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Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

Purging on ctf_2fort

Hello everyone! After having recently completed some Mummies and Wraiths, I thought it was time to share my Undead army for Kings of War:

The main bulk of the army:

A Skeleton Horde:

A Skeleton Horde with spears:

A Ghoul Horde:

A Zombie Horde:

A Revenant Regiment:



Why did you make this army?

The world of mass fantasy battles has always captured my imagination. Massed ranks of infantry clashing against their foes, relentless war engines wreaking havoc across the battlefield, and epic heroes leading the charge. When Mantic came along with their Undead a few years ago, I felt as though my calling had come.

How did you paint them?

The reality of painting such a large army seemed unlikely. I was very susceptible to the infamous painting burn-out, and it felt like a distant dream to do such a thing. Of course, it was not impossible.

I had to forgo agonizing over the tiniest details, and make the most out of my painting time. This army was not completed in one stretch. Instead, it was completed in small installments over a long time - short but intense periods of painting. This way, it did not feel like a chore, and ended up being fun! I utilized certain painting tools to my advantage, such as the amazing Quickshade and colour primers by The Army Painter. It was not necessarily the fastest way to go about it, but it was by far the most efficient.

Painting Key:


- Skeleton Bone Primer (Skeletons and Revenants - Army Painter).
- Uniform Grey Primer (Ghouls - Army Painter).
- Desert Yellow (Zombies - Army Painter).
- Necrotic Flesh (Waiths and Mummies - Army Painter).

Skeletons, Zombies and Ghouls paint:

- Hormagaunt Purple (GW, OOP).
- Macharius Solar Orange (GW, OOP).
- Chainmail (GW, OOP).
- Khemri Brown (GW, OOP).
- Calthan Brown (GW, OOP).
- Dheneb Stone (GW, OOP).
- Skull White/Scorpion Green for the eyes (GW, OOP).
- Strong Tone Quickshade (Army Painter).

Mummies Paint:

- Khemri Brown (GW, OOP).
- Leadbelcher (GW).
- Mephiston Red (GW).
- Mournfang Brown (GW).
- Strong Tone Quickshade (Army Painter).

Wraiths Paint:

- Skull White drybrush.
- Biel-Tan Green Wash (GW).


- PVA glue + sand.
- Paint sand with Windsor and Newton Galeria Raw Sienna.
- Drybrush Vomit Brown (GW, OOP).
- Paint rims with Windsor and Newton Galeria Raw Sienna (using sponge).


- Matte Varnish for the Quickshade'd miniatures.
- Satin Varnish for the Wraiths.


I am very happy with how everything turned out! The Quickshade worked well with this style of army. Yes, they are not a work of art, and would probably be considered to be entry level tabletop-standard. With Kings of War second edition around the corner it may be time to devise a tournament-standard army!

What's Next?

Next up will be the heroes and two Balefire Catapults. Also, I would like to make movement trays for every unit.

Thanks for reading!

Made in us
Been Around the Block

Great Post! Thanks for sharing such a massive army.
I'm more of a warpath guy myself (enforcers/corporation), but it's great to see more mantic stuff here!
- Adi.
Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

Purging on ctf_2fort

Hey Adi, that's awesome, and thanks for the kind words! Great to hear that you're into the Warpath stuff, I've got to say that the plastic Enforcers are spot on

Made in us
Powerful Spawning Champion

There is not this idea.

Man, seeing that many miniatures all painted up is always impressive. Nice work.

I like how the zombies look a bit dried out rather than rotting. Fits with how they're based.
Made in us
Mysterious Techpriest

Can we get some closeups?
Made in gb
Shas'la with Pulse Carbine

Nice! great job getting a full army painted and it looks brilliant!
Made in au
Making Stuff

Under the couch

Nice looking army.

Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

Purging on ctf_2fort

@toasteroven: Thank you! Yes, it's quite fun to see them all on the go. I agree about the zombies, too. I wanted to give the impression that they'd been bubbling away in a stinky bog for a while before a necromancer came along!

@LeCacty: Absolutely! See below...

@Bobug: Cheers, much appreciated!

@insaniak: Thanks very much! What an epic P&M blog you have going. Why am I not subscribed to it yet?

The close-ups, as requested. As previously mentioned, they are of a basic standard:

Until next time!

Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

Nottingham, UK

Absolutely nothing wrong with basic. Basic is great.

These are neat, simple paintjobs that work brilliantly over the whole army. *applause*

Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

Purging on ctf_2fort

Hi Winterdyne, that's really awesome to hear - much respects, thanks man! That's exactly what I was going for with these guys

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Made in is
Mysterious Techpriest

Nice! I now know to definitely get some mantic skelly's if I do an AoS skelly army. Great paintjobs!
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