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THE 3RD NORTHERN CALIFORNIA WARHAMMER 40K MASTERS LEAGUE  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Guarding Guardian

Welcome to the 3rd Nor Cal Warhammer 40k ITC Masters League starting on July14th, 2017. We are a league in Northern California which serves the Bay Area and the Sacramento area. I made this league because I’m all about helping you take your competition in the competitive world to the next level with fun and helpful games with other experienced and friendly opponents. The league spans for about 2+ months in that time you'll be able to coordinate and plan your games at your pace and play wherever you choose. I have weekly fun updates from myself or you can participate in Facebook Group messenger chats where we talk about everything Warhammer 40k related. Please check out the rules below even if you have played before and follow the link at the bottom of the page to sign up for the league.
Grant Van Den Bosch
Head League Organizer

League breakdown:

• There are two regions; The Greater Bay Area and The Greater Sacramento Area
o You cannot be in both regions
o There are 16-32 player per region
• Players will be split into 4-8 divisions of 4-5 players each:
o Players will be drafted into divisions
• Players will play 4 division games – 8 weeks long
o If in a 4 player division a random opponent will be chosen from another 4 player division as their fourth opponent
o If in a 5 player division they will play the 4 other opponents in their division
• Players overall win/loss/tie score plus battle points will be used to qualify for either of two brackets:
o Emperors
o Gladiators
• The top 2 players from each division will advance to the Emperors bracket
• If in a division of 5 players the 3rd player will be in the Wildcard spot
o The player will be put in either bracket depending on over .500 win percentage rating
• The bottom 2 players in each division will advance to the Gladiators bracket
• Both divisions will compete in a single elimination tournament – 6+ weeks long
• The Nor Cal Finals (Optional)
• The winners of both Emperor brackets will play each other to be crowned the Nor Cal’s 40k Emperor
• The winners of both Gladiator brackets will play each other to be crowned the Nor Cal’s 40k Gladiator

Event Fee and Drop Policy:

• Entry fee
o $30 via Paypal or Venmo
 Last day to pay for league fees is July 13th
• Drop Policy
o I understand people’s life changes, if you need to drop for any reason before the end of the 8 weeks I will refund half the original entry fee. The rest will go to the winnings.
o WARNING: If you don’t put any effort into the league and go too far into the league without contacting me or any other division members then you will not get a refund and will be auto dropped
o Players in a division who haven’t played an opponent who decides to drop will be given a bye and half battle points

• Emperors Bracket
o 1st Place will receive 40% of cash pot
o 2nd Place will receive 25% of cash pot
• Gladiator Bracket
o 1st Place will receive 20% of cash pot
o 2nd Place will receive 15% of cash pot

We will be using 8th edition and the ITC standardized rules they have for 8th edition.

Signup for League:
• Signup link:

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Grant Theft Auto (Grant)
TO of the Northern California 40k Masters League 
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