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*Tokens, templates, proxies, and measurement markers have been further defined. This includes a limitation of the number of non-proxy measurement markers that can be left cluttering the table.
*Deathclock is now the standing timing rule for tournaments, timed turns are now a variant.
*Terrain that randomly goes out in WARMACHINE, such as burning earth or dense fog, does not go out in SR.
*Terrain guidelines exist for placing terrain on tables to ensure that each battlefield is meaningful, and that terrains is placed in such a way that it impacts the game..
*The type of models that can now control circular zones, rectangular zones, and flags has changed. This is a massive change, and should be read carefully.
*All scenarios now use Kill Box, which has been reduced to 10" from each table edge.
*The third and fourth tie-breakers have been vastly simplified.
*All objectives have changed. This includes a change to the Objective rule, found on their cards, which now allows friendly models to ignore the objective model when determining LOS and to move through the objective model as long as they do not end their movement on it.
*Scenarios no longer end when a player scores 5 CPs. There is no CP cap anymore. A player wins if they ever score 6 more CPs than their opponent, or if they have more CPs than their opponent at the end of the game.
*There are three Rumble scenarios and six Standard scenarios, most of which have changed. Of great importance is the new "Fixed Game Length" rule on scenarios, which states that if neither player has won by assassination or scenario by the end of round 7, the game immediately ends and the winner is determined by tie breakers (most CPs wins first tiebreaker, then if necessary most AP destroyed, and finally if still needed best scenario presence).

If you follow this link you have to register for their CID forums.


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