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Video tutorial series on how to paint fast, good quality figures, even if you are.... not good.  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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We are doing a video tutorial series on how we have been painting figures.   The past couple years we have been working out a way for those who are inept (like me) and those who are adept (like Christie) to be able to paint figures fast, and well enough that they look good in person and in a photo.   We have made substantial progress incorporating and modifying techniques we have learned from others (many on these forums,  classes at reaper-con, etc.) Here is out latest video,  step two of our pre-shading process.  Feedback and questions always welcome! 

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...No video.

Lavy - I think it's worth mentioning that I find both flavours of electro priests very sexually attractive.
CragHack - The book hanging on his waist is actually 'Fires of Cyraxus', doomed to be lost and never released :(
Peregrine - If you like the army buy it, and don't worry about what one random person on the internet thinks.
FudgeDumper - Very good ideas but I'm obsessed with the orc reproduction cycle and I want to represent it through my army. 
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Well crud! Here is the link.
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