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Live in Midtown... always looking for games!
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Fat Ogre.


8th Dimension.

There are a couple of GWs in town.
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Join the Facebook groups "Warhammer 40k Houston" and "Houston Warhammer 40k Tournament Players"

I live in midtown and have my own gaming room so feel free to message me sometime.

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"Houston Age of Sigmar" facebook group is active as well. Mostly Fat Ogre and GW on Royal Oaks.
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Which store has a decent following?

I know the 40k/fantasy(slightly less) was big when the hwy6/katy mills locations were open. Have the independent shops stepped up in place of or did most players take a hiatus like myself?

I am over by I-10/Barker Cypress myself and the HWY-6 Location was great! Is 8th dimension the closest shop?

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Unfortunately for me it looks like Fat Ogre is 43 minutes from where I live, and that's with low traffic I think.
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Houston TX... southeast side

And there is nothing on the east side of town ?
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Houston, TX

Anybody on the west side or in Katy? There is a GW store in Katy, but there a couple of issues that prevent me from gaming there.

1. Store closes at 8:00 and I generally don't get a chance to play until my kids are in bed at around 7:30.
2. They do not allow any 3rd party bits on models; everything must be 100% GW. This rules out my armies since I always mix in a few bits from other companies for variety and for something unique.

I'm looking for people that like fun, casual, fluffy games and/or campaigns using painted armies. I have a table and some terrain, but unfortunately its out in the garage so it's really only usable for another month or so before it gets too hot. Let me know if anyone is interested in the area within 20-30 minutes of 99 and 10.

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The Great State of Texas

molonlabe2378 wrote:
And there is nothing on the east side of town ?

Thats not new. Typically the East side of town has been unremarkable for miniatures opportunities or, well lots of things.

If you're looking East side how far are you from Beaumont? You might check there too.

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