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Made in gb
Unfortunate Ungor


I very recently started up a Dark Eldar army. Here are some shots of the first models I have painted for them. More will come as soon as they are painted. Hope you like 'em!

Elyria, Succubus of the Cult of the Red Grief

Solarite Sara, the Crimson Spear (especially proud of the pose and wings. She may be my favourite model ever)

And a wych

Tell me what you think!

Made in us
Master Shaper

Gargant Hunting

Impressive work. I really like the wings, you've done a really good job with it. The blue of the whip and sword are a nice standout from the rest of the design as well.

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Made in ie
Stalwart Space Marine


Love what you've done so far.

Great detail for a minimalist and dark colour scheme.

You've also gotten great character out of such amazing sculpts.


Iron Warriors
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Made in gb
Unfortunate Ungor


Here's another scourge I painted last night:

In the works are two squads of wyches, the rest of the scourges, and two raiders. I am painting as many as I can while juggling other projects for a game on Monday. Wish me luck!

Also, look what I just found. A very old diorama featuring dark eldar and orks.

Thanks for looking!

Made in us
Never Forget Isstvan!


I really like the feather wings, keep up the good work!

Ustrello paints- 30k, 40k multiple armies
Made in gb
Unfortunate Ungor



I went to stay with a friend for a couple of days, and surprised him with my dark eldar army. In return, he surprised me with the fact that he used to play dark eldar, and still has his old army. Well, I say has... it is more like had, since he gave almost all of them to me. While they are in a rather shoddy state as they were assembled and painted when he was about nine, I'm still finding it difficult to convey how happy I am.

So, all in all, we have:

Metal Urien Rakarth
OOP Archon
4 incubi
9 kabalites
25 wyches
6 hellions
3 reavers

Time to get painting!

Squig happy

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What can I say, I paint quick!

Cross us... we dare you

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Made in gb
Unfortunate Ungor


Thought I would share some pictures of the partially fixed masses. Here are some of my favourites (I forgot to picture Rakarth, he once lived in an upturned square based filled with unmixed greenstuff - closer to blue and yellow stuff, in fact )

Talk to the six fingered hand!

She's... 'armless... No? I'll let myself out.


And a picture of all the newbies

But fear not, I do actually have some painted models for you as well!

Solarite, you're out. My heart is fickle and I have a new favourite model. I have coveted this archon for so long.

And another twisted - I mean, all round nice guy.


And since my Archon takes influence from the old Duke Sliscus background, why not have an enormous snake as a part of the venom's crew?

C&C appreciated

Squig out

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Made in gb
Unfortunate Ungor


I'm back! I was having problems with photobucket, so I've moved to hosting on dakkadakka. As a result, the images are much larger than usual. We have a eclectic bunch of comorrites on show today, basically just wherever my madness takes me next. And yes, those are faces...

What do we think I should work on next: parasite engine, motor pool, bikes, kymerae or wyches? I'm stuck.

Thanks for looking! C&C appreciated.

Squig out

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