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So this was posted in a Facebook group I'm in and it seems like a pretty big deal for targeting and just general health of the game.

This evening I'm having a NetEpic game with marines vs OrKs and I have a question about artillery and HQ units: Nobz are HQ units and my opponent uses to deploy them in a way that the whole infantry of a clan have a Nobz within 10cm of any infantry stand. so I cannot bombard him because the rules clearly state that HQ units cannot be covered by template unless they are a valid target.
So what it happens is that I cannot fire with my artillery to his army in the open because they have always a Nobz strategically deployed among grunts. He is using the HQ units as some sort of magic shield and I think this is cheesy. Am I wrong? What can I do? TIA

I am not the person that posted it or his opponent but I'm very curious as to how seasoned players might view this. IMO, targeting is whatever is under the center hole.. but that's a holdover from 40k.. so I don't know if it actually applies or any other considerations might come into effect. I do feel bad for the guy as this is his only opponent.. and I personally would rather scrape paint off of a wall with my fingernails than play against someone like this.. so any ideas about how this might be reinterpreted or whatever would be helpful.

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It's either an over-sight in the rules, or a very bad rule. I wouldn't play with a player like the Ork player either. He has to understand too that by common sense the rule as written doesn't take into account barrage weapons, just is taking advantage of the flaw in his strategy.

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This is an old one. The rule only prohibits targeting them directly, when there are other closer units within the same pinning class.

The way this player has set them up, the firing player can set the template over any ork boy and also hit nearby nobz legally.

In fact this pattern of setting them up is a sure fire way of losing most of the clan (nobz and all) very quickly.

It represents a deliberate misinterpretation of the rule.


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I think nob is the operative word here..

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