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Fresh-Faced New User

Looking for some ideas for a steel behemoth. Don't mind if it's slightly larger than a 50x100 base size...but not too huge as to be a total hindrance. I like the idea of something tanky...but robot/warjack style stuff is ok too. I've found a few cool steam punk tanks so far that I like...just trying to see what else there is.
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Posts with Authority

There are some possibilities - the one that I use is from Scotia - Grendel, in resin, from the old Leviathan range.

Reasonably priced at 10GBP.

They also have some more humanoid options -


Ye gods, I think that I have had that tank for more than twenty years....

The Auld Grump

Kilkrazy wrote:When I was a young boy all my wargames were narratively based because I played with my toy soldiers and vehicles without the use of any rules.

The reason I bought rules and became a real wargamer was because I wanted a properly thought out structure to govern the action instead of just making things up as I went along.
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Irked Necron Immortal

Not the look you were asking for, but something I'm considering for my Steel Behemoth. Skadi, Dwarf Goddess

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Blood Angels Necron [WiP]

Made in se
Longtime Dakkanaut

A wide variety ofsteampunk-y tanks are available here


Decently priced and little (if any) overhang on a 100x50mm base

Made in za
Gore Spattered Punk Zombie

South Africa


Made in at


A friend of mine used 1/76 Revell Jagdpanther for a conversion



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Regular Dakkanaut

Very nice conversions. ^_^
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