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Made in us
Blood-Drenched Death Company Marine

Little Rock, Arkansas

Iron halo GT at Bartlesville OK, July 25-26. 1850 point 6-round ITC event.

So in my continuing tournament quest that started earlier this year, I traveled a mere 3 hours over to Okie territory for the Iron Halo GT. yay for more tournies around the central US as opposed to the dozens you can trip over on the west coast.

My list:

Primary detachment: Blood Angels CAD
Sanguinary priest as warlord with veritas vitae
2x melee scouts
Empty drop pod

Secondary detachments:
Culexus assassin

White Scars gladius strike force
Full battle company
Captain with fist and Storm bolter
4x tactical squads with bolters in free Razorbacks
2x Devastator squads with bolters in free Razorbacks
2x tactical squad with melta/combi-melta in free pods
2x assault squad with 2x flamers each in free pods
2x command squad with 2x meltaguns each in free pods
Dreadnought with assault cannon/heavy flamer in free pod

10h company auxiliary
Sniper/cloak scouts
2x shotgun scouts

All the squads are min sized. This is my super "minmax" unit spam version of the battle company, which boasts tons of s4 shooting with doctrines and hit and run all over, and most importantly, 28 obsec units as well as 2 obsec independent characters, with a total of 33 units and 3 independent characters in 104 models. With so many targets, most lists find it impossible to table mine even in a 7 turn game. Flyers and most hard targets like wraithknights simply get ignored, and are allowed to keep killing units as they wish. The Blood Angels provide an empty pod for the culexus, some obsec outflanking, and two strategic traits with their relic on the priest. My preferred traits are generally reroll reserves and...pretty much anything else except the pin tests one or -1 enemy reserves, which are pretty situational. Getting infiltrate on 3 more units allows for outflanking Razorbacks to come in, which can be awesome. The priest usually hangs out in walk on reserve alone, and when he does walk on, he hops in a razorback that I leave back to stay safe. (My warlord never took a wound or was killed in the entire tournament. Only In round 6 did he even have to take a single armor save.)
It is most powerful when going 2nd, but if pressured into taking first turn, can put out a shocking amount of offense if the opponent deploys anything slightly vulnerable. It can afford to throw wave after wave of men away in order to hold the enemies in their own deployment zone, crippling their maelstrom and other location based objective grabbing potential.

So without further ado, onto the report!

Game 1: Emperor's will vs. Devin's orks

I'm not all that familiar with the supplemental formations with orks, so I'll do my best here. He was running the mogrok formation, and a detachment of orks. Devin had two battle wagons full of flash gits with one led by badrukk, a trukk of eavy armor boys with a PK/eavy armor warboss, a big unit of artillery joined by mogrok and a Weirdboy, a mega armor big mek with shokk attack gun, a big mek on a bike with kff that hid behind the wagons, a squad of gretchin, and a trukk of tankbustas with a mega armor big mek. With mogrok as the warlord, he outflanked the gretchin and tankbustas in their trukk. I won the roll off and chose to go second. The SAG mek hopped in some ruins, the wagons were next to each other with the biker kff mek hiding behind them, and the artillery unit was over in a far corner with nearby backup in the form of boys and a boss in their trukk. I null deployed and gave him an empty first turn. I had infiltrate to give some of my razorback squads outflank, and reroll reserves.

He pretty much passed turn 1 with only minor move adjustments, so I brought in two melta tac squads, the captain's command squad, and the culexus. Drop pods were on target. The captain's squad landed on a maelstrom objective in no man's land, while the tac squads blew apart the boys trukk near the artillery. The culexus tossed a psykout grenade into the artillery causing a perils and wound on the weirdboy.

As early as round 2, it was apparent that the dice gods were not friends with Devin. I specifically remember having "kill 2 units" as my maelstrom this round. The gretchin and tank bustas came on. In the psychic phase, the Weirdboy gated the unit, periling and killing himself, giving me one of my maelstrom. He tried to put the unit in my backfield, but scattered way off the table edge for a mishap, followed by rolling that dreaded 1, killing his warlord and the whole artillery unit, and giving me my other maelstrom before I even started my turn. A few of the drop tac marines as well as the culexus go down to shooting. Turns out orks are pretty good at shooting a culexus!
My counter-turn, I get tons of reserves in, surrounding the battle wagons with the heavy flamer dreadnought and the two double flamer assault squads. Scouts outflank from both directions, as well as some of the tactical squads in razorbacks. I don't actually accomplish much by stretching 5 flame templates across 2 wagons sadly, but I wipe out the gretchin and wreck the tankbusta trukk, followed by killing several of them. The few boys and boss left in the west near the now missing artillery are gunned down by scout shotguns from outflank.

At the start of shooting of his 3rd turn, he tries the shokk attack gun on the dreadnought, and of all things, rolls the result where his big mek is launched into combat with the dread, leaving his emperor's will objective unguarded. He promptly died to a dreadnought fist. One of the flashgits units disembarks and heads over to try and take out the captain and friends for that maelstrom objective, but the captain stays alive. (And fails to hit and run >:/) My counter-turn entailed the few other Razorbacks coming on from my board edge and covering my emperor's will objective, three squads in the east that outflanked last turn including one full razorback moving onto his emperor's will objective in some ruins, counter-assaulting the flash gits to save the captain, and sweeping the gits after cap put down 3 with his 3 attacks, the dread assaulting and murdering the kff biker mek, and the tank bustas and mega armor mek trying to line break from their earlier outflank getting lit up, a melta finishing off the mek. With that, he had 2 wagons, badrukk, and a squad of flashgits left against most of my army still in good health, so we ended it there for time concerns, netting an 11-0 victory to start off my record strong.

Devin was very sporting. He had been out of the game for a while and was just coming back, and was really just here to have fun. He got matched up against a highly competitive list and had a dice curse cast upon him by forces unknown, but took it all with a smile. Would play again anytime.

Lunch: spaghetti with meatballs. Surprisingly spicy kick to it, but very good.

Game 2: Purge the alien vs Sean's war convocation/dark angels/assassin

Sean was the guy who supplied the tournament with awesome objective markers, and ended up winning best painted. He had sweet base-work on everything and an awesome knight paladin with LED-light visor and smokestacks on back with orange lights down in them. This was the first time I got to play against the war convocation.

Sean had a war convocation with a tech priest dominus, 2 sets of kataphron destroyers with their grav and cognis flamers, skitarii Rangers, skitarii vanguard, sicarian infiltrators, sicarian rust stalkers, a sydonian dragoon, an onager dunecrawler, a knight paladin with stormspear missiles, with bells and whistles everywhere, a culexus assassin, an allied detachment of dark Angels with a level 2 Libby, a naked tactical squad in a rhino, and an empty drop pod for vanguard.

I won the roll off and went second again. He deployed the kataphrons in his backfield with a psyker that had perfect timing in one unit, and the DA rhino alongside the paladin and dunecrawler, with the dragoon and rust stalkers going far forward, culexus near the middle, and some rangers in cover just into his side of no man's land. He kept the infiltrators in outflank. I got infiltrate and 3 pin test traits, and he had reroll fnp on his warlord's unit. (One of the kataphrons.)

He moved up the board on his turn 1, putting the obsec DA rhino on the center maelstrom objective and podded in the vanguard near the east maelstrom objective, while some rust stalkers made it over to the west one. I threw down 4 pods as usual, contesting the middle objective and failed killing the rhino, and claiming the east and west with obsec, causing several skitarii deaths with flamers. I remember we totally pushed on maelstrom this round because I was silly and forgot one of mine was linebreaker when I threw the 4 pods down. I did stop his which was to hold 2 of the objectives though.

He outflanked the infiltrators near the east objective and horribly whiffed the million shredding Uzi shots. He did a bit of killing near the middle, once again holding the center objective, where his culexus charged my separated chaplain and bounced off rosarius saves, while the chaplain failed to hit and run. I got in virtually everything, swarming the 3 objectives with pods and bodies. The dreadnought flamed out the skitarii rangers. With a doctrine running, squads were killing everywhere, dropping the DA rhino, and virtually all non-vehicle troops outside his deployment zone were gone after the assault phase. The few remaining models outside his deployment zone got cleared up in the next round, except for the culexus, who eventually was hit and runned from by the chaplain, and had MY culexus charge in for a glorious slap fight that lasted the rest of the game. His katas immobilized my dread and the paladin finished him with a hammer of wrath hit.

This left him with a knight, an occupied culexus, a dragoon, a dunecrawler that due to sky fire had yet to hit a shot the entire game, and two units of kataphrons. In the end, I held all the objectives for ground control, had linebreaker, and table quarters with my massive amount of units, along with maelstrom, and he had purge primary (I have no chance of winning that,) and linebreaker, bringing the game to a close with a 7-5 win for me.

Sean was a great guy with a great mood about him. He was rolling a little poor for saves which was what allowed me to get rid of most of his boys so quick. I did end up buying some neat jink tokens from him afterwards. Another great opponent that I wish I had in my local area to play more against. You can buy custom objective markers from him at bcmarkers on Facebook and eBay, or email him at battlecapmarkers@gmail.com.

Game 3: The relic vs. Richard's Tau/firebase support cadre

Richard was running a buffmander with a crisis suit unit full of marker drones and target lock crisis suits, a couple units of kroot, an IA riptide, some other crisis suits with a secondary commander, a 3 layer void shield generator, and the good ol' firebase with missile pods, IA tide, and early warning on everything. He also had an inquisitor with 3 servo skulls.

We both got night attacker wl trait. (It was definitely night, but no one cared!) I got reroll reserves as my 2nd trait.

I won the roll off and chose to go 2nd again. (Excellent luck!)
He deployed the vsg in his rear corner, with his tau force huddled around its protective barrier, making sure no drop pod could fit anywhere and no enemy model could simply walk into the field. The warlord and crisis team waited in deep strike reserve. I simply null deployed again.

He adjusted a few guys but didn't go after the relic. His deployment zone maelstrom objective was buried under his corner-castle. Spoiler alert: whenever he rolled that, he got it.
My initial pod force almost all dropped into my own deployment zone behind the two big center LOS blocking terrain pieces, denying either of us first strike. One squad got out of their pod and grabbed the relic, which was out of LOS to his corner castle.

He moved the tides to nuke the squad on the relic, then jet pack'd back into the void shield area. And here is where the real action starts: most of my army comes in from reserves. The culexus pods in and snags the relic, Razorbacks cruise and flat out up the board, and outflanking scouts hop inside the vsg area with the tau. He burns some interceptor to kill off the scouts before they shotgun up some kroot or suits.

He starts working on shooting down some new arrivals, while launching a fierce attack of Los-ignoring tl smart missiles on the culexus, who proceeds to tank them ALL like a champ, having 1 wound left. He heads back towards my deployment zone with the relic, while the rest of my boys hop in the way behind him.

The next few rounds involve me getting ahead on maelstrom, and repeatedly dropping and picking up the relic, while he starts breaking out of his deployment zone after my distractions stop coming at him. His buffmander squad in reserve misses every reserve roll and comes in t4, but mishaps into a t5 deep strike. I shot up a few drones and suits, making them fail a ld10 check, and ALMOST killing them from the no escape! rule. He ran 9" which was JUST above an inch away from running into a semi-circle made of marines, a razorback, and a drop pod. (In fact it was mainly because the first suit had to use about half an inch to avoid the 1" area around the pod that made him fall short of the marines! Drat! But at least he spent 4 turns off the board and 1 turn regrouping and snap shotting, so I still got pretty lucky there.)

I did however get to pull one of my tank stunts on him. He moved the non-buff commander and crisis team in between 2 drop pods and sealed them in with a riptide on the back. I had a razorback almost dead ahead of them, and tank shocked right in, stopping 1" away from the last suit. After I explained how the first 3 models were going to die (And convinced him to go ahead and try a death or glory,) since they couldn't stay coherent with their last squad mate thanks to all the models around him, he complimented the move and removed them, but passed morale on the last suit. As a side note, he was the best sportsman award winner, and it really showed there when an obscure rule killed a commander and 2 suits with a 55 point tank, that he seemed to think of it more as "hey I learned a new rule" and moved right on without missing a beat.

So after the smoke cleared, we had the game ending come upon us. At the end of t5, I was up 3 maelstrom and holding the relic. The game went on.
At the end of t6, I was up 1 maelstrom and holding the relic. The game went on.
T7 he got another good pair of maelstrom and I got another set I couldn't grab with my dwindling army, so he pulled ahead. I was still holding the relic, and we both still had our warlords alive and both had 2 table quarters. It was a perfect draw. Once he started invading my deployment zone with tides, the maelstrom just opened up for him.

Richard was an excellent tau player, and ended up best tau. His list is one of the best against me, especially with the ever popular interceptor firebase build, and if the mission had been empy's will or something similar where I would've had to break into his castle to win primary instead of snagging the relic and running, I probably would have lost. As I hinted at before, the judges definitely picked a very good best sportsman, and I hope to play him again.

End of day 1. I stuck around and got to hop in a preferred enemies podcast alongside Brett "tomb king" as we chatted a bit about the tourney. Went to sleep literally 5 minutes into the hotel room.

Day 2
Game 4: scouring vs. Gary's Eldar/dark eldar

As is the case with my battle company, rounds are hectic and I try to go as fast as I can with such a huge army, so I forgot to take a picture of Gary's army.

Gary had an extreme bike spam list. He had a jetseer council with Farseer and baharroth, 2 sets of 6 scatbikes, 4 sets of 3 scatbikes, two sets of wraithguard, a webway portal archon, an empty raider, and 5 kabalite warriors.

He won the rolloff for first turn and made me go first. Generally a good idea against my version of battle company so I don't get last turn and win by dogpiling on objectives.

I deployed my Razorbacks at the front of my deployment zone, except for one that hung back 6" away from my edge near a maelstrom just so my warlord in walk-on reserves could walk on and get in. All the scouts were infiltrating.

He saw my culexus and decided to cram the seer council in his back corner, and then build a giant castle of bike units circling outward at max coherency. The dark eldar warriors were also hiding in his ruins. He left the raider of wraithguard and the webway unit in reserve.
My infiltrate I had sniper scouts set up on a hill inside my deployment zone across from the corner he occupied, and the BA cc scouts and WS shotgun scouts all went to minimum distance away and then scout moved up. My normal tactic for games has been to trickle in from reserves and have too many guys alive at the end, and not really hit that hard until t3 or so, but being made to go first forced my hand, and I went for the alpha strike.

Turn 1 I drop the dread, both command squads with captain and chaplain who split off from their units for more target saturation, and an assault squad, while the scouts move right up in their faces and the Razorbacks surround maelstrom objectives in my area so he can't get within 3" of them with just a turbo boost. I pour in all the shooting I can with a Devastator doctrine, and end up killing a dozen bikes or so.
He responds with the seer council hopping into action, causing some psychic phase deaths and then multi assaulting the dread, a couple marine squads, and a pod. Other bikes kill off one set each of the BA scouts and WS scouts. In combat he wrecks the pod, and I whiff everything, causing the marines to flee, leaving him locked with the dread. He was relieved to not be out in the open when the culexus was due to come in, until the dread used hit and run and walked away, leaving the seer council exposed.

My turn 2 I dropped mr. Culey right into the mess where he was going to get 17 (!) shots at the seer council, and most of the rest of my reserves also came in, podding in and attempting to overwhelm him.
I turned on the full tactical doctrine, and my shooting brought down all the rest of the bikes, made the dark eldar flee off the board, and brought the seer council down to a few remaining guys, who were then assaulted by a lone assault marine who ate overwatch and died, and then the captain, chaplain with command squad, a few unaccompanied command squad, 5 BA scouts, and 5 WS scouts. The resulting chaos brought him down to a single warlock less than 3" away from his table edge, who failed to roll the needed insane heroism and booked it off the table.
He had nothing on the board, but still had bottom of the turn, so he rolled for his two reserve units. A 2 and a 1 come up. And that's the game with a turn 2 tabling by the battle company suddenly switching modes to alpha strike, for an 11-0 win.

Gary was another sporting opponent who took the loss in stride, complimenting me on my army and tactics, and adding in that he didn't think my minmax version could do as much damage as it did so early.

Game 5: big guns never tire vs. Ryan's Eldar/dark Angels

Again, no picture unfortunately.

Ryan had a suncannon wraithknight, 6 sets of 3 scatbikes, and an autarch on foot on the eldar side, while his DA had a ravenwing strike force with Sammael in a ravenwing command squad with apothecary, a set of 3 black knights, and a solo attack bike, and the dark shroud-land speeder formation "ravenwing support squadron" that had interceptor and a laundry list of special rules. I won the roll off and went 2nd.

He deployed the DA brazenly up front in his deployment zone, (with a 2+ reroll cover save, why not right?) along with the wraithknight and dark shroud speeder unit. I went ahead and null deployed, seeing no point in occupying my backfield early.

First turn maelstrom was great for him and terrible for me. We both got "hold the two objectives in his deployment zone." With no opposition on t1, he just surrounded both of the objectives with DA that turbo boosted for their "free" jink on turn 1. I podded in the command squads/IC's and tacticals, taking wild shots and actually dropping one ravenwing biker straight through the 2+ reroll cover.

All of his reserves came in thanks to the autarch, except for the autarch himself, and his table edge was suddenly full of 18 scat bikes. He shot all my current infantry off the board, leaving the pods alive for now.
I came in with Razorbacks near his command squad, tossing the marines out. Podded in the dread, an asm squad, and assassin near the eldar bikes, as well as good outflank rolls and all the scouts came in right near the action. Now that my priority targets were on the board, I went after them full force, killing a few units of scatbikes. In a moment of hilarity, the culexus killed a scatbike by beaning him in he head with a psyk-out grenade. S2 ap-. That is a talented assassin. I started catching up on maelstrom this round.

He tried to respond to the sudden influx of forces, and had Sam and the ravenwing squad hop between two Razorbacks near my table edge, but couldn't do more than glance one. With a couple remaining tac marines behind them, they were almost surrounded, so I saw my chance to do my tank stunts again. The dread got scatted in the back and died for the first time since game 2.
Start of my turn, I get 2 Razorbacks in from reserve, so I go for the mean tank shock trick. First I shock through Sam to place one tank behind the unit and seal them in. He doesn't death or glory, so it goes there. I then shock onto the unit, covering all the command squad except Sam. I explain tank shock to him, and advise him to go ahead and try a death or glory with one of those models, because they're dead anyway if he doesn't. He doesn't believe me about the tank shock, and calls a judge. Judge Adam responds quickly, noting that he himself has run a wave serpent list that used this tank shock tactic, and explained to my opponent that my explanation was exactly by the book, and the situation was indeed very grim for those ravenwing. What followed was a whirlwind of my opponent arguing against the judge ruling while I waited. Some 20 minutes later, he finally took the bikers off the board. I started moving other models and then he declared that he wanted his death or glory shot from the bikers. I went ahead and let him even though he clearly refused it earlier when I told him it was a good idea. He got a penetrate and immobilized the tank off the table, killing it. He gleefully put the bikers back on the table, at which point I revealed that the two Razorbacks on either side of them had yet to move, and were also going to tank shock to attempt the tactic. He failed the death or glory against the second, and the bikes left the table again, and his very vocal ranting of a "bs rule" etc continued.

There was awkward silence for the rest of the game as any declaration I made of intended moves was met with "whatever" and similar retorts, but we eventually got to the end. I caught up and tied the maelstrom, while winning the primary by holding the 2 objectives on my side and contesting one of his. The tank he DoG'd off the table was a Devastator unit, so letting him take that shot 20 minutes late almost cost me, but not quite. We were both line breaking and no one was near the center for king of the hill, so it was a 5-1 win.

My opponent vanished and I learned later that he had asked for a time extension because of a "lengthy ruling," and the judges refused citing that they ruled within 30 seconds, and he was the one that made the situation take a ton of time.

My default attitude is to always thumbs up my opponent's sportsmanship. It wasn't until much later that I thought that maybe that should've been my first thumbs down to ever give out. I guess getting a set of 5 awesome opponents and 1 salty one is still pretty good.

Game 6: Crusade vs. Brett "Tomb King" Perkins' Eldar/IG/inquisition

Brett was running a double D wraithknight, a bike Farseer warlord, 2 sets of warp spiders, and several units of wind riders, some with scatter lasers and some without just to speed over and obsec things. He also had an IG detachment that involved a 50 man blob with a priest, a psyker, a company command squad, and a squadron of 2 wyverns. Lastly the guard blob was joined by coteaz.

Being that it was my lucky weekend, I yet again won the first turn roll off and took 2nd turn. Brett deployed in a corner castle, reserving the eldar bikes, with the guard blob bubble wrapping a good 2 feet out from the wyverns and WK in every direction. He rolled the infiltrate wl trait allowing them to do so. *CORRECTION* allies of convenience can't benefit from the wl trait of your warlord, so we misplayed that. I don't think it had any serious effect though. I null deployed and he had plenty of time to walk to where he was anyway. Something to remember though Brett!

He took video clips of this battle for his own report, so I'm gonna summarize a bit more than normal.

I threw out pods that took pot shots at the guard blob blessed with forewarning, and generally kept him busy with more pods and outflanking scouts. A major incident involved his two warp spider squads turning traitor on him. One came in turn 2, scattered and mishapped back into reserves. It landed turn 3. The other stayed out til turn 4, scattered and mishapped into turn 5, and then scattered and mishapped into turn 6. Also killing a single jetbike from his farseer's squad made him fail morale and flee the field. /facepalm

Aside from that, the primary was a giant push. He had his two nearby objectives and I had my two totally covered all game, with neither of us able to break through. I priority targeted the obsec eldar bikes when they showed up so he couldn't pull a fast one on the primary. I ended up pulling ahead on maelstrom thanks to rolling linebreaker when he kept rolling hold the line, which is an awesome situation for me.

In the end he had linebreaker with a summoned lord of change, (came from a sacrificed herald,) and first blood, since I pretty much never killed a unit until the eldar bikes started showing up. We tied on the primary, his warlord fled the field, and I won maelstrom by 3, for a result of 5-2.

Brett was an excellent player that knew what he was doing. I saw him think about deploying the eldar bikes initially, then he took a minute to look over at my army that he knew wanted to kill his obsec power so that I could reign supreme on any objectives, and knew reserving the bikes was the only logical move. From my days as a tourney magic player, there's a kind of pressure you can feel when you're a good player up against other really good players, and I could feel it here. We were still able to have a pretty chill and fun game despite the championship being on the line, and he's yet another opponent I hope to play again.

Dinner: delicious grilled chicken sandwich and fries.

And that was that for the iron halo GT. I came in first with a 5w 1d 0L record, followed by Brett in 2nd and Nate Bates, a hometown player that I didn't get the chance to meet in battle, in 3rd.

The tournament was absolutelyflippinamazing. The "Extra Pint" restaurant/bar that hosted had great food. Super nice waitresses were always checking up and seeing if anyone needed drink refills and brought them right to your game table. (Every table had a side area for placing reserves and drink/food.) I liked the dynamic of having "the top tables" out in the restaurant area so the top games were on display for people.

Prize support was amazing. I ended up taking home the $500 first prize, my buddy Cameron won a random drawing foam case and a dice bag for being "2nd place in 3rd tier." (They made tiers to rank each third of the tournament.) Brett won $200 store credit to their local game store, Gamer's Guild. Nate Bates in 3rd got a pro painted magnetized knight paladin/errant with a red LED light behind the visor. (Although Brett ended up buying it from him.) There were also awesome plaques for 1st-3rd. There was a tie for last place which resulted in two people getting wooden hammer awards. (The bottom table's terrain was ONLY the wooden hammer award in the middle of the table.) There were several other prizes such as a fat mat for Richard (my tau opponent from round 3,) for best sport, and best of faction certificates, in addition to 3 free objective markers for every player from Sean Brown. I know there was more, but I honestly lost track of the prize support. It was pretty dizzying.

Adam from Bartlesville and Richard from Conway were great judges, and finally the tournament organizer, Jason Horn, worked miracles making the best tournament event I've ever been to, even including non-warhammer events, and managed to pull the entire thing together in the span of 3ish months.

Lastly, because I love stats:
Mvp: culexus as usual. He may have only wounded the seer council a little in round 4, but he also stripped their buffs like fortune so that everyone else shooting in could hurt them too. He also sucked up a round a shots while moving the relic in round 3. That guy is just stellar. The dreadnought did well enough to earn honorable mention though, as did the BA warlord in his role of "stay alive, don't give them a warlord point, and give us all some trait bonus."

Lvp: sniper scouts. I'm feeling like I might benefit more from having another set of run and gun scouts instead to really up the pressure on an alpha strike. They never really hurt anything, whereas the shotgunners did.

Best roll: winning first turn choice 5/6 games.

Worst opponent roll: ork warping artillery scatter from Devin. Brett's warp spider betrayal and Richard's commander getting stuck in traffic were definitely good, but that ork unit suddenly vanishing pretty much ended that game with no real recovery chance for him.

Mission impossible: Richard ended round 5 needing to get 4 maelstrom with me getting 0, and/or get a relic out of my hands when it was in my deployment zone surrounded by guys and empty pods and out of LOS to most of his army. He continued on undaunted and brought the game from an almost certain loss to a draw by getting the 4 point maelstrom swing. Just goes to show, don't give up!

Funniest thing I heard from other games: Apparently in round 6, two necron decurions played each other and NEITHER of them scored first blood, because NO COMPLETE UNITS DIED ALL GAME.

And that's all I've got. Feel free to look for Tomb King's reports when he gets them up for an alternate view of the tournament and of our final match against each other. Also Preferred Enemies should have some podcast coverage up soon. Thanks for reading!

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Tournament reports:
Made in us
Tunneling Trygon

The House that Peterbilt

Awesome report once again.

Seems like this iteration was light on anti-tank (having only the 4 drop melta units and maybe the dread for ranged anti-tank) so you kinda dodged the bullet not having drawn another battle company and really only 1 game where it mattered. Krak can help with some armies but it does seem like a real weakness to the manspam build you have here. Still like the list alot though.

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Good job!
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Congrats! Very well done.

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Nice report, and congrats on 1st place!
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 winterman wrote:
Awesome report once again.

Seems like this iteration was light on anti-tank (having only the 4 drop melta units and maybe the dread for ranged anti-tank) so you kinda dodged the bullet not having drawn another battle company and really only 1 game where it mattered. Krak can help with some armies but it does seem like a real weakness to the manspam build you have here. Still like the list alot though.

Thanks to you and others for the congratulations.

And yeah I'm glad I haven't run into a mirror match even though there were 2 or 3 other battle companies there. I'm not totally sure how it would shake out. I suppose it would really depend on their build and the mission. One thing is certain though. That game would take waaaaaay too long for a tourney time limit.

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Very well played. I was impressed to see what the Gladius strike force can do.

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Sounds like you had a great time!

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Good stuff, thanks for the reports (and pictures where you have them!).

Liked the mixing up of alpha strike and reserve hopping/outflanking tactics, seems like they both work really well in different situations.

The Tau game was pretty exciting to follow, I never thought for a moment he could bounce back from that -- glad you mostly had great opponents, and great games all round.

Congrats on the win!

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