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Made in us
Blood-Drenched Death Company Marine

Little Rock, Arkansas

August Hobbytown USA 1000 point event.

Had a quick one day local event at our FLGS. Had some restrictions on list building: 1000 points, single detachment, battle forged, CAD only.

I decided to bring out the Blood Angels in a drop pod assault list.
Furioso Libby with heavy flamer, ML1, in a pod, rolling on sanguine powers.
Furioso dread with frag cannon/heavy flamer with magna grapple.
2x tactical squad with heavy flamer and double hand flamer sarge, each in pods. 1 of the sarges had melta bombs just for leftover points, but it never came up.
2x assault squad with 2 meltas and combi-melta sarge each in pods.
1 assault squad with 2 meltas and double inferno pistol sarge in pod.

Mission 1: big guns never tire with 5 objectives vs Katie's Khorne daemonkin

Katie was running a chaos lord with the turn-into-a-bloodthirster axe, a squad of 10 marines in a rhino with 2 meltaguns, a squad of 9 marines in a rhino with a melta and combi-melta/power fist aspiring champ, 3 units of blood letters with a reaver each, and a set of 5 flesh hounds.

I got a master crafted halberd on my Libby-nought for wl trait, she got zealot on her chaos lord. My random sanguine power was useless.

I won the rolloff to deploy first, null deployed, and obviously told her to go first. She deployed the two rhinos of marines on each flank, and the 3 sets of blood letters and hounds in the middle. Her first turn had a little bit of advancing towards my table edge, with the hounds jumping into terrain in the center. I dropped the fragioso and two melta asm squads near the west rhino without her warlord, I also tried to drop the Libby-nought near some bloodletters, but scattered and mishapped with a 2-3 result. She placed him in my deployment zone. I quickly melted the rhino open, and after seeing that the chaos marines failed their pin check, used the frag cannon and heavy flamer on a unit of blood letters, wiping them out. I shot the marines with a few storm bolters to successfully kill the meltagunners.

Her 2nd turn, she charged one unit of marines with letters, destroying them, and sent flesh hounds at another, knocking them to 1 man who stayed in combat. Her warlord's rhino advanced towards my Libby-nought in my deployment zone. I got my 3 remaining pods in, setting obsec tactical pods on two objectives in her back field while getting one of the heavy flamer tacticals in position to kill some letters. The last pod of melta asm came in near the warlord's rhino and destroyed the combi-bolter off it. The fragioso jumped into another squad of letters, flaming them the death, while the tactical flame squad near the third purged all but 3 of that group. Several pod bolters continued to thin out the bolter chaos marines, and the Libby-nought, after casting quickening on himself, made a fleet charge "from downtown" to attempt to save the remaining assault marine from the flesh hounds. (11 inches!) With several bonus attacks, the Libby instagibbed all but one hound, who failed to do anything to the marine.

Turn 3, Katie had the chaos lord squad disembark and gun down some of the melta marines nearby, while the rhino headed back towards her edge to mess around with the BA tac squad holding an objective in a corner. The 3 letters charged the nearby tac squad that had roasted them last turn, and wall of death rolled hot (heh) and sent them packing. The couple chaos marines that were left in that area tried bolting some dudes to no avail. The furioso Libby failed, even with quickening and master crafted, to hit the hound, who then killed the marine in the combat. I had the fragioso jump onto the couple chaos marines and consolidate back towards my edge afterwards, while the couple asm left melted a couple chaos troops with her lord, and the two tac squads calmly settled in on her deployment zone objectives. The furioso Libby completely whiffed the hound again. I didn't quicken him this turn, as I don't mind if it takes him til next combat to get free.

Turn 4, She had the chaos lord squad multi assault the remaining asm and their pod, managing to kill both, although the pod explosion killed 2 more CSM from her squad! The rhino tank shocked some tacticals off a backfield objective, and the furioso Libby totally whiffed that one hound again. (And yes I was remembering the master crafted roll every time!) I sent the fragioso heading back towards her chaos lord, and quickened the Libby this time. The tacs quickly smacked the rhino to death in melee and reclaimed their objective. The furioso Libby finally wounded the hound once...and he saved.

Turn 5, the chaos lord heads towards center-table and an objective. The Libby fails to hit the hound yet again. I sadly have to charge the fragioso into combat to help out the furioso Libby. The Libby fails to kill the hound again, but the fragioso lands solid hits and scores the kill. The Libby consolidates to head for an objective in the corner away from the chaos lord, while the fragioso heads to fight over the last unit in her army. Game moves on to t6.

She covers an objective with the lord's unit. I throw the fragioso at them, frying the marines and charging the lord, killing him. The bloodthirster from the axe warps in with a direct hit in ground mode. Game goes to turn 7.

I shoot the bloodthirster and do nothing, then charge to attempt to get max points. Between my round and her round of combat, the fragioso is killed, the BT is left on one wound (partially due to his decay wounds at end of turns,) and she consolidates him onto the nearby objective. The game ends 15-4, since the one-wound BT held an objective and was line breaking.

A somewhat important part of this game was managing blood tithe, and making sure I didn't engage on too many fronts at once. I managed to do so successfully by only killing a couple squads and crippling others without killing them each round, and never let her have more than 4 blood tithe in a turn, keeping her from doing any summons. I saw her round 2 game where her opponent didn't keep blood tithe in mind, and he had a few extra squads to deal with, making his game a bit harder.

Game 2: crusade with 4 objectives vs Grant's Orks

Grant was running a battle wagon full of tank busters with a big mek with KFF, three trukks full of shoota boys, a trukk with five lootas, a couple zzap guns in the back, a trio of deff koptas, and a war buggy.

Grant placed his objectives in no man's land with the intent of making his own deployment zone unimportant. I won the roll to deploy first, and did the whole "null deploy and choose to go 2nd" thing. He deployed the loota trukk on the west flank, boys in trukk in west center, boys in trukk next to wagon tankbustas and big mek in east center, a trukk of boys in the east flank, with the zzap guns near some ruins in the rear. The koptas and buggy were in reserve. His warlord trait was a reroll save, mine was something irrelevant. I did get fear of the darkness as a power though.

His first turn: he moved to just outside my deployment zone with all the vehicles. I dropped the fragioso and two melta squads next to the wagon/trukk pair and a flamey tac squad next to the lootas trukk. The fragioso stretched his templates across both the trukk and wagon, emptying the trukk and half the wagon straight through the KFF. The melta shots from nearby finished off both vehicles. The flamey squad in the west flamed out all but 1 loota.

Turn 2, the ork reserves fail. The east trukk makes it to my deployment zone and lets boys out into some ruins on an objective. The west boys trukk does the same, albeit lacking ruins to hide in. The tankbustas take some cover in ruins. Ork shooting is terrible, killing 3 marines from one of the asm squad in the center with shoota boys, and glancing the fragioso with a rokkit. I get in the rest of my reserves, tossing the second flamey and third melta squad near the west trukk, while the furioso Libby scatters a ways away from the boys in the east ruins in my zone. I'm out of flamer range, so he casts fear of the darkness and causes them to flee back a bit. The fragioso burns a few of the tankbustas and the big mek, then makes a long 10" charge, killing all but 1 ork, who misses his armourbane attack and gets swept. The two remaining ASM from the center head towards the zzap guns, making an 8" charge and easily sweeping the gretchin. The flame squad in the west burns out the last loota and then assaults his trukk, wrecking it. The two squads that just came in near the middle south wreck the trukk with melta and flames wear all but 3 shoota boys who decide to stick around. The last melta squad heads towards the fleeing boys in the east but whiff their shots.

Turn 3, the boys regroup, the koptas come in and knock out the fragioso, and the buggy outflanks on the west side, failing his shooting. I have the Asm near the buggy try melting it, but they only toast the weapon off. The flamey squad in the center goes deep into my own zone to kill the last few orks there, the two asm hide in ruins in his deployment zone for eventual linebreaker, and the melta squad and furioso Libby try charging the deff koptas. The Libby fails the charge but the asm kill a kopta and send them running quite a ways.

Turn 4, Grant fails to regroup the koptas and they leave. The buggy tries to go sit on an objective, and the last shoota boys make some distance between them and the nearby asm and Libby, while killing several asm with shooting. I kill the buggy with the nearby squads, everyone starts gathering on objectives, and the Libby starts chasing the shoota boys. Turn 5 just involves the boys falling back further and finishing off the hurt asm squad, while the Libby continues to fail at charging them.

The game ends with 5 shoota boys being scared towards their own table edge by a dreadnought, while I held every objective and all the bonus points, for a 15-0 win.

My dice were nice to me on turn 1, acting a good bit above average. The major swing was when his dice were super cold right after that on his 2nd turn. In hindsight he realized he shouldn't have put two open topped vehicles next to each other, but really my list had a very strong matchup against his to begin with. If we list swapped, I'm sure he would've won with my list in that situation as well.

Game 3: Emperor's will vs Garrett's 30k Ultramarines.

Garrett had a cheap chaplain-consul, two squads of boltgun troops, a squad of 3 volkite/heavy bolter jetbikes, a squad of 5 volkite-wielding marines with interceptor, a set of 3 rapier lasers, and an aegis line with quad gun.

I won the rolloff to deploy first (ever since the iron halo GT in July, I've been getting very lucky and winning those rolls extremely consistently,) and chose to do the same deployment as usual. He deployed nicely, filling up his zone with coherency. The aegis and rapiers were in the rear center, the volkite front center, the two squads of marines on each flank, and the jetbikes in the east. Our objectives are his center deployment under the volkite squad, and in my deployment zone. Neither warlord trait was helpful, and my random sanguine power sucked.

Turn 1, he says go, and I throw the fragioso and Libby to the west unit, and a flamer unit and melta unit in the middle. Intercepting volkite kills some normal marines from the melta squad, and the pass morale. I only manage to kill a few marines with my shooting.

Turn 2 he wipes out the marines with bolter fire except for one tactical, scoring first blood off a melta squad, leaving the two dreads, one of which made cover saves against the rapiers. I get no reserves in. The Libby assaults the unit to the west. He invokes our weapons are useless and lets them get swept. The fragioso heads east and frags the jetbikes that had moved around behind my units. I had hoped to kill 1-2 (probability said 2 exactly should die) with the frag cannon and then charge so I could turn around in the consolidate, but he instead dropped all the bikes with one shot, leaving his back to the enemy. The lone marine moves up to 3" away from the volkite squad, kills a guy with a krak grenade, and then fails to charge (terrain made the charge 5",) but survives overwatch.

His turn 3, he rocks out both the Libby-nought with rapiers and lights up the back of the fragioso with volkite, dropping both. The lone marine miraculously survives a good amount of bolter Fire. I get a melta and flamey squad in. They both try to land within 3" of his objective, the melta squad scattering way back while the flame squad lands dead on. I put bolter chumps in front of the flamers (with space to lay templates) to eat intercepting volkite, and sure enough all 3 die, and I pass morale. The flames kill a couple volkite. The melta squad burns a couple marines off the warlord's squad. That single tac marine from the first flame squad charges the last man of the volkite squad and fails again with snake eyes through terrain.

His turn 4, he rapiers a drop pod, exploding it and killing the volkite marine, and shoots the couple normal asm out of the east melta squad, followed by a charge. I manage 2 kills with overwatch melta, and then he fails the 5" charge. (3" plus some guys in back were in woods.) My last pod comes on automatically, and I drop them on my own empy's will objective in my deployment zone, hiding the marines in some ruins. The melta squad offs a couple more marines from his warlord squad, (I elect to not assault them,) and the lone tactical stands atop his objective ready to drop to ground in ruins if need be.

In turn 5, he fails to kill the lone tactical, and assaults the 3 melta guys with his warlord and remaining marines. I lose 2 guys, fail morale, and get away, running 2 inches. He consolidates so that he is still within 3" of his objective, although it is contested by the lone tac marine. My turn, I move the remaining melta guy over in front of the lone tactical, fail any damage, and then the game ends. Through a miracle, lone tactical marine with obsec is contesting his objective and linebreaking, while my squad that landed in my own zone earlier is holding mine, for a game result of 4-2, where he had warlord and first blood.

It was obviously against the odds for me to pull that one out, as all he had to do was tie on the objectives, but no one expected the lone tactical remaining from turn 1 to go the distance, especially after he failed two charges. It was definitely stupendously lucky that the game ended at 5.

And there you have it. It was just a small event, so the first place win gave me enough store credit to mainly order some fire dragons for my wife's eldar.

Best painted army: Garrett is a local commission painter, and his Horus heresy Ultramarines are basically a standing advertisement for how good he is. Every guy is on a decorated 32mm base, and the models look flawless.

Best rolls: Tactical guy that wouldn't go down in round 3, even though he was also failing to do things, he ended up winning the game just by standing there. Nothing really stands out as the worst roll either by me or opponents.

Mvp: fragioso. The lone marine above did pull out a victory from certain death, but the podded fragioso was a real workhorse, killing 2 units of blood letters, about 5 chaos space marines, a chaos lord warlord, a unit of shoota boys, a unit of tankbustas with big mek warlord, some Ultramarines, and a set of 3 marine jet bikes. Quite the impressive kill tally for 3 games.

Lvp: furioso Libby as warlord. This guy went to save some marines from flesh hounds, failed to save them, and then got tarpitted by one hound for way too long. He made some orks run a little with fear of the darkness, but was unable to catch and kill them, and he killed some standard Ultramarines right before getting rapier'd to the face. Not exactly a great performance from my most expensive point cost model. Might've been better off taking a priest or standard Libby and seeing if I could afford another fragioso with some other cuts instead.

Most one-sided game: Stepping into a game against open-topped-vehicle-mounted orks with 9 drop podding flame templates. My alpha was absolutely devastating, and coupled with his cold dice on the counter attack, the game was almost over already. Grant is a great guy to play though, and barely ended up in 2nd as a 2-1, thanks to great scores in his other two games.

That's all I've got for this one. I finished it just in time to start on my batreps from a Missouri ITC event that I actually took pics at.

20000+ points
Tournament reports:
Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

Thanks for posting, great report and congrats on the win! I'm a Blood Angels player at heart and have had so much trouble getting anything to work in the current state of things. I play in a very competitive meta though, so that has a lot to do with it.

Do you think that part of the success of the fragioso was having two AV 13 hulls at 1k points?
Made in us
Blood-Drenched Death Company Marine

Little Rock, Arkansas

Inquisitor Jazzhands wrote:
Thanks for posting, great report and congrats on the win! I'm a Blood Angels player at heart and have had so much trouble getting anything to work in the current state of things. I play in a very competitive meta though, so that has a lot to do with it.

Do you think that part of the success of the fragioso was having two AV 13 hulls at 1k points?

That was pretty helpful yeah. What was even more helpful was that the restrictions depowered a lot of things, and no one brought eldar. So my list kind of got away with a "big fish in a little pond" win.

20000+ points
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Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

That's understandable. I've always found it nearly impossible to beat Eldar with BA. In your other reports you were mostly playing battle company SM?
Made in us
Blood-Drenched Death Company Marine

Little Rock, Arkansas

Yeah. At larger more competitive events (mainly ITC ones) I step up to battle co to do battle on the top tables.
Our local meta isn't anywhere near as competitive as that, (I'm one of only a couple that will drive several hours for a larger tournament,) so I just do meh-tier BA non-formation lists. I'm thinking next local one I'll do an ultramarine CAD shooty list with telion giving either heavy bolter devs or a squadron of whirlwinds rending.

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