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This is for the above thread:

Ok, so I am trying out Kill Team with my Imperial Fists. I realize model count and mobility are huge factors, and the tournament coming up features "corridor" fighting with not a whole lot of cover. Vehicle use, while allowed by the Kill Team Rules, is discouraged because of the maps consisting of mostly narrow hallways.

What are your thoughts, or some ideas?

Keeping in mind bolter-drill, I have a bolter heavy list.

5xSpace Marine Scouts
-1 with Heavy Bolter - Relentless Specialist
-2 with Sniper Rifles (thinking for countering t5 and such, zones of denial down long hallways)

5xTactical Marines
Normal Loadouts

3xSpace Marine Bikes
Normal Loadouts
-1 with Infiltrator Specialist
-1 will be my leader

Now I know that is a lot of bolters, but those shots will rarely fail to hit with Bolter Drill, and the scouts having infilitrate/scout will give me an advantage early.

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This thread is essentially 'comments' for the Kill Team article. Because of that, these threads don't tend to generate much actual discussion themselves, and it is unlikely that anybody will respond to your question here.

You're probably better off posting a new thread on this topic in either the 40k army list forum or the 40k tactics forum (if you're looking for a more general tactics conversation as opposed to discussing your particular list).

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