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Is the Lord of the Rings miniature line really out of print? I just asked my FLGS about ordering some stuff through them, and they said that, and I quote: "LotR is out of print, so no longer available through GW," and that the Hobbit minis are what's being produced.

I've been perusing the forums here and (*checks GW's website one more time*) shopping around for models. I am kind of hoping to get into the Lord of the Rings miniatures game sometime this year (budget pending) as it is something that the wife is much more interested in and it isn't dominated by WAAC/Powergamers/Meta-chasers in my area. However, I would rather play a game that is not completely legacy with both its models AND rules support. I noticed other threads in News & Rumors that GW is starting to support it again, particularly Forge World, and rebranding it as the "Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game".

While I am unable to find new models anywhere except GW's website, I don't see any indication that any LotR miniatures are "Last Chance to Buy" models, just webstore exclusives. Am I missing something? Or is my FLGS mistaken?

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The "Lord of the Rings" rules are OOP - but the Hobbit SBG rules are basically the next edition, and you can still get all the stats for the LotR minis. As you say, they're still on GW's website, but 171 of the 199 "Lord of the Rings miniatures - Good" and "Lord of the Rings miniatures - Evil" items are Webstore Exclusives.

The line as a whole has been rebranded from Lord of the Rings to The Hobbit, but that doesn't mean only models from the Hobbit trilogy are available.

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Blood-Drenched Death Company Marine


The vast majority of LOTR models are still available from the GW webstore - And they have said they are going to working on getting many of the OOP models back up for sale as well!

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United Kingdom

One of the great things about The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey ™ Strategy Battle Game is that it retains complete compatibility with Games Workshop’s The Lord of The Rings ™ range. You’ll find the rules for using the heroes, villains and monsters of The Lord of The Rings ™ in five Sourcebooks: The Kingdoms of Men, The Free Peoples, Mordor ™, The Fallen Realms and Moria ™ & Angmar ™. Over the coming years, we’ll also be continuing and expanding our adventures in The Lord of The Rings ™too, so keep your eyes open for more great models, supplements and rules manuals.

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