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Need help understanding the Order of the sacred rose color scheme.  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Fresh-Faced New User

In the images I can find, there is a somewhat psychitzophrenic visual identity. Not sure where to ask, tried facebook, mostly got a lot of likes. However, not much in the way of answers. I know, they suck, I have wanted to do this list since I saw them in my 3rd ed(?) rulebook. Being from louisiana a bunch of french battle nuns seemed awesome. on to the confusion.

I like the group in colors like this. Although I want to do the iconography gold instead of silver like the tank image.

This image right here helped me decide to go with this group

however, on the wiki they have this... not to mention the rose is BLACK

so which one is it? where can I get a color guide for the black tank layout? The codex doesn't have it.

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Made in us
Poxed Plague Monk

I believe that the Immolator has the 'proper' color pattern. As for the rose, black if I remember correctly is correct. The reason for the white rose is that, well a black one would be kinda had to see on a black background =)

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Stealthy Sanctus Slipping in His Blade

Order of the Sacred Rose has a WHITE rose on a black field as their standard shoulder emblem. Variations of course can occur. I've seen either Gold or Silver and sometimes both for the iconography. When mixed usually silver for the studs and bits, gold for the capelet/chain, ministorum symbol and all the fleur.

Personally I prefer the silver, but thats just me. Google "order of the sacred rose color scheme" and you will see the old codex images. If you are hunting for fluff on the Sacred Rose you have the old codexes of course but the Sacred Rose girls figure prominently in the Leviathan/Shield of Bhaal fluff. Cool Canoness, good story, just no rules. Worth the read though.

If you get into the general fluff, the Order of the Sacred Rose is that they are founded in honour of their Patron Saint Arabella who was particularly disciplined and even tempered. They are known for their Retributor squads though there are no rules to show any difference.

Hope that helps, welcome to the fold, and good luck!

A ton of armies and a terrain habit...

Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

So doing the black tanks is not unusual?
Made in us
Stern Iron Priest with Thrall Bodyguard

Redondo Beach

painting the tanks primarily black doesn't seem unusual, at all...
not to mention, a lot less hard work to make it look good, versus going primarily white...
a little variation in a scheme is not unusual...
not only that, but painting your minis in a way that looks good to you is way better than stressing over what is "right", especially if it is just a variation on the Order's established three colors of white, maroon, and black...

good luck!!!
it is my favorite Sister's scheme, and the one i will be using on mine


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Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

Any recommendations on a good maroon? GW doesn't seem to have one in this line.
Made in us
Stealthy Sanctus Slipping in His Blade

I would say white, black and RED. Nothing official about Maroon, but as jah-joshua said, to each their own. Nothing wrong with mixing in a bit of black to get a maroon if you can't find one.

A ton of armies and a terrain habit...

Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

well, it was more just to see what maroon he could recommend. I try to avoid custom mixing for large armies like this. I am sticking with sacred rose for my SOBs. Waiting on my LGS to order my 2 exorcist tanks.
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