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Gor with Big Horns


Hello everyone, I'm completely new to the game and could use some advice/opinions. I played my first demo game at our local store and was immediately drawn in. the mechanics and system are unlike any other miniatures game I've played thus far. After looking through what I'm assuming was a rather limited selection at the store I decided the nomads stood out from the rest of the factions in my eyes. I picked up the Corregidor Jurisdictional command starter pack as well as a Gecko squadron. I was leaning towards the other starter that included a mobile brigada and a grenzers but after talking with the associate they mentioned my tags would fit within the sectoral of the CJ command starter if i wanted to run a pure sectoral list. Due to being heavily invested in battletech, warmachine and AoS as well as just buying a house my purchases need to be a little more scrutinized for infinity so im looking for suggestions on what to add to this collection and competative 300point lists i could make with it, On a side note I really love these gecko models!
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Regular Dakkanaut

Champaign, Illinois

First thing I would think about is if you want to run the pure sectorial list or just vanilla nomads. The difference is that vanilla gives you access to using any nomad model, and the sectorial list gives you access to a smaller set of models to choose from but you get to use fireteams. Fireteams can be very powerful but not being to able to have access to the whole nomad range can be very limiting, so it is a trade off.

As far as purchases go, the nomad support pack would probably be a good buy. It gives you some cheap specialists that heal your troops and fix your geckos. The zondbots are also good as they let your doctors/engineers work from relative safety. Intruders with the HMG and/or mutli-sniper are good. Beyond that it would depend on whether or not you want to run a sectorial list or not.

Edit: Also the moran with the combi rifle is good, especially the forward observer option, and can be used in both the sectorial and vanilla.

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Made in gb
Combat Jumping Tiger Soldier

North Wales

Just as Blood Hawk said, it comes down to whether you want to run Fireteams or not.

If yes, you stick with Corregidor and include a team of Alguaciles, Jaguars or Mobile Brigada. You lock yourself out of some really cool Nomad units, but you'll still be able to use those Geckos (as a Fireteam: Duo, no less!).

An Intruder and a Jaguar or two are well liked for their shooting through Smoke shenanigans and a Moran can be a really annoying so-and-so.

If you're not fussed on Fireteams, then you get to avail yourself of all the wonders of the Nomads: Interventors, Sin-Eaters, Zoe and Pi-Well amongst others.
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Infiltrating Hawwa'

Beyond the Beltway

Take advantage of the Army Builder here https://army.infinitythegame.com/ (Under options, once you close some of them, an option to download appears. It is also available for Android. It's on Google play) And all the very useful downloads here http://infinitythegame.com/archive.php

My knowledge of CJC is weak, so I cannot give specific advice. The Nomad starter has 3 Alguaciles and a Mobile Brigade that are useful in CJC. It also has a Spektr and a Grenzer, which can be used in the regular Nomad army. I would consider getting it. There is a size differential between the CJC box minis and the Nomad Starter, so be warned. Between the CJC starter, the regular starter and the gecko you will easily have enough to play while you figure out what else you want to get. Proxies are readily accepted in Infinity, so don't worry too much about making the minis WYSIWYG.

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Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

St. Albans

Firstly, welcome to the game, great to have you on board. Corregidor is a really popular sectorial with loads of good options.

5 man Alguaciles link is a great backbone, so I would suggest the vanilla Nomad starter plus the 4 man Alguaciles special weapons box.

One really strong tactic is dropping smoke in front of a model with MSV2 that can see through it, with Jaguars the go-to option for smoke shenanigans, and you can proxy your combi-rifle Intruder as an HMG.

Moran Masaais are great options too, with their Crazy Koalas able to lock down whole sections of the board.

Finally, one of the best things about this game is that nearly every option is viable, so I would suggest having a look at which models float your boat, throwing a few lists together in Army, and making your choices based upon that. You'll end up buying everything in the end anyway

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