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40k ITC April 15th at Misty Mountain Games - Madison, WI  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Hey y'all!

This is a 3 round Warhammer 40k event at Misty Mountain on Saturday the 15th of April. Doors open at 10am, dice roll at 10:30. Balanced tournament friendly terrain will be provided for every table. Entry is $15, either paid at the door or pre-paid at Misty Mountain. Prizes will be awarded in the form of store credit based on how many players attend. Players will be responsible for their own lunch, there are many options in walking distance!

We will be playing 1850 points. There are no painting requirements, however painted armies are encouraged.

The basic army list composition guidelines for the ITC are outlined below, for more information and restrictions please see the rules document linked below:

Battle Forged armies only. No Unbound lists are allowed.
An army may be built using up to three Detachments.
An army may duplicate a single Detachment, one time.
Example: A list may include 2 CADs, but not 3 CADs. Or, a single CAD, and 2 Allied Detachments. Or, 3 Formations, 2 of which are the same Formation, etc.
Note: “Decurion Style” Detachments comprised of multiple sub-detachments count as 1 detachment towards the 3 detachment limit.
A Detachment may not be included in an army if it is Come the Apocalypse allies with another Detachment in the army.

We will be following the above addendum with the following modifications:

The FW Skathach Wraithknight will follow RAW (only warps 12"+d6, not able to use it to leave combat)

Either message me here or join the facebook event here:
40k Facebook Event!

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