators on Khorne Skullcrusher Deamon Mounts

-Terminators converted with Wrathmongers bitz. only finished one so far, used a dark angels terminator plasma cannon on the right arm. But those helms doe!

'Eavy Dakka Bad Moons - my over the top obsessed with Dakka Ork Klan. trying to come up with more back story other than they love dakka and are mostly deff.
-Looted Deff Dread: Mork's Dakka.
-Dakka obsessed Flash Gitz Nobz who still want more dakka. most are almost completely deaf due to their incoherent love of loud dakka. the ones with pintle mounted guns on their backpacks are usually incredibly cranky due to the gun accidentally flopping down and hitting them in the head. doesnt hurt due to their thick skulls but it is a major irritant and have no grots to hold it up for them.
-Upgraded Deff Dread - just slapped more guns on everywhere because it made it more Orky, I'm thinking of adding a heavy stubber in the last port there without any weapons, it was more pleasing to my eye than another arm.

Loyalist Veteran Company
-Assault squad
-Super Heavies
-Line marines
-Commander, champions, more champions, and combi-weapon equipped marines. The marine with the Roman plume, power fist and storm bolter is the overall commander, and the helmetless marine with the banner attached to his backpack is the closest thing these guys have to a standard bearer.

-Minotaurs. renegades in a similar sense to the white scars during the Heresy but related to the World Eaters. (these guys have the most story behind them). Close combat, tight knit squat, rapid deployment. these guys like to teleport in annihilate everything mercilessly with joyous outrageous overkill leaving only wanton extravagant destruction in their wake then teleport back out, need to figure out something to add as their teleporters/backpacks other than the grey knight backpacks, not over the moon about those bits. id like to play a game with no point cap and see what happens with this squad.
[Thumb - Lordofthe Pit_Front.jpg]

[Thumb - LordofthePit_Side left.jpg]

[Thumb - LordofthePit_Back.jpg]

[Thumb - Carrowek_Front.jpg]

[Thumb - Carrowek_Side.jpg]

[Thumb - TerminatorSkullcrusherMounts_Front.jpg]

[Thumb - TerminatorSkullcrusherMounts_Sideright.jpg]

[Thumb - TerminatorSkullcrusherMounts_Sideleft.jpg]

[Thumb - Wrathemonger Termos_front2.jpg]

[Thumb - Wrathemonger Termos_sideright.jpg]

[Thumb - LootedDread_front2.jpg]

[Thumb - LootedDread_rear1.jpg]

[Thumb - Ork Eavy Dakka Nobz_Front.jpg]

[Thumb - Ork Eavy Dakka Nobz_sideright.jpg]

[Thumb - Ork Eavy Dakka Nobz_Back.jpg]

[Thumb - Ork Eavy Dakka Nobz_Sideleft.jpg]

[Thumb - UpgradedDeffDread_Front1.jpg]

[Thumb - UpgradedDeffDread_back2.jpg]

[Thumb - Assault Squad Veterans.jpg]

[Thumb - Veteran_Super Heavies.jpg]

[Thumb - Veteran_Heavies.jpg]

[Thumb - Veteran Line_Front.jpg]

[Thumb - Veteran Commanders.jpg]

[Thumb - Veterans.jpg]

[Thumb - Veteran_Duelists.jpg]

[Thumb - Combi Vets_front.jpg]

[Thumb - Minotaurs_1_Front1.jpg]

[Thumb - Minotaurs_2_Front.jpg]

[Thumb - Minotaurs_3.jpg]

[Thumb - Minotaurs_4_front.jpg]

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Made in gb
Thane of Dol Guldur


very cool, but you best get painting. dont nobody want to see grey

Heresy World Eaters/Emperors Children

Instagram: nagrakali_love_songs 
Made in us
1st Lieutenant

Klamath Falls, OR

Care to provide a parts list for that big fellow there? Both footy & biker versions would be really cool as I'd like to make something similar.

Made in us
Squishy Oil Squig

I plan on picking up paints this week!
The looted dread includes:
chaos defiler arms
standard space marine dread torso
Space marine Dreadnought hurricane bolter left arm
Space Marine Ironclad Dreadnought CHAINFIST (left arm)
Countless killa kan and orky deff dread weapons arms and shooter options
Chaos flamer on top
2 Heavy bolters and heavy melta gun
His nose area is a flamer from an imperial guard tank
The extra armor is from an ork plane
Legs and crotch are leg bits from killa kans
Extra shoulder armor from Deff Dread kit
Made in us
Veteran Wolf Guard Squad Leader


I LOVE that first guy! Perfect restrained conversion IMO, I love that i know exactly what that dudes about just from the model. Super awesome job and second the opinion to get that guy painted!

The Carrion Corsairs - A Dark Eldar P&M Blog

Know thine enemy.
You are known to him already

* Sermon Primaris, the Ordo Xenos

Made in us
Sinewy Scourge

Boulder, Colorado

love it.

It woud be really cool if you made the first guy a little bit more chaosy



Made in us
Squishy Oil Squig

Minotaur Commander in Terminator Armor with 2 huge Angron-like chain axes . I used Forge World's Tyberos The Red Wake's torso and helm and some FW Minotaurs arms before attaching some ork nob modified chain axes.

Wrathmonger Terminator #2

Another addition to my growing Chaos Terminator squad w Wrathmonger axe.
[Thumb - Minotaur Termos 0.jpg]

[Thumb - Minotaur Termos 1.jpg]

[Thumb - Minotaur Termos 2.jpg]

[Thumb - Minotaur Termos 3.jpg]

[Thumb - Minotaur Termos 4.jpg]

[Thumb - WrathMonger Termos2_front.jpg]

[Thumb - WrathMonger Terminator2_back.jpg]

[Thumb - Chaos Termos Front 2.jpg]

[Thumb - Chaos Termos Sideright.jpg]

Made in us
Squishy Oil Squig

making some progress painting!

[Thumb - 20150623_211408.jpg]

[Thumb - 20150616_220217.jpg]

[Thumb - 20150616_220344.jpg]

[Thumb - 20150619_220626.jpg]

Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

maubrey08 wrote:
Minotaur Commander in Terminator Armor with 2 huge Angron-like chain axes . I used Forge World's Tyberos The Red Wake's torso and helm and some FW Minotaurs arms before attaching some ork nob modified chain axes.

Wrathmonger Terminator #2

Another addition to my growing Chaos Terminator squad w Wrathmonger axe.

Where you got the chain axes from?
Made in gb
Savage Khorne Berserker Biker


I love your massive weapons!

pronouns: she/her
We're going to need more skulls - My blogspot
Quanar wrote:you were able to fit regular guardsmen in drop pods before the FAQ and they'd just come out as a sort of soup..
Made in us
Squishy Oil Squig

Andredre - Chain axes were from Ork Nobz sprue, see pic. Hand and lower part of handle was from a Dark Angels Deathwing Terminators Thunder Hammer

Corpuschain- Thanks!

Red_Starrise - I think I gave you the wrong parts list...
I was inspired by Krautscientist's Lord of the Pit (has a ton of awesome conversion projects): https://eternalhunt.wordpress.com/2014/02/14/lord-of-the-pit/
Abaddon GW model for the legs: http://www.games-workshop.com/en-US/Chaos-Space-Marines-Abaddon-the-Despoiler?_requestid=3024207
Wolf Barbarian upper body from Fantization miniatures: http://www.fantization.com/advancedpre-ordernoeta-wolfb-malebarbarianherox1fig.aspx
Puppetswar Demon Children Shoulder Pad type "Termos" (left): http://puppetswar.com/product.php?id_product=155
Giant Axe: Sanguinary Guard
Melta gun, grenades, and i think its a Grey Knights trinket from my bitz bin
Carrowek of Carn Dhu, war-Drune on Drune horse (minus the horse) from Mierce-miniatures: http://mierce-miniatures.com/index.php?act=pro&pre=mrm_dkl_ysn_kys_wld_102_000
Thunderwolf Calvary frost axe
Space marine bike, dreadnought sarcophagus plating, plasma guns from Ravenwing command squad bikes

Painting Updates:
Carrowek on bike and a champion, still need to paint the wheels and touch up the bike, especially the wheels. I made progress on the angel next to him but no picture yet.
Gath - made some progress, about half way completed
[Thumb - NobzSprue.png]

[Thumb - Carrowek and Angel progress.jpg]

[Thumb - Gath_Front1.jpg]

[Thumb - Gath_Back1.jpg]

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Made in fr
Space Marine Scout with Sniper Rifle

You've gotta love the double chainaxes !
Made in us
Khorne Veteran Marine with Chain-Axe

Amazing stuff. I love the first guy. I want to do one like that but have no idea where he would fit into my list.

All the conversions are awesome. I'm going to have to use that "Angron" chainaxe idea on some of my termis.

The wrathmongers make excellent conversion models for termis. I also recommend chaos knights for bits. The weapons work well, especially the halbreds. Also the helms and shoulders fit perfect on termis.

Refer to Page 5


World Eaters 5000 pts 
Made in us
Squishy Oil Squig

True Scale Marines Project
I have been researching true scale Space Marines and looking for a way to create my own with mostly kit bashing and minimal usage of greenstuff and sculpting.

I am thoroughly interested in some Centurion Devastator conversions just like: http://www.gowarhead.com/2014/03/coming-in-hot.html (love those), although I am still justifying buying the Centurion kit considering its price and considering so many of the AoS Stormcast Eternal Sigmarines kits are on the horizon. I see more potential for true scale Elite Praetor squads.

Terminator Legs, sometimes chop off the hip plates. When removing the hip plates, I was happy replacing them with grenades and such. I had to cut off some of the back of the connecting abdominal portion of the legs so the back of the torso would fit correctly.
regular SM torso back half and backpack
terminator front torso with hood chopped down to match in level with collar of back half. I hardly added any greenstuff, i just glued them together and most of the gaps are covered up when I added the arms and shoulder pads
regular SM heads, and shoulder pads
I either dramatically chop down the shoulder of a terminator arm so it fits with a regular SM shoulder pad or replace the shoulder portion entirely with a regular SM shoulder portion (much easier than the first way)
I used terminator arms and chopped off the outside cabling if there was any. Chaos terminator arms seem to have less bulky outside cabling.
The flamer weapon is a dreadnought attachment

Chaos True Scale Marines
Wrathmonger head, torso, chest plate, and back armor with terminator arms, shoulder pads, and legs.
This conversion was relatively straight forward with hardly any greenstuff and minimum chopping. I am very pleased with the proportions, especially how the torso sizes with everything else. I plan to add grenades to his waist to cover up a lack of belt.
[Thumb - Truescale Marines_Front1.jpg]

[Thumb - Truescale Marines_Back1.jpg]

[Thumb - Truescale Chaos Marines_Front1.jpg]

Made in us
Squishy Oil Squig

Full army shot so far. About 80 strong so far. Looking to add more devestators soon
[Thumb - 20150905_111711.jpg]

[Thumb - 20150905_111837.jpg]

[Thumb - 20150905_111844.jpg]

[Thumb - 20150905_111853.jpg]

[Thumb - 20150905_111859.jpg]

[Thumb - 20150909_224541.jpg]

Made in gb
Stabbin' Skarboy


All great apart from the ork defiler thing.

3500pts1500pts2500pts4500pts3500pts2000pts 2000pts plus several small AOS armies  
Made in us
Squishy Oil Squig

30k MKIII and MKIV squads to follow some time in the not so distant future. For the meantime just put together my MKIII Centurion, ready to be primed and painted. Also, completed painting my terminator with dual double massive chain axes!
[Thumb - Centurion_1.jpg]

[Thumb - Front_1.jpg]

[Thumb - Rear_1.jpg]

Made in au
Wicked Ghast


I love the crab dredd with arms for days, but you might want to bulk out its legs a bit. It would fall over after one step

Nothing to see here, move along mortal.  
Made in us
Squishy Oil Squig

 JustALittleOrkish wrote:
I love the crab dredd with arms for days, but you might want to bulk out its legs a bit. It would fall over after one step

Part of the fun I had creating it is that he is so apelike and ridiculous; I was hoping that would make him more Orky because it is one of those Orkish creations that defies any logic or reason. It is mind blowing that it stays together without falling apart., let alone function successfully (to Orkish standards) on the battlefield.
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