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Made in ca
Squishy Oil Squig

I am building a squat army.

This blog will be used to develop their backstory, share concept art, and update my progress with the models.

I have written the backstory but I would like to hear input from community (especially those with knowledge of Ultramarines) to ensure that it fits in with the 40k universe. I appreciate all input.
[Thumb - assault.jpg]

[Thumb - 20170326_164306.jpg]

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Made in ca
Squishy Oil Squig

Part A:

100 years after the destruction of the squat homeworlds a team of ultramarines embark on a mission to recover materials from (planet name - LV-426???)

Scanners detected large caches of ore just below the planet surface, however; the planet is infested with tyranids. The planet also has a very high gravity so landing, deep strike, and even movement on the surface would be difficult. High reward, high risk. The mission was assigned to Chaplain Cassius, the team was selected, predominately tyrannic war vets.

Mission objectives:
-Planetstrike, establish base
-Secure perimeter, avoid combat if possible
-Load transports with whatever valuable material can be found
-Evacuate cargo and personnel

The first raid was a failure. Initial scout team and homing beacons approach too hot and are crushed.

The second raid was a success. Some equipment was destroyed during planetstrike and much of the base was abandoned during a hasty evacuation but the value of the resources collected was greater than the losses.

The third raid went the same as the second but one of the scouts reported seeing a small humanoid who seemed to be spying on the operation just before evacuation.

Raid four began well enough. The base was once again established, secured, and transports were ready to be loaded. Censors indicated incoming life forms and scouts were sent to investigate the threat. A large horde of dwarves were sprinting towards to operation site (approximately 500). Most were wearing simple clothing, a few wore old flack armour and carried lasguns, pistols, and and simple axes. The dwarves were being pursued by swarms of tyranids. The dwarves eventually made it to the base but were denied entry. Cassius ordered the evacuation. The dwarves fought the swarm from outside the walls as the marines fired down from the ramparts, possibly out of sympathy for the dwarves who were once considered to part the the imperium of man but also to slow down the tyranid threat. Before the lasts few transports were launched, Captain (name) ordered that the dwarves lay down arms, enter the base allow themselves to be taken into custody. Aproximatley 300 dwarves were evacuated aboard the resource transport ships and brought before Cassius to be questioned. The fourth raid was a complete failure, no resources were recovered.

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Made in ca
Squishy Oil Squig

Exo armour / Terminator Squats

[Thumb - 20170328_135003.jpg]

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