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Made in us
Fully-charged Electropriest

I bought some Genestealers from Solorg we agreed on a price of $32+$8 shipping for 22 genestealers(he said he would throw in a metal broodlord to sweeten the deal). He had a picture of 43 genestealers a mix of the old generation and newer sculpts. I requested the newest sculpts only from his picture. When they arrived he had mailed me some of the old sculpts and some of the newer ones. I contacted him that I didn't want the old sculpts. He offered that I should pay to mail back the old sculpts and keep the new ones and pay him $10 to mail out the right ones that I had requested originally or he could refund me $30 and I would mail back all of them. I told him I was willing to mail back all of them and get my full refund of what I paid(both of us being out the shipping cost) Which the shipping was actually about $4 with tracking. He declined to refund me. I opened a paypal dispute to which he tried to coerce me into not doing because it would take me months to get my money back. So he wanted $8 which is fine to ship even though it was a reused box with shredded newspaper as padding and it only cost $4 to ship. Then wanted me to pay the same to mail him it back and $10 more to ship me the stuff we had agreed on to begin with.
Solorg wrote:For ease of refunding to you, I suggest not logging a refund request through PayPal. If we go that route, I will not be able to make a straight refund (I can only refund $30 of the original $40 since I cannot refund the shipping). Logging a refund request through PayPal will require us to go through a dispute, I expect, and that may well slow down the refund process, perhaps to 30 days or more. Thanks for taking it into consideration as we move forward.

Thanks again,

PS - If you decide you would rather keep the models I sent, just let me know. I suppose you could sell the ones you do not need and come out ahead (that metal Broodlord truly is hard to get). I want to assert again that I am pleased to refund you your payment minus shipping/fees if you return the models you purchased in original condition. But I also want you to know that I am flexible if you decide to keep them.

He claims he did not know what the difference between the older models or the newer models were. I would not trade with again. I have traded through several online forms and this is the first time I have had anything like this happen. His communication after being paid was not worth the slight reduction in just buying them new. He has poor knowledge of what he is trying to sell or just plain pretended to not know. He was difficult to deal with and out right wanted to cheat me out of money to get his models back to him.
Solorg wrote:Tyrius,

To be honest, they all look the same to me.

Paypal dispute resolved through paypal and I got my $40 and shipped him his models back. It took about a week including the time for my package to ship to him. I guess in the future make sure the person selling things knows the stuff they are selling.

Tracking for usps return to him:

*Edit just got a notification he is appealing their decision for a refund even after he contacted me saying he would accept whatever paypal decided.
Solorg wrote:
Tyrius wrote:I will just request a full refund then and you will get your models shipped back.

Okay, I see that you are most comfortable resolving the question through PayPal. Okay, let's work with them to reach a resolution. I will consider their answer in this case to be definitive and I will abide by it.


Paypal wrote:Disputed Amount:
$40.00 USD
Buyer reason(s):
The seller has appealed our decision and asked us to review the case again.

What happens next

We're reviewing the seller's request and will contact you if we need any additional information from you.

This is his picture with the models I requested be sent. He sent me 8 of the ones selected the other 14 were the old models the 12 red ones plus 2 others.

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Made in us
Willing Inquisitorial Excruciator

Lincolnton, N.C.

This has to be a mistake I've dealt with Solorg before and he has always been very stand up.

My beloved 40K armies:
Furry Emperor's Children
Order of Saint Pan Thera

Made in us
Fully-charged Electropriest

Yeah he was great right up until I asked him to correct his mistake and now having to fight him to get my money back after I already mailed all his stuff back. Well I got my money back but for some reason he thinks he shouldn't have to pay me back and is appealing it. I have numerous transactions here, btown and ebay and this is literally the worst person I have dealt with in 10+ years of buying and selling 40k online.

This is my first negative experience through dakka and I would have just let it go if he wasn't making my refund an issue after getting all of his stuff back.

Even giving him the benefit of the doubt that he was not sure what models were which, I have never been asked to pay 3x actual shipping costs then asked to pay it to him twice to correct the mistake and then pay to ship the wrong stuff back. If you receive everything back to you as it was shipped he is not a store he is not out the shipping because he made the mistake. I paid my shipping to return it to him he is not entitled to $10 when his orginal shipping cost was $8 and it actually cost just under $4.

Its great you have had a good interaction with him. I bet you didn't need to return anything or have it corrected as I have had numerous positive transactions myself with people.

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Made in us
Fully-charged Electropriest

So the dispute was overturned as he was shipped back his models but I would never deal with this guy again and be careful if you do and end up needing to get a return he will try to cheat you out of more money to get it refunded.

Just another reason I won't send payments as gifts before getting my models.

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