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Made in us
Blood-Drenched Death Company Marine

Little Rock, Arkansas

Small 8 man tourney with my blood angels. 1850 battle forged, No duplicate detachments, no super heavies, but FW and 30k were allowed

My list:


Baal strike force led by a sanguinary priest with bp/valour's edge.
The priest and a Lv 2 termie divination Libby with storm shield were in a pod with 7 ASM, sporting 2 meltas and a combimelta.
Two other pods with 5man asm with 2 meltas and double inferno pistol sarge each.
Two pods with frag cannon/heavy flamer furiosos.
Two stormravens with mm/AC
2x 10 man CCW/bp scout assault units riding in the ravens.
Cassor the damned in one of the ravens.
5 camo sniper scouts
A whirlwind missile launcher
A giant kitten

Game 1: chuck's orks
Mission: eternal war scouring. -I mutter to myself when this comes up, as I have 3 FA all with dt's. :(
Deployment: hammer and anvil.

He was sporting 3 20 boy mobs with pk/boss pole nobs, one with a SAG big mek in it. A FW lifts droppa and mega dread, a few Burna boys, and a big nob squad with painboy and mega-armor lucky stikk warboss in a trukk, and a dakka jet.

I made him go first and deployed camo scouts and whirlwind behind LOS blocking hills. He zipped up with the trukk. I dropped both furiosos into his back line, and a suicide melta squad by the trukk to make the Death Star walk for the rest of the game. The meltacide squad failed me, and glanced the trukk once. The furiosos got first blood off the burnas, and knocked a powerklaw nob out of a boys mob by landing closest to him. The whirlwind did almost nothing all game, so I'll just mention it here.
warboss squad got out and had peaceful discussions with the meltacide squad, giving him a FA kill VP. One furioso got lifta-dropped and then shot in the back with a SLUGGA and died. -_-

My reserves only brought the raven with Cassor and scouts on. Did nothing to the mega dread, and couldn't reach the lifta way in the back due to hammer and anvil deployment. Furioso began soloing the boys mob that was nob-less.
His dakkajet came in, did all of meh. Boss squad moved towards my whirlwind and camo scouts both holding my back objectives.

My 2nd raven comes in, still leaving my hq/asm pod and my other meltacide pod in reserve. The earlier raven drops to hover, Cassor charges the nobs, scouts charge some boys. Both go pretty swimmingly, but the orks hang in the fights. New raven makes the jet jink, and the 5 camo scouts go to assault the trukk, and glance it out with bolt pistols instead. (\o.o/)

He fights on in the middle, slaying Cassor after losing all but the warboss. (Decent trade for me.) the lifta droppa snap fires at the zooming raven, HITS, rolls the top result that immobilizes it, I fail my 3+ to keep it from crashing, and 9 of 10 scouts die, while the survivor is pinned.
I get both my pods in, but the meltacide pod scatters 12" and grazes a board edge, going back to reserve. Furioso is threatening the back boys squad with the SAG while also heading towards the lifta droppa. Although Cassor's raven takes back to the air and melts the droppa in one shot on front armor yaaay. The explosion kills orks knocking that furioso out of charge range booo. The Libby fails every single warp die (7 in all,) so no powers, and the meltas all whiff the mega dread. The first unit of scouts finally falls to the big boy mob they assaulted.

The warboss makes it to the whirlwind and eats it, claiming that objective and linebreaker. The dakkajet flies off-table The mega dread and boys charge the hq asm squad, but not before THREE slugga shots KILLS the unwounded termie librarian. they don't lose many from the combat, and run away a few inches, which was highly preferred.
My last pod finally comes in and fails to hurt the mega dread with 4 melta shots, but I landed the pod near an objective. I go off-table with my raven to get a nice counter-attack on the dakkajet in turn 6. The furioso fights at his back line on an objective and survives some pk hits, contesting the points. Priest and asm, as well as the lone scout from the raven crash, assault the boys near the mega dread from opposite sides and murder them. The scout consolidates to an objective, and the priest squad to another. The game ends on t5.
Warboss had a 3 VP flag, and linebreaker + one FA kill (he never bothered to kill the pods, I guess he figured he'd have more time.) I had a pod on a 3, a scout on a 2, priest unit on a 1, camo snipers on a 2, and was contesting the 4 with the furioso in his back line, and also had first blood, line breaker, and a FA point since the dakka jet was off table at game end. 11-5 BA victory in round 1.

My dice were hilariously bad at some points in this game, and chuck was rolling hot with that lifta droppa. The turn where I fled and got to counter charge and then consolidate to 2 different objectives right at game end really sealed it though.

Round 2: Garrett's 30k iron hands legion
Game: eternal war purge the alien -crap again. I have almost 20 units, he has like...10?
Deployment: hammer and anvil

He has a praetor in a big tactical squad, a navigator in a big tactical squad, a Devastator squad with all missiles and a divination Libby, a sicaran tank, a vindicator, 3 rapier laser destroyers, and 6 jetbikes with heavy bolters and volkite guns.

I won deployment, null deployed since I didn't want to give first blood, and made him go first.

He shifted around some.
My two meltacide pods came in and priority targeted the sicaran and vindi. My pods landed very nicely where I wanted that stopped a lot of interceptor fire thanks to LOS issues through his own tanks. Got both tanks blown, while a fragioso started whittling a tactical squad.

He eliminated the initial drop forces in response, except for the pods.
I got absolutely everything from reserve, made the rapier laser destroyers flee from stormraven fire, and threatened his praetor squad with another furioso and the hq pod squad. Libby threw up the 4+ invuln on the squad.

He turns on fury of the legion to quad-tap from each bolter into the Libby squad, but I lose 2 guys. He tries in vain to missile a stormraven out of the air, and the rapiers a keep running.
My 3rd turn is where the game really solidifies. Both ravens hover. Cassor and some scouts go into the jetbikes. Other scouts Zerg into the navigator's tactical squad. A furioso and the Libby squad go into the praetor's tac squad. All the combats go to the blood angels. The praetor fails ld (needed a 2) and gets over run by the furioso (since the termie Libby can't sweep.) The scouts sweep the navigator's tactical squad, and Cassor with another scout unit obliterate the 6 jetbikes.

He rallies the rapiers at his table edge, and shoots some missiles for he devs at a raven, but jinks happen.
I reload a scout squad into a raven and fly right by the rapiers, while Cassor and his scout buddies both move and run right up in front of them. The Libby squad jumps into the missile Devastator squad, and the sanguinary priest shows off with valour's edge and drops the unit mostly solo while the termie Libby challenges his power armor Libby. The pa Libby's axe bounces off the storm shield, and my Libby cuts him down.

Skipping straight to bottom of 5, the rapier squad is assaulted by 20 scouts after being shot by ravens and Cassor (who got immobilized by a rapier on his last turn.) 60 furious charge attacks easily down the remaining 4 dudes in the unit, and the 30k iron hands are tabled.

That -1 str to enemy shots tactic is neat and pretty useful, but I love hitting people close up, so it wasn't of great use against me!

Game 3: Steve's dark eldar coven
Mission: eternal war purge the alien (ugh again. At least he has like 15 units to my 20ish.)
Deployment: dawn of war

Steve has 2 units of haemonculus+3 grotesques in raiders, 2 sets of clawed fiends with one beastmaster each, a couple razorwing flocks on their own, a chronos , a big unit of 5 talos pain engines, and two squads of 5 warriors.

He has me deploy first, so I null deploy and let him have first turn. He reserves the two raiders, and Zergs forward with clawed fiends.
I drop in a furioso right by the beastmaster of a clawed fiend unit, killing him first and causing a morale. They fail their ld5 and scoot off the board for first blood. Drop pod bolters take out the other beastmaster, but don't cause a morale. Two meltacide units try to hunt the chronos, but both suffer from cold dice disease.

He offs pretty much everything that landed this turn, and his two raiders come in.
Everything comes in (I got reroll reserves trait this game,) and I focus on the raiders with the two new pods. One stays alive while the other explodes. I whittle the talos unit some with ravens. The whirlwind starts ignore cover-shooting the groups of 5 warriors hiding in his deployment zone.

He assaults the Libby squad with the haemonculus and grotesques from the exploded raider. Talos try to head over there to help the grotesques, but it's so far away. The other clawed fiends also head over.
Cassor leads a full double scout unit charge into the talos pain engine squad, which brings them down to two. That combat lasts the rest of the game. The remaining furioso charges in to get the Libby squad out of the grotesque-mess.

He shoots down the furioso with a dark lance from the raider, while the warlord haemonculus, his set of 3 grotesques, the clawed fiends, and the razorwings all assault into the Libby squad. They drop the squad down to the Libby and priest, while the Libby offs the razorwings (I had turned on force last round.)
For my powers, I get precognition off on the Libby, as well as force, and he proceeds to tank that entire assault, killing a grotesque and the haemonculus, which sends the clawed fiends running off the board in terror.

The remaining raider fails to hit the whirlwind, the whirlwind finishes taking out the warriors in his deployment zone ruins. My ravens hover in to his zone for line breaker, the talos unit is down to one talos and still mired in scouts (but killed Cassor,) and the Libby one-mans that big combat like a boss, eventually slaying everything. He did kill some pods along the way, which made our purge score something like 13-10 including my warlord/line/fb points.

So much Multi-wounds! I'm glad I brought a Libby for force! He pretty much got 7 VP for me by himself. The priest literally sat back in the fight and watched him be awesome.

And that's that. 3-0 for the Blood angels, winning our little tourney and claiming my 40ish bucks of store credit. :3
(I wish I would've taken pics during the games. The 30k army especially was very pretty.)

Automatically Appended Next Post:
My units honors:

Cassor pulled his weight all 3 games, twice challenging out some poor character that had no business fighting him (ork painboy and a jetbike lightning claw sarge from 30k.) getting brought in by a raven is a recipe for success for any assault unit though.

Ravens always pulled their weight, though other than the sicaran, no one really had a large AA presence. One raven failed in the orks game, but that's about it.

Scouts in ravens always did well, except for that one crash. Even then, the survivor claimed an objective. The 30k army certainly was not ready for squads of 30 s5 i5 attacks each.

Meltacide units failed in game 1 pretty hard, rocked out in game 2 by making sure the air was safe for the ravens, and failed again game 3.

Fragiosos did well against orks, except for the unlucky death-by-slugga. Did take out a pk nob from a squad though. The remaining one whomped his way through the backfield and contested a 4 point objective. Again, one died and one did well against the 30k marines, and against the coven, one got first blood and then died, the other squished some grotesques then died. So all in all a middling performance.

Priest sliced through orks and 30k marines, but was helpless against the Multi-wound abominations.

Libby epic failed against the orks (finally comes in t4, fails every power, dies to 3 2+ saves with fnp? Geez.) Did alright in the 30k battle, and then absolutely MVP'd the dark eldar battle by making a 7VP stack of corpses.

The meltas with the hq unit were never important in all 3 games. :/

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20000+ points
Tournament reports:
Made in fi
Homicidal Veteran Blood Angel Assault Marine

Well, congratulations!

Intresting list, I must say. May I ask how did you end up taking Cassor?
And how did the Sniper Scouts perform? In my experience they hold an objective well enough, but don't do enough damage to justify taking them. Well... maybe for fluff reasons


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Made in us
Blood-Drenched Death Company Marine

Little Rock, Arkansas

I took Cassor over a normal DC dread just because I felt like the challenge ability was worth it, and it was in 2/3 games. Ignore shaken/stunned never came up though. He either died or got immobilized etc on any pen result. Also because I felt like the raven assault force needed a heavy hitter, so a dread it is.

Sniper scouts hid on an objective in game 1 and wrecked an empty trukk. They just tried to stay out of the way in the two purge the alien games, laying low until long range shooting wasn't an issue and tossing some shots in after. They killed a couple 30k marines and nothing from the dark eldar.

So yeah they never were too important, but there wasn't much else I could do with 70 points. I probably would've had them do more if 2/3 of the games weren't purge the alien.

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20000+ points
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