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So Last weekend I went to my very first 40k tournament at KingKon 2017 in Kilkenny where they were hosting a number of great evens Yu-gi-oh,magic the gathering, hordes and of course 40K. The point limit was 1500 and I decided to bring my black templars. But everything had not gone to plan for the guys at black kat games, due to the bus strikes a number of people could not attended including the main 40k organizer so there wasn't as much terrain or people at the event for 40K which is a shame and a bit disappointing . Nonetheless the guys from a gaming group in Cork showed up at short notice with some basic terrain and a pretty cool looking fully painted imperial fists army. I played some great games but the list didnt do as well as i had hoped (command squad big let down ). If I was to make any changes to my list I would drop the Land raider Crusader and command squad and try to fit in some centurions in a drop pod. Here are some photos from the event I hope you all enjoy.
[Thumb - 1500 points Black Templars (1).JPG]

[Thumb - 1500 points Black Templars (2).JPG]

[Thumb - 1500 points Black Templars (3).JPG]

[Thumb - 1500 points Black Templars (4).JPG]

[Thumb - 1500 points Black Templars (5).JPG]

[Thumb - Cork Guys on crusade 1.JPG]

[Thumb - Cork Guys on crusade 2.JPG]

[Thumb - Templars vs Imp. Fists 1.JPG]

[Thumb - Templars vs Imp. Fists 2.JPG]

[Thumb - Templars vs Necrons 1.JPG]

[Thumb - Templars vs Necrons 2.JPG]

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Regular Dakkanaut

Nice! How did you find the other armies? Where they enjoyable to play against?
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The grim darkness of far Fenland

Great to see the old White Dwarf tavern! Must be the mid-90s when they showed how to make that. Mine's still alive somewhere too.

Eldar - Biel Tan 2000pts
Space Wolves 1500pts
Space Marines - Stark Crusaders 4500pts/PL244 (2700pts painted)

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Nice BT army! And, as you say, the IF look pretty cool. What was the winning army?

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Final part's up HERE

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That terrain is disappointingly sparse. However, it sounds like you met some cool players with interesting armies.

Terminators in Land Raiders aren't as great as they used to be, sadly. They were always my go-to with my Black Templars.

For command squads, I only had success with 4x plasma or melta, jumping out of a drop pod. A lot of people seem to like super bike squad command squads, which are admittidly better, but that takes points away from Terminators!

I have never had success with jump pack guys. Not even in 5th edition.

All that said, your army is painted well. I especially like the bases.

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