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Made in us
Blood-Drenched Death Company Marine

Little Rock, Arkansas

Fun times in Conway again at Mizewell games for a "random pairings" team tournament. Each person brings 1250 of one faction, and gets shackled to one other player for some 2v2 action. For added randomness, we were doing straight up maelstrom missions. I took my local ork player Brandon with me to the event.

My list:
Fleshtearers detachment
Dante as warlord
Lv 2 divination Libby with angel's wing
5 scouts with only 4 rifles between them
A big jump pack death company with 1 fist, 2 power swords, and 9 normal guys.
5 units of 5 jump pack assault marines, each with 2 meltaguns.

I got teamed up with one of my opponents from the last ITC event held there, Sam Shores, running the only eldar in the house. (Woot.)
His list was something like: jetbike autarch with banshee mask as warlord in a unit of shining spears, a small team of snipers, kerandras and a decent size group of striking scorpions, a set of warp spiders, a couple sets of 3 obsec Windrider jetbikes, some dark reapers with the barrage gun, and a crimson hunter exarch. I haven't carefully studied the warhost formations, but he was employing one to make some of the units BS5.

We quickly decided that the eldar special 11-16 objectives were hilariously better than my BA ones, so we used the eldar deck all day.

Our first opponents: Devon's orks and David's chaos space marines of (mostly) Khorne. Haven't met David before, but I also played against Devon at the march ITC event, wherein I had Mephiston and a full squad get rocked out by a mega armor lucky stikk warboss, but managed to win thanks to the mission.

This time, Devon brought good ol' mega armor lucky stikk boss in a trukk with boys, another trukk of boys, a set of stormboyz, a couple sets of nob bikers, one of which had a pain boy biker and that one turbo boost tank shock guy, and a set of warbikers.
David's chaos marines had a juggernaut lord of Khorne with axe of blind fury in a squad of bikers, a jump pack lord escorted by raptors, a couple 5 man bolter squads, and a squad of havocs with 2x lascannon 2x missiles, and a flamer helldrake.

Our mission was the basic "3 card hand" maelstrom mission.

They took first turn (or we gave it to them, either way, we wanted to go 2nd.) Sam and I both deployed normally with most of our stuff, only reserving a couple asm squads and some jetbikes. Devon and David charged straight for us with reckless abandon, as befitting orks and Khorne. The BA/Eldar alliance met the threat head on, claiming the initial charge. Assault marines ganged up on ork bikes, and met stormboyz in battle. The shining spears blew up a trukk and then slaughtered the boys inside, but not before the explosion threatened some death company. Dante one-shotted the lucky stikk boss' trukk with his pistol, causing a couple eldar deaths in the explosion. (Haha, take that teammate!) this was followed up by a full DC charge into the boss and boys, killing the boss with fist attacks as he takes out a few death company. Their turn, they get almost everyone in on a second wave, including the juggernaut lord and bikers heading into the death company. Dante accepts the challenge, and the poor lord rolls a 1 on daemon weapon. He does still stick a wound on Dante, and is the only model left alive in the unit with a single wound left. Dante pulls the DC out of the combat with hit and run, and they take off in the general direction of the chaos marines in their back line. (Havocs and a bolter unit.) also of note the helldrake came in and burnt some scorpions before kerandras started tanking wounds.
Striking scorpions come help out some marines against stormboyz, while kerandras splits off and hits the juggerlord with a quick last wound in combat, and a fair amount of shooting goes into some of the unengaged ork bikers. Dante splits off from the DC to go murder the havocs alone, while the Libby leads the DC into charging the jump chaos lord, wiping him and his unit while losing the Libby and whittling the DC down to a couple men. Of special note is a unit of 3 nurgle terminators that literally take all our shots for the turn just to bring them down to 1 man, who gets charged and holds his ground. The crimson hunter exarch jumps into the battle and bulls-eyes the helldrake, knocking it out of the sky.
They have very little to do on their next turn but fighting in some melee and making a few bolter shots.
Dante wipes the bolter squad in their backfield, the scorpions and a couple marines charge and kill off another 5 man bolter chaos marine squad, the last nurgle terminator dies in melee, and everything else in the army charges into the nob bikers, bringing them down. With that at the bottom of 3, there were no more orks or chaos on the table. One heck of a body count for the death company squad! We got a pretty healthy maelstrom point value from this one.

Next up in round 2: Brandon and Alan with orks and Astra Militarum. (Same Brandon I rode up here with.) The orks have two trukks of nobs, one with painboy, one with warboss, 2 sets of 10 lootaz, and a couple groups of 20ish foot boys with a nob each. Alan's AM is led by creed in a chimera, has a 50 man blob squad with commissar, a manticore, a griffon, a basilisk, and a couple more squads of guardsmen, one in a taurox. Lots of bodies in this list.

The mission this time is the one where you have to be on objectives to generate cards.

Brandon kind of misdeploys and puts the ork army mostly in a corner, so Sam and I take first turn and Zerg rush the side away from the orks. I get lucky and get the 4+ invuln power on the Libby, making the one turn of barrage on the DC unit a lot less scary. Dante tanks some as well, getting wounded twice. On our second turn, we pull a neat little combo. Sam charges the blob squad with the banshee mask autarch, making them unable to overwatch. The death company then charge in without overwatch. We also have 3 jump melta squads all deep strike right around creed's chimera. The first shot blows it, and the next squads shoot creed and his little squad to death. The crimson hunter knocks out the basilisk. The 50 man blob gets wiped, and another guardsmen squad goes down to warp spiders in melee after being shot quite a bit.

Their turn 2, this ork mob gets ready to charge the death company, only to get blown to bits by a bad scatter from the manticore from his teammate! Alan literally offs the entire squad for us! Somehow we lost track of time in this match, and time was called at the end of round 2. Brandon had his nob squads and some lootaz left, while Alan was off the table except for a pair of siege tanks. We also had decent maelstrom points for only two turns, and shut them down hard on their points, making it close to a shut out.

Round 3: secret objectives against Heath's necron decurion and Earl's space wolves.
This team was brutal. Decurion with two ghost arks, barge lord, upgraded tomb blades, and a canoptek harvest with a 5 wraith unit. Earl's wolves had a big thunderwolf deathstar with a bike Libby who had endurance, an aegis line with a Libby and troop squad, a drop pod of 10 grey hunters with a bit of melta, and some long fangs. Forgot to snap a pic during this battle, mainly because we were concerned about time , which still ended up being a factor.

We mostly reserved, and drawing from the cron deck, they managed to get 4 or 5 easy points with the barge lord boosting over to snag a special 1+d3 special one.
Our cards on turn 1 were unfortunately all on the other side of the field. We got a quick first blood from the grey hunters.
They followed up with another few points for holding nearby objectives, and tossed the wolves and wraiths at the death company. The BA won combat, but lost a lot of men, then hit and run away.
Dante had gotten the tactical trait of getting a bonus point for holding an objective personally, so he split off to kill tomb blades and consolidate onto one that we drew. My dice started turning cold from here on out. Of the 5 asm squads in reserve, along with the striking scorpions and shining spears, wanting to come into their army from behind since we lured the two deathstars out front, only 2 of my asm squads came in despite rerollable reserve rolls. They whiffed their melta shots on the ghost arks. The surviving death company went after the canoptek spyder after Dante got them out of combat, but despite having both a power sword and power fist with rage on the charge, they didn't even cause a wound for him to try an RP against. I also failed to get more guys in on turn 3 as well. Heath decided to tie up the squads in the rear in melee, but lost a unit to sweep by the spears. Kerandras also made it into the aegis line and rocked out, as expected. Warp spiders got behind the barge lord and took him out straight through his saves and RP, amazingly enough. Time was up, unfortunately, in the midst of round 3. We lost that one 8-9, being unable to overcome their awesome first turn draws in a mere 3 turns. We still came in 3rd thanks to tiebreakers.

Overall a fun event. Next time I go to a team event that has normal round time for an essentially 2500 point match, I'll be bringing a shootier army that doesn't wait until turn 2/3 to do damage and grab points, though. I feel like we could've pulled out game 3 by maelstrom points given the chance. As long as there wasn't another turn where they drew well and we drew badly, at least.

As usual with mizewell games, fun event, fun people, fun times. Hope you enjoyed the quick rundown!

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