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Greetings Dakkanauts,

For my blog, i want to embark on a series of Blood Bowl games. However, I have never really seen an example of written Blood Bowl game report that does more than say who won. I ask what to add that makes a good Blood Bowl game report?

In my head, I want to write it in character like an anouncer and color commentary guy fromt eh Blood Bowl universe. however i have a feeling that on paper that will nto be as cool as it seems.

Of course, the battle report will also have pictures.

Thoughts or examples?

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I'm not a Blood Bowl player, but I'd suggest the thing to do would be to look at newspaper articles or radio commentary* (depending on the style you want) from real world sports for ideas.

* Particularly with accidental nonsense/innuendos like "with half of the race gone, there is half of the race still to go" or "The bowler's Holding, the batsman's Willey"

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A few years ago I used to do that for our league newsletter...

Depending on the importance of the game (or the outcome of it) I would dedicate more or less time to the report.
You can either go turn by turn (which is cool but incredibly time consuming and eventually more dificult to have people read its full length) or go a bit lighter, picking one or two important plays from each part and giving a more generic description of what went on in each half.
Depending on how much your league mates enjoy fluff (naming players and all), you can mention the specific name of the positional ("Jarg Dumbson" instead of just stating "the blitzer"), creating an extra layer of "realism" (and fun to the GR.

Hope I've helped a bit.
Good luck!
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