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Longtime Dakkanaut

”Much is said of Angrons physical power – greater even it is said than many of his fellow Primarchs – his berserker fury, his near insane love of violence and bitter quixotic temperament, but few comment on what is clearly a native intelligence, fearsome charisma and strength of conviction that marked him out also as the post-human that he was.

To his Legionaries the mutilated, bloody, reeking, wrathful figure that now stalked among them as their master swiftly became a kind of savage messiah; a greater warrior than any had known, an exemplar of a brutal idea of honor and combat that sang to their souls.

Angron became to them their first master; displacing for many the loyalty they had once only given their Emperor, becoming their judge, their general and a conqueror whose banner they would follow into the depths of hell.”

-Horus Heresy Book I - Betrayal

Hello Dakka.
Thankfully, I had the foresight to save my 30K world eater log from Warseer before the that place went down for good [EDIT, Warseer lives again], so I thought I'd restart it here instead. I originally had plans to have some kind of present-tense narrative running through the log following a imperial investigator but that all just got confusing, so I'll limit myself to the tried and tested narrative style of past-tense descriptions of the legionaries, sprinkled with some atmospheric quotes. Or perhaps just a picture if I don't have time to write stuff.

At least for a while my pictures will be somewhat lacking in quality I'm afraid since my current living conditions make it very hard for me to get good lightning. In the future I might update the pictures if I manage to get better versions. Also, I have not yet finalized how to do the bases so they are partly left unfinished for the moment.

Resources - Bits:

To personalize my World Eaters I make use of a fair number of 3rd party bits. Feel free to ask if you you are wondering about any part I've used. I've tried to collect links here to parts I've actually used as well as stuff I've not yet bought/used but feel might come in handy for some future conversions.

[Spoiler'd] as not to take up too much place.


Mark II legs:

Mark III legs:

Mark IV legs:

Mark V arms:

Mark II Jetpacks:

Mark IV Jetpacks:

Mark V Jetpacks

World Eater Mark II Head(s):
Primarily the forth had to the right. Previously Maxmini sold separate packs with 10 of just this head. I hope they reinstate that as product.

World Eater shoulderpad variant

Chain axes:

Alternative Angrons:

The above shops also have a variety of bionics, heads, shoulderpads, special weapons etc. suitable for Legiones Astartes but too numerous to list here.

Do not hesitate to comment. Attention is the lifeblood of any painter making a log

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Longtime Dakkanaut

Legionary Hrax.

When the first attempts at reverse engineering Angron's implants began to bear fruit Hrax were among the first to volunteer for the surgeries. As so many subjects of these early trials; Hrax were deeply changed. The methods of manufacturing and implanting the 'butchers nails' crude and unreliable in the beginning of the process. The arcane construction and techniques of the engine slaved onto Angron's being little understood, much less mastered by the legion's fleshcrafters or the tech adepts in their service.

Unlike many of his companions of those early trials of experimentation before proper implantation protocols were devised; Hrax escaped the all consuming madness that doomed some to a short future among the rampager Caedere, others to a more ignoble end, being simply put down as an act of mercy or expiring through biological failings. Hrax survived his early implantation's but did not emerge unscathed. His altered mind has left him sullen in temper and more or less unable to form new memories; recognizing ever fewer of his squad members as the years pass one by one falling in battle and being replaced by a new recruit. He has become withdrawn and solitary, eschewing the company of brothers whose names he will have forgotten by the time the next battle is joined.

In battle Hrax eventually become more unstable as time passed, as is expected by those of his kin bearing the butcher's nails. Proudly wearing markings on his helm to denote his psycho-surgeries and began to adorn his armour with an ever increasing number of lethal blades. Relishing the sensation of crushing the life out of an enemy with a bone-cracking tackle; driving his blades through their body with the weight of his own.


Legionnary Grenn

As the great crusade reached the planet of Goebor; compliance were comparatively bloodless. A short campaign quickly demonstrated the technological and numeral superiority of the imperial forces and within a standard Terran year, all the Goeborean nations were subsumed under the rule of central Terran government.

The tribal seafaring peoples inhabiting the shores of the Khaltharp region however, would not easily be merged into this new organization. The nations of the Khaltharp region had since long came to an uneasy agreement with the fishermen and warrior peoples of it's shores. The Khaltharp tribes would be left alone as long as they largely kept to themselves and did not venture into the major shipping lanes of the civilized nations inland. Such an agreement could however not be tolerated by the new Imperial rulers.

While imperial troops found it easy enough to plant their flags among the coastal villages and instate the necessary imperial institutions of bureaucracy the calm was quickly shown to be short lived. Within weeks, any imperial control of the region was purely academic and the invasion forces was embroiled in bitter full scale combat against a whole population. The Khaltharp reavers melting into the population by day, gathering in their fishing and raiding ships by night to wage savage guerrilla war against the occupying forces.

A standard Terran year into the official compliance and with imperial forces constantly on the back foot, the calls for backup were answered by the XII legion. The infamous eaters of worlds. Angron's legion systematically fought their way along the shores; slaughtering with chain axe and bolter, every village and settlement, every man woman and child. Any attempt to face the legionaries in open battle ended in crushing defeat and village by village fell. It's every inhabitant slain, it's every building put to the torch. Realizing that the peoples of the Khaltharp shores were heading towards complete extermination. the council of tribal leaders unconditionally surrendered to the World Eaters.

A young boy from one of the reaver clans of Khaltharp with no kin or relatives surviving, Grenn chose to apply as a recruit of his former enemies rather than be relocated into the imperial orphanage organization. Unusual among the World Eaters, where most favor a utilitarian short or shaven haircut, Grenn has kept his hair long and braided in the fashion of his former tribe. His natural aggression and experience of fast moving naval combat made Grenn a natural talent for the legions vicious assault squads.


Legionary Krond

Albar Krond suffered horrific head injuries during the fighting in the jungles of Archaea IV. When securing a dropzone he were struck by a glob of acid from one the large lizard creatures praying on the imperial forces attempting to clear the planet. Before his comrades managed to stop the virulent substance from eating further into his flesh, much of Krond's brain had been severely damaged. Only the experimental surgeries of the World Eater's mechanicum auxiliaries were able to stabilize the condition of the legionary due to the horrific damage suffered.

Despite much of Krond's brain function being taken over by the intricate machinery of the tech priests, after a lengthy recovery period he were not much removed from his former self. His experimental implants calibrated to connect with his modified Umbra ferrox pattern bolter made Krond a marksman of some renown among his peers. The extensive surgeries however, made it impossible for Krond to undergo the psycho-surgeries necessary for implanting the 'butchers nails'. A fact that Krond eventually learned to accept, though not without a hint of bitterness.

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Longtime Dakkanaut

Legionary Zadak

While the brutal chain-axe fast became the iconic close combat weapon of the World Eaters, it's usage were never universal nor mandated. Indeed, the warriors of the XIIth legion were expected to be proficient with all manner of bladed instruments; although most warriors would eventually favor one type for most live combat situations. Zadak's weapon of choice is the Thunder edge pattern chainsword. While this design is known as more prone to jamming during battle; the lengthening of the exposed chain allowing it's bearer to threaten with back-swing strikes as well as the forward cuts of the more conventional chainsword patterns.

Zadak were a recruit born from the plains of Dunegar; one of the many feral worlds under the recruitment umbrella of the World Eaters. The warring tribal culture of the plains made it a great source of eager volunteers for the astartes recruiters and Zadak were whisked away with many of his companions. A comparatively calm and measured individual Zadak often act as a counterpart to Sulvahn, the leader of his assault squad. In practice, often handling much of the communication and coordination which would normally fall under the command of his bellicose brother in arms. Both natives of Dunegar; the bond between them forged ever since their first day on the path to trans-humanism.


Legionary Khall

Born in the underhives of Skandmark; the childhood of Khall were as short as it were brutal. As so many of his peers he were raised not by parents or institutions but taken in by one of the savage gangs ruling the hive's lower tiers. Still not more than a boy; Khall's comradeship among the 'Gemeni Bandits', as the gang called itself, came to an abrupt end during one of the great northern hive pacification's - conducted by the Imperium several generations after Terra's unification. The great crusade now being fully underway and the forges of the Imperium glowing red with the strain of churning out arms and munitions in sufficient numbers; the Emperor desired stability among his more ungoverned population as well as bodies to fuel the war effort. The gangs' hold over the underhives were squashed almost over night with millions summarily interred and relocated according to the needs of the ever expanding galactic empire. A child of appropriate age; Khall were chosen to risk his life and body for a chance to join the legions rather than assuming a life of menial service in the manufactora or armies of Terra, a choice he would have accepted without second thought, had it been his to make.

Khall were among the last batch of legionaries to be inducted as one of the War Hounds, his first off-world posting being the mustering at Bodt, where the legion were soon to be reunited with their primarch and remolded in his image as 'the World Eaters'.


Legionary Krass

In many ways Manan Krass epitomized the virtuous side of the twelfth legion. Loyal and unambitious with the air of professionalism and coldness in his duties. Krass' experience and seniority would have made him a easy candidate for elevation to the rank of sergeant in the Warhounds legion. In the years following Angron's transformation of the legion however, the institutionalized systems of the former Warhounds more and more made way for personal ambition and aggression as important traits for elevation among the World Eaters

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Secret Inquisitorial Eldar Xenexecutor


You did a solid work with you marines, but one of them, the first marine of you second post, has an helmet so clean and nice that it could be an Emperor's Children !
Why is this helmet so clean, when the armour is full of weathering ?
I don't like close up, but this isn't your fault: I don't like close up in any blog in fact.
I really like the faces of you marines, they have a lot of character.

Made in se
Longtime Dakkanaut

 godardc wrote:
You did a solid work with you marines, but one of them, the first marine of you second post, has an helmet so clean and nice that it could be an Emperor's Children !
Why is this helmet so clean, when the armour is full of weathering ?

Hmm, in-universe explanation: Hrax is very proud of his psycho-surgery-markings and don't want them obscured, so he brings a wet towel to the battlefield to quickly dry off any mud and blood from his helmet before it dries.

Out-of-universe explanation: weirdly enough I hadn't noticed that he lacked weathering on the helmet. One of those things where you look at a model for a long time and miss obvious things until someone else point them out I guess
When I'm muddying up the next legionary I'll get some dirt on Hrax as well.

 godardc wrote:
I don't like close up, but this isn't your fault: I don't like close up in any blog in fact.
I really like the faces of you marines, they have a lot of character.

Thank you for the feedback and encouragement. I'm rather pleased with the faces myself. It's generally worth putting a bit extra effort onto marine faces since they're kinda similar otherwise in their color coded armour.
When I have some more marines ready for action I can group them together for some non-close up shots.

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