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The 2017 Renegade Open - Plymouth, MN 11/18 - 11/19/2017 - a MAJOR ITC event  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Fresh-Faced New User

Minneapolis MN

The 2017 Renegade Open Gaming Event is pleased to announce that our event registration is now live! We are returning for our 5th year bigger and better than ever, doubling the amount of events we have planned. The Renegade is from Nov 17 - Nov 19 2017.

We have moved to a new venue, the Crowne Plaza Minneapolis West Hotel in Plymouth, MN. Room Rate is $95.00 (Group Code R7P) if you wish to stay at this full service hotel, and still be able to walk downstairs and play games all weekend.

For our main 40k event, we are a Major Event for the 2017 ITC Season. We are also pleased to say that our format is one of three offered by the ITC for Tournaments Organizers, a huge honor. To be placed alongside the Nova Open and the ITC themselves is truly outstanding and humbling.

Events we will be offering to the Renegade this year:

- Age of Sigmar GT (NEW!) < multiple day event >
- Warhammer 40k GT < multiple day event >
- 40k Kill Team
- Horus Heresy (NEW!)
- Bolt Action narrative event (NEW!) +++++ SOLD OUT +++++
- Saga -- The Dark Age (NEW!) +++++ SOLD OUT +++++
- Batman Miniatures (NEW!) < multiple day event >
- Kings of War (NEW!)
- Malifaux < multiple day event >
- Infinity < multiple day event >
- Star Wars: Xwing
- Star Wars: Armada < multiple day event >
- Batman/DC Miniatures (NEW!) < multiple day event >

plus other events still in the planning stages. Be sure to check us out on our website (www.renegadeopen), our Facebook page (@TheROGT) and our Twitter feed (@TheRenegadeOpen)


[Thumb - 2017 Renegade Open Poster.jpg]

Check us out at www.renegadeopen.com, or email at info@renegadeopen.com

We are also a MAJOR ITC Event! 
Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

Minneapolis MN

In years past, the Renegade has raised money for a donation to Toys for Tots. Two years ago, we gave a Necron army away, and raised $300.00 Last year we gave away a Lions Blade Strike Force and a 1250 Battle Foam Case with foam, and raised over $1000.

This year, we are still planning on giving away a painted army (TBD, due to the Upcoming 8th Edition), but we also plan to give away a fully painted Acastus Knight Porphyrion. We are hoping that with this bad boy, plus a second raffle drawing for an army, can help provide a generous donation to the Marines and their great cause.

The only way to win either prize to come to the Renegade and play in our the Renegade Open 40k Event. Good luck!


Check us out at www.renegadeopen.com, or email at info@renegadeopen.com

We are also a MAJOR ITC Event! 
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