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Rampaging Furioso Blood Angel Dreadnought

Boston, MA

So I'm building a Death Korps of Krieg kill team... the models are small and fiddly, not really good candidates for magnets and they're quite expensive so I don't have tons of spare models to play with... my question is:

How to deal with upgrades for WYSIWYG? ...my sergeant is modeled with Chainsword that I cannot afford in my 2 favorite Start-lists, but I intend to upgrade him asap. I know most people are traditionally (at least in 40K) ok with grenades not being modeled but what about other upgrades like the Hot-Shot packs or Red-Dots or Scopes etc?

The same for an Inquis list, if I add a Crusader during the campaign I'll likely have to start him almost naked and upgrade his weapons later, how do you guys deal with this for modeling, and how strict do you intend to be with WYSIWYG?

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Regular Dakkanaut

Would talk to the people you play with, most of them won't have a problem with it.

I for myself, try to have all models wysiwyg, but it's also not that easy with CSM . I also have no problems when people play without wysiwyg, as long as they say what is what and they don't use it for unfair adavantages.
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Been Around the Block

I've generally kitted out my team to have WYSIWYG for the start of the campaign plus a coupe of extra models I can swtich out that have weapon combos I know I'll commonly upgrade to during the campaign.

I've also added a couple of bits to belts and such (things like a power sword hanging from the side of the model) to cover upgrades that I may want to take as I move forward.
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Sneaky Sniper Drone


Honestly, I do not think WYSIWYG is that big of a deal in SWA, especially considering the small amount of models being fielded. The only time I'd have a problem would be if there were 2+ identical models and their gear would change mid game based on the situation (i.e. plasma goes down so now it appears on guy #2). This can be avoided with something easy like a numbering system, or you could list a specific appearance detail on their sheet. Personally I build the models as they are equipped for the most part, but it is annoying when there aren't enough special weapons to actually field them as you want.

I would treat upgrades the same way, as I like to also have my models available for 40k as well. No sense in building someone with nothing if it's only for one game, given the amount of time and money put into the hobby.
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Longtime Dakkanaut

I always play WYSIWYG - even down to holstered pistols and grenades (if a model doesn't have a grenade hanging from a belt somewhere, no grenades for them) - but I don't insist on it for my opponents. I try and avoid playing against "this guy with a sniper rifle actually has a plasma gun" for verisimilitude as much as fairness.

If I want a bit of wargear or weapon that I don't have a model for, I convert, get a new model or go without. That's why my Catachans have no camo cloaks and only one trooper with a gunsight.

It's also why I have over two dozen Escher models for Necromunda and bought five of the extra weapon packs way back when.
Made in us
Rampaging Furioso Blood Angel Dreadnought

Boston, MA

Yeah I feel that, and as a concept I am totally on board with full WYSIWYG...

The thing is... I can't really afford to have lots of extra Death Korps of Kreig models cuz they're ridiculous expensive AND I don't have the stamina to wash, re-bend/warp, clean huge amounts of flash, fix and resculpt with Green stuff then pin and assemble all of the fiddly horrible resin stuff haha. These guys cemented my hatred of Forgeworld.

Anyway thanks for the input guys.

Please check out my photo blog: http://atticwars40k.blogspot.com/ 
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