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Made in us
Sinewy Scourge

Boulder, Colorado

Hey dakka, I recently got some of my death painted and felt the bug to share them all, and I really like the P&M blogs here so I thought I should start one for the one or two of you who care

I have been painting some death up recently, as I wanna get a groundwork of finished models for them before I get too much more into my Deathwatch or Space Wolves collection of unpainted minis, but no worries as they shall be shown in due time.

Over the weekend I got a Crypt Ghoul King, A Necromancer, and 6 Crypt Ghouls finished. I still have 14 more Ghouls, a zombie dragon, a partially finished unit of three Crypt Horrors, a partially finished Vargulfh, 3 more unfinished Crypt Horrors and 3 Crypt Flayers, Hopefully I can get the ghouls done in due time, but I am definitely dreading all the Crypt Horrors/Flayers.

[Thumb - IMG_3933.JPG]

[Thumb - IMG_3934.JPG]

[Thumb - IMG_3936.JPG]
Ghoul King

[Thumb - IMG_3937.JPG]

Made in gb
Pious Palatine

Looking good, I really like the Ghouls and Ghoul King.

Made in us
Sinewy Scourge

Boulder, Colorado

 evildrcheese wrote:
Looking good, I really like the Ghouls and Ghoul King.



Made in us
Sinewy Scourge

Boulder, Colorado

Expect many more miniatures and units in the coming days/weeks. I am waiting on a trade for an incredibly large Vampire Counts army.

In the meantime I am almost finished with my Vargulhf and about to finish the final 4 Crypt Ghouls in the first unit.

I can't post pictures as the lighting where I am staying is quite bleh, I definitely can in the next day or so!

If the trade goes through I will definitely have a metric crapload of mini's to paint however

Off the top of my head I can remember I will be getting a hundred or so zombies, fifty skelliebutts, a few mortis engines and coven thrones, 5 necromancers, I think basically at least one of every death unit besides Fell Bats.

Its a good deal and I quite enjoy AOS so I am not ashamed of this investment

Happy wargaming!

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