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Hey guys, Ill post some pics of the rest of the army later, but here are some quick snap shots of the new iron father I finished tonight.


[Thumb - IMG_3212.JPG]

[Thumb - IMG_3213.JPG]

[Thumb - IMG_3214.PNG]

[Thumb - IMG_3215.PNG]

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Made in us
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Miles City, MT

Kinda reminds me of a Doctor Octopus/Terminator/Iron Man mash up. Pretty cool. I like it, even if it isn't my personal cup o' tea. I admire the job you did. The base is fantastic too.

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Very nicely painted!

How do you find Puppetswar resin? Were the casts crisp? Any defects, bubbles and all? Are the tendrils bendy, droopy? I'm asking because I'm planning an order but would like to read some customer opinions before taking the plunge.

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Made in us
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I was very satisfied. Obviously it wasn't 100% perfection, but amazing compared to dealing with GW's fine cast. Very little cleanup, the parts fit well, and the detail is pretty superb. A lot of the parts had holes already in the mold so you could fit a small magnet in there. The tendrils are solid and not droopy. The only issue I had was using GWs plastic glue. I think it's because the parts are a little heavier, so I just had to use some loctite super glue instead. Also, if you plan on ordering... Be prepared to wait a month to get your stuff if your in the USA. They don't really precast there stuff, they cast it once you order it. I waited 4 weeks to get this guy. I'd suggest waiting till you can order a big batch if that's your plan and somewhat eager to get the stuff. I actually just got him today, and he's already finished. That's how eager I became >_<. I'd do it again though.


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"A smooth sea never made for a skilled sailor" - African Proverb 
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Nice! Good basing and I like the yellow detail on his metal arms

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Nice use of the PW ripper! Looks great.

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