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Made in ca
Insect-Infested Nurgle Chaos Lord

I was thinking of using a patterned mat to do a Space Hulk style play with the rules for SWA. Especially since Purestrain Genestealers and Terminators both have rules as specialists. However, as not all specialists are created the same, how many Genestealers would you say would be equal to a single Terminator?

This would be for a one-off scenario, not part of a campaign (as I've stated in another thread that me and my friends do not have the time to play full campaigns). I wanna give the Terminators 5 dudes, so what would be an equivallent amount of Purestrains that would work?

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Kanluwen wrote:
Hell, I'm not that bothered by the Stormraven. Why? Because, as it stands right now, it's "limited use".When it's shoehorned in to the Codex: Space Marines, then yeah. I'll be irked.

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Deadshot Weapon Moderati

Oakland, CA

First, great idea!

As for balance, my barely educated guess would be 3 'Stealers per Terminator, but like Space Hulk, you'd want to release them in small groups instead of all at once.

One of the reasons Space Hulk works is that the 'Stealer player doesn't have full control of his forces.
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