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Elite Grot Task Force: My “Astra Militarum” allied detachment  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Made in gb
Squishy Squig


Most of the Grot models are metal from eBay, from 2nd edition 40k. I was inspired by the much more soldierly and heavily armed look of these grots compared with their modern plastic equivalents.

The grot with the two skulls on a stick is the metal Gorkamorka Red Gobbo model, and he is the company commander, Lerfternunt-Kurnal Skarlut (but he may be the Red Gobbo in a cunning disguise of a green jacket). I considered converting the stick into a sword, but I couldn’t bring myself to mutilate such an iconic model.

The veteran squad sergeant is a conversion from the current plastic commissar and some grot bits. The heavy bolter and flamer are conversions too, with a mix of leftover tank bits, the 40k grots kit and some random Grot and Ork kit bits. The tank guns are Metal Ork Kustom weapons, and the gunners are from forgeworld grot tanks and megatank kits and the Chimera guy is a mix of bits from various grot kits and the Chimera kit. The Taurox wheels are from Zinge industries.

I will play the Elite Grot Task Force (EGTF) alongside my Grot Tank army http://imgur.com/r/warhammer/pMPFr, which uses the Orks Codex. I’ll take account of the Come The Apocalypse ally special rules by shouting: “Git outta da way uv da top seekrit mishun!” To represent the huge disdain these elite grots have for their ordinary brother grots, and will happily potshot them if they get in the way (with their jealous fellow grots always happy to take the EGTF down a peg or two in return, “wif dere stoopid pointy ‘ats”).
[Thumb - _IMG3882.jpg]
The detachment

[Thumb - _IMG3894.jpg]
Company Command Squad

[Thumb - _IMG3892.jpg]
Veterans Squad

[Thumb - _IMG3886.jpg]
Leman Russ Vanquisher

[Thumb - _IMG3888.jpg]

[Thumb - _IMG3890.jpg]

[Thumb - _IMG3903.jpg]
Converted Heavy Bolter team

[Thumb - _IMG3901.jpg]
Converted veteran with flamer

[Thumb - _IMG3897.jpg]
Company Command Squad

[Thumb - _IMG3893.jpg]
Veterans Squad

Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Looking for the Rest of the II Legion

Amazing conversion work!

Made in hr
Dakka Veteran


Great army, especially the grots. The tanks could be a bit more orky if you don't mind me saying, they look too intact IMO.

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Made in gb
Squishy Squig


The tanks could be a bit more orky if you don't mind me saying, they look too intact IMO.

No, I don't mind you saying at all! I totally see what you mean, though I wanted to push it a little neater than Orks usually are to represent these Grots meticulous (for Orkoids) care for their vehicles. I like to think they are aping the Imperial Guard ('wot they nicked the tanks orf') to try to get an edge
Made in fr
Whiteshield Conscript Trooper

I must say I'm not an ork fan but your work is of great quality really and the conversion work is truly amazing . To my understanding your choice of keeping a neat equipment is a good choice since they are still elite astra militarum units not just your usual sewer orks whom have been equiped with leftovers from dead guardsmen and enemies and just thrown into the meat grinder . Nice units , for me astra special forces are the way to go eheh

"sweat spares blood" 
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