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New from PSC - 15mm T55s & 20mm North African Houses  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Kildare, Ireland

New 20mm Sarissa bulding kits at PSC!

Four more beautiful North African Colonial 20mm building kits now available in the webstore - Small house and an impressive looking Administration building/Hotel, also as destroyed versions

SAR20019 20mm North Africa Colonial Small House RRP £7.50

SAR20020 20mm North Africa Colonial Small House Destroyed RRP £7.50

SAR20021 North Africa Colonial Administration Building/Hotel RRP £18.00

SAR20022 North Africa Colonial Administration Building/Hotel Destroyed RRP £18.00

...and for those 15mm types...

15mm T55AM2B at last!
After a few trials and tribulations the T55 plastic kit is finally in production - hooray!

The first batch will be arriving from the factory tomorrow and we will start shipping out all the pre-orders from tomorrow and into next week

The lucky winner of the fantastic prize draw to win a painted set of 5 T55s is..........Stuart Seydel!!
Stuart, please email me at http://info@theplasticsoldiercompany.co.uk with what nationality you would like them painted


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Good news on the T55, that seems to have in the pipeline since before the actual collapse of the Soviet Union (not to exaggerate or anything!)

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