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Made in us
Disbeliever of the Greater Good

Los Gatos (San Jose), CA

I've been really digesting this game this past week. I am working on selling it to some friends who have been researching Cowboy games to play as well.

I think BWG looks great, but I found what looks to be a discrepancy in the Campaign rules.

[Note: I am using the Savage Beasts version downloaded from the site. While I technically "own" the actual book, it has not yet arrived from the game designer yet!]

Page 77 says we start with, basically, 5 Henchmen, each with 1 Health and 1 Defense. And, as far as I can tell, that never changes? I understand that you cannot buy a Profession until a model reaches 75 xp, but that doesnt increase Health or Defense. Did the game designer forget to include a method to advance a Henchman to Professional and then to Hero?

Another nitpick from my friends was the Weapon Levels. I actually like them, thinking it was a great way of keeping a starting model from using the best guns available right away. The problem they have is specifically with the Lvl 3 Remington Army Revolver and the Lvl 4 Cooper Navy Revolver, the difference in-game being a whopping 1" in range. I'm not a gun guy, but the little research I did before writing this tells me that the Army guns were widely regarded as more powerful, or at least more penetrating, with the Navy guns being slightly smaller and agile. Anyway, guess there isnt much to say on this, other than point it out.

I didnt see an Errata on the main website. Any ideas about this Campaign goof?
Made in us
The Last Chancer Who Survived

Norristown, PA

Thanks for picking up the game

In the campaign, when you choose a profession you become a professional, and then you can earn your extra HP and Defense.. and same when you get to 100 XP you will become a hero and get another HP and Defense boost. I can add an Errata page to explain that better.

For the guns, to be honest, when I wrote the rules I really didn't know much about wild west guns and just picked names that sounded good & fun. Not the first time someone mentioned that. I've been wondering if I should change the names for the next version of the rules and go for something more generic like Single action revolver, Double action revolver, etc ?

Made in us
Disbeliever of the Greater Good

Los Gatos (San Jose), CA

I think the names are fine (though I have never heard of "Volcanic" weapons before?). I'd add calibers to the guns...the Navy gun is .36 and should be the Tire 3, with the Army gun being a .44 with more penetration...

This is a tough one. _I_ dont have a problem with it, but I'll think on it.

As for the Professions and Hero, I see nothing at all that would indicate this to a casual reader. It's good info that seems clearly (inadvertently) omitted from the rules. Yes please, errata is good and revision for next printing
Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

Hartford, Connecticut

Here is the history of the "Volcanic Repeating Arms Company" -

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