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Made in gb
Oozing Spawning Vat

Hi all,

I've been inspired to get into BFG. Always keen to add new things to my Tyranids, and Hive Fleets are so central to their fluff that actually having a Hive Fleet of my own really appeals.

I've cooked up what I think is a reasonable list based on some googling, but would welcome any direct comments from people with experience (with or against Tyranids in BFG).

I've also got some pictures (below) of the fleet as it is now. Missing are my six Escort Drones. I did model some up using Devourers, but I wasn't really happy with the look or size so I'm going to be looking at alternatives there (saw something cool using Genestealer bodies a while back, so maybe that is the answer...).

Tyranid Hive Fleet 1000 pts

Tyranid Hive Ship (440)
Leadership 9, 2x Pyro-acid battery, 6x Launch bay, 4 Reinforced carapace, 2x Extra Spore Cysts, Mucous Membrane
(Huge, tough carrier ship with surprisingly strong batteries, membrane sounds good because I gather enemy ordnance is one of the Tyranids main weaknesses?)

Tyranid Cruiser (135)
2x Massive claws, 3x Reinforced carapace, Solar vanes
(Raaaargh! Big, quite fast with a 30cm move, very in-your-face, and such a cool concept)

Tyranid Cruiser (110)
Pyro-acid battery, Torpedoes
(Simple Cruiser to provide a bit of extra firepower and throw down torpedoes)

4x Kraken (160)
Pyro-acid battery
(Ridiculous firepower on something so small and tough... I think keeping then in a squadron is sensible for easy control?)

3x Escort Drone (60)
Pyro-acid battery
(Little extra firepower to ping away at enemy escorts)

3x Escort Drone (45)
Bio-plasma discharge
(The nasty surprise, these should hide around the Hive Ship and lend a hand when big ships get close?)

Vanguard Drone (25)
Feeder tentacles

Vanguard Drone (25)
Feeder tentacles
(I've got a lot of Pyro-acid, so these seemed sensible... and they destroy enemy escorts really nicely when they close in)

Hive Ship, Cruisers, Kraken and Vanguard Drones

Cruiser with Claws, Vanguard Drones with Tentacles

Cruiser with Pyro-acid and Torpedoes, Kraken with Pyro-acid, Hive Ship in the background

Frontal view of the Hive Ship (omnomnomnom)

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Made in au
Tough Tyrant Guard

unfortunately the medium ships are just not worth it

but look kewl to make
Made in us
Ship's Officer

You'll need to specify which rule-set you plan on using. There are several out there for BFG at the moment. The top 3 most common are:

Standard (Classic BFG + Armada Rulebook + FAQ/Compendium 2010)
French (BFG:FR, which includes FAQ 2007 IIRC)
Revised (BFG:R)

[Also, shameless plug here, there is Expanded Revised (BFG:XR) ]

Also it is worth mentioning if there are any specific house-rules you plan on using (like MMS Eldar, if you're not using a ruleset with that already included).

This way it will be much easier to give proper advice to your fleet, since we'll know what options and opponents you are going to be working with.

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Ask Not, Fear Not - (Gallery), ,

 H.B.M.C. wrote:

Yeah! Who needs balanced rules when everyone can take giant stompy robots! Balanced rules are just for TFG WAAC players, and everyone hates them.

- This message brought to you by the Dakka Casual Gaming Mafia: 'Cause winning is for losers!
Made in au
Tough Tyrant Guard

well in Standard BFG I found that spamming escort drones with Bio-plasma to be amazing.. having squads of 10 poses a large number of targets for cheap.. then then if they make range.. that plasma hurts, plus 4+ invuns

and then Carrier Hive Ships... because even though they got FAQ'd to be less OP they still pump out the damage

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Made in gb
Oozing Spawning Vat

I'm going to use the core BFG rules and 2010 FAQ.

Everywhere I read I see good things about plasma-drones; I could dump the pyro-acid on the 3 other drones and have plasma on all 6... that would leave me with 15 points spare, which could actually upgrade a Vanguard into another Pyro-Kraken... but then I'd only have a single Vanguard for highlighting... is that an issue?

I do see a lot of bad reviews of Cruisers... I could drop the pyro-Cruiser I suppose, but I really want to use the claw Cruiser for fun related reasons. The problem I found is that at 1000 points I've run out of escort slots and have to fill the points up with Cruisers (or upgrades?).
Made in au
Tough Tyrant Guard

Yeah cant remember the build numbers off the top of my head..

But yeah I only took cruisers if I had too.. in the end Claw Karaken are a lot more useful than a cruiser due to their speed
Made in au
Drop Trooper with Demo Charge

That looks neat!

The one with the two pincers looks especially intimidating, reminds me of the Leviathan from Atlantis.
[Thumb - Atlantis leviathan.jpg]

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