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Using Xekaar in a Titan herd  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Made in us
Khorne Veteran Marine with Chain-Axe

So i picked up the Skorne starter set as well as a 2nd titan kit, a bronzeback, and the old tiberion upgrade kit. For now i am using xekaar, a bronzeback, gladiator, and tiberion in 25pt games. I am wondering if anyone has suggestions on how to expand this army and which support pieces i want to look in to for it. I'm thinking a krea and agonizer would do great, then maybe some bloodrunners for a screen. Thoughts? Thanks
Made in us
Winter Guard

Baltimore, MD

You should grab some Paingiver Beast Handlers for support- they're awesome. Bloodrunners and the Bloodrunner solo would make a solid screen to deliver the beasts, for sure.
Made in us
Khorne Veteran Marine with Chain-Axe

Beast Handlers are a must have, should have mentioned that in original post. This is the list I am thinking of working towards:

Xekaar (+31)
Bronzeback (-18)
Gladiator (-15)
Tiberion (-22)
Krea (-7)
Min Beast Handlers (-5)
Aptimus Marketh (-5)
Brute (-8)
Swamp Gobber Chef (-1)
Total: 81pts

This 50pt army is all about moving up the Titans as quickly as possible with Marketh, the Krea, and the Beast Handlers right behind them. The Brute hangs back with Xekaar to hopefully keep him alive. The Chef is just filler, but it helps the fury management.

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