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Made in gb
Fresh-Faced New User

With my first foray into SWA, I want to go Guard because Guard are awesome... no more reasons needed.

I'm after a fairly well balanced list, capable of dealing with anything from Orks, through Tau, to Heavy SM/CSM opponents, while dealing with the obvious flaw of the Guard... Their inherent frailty.

I have, at present...

Vet Sarge: Las Pistol, Chainsword, and Camo. 165p

Spec Weapon Op: Melta and Camo. 170p

Spec Weapon Op: Heavy Flamer and Camo. 175p

6 Guardsmen: Lasguns and Camo. 480p

990p total.

Any advice would be grand, thanks.

Made in us
Rampaging Furioso Blood Angel Dreadnought

Boston, MA

I don't have tons of experience but I know you don't want to get that close to Orks, Nids or CSM. Never faced SM but image it's the same. Both melta and flamer is going to mean your specialists are not only close but needing to be closer than the lasguns, thus your opponent's first target, thus pinned or dead all game.

If this is for extended / campaign play, drop the Chainsword and camo everywhere for another specialist.

My plasmagun did work early until everyone started to go after him. Hidden snipers near your Leader (also hidden), the Leader doesn't need to shoot just give the Voice of Command orders and stay hidden.

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