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Crushing Black Templar Crusader Pilot

Here's a string of pictures to show how I built my own gaming table so that it's completely able to break down into its components and store away. I needed it that way because of space/storage issues at my place (I imagine I'm not the only one with those problems). The top itself sits on 2 foldable plastic tables, and all the equipment/materials can be bought at your local hardware store for less than $150 (I ended needing 1 more box of the little screws).
I won't explain step-by-step how I built it, but if you have a power-drill a screw-driver, and a modicum of attention to details you should be able to replicate what I did.

You can also PM me if you have some specific questions.


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Of note:

I did 2'x6' panels (instead of 2'x2') for 2 reasons:

a) so that I did not require extra cross-braces beneath and
b) in the future I will build a 3rd panels and 2 more 6' sides to be able to build a 6'x6' apocalypse table.

Also, the bottom picture shows it on a single 3'x6' plastic table, but it's better to place it on 2 smaller plastic tables so that the weight of the table is on the frame instead of the smaller lip on the inside.
[Thumb - IMG_20150608_160034_316.jpg]

[Thumb - IMG_20150608_160056_090.jpg]

[Thumb - IMG_20150608_185645_960.jpg]
Draw-latches and guide holes

[Thumb - IMG_20150608_185654_227.jpg]
Hook and pins (Ikea-style)

[Thumb - IMG_20150608_185917_627.jpg]
Outer-frame (once assembled)

[Thumb - IMG_20150608_211918_017.jpg]
Flat panels (2'x6") top

[Thumb - IMG_20150608_211955_845.jpg]
Flat panels braces (bottom)

[Thumb - IMG_20150608_230715_111.jpg]
Step or lips (whatever you wanna call it) on the inside of the frame

[Thumb - IMG_20150608_234223_743.jpg]

[Thumb - IMG_20150608_234820_800.jpg]
Center cross-brace, removable (used the metal L-shape shelf-holder and the lips on each side to slide it in place)

[Thumb - IMG_20150608_235026_744.jpg]
Final assembly

[Thumb - IMG_20150609_065313_202.jpg]
Once on the foldable tables

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