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Made in au
Yu Jing Martial Arts Ninja

Hi Guys,

Some of you may know me from my other blogs (see my sig!). But I'm starting this blog since I finally decided to take the dive into Warhammer, yay! Been a fan for years but GW (the company) has definitely put me off over the years. Things seem to be turning around now, seems like a good time to jump in. Love the stuff they are coming out with. This blog is going to be for all things GW related; W40k, Warhammer, Lotr, and whatever else they come up with.

Their board games are a great gateway into the IP with beautiful minis so I will be picking them up, even if just to paint.

I've managed to snag some good deals on ebay to get me started and I'll post some pics of it all soon. Of course, I'm starting with Space Marines first.

And here I've started painting my first GW model : )

Alexis Polux, Chapter Master of the Crimson Fists.

I've decided to go with Crimson Fists, as the Imperial Fists and their successor Chapters are my favourite. I didn't want to paint all that yellow (as nice as it would look) so I decided to go with the Crimson Fists instead. Love the model from Forgeworld and since it fits in with the CF fluff, it all works out.

The blue is a bit brighter than the usual CF colour scheme but I like it so I may just roll with it.

Rest of the body finished, The face as always was a bit of a challenge.

I was happy with how the NMM gold tuned out but I think the gold trim is making him look a bit Ultramarine-y hm. Maybe I should go for silver instead.

Will touch up the base before I attach his arms.

Hope you like him so far.

C&C always welcome. Thanks for stopping by

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Made in ar
Lone Wolf Sentinel Pilot

By the foot of the Andes

Looks great so far, very nice transitions from dark to light.

Made in gb
Legendary Master of the Chapter


Cracking stuff! Hell of a model to kick things off with!

I've found when doing some Crimson Fists recently that the way to stop them looking Ultramarine is to make the most of the deep red accent colour. What you've done on the chest and tabbard thus definitely says CF to me rather than UM.

Paradigm's New Blog- 24/10: Justice League, Legion of Dooml

Available for Commission Work. PM me for details. 
Made in mx
Sister Vastly Superior

That is lovely. I've got my own Polux hiding in his box still!

Made in gb
Snivelling Workbot


Oh wow! he is looking gorgeous, I cant wait to see what else you can do with those skills.

Wanna see a lunatic try and create thier own titan? You can right here: https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/723129.page
Interested in checking out a new game about creating bases and blowing up buildings and such? check out here: https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/723403.page 
Made in us
Near Golden Daemon Caliber

Affton, MO. USA

What Paradigm said, the Reds will differentiate them from the Ultras, and I love that blue? What blues are you using? Also what's up next?

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I cant believe theo is right.. damn. -comradepanda 9/26/13
None of the strange ideas we had about you involved your sexual orientation..........-Monkeytroll 12/10/13

I'd put you on ignore for that comment, if I could...Alpharius 2/11/14 
Made in au
Yu Jing Martial Arts Ninja

@ Littletower: Thanks mate!

@ Para: Thanks for the tips. Yeah, will definitely work on the reds

@ Teban: Awesome man. Would love to see one done by you!

@ Eccentricnormality: Thank you! And welcome to dakka

@ Theo: Glad you like it! The blue is Prussian Plue and then shaded with Blue Ink and then highlighted back up with Prussian blue and then adding more Ivory. Prussian blue is a really nice blue ^^

As for what next, well my collection is small at the moment. And it may take some time because Forgeworld is expensive lol. I'll be picking up some MkIII and MkVI armour. And maybe some MkIV, as the Fist specific models are MkIV.

Here's some random stuff I have so far:

Happy Anniversary GW stuff.

On the Fantasy side. Some lucky deals off ebay. Stormcast minions and a fancy Valten on horseback.

And then some random hobby stuff.

The books are beautiful. Some great throwback articles in the Index Astartes. The Comic is nicely illustrated. Short action packed story. And I like the behind the scenes stuff at the back. Some random Citadel tools, mainly because I like the brushed metal look lol but the metal feels very nice and weighty in hand.

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