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Made in by
Fresh-Faced New User

Genestealer cult hybrids, Leman Russes and Chimeras.
Basic plastic kits, with a little conversion on the HW teams.

Acrylis, brush and airbrush, enamel washes, pigments.

I accept commissions, please contact me if you are interested - Stalkerminsky@gmail.com
[Thumb - DSC_0718.JPG]

[Thumb - DSC_0720.JPG]

[Thumb - DSC_0722.JPG]

[Thumb - DSC_0736.JPG]

[Thumb - DSC_0738.JPG]

[Thumb - DSC_0743.JPG]

[Thumb - DSC_0742.JPG]

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Made in gb
Auspicious Aspiring Champion of Chaos


Very nice

Have a look at my P&M blog - currently working on: Tempestus Scions/Primaris Howling Griffons

Previous projects
30k Iron Warriors (11k+)
Full first company Crimson Fists
Zone Mortalis (unfinished)
Classic high elf bloodbowl team 
Made in ca
Longtime Dakkanaut

great stuff

lost and damned log
Made in au
Pustulating Plague Priest

I never bothered with the Cadians bodies as I thought they looked crap, but you've made them look awesome, well done!
Made in au
Deadly Dark Eldar Warrior


They look fantastic!

I love the effect you gave to the shoulders in particular.

Great job!
Made in gb
Regular Dakkanaut

Now thats an army to be proud of!
Made in gb
Rotting Sorcerer of Nurgle

Portsmouth UK

These are just awesome.
Can I ask why you use enamel washes?
Also do you make them yourself or can you buy them ready to use?

Check out my gallery here
Also I've started taking photos to use as reference for weathering which can be found here. Please send me your photos so they can be found all in one place!! 
Made in by
Fresh-Faced New User

Thanks everybody!

bubber, on the enamel washes.

I used them to simulate rust and dirt streaks on tanks and the flyer. The main difference between them and the acrylic products is that you can blend them after you painted them. I painted a vertical line on the side of a tank and then bledned it with a clean brush moisted in white spirit. You can achieve smooth streaking effects with this technique. It;s far easier to do it with enamels or oil paint. For the shadows I used acrylic wash, because I had really little time - the whole project was finished in about 4 days. Enamel washed give better result, since they flow better, bled sith base color better, and you have a ctrl-Z option and you can "erase" things you don't want with white spirit, but it takes more time.
I used AK enamel products. You can make you own out of Humbrol enamel paints, but again, it takes time, and I noticed that Humbrol enamels do not blend as well as AK stuff.

Made in se
Pulsating Possessed Space Marine of Slaanesh

That is nice that you could finish so many at that quality!
Love it!

Also love the effects of the rippled highlights you do like for example on the chainsword, gives it a nice texture.

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