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Fresh-Faced New User

More new characters are now available for 1-48TACTIC!

For the US Army 101st Airborne Division:

Individual miniature
pvt. with M1918A2 BAR

Individual miniature
Marksman with M1903 Springfield

Reinforcements pack: 2 x Individual miniatures
pvt. with M1 Garand + pvt. with M3 grease gun

For the German 26th Volksgrenadier Division:

Individual miniature
Jäger with Stg44

Individual miniature
Gefreiter with Stg44

Reinforcements pack: 2 x Individual miniatures
VG with Kar98k + VG with mp40

These are the last we can realistically fit in, and there are only a couple of weeks left... don't miss the boat!
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Fresh-Faced New User

1-48TACTIC fast and brutal WW2 skirmish just added free add ons!

Now you will get 1 free stick of your choice between all of these:

Code: LS4 - Wooden Drum, barrels and cask (5 pcs.)
Code: LS6 (currently not yet released) rolled up tents and tarps (4)
Code: LS7 (currently not yet released) US jerrycans (6 jerrycans)
Code: LS8 - WWII wooden boxes (4 pcs.)
Code: LS9 - 200 l steel drums (4 drums, 1 jerrycan and 1 bucket)

starting as soon as we reach €13.500 plus one more every €1000 after that!

time to pledge NOW: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1561049203/1-48tactic-fast-paced-cinematic-ww2-miniature-skir
[Thumb - freeaddons.jpg]
Free add-ons!

Made in us
Tzeentch Aspiring Sorcerer Riding a Disc

Battle Barge Impossible Fortress

VERY cool stuff. I will have a serious look at it.

Is there any particular reason you chose to represent 26.Volksgrenadier-division? I ask because all of my work and research is focused on the Battle of the Bulge, especially the German side.

Plastic Path Gaming: https://www.facebook.com/plasticpathgaming/

Video batrep with my Thousand Sons!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XhdiGN5_MoM

Semper Fi! 2nd Bn 8th Marines Weapons Co (2003-2008)
Made in it
Fresh-Faced New User

You can now also add the Race for Gasoline Mission Pack to your pledges!


Two special metal figures of a German soldier running with a jerrycan with 25mm round plastic base
Three fuel dump models (each 80 x 40mm)
Two U.S. jerrycan sticks (twelve jerrycans)
Eight 36mm high-numbered dummy markers (black acrylic) with 25mm round plastic base
Eight numbered tokens
One scenario rules booklet (120 x 180mm full-color 20 pages)
Plus one limited-edition mystery item (Kickstarter exclusive!)

Full retail price will be €49.50 EUR, you can add it now to your pledge for €39.00 EUR (over 20% off!).

Less Than Two Days Left, Hurry!

Made in it
Fresh-Faced New User

Less than 20 hours left and some more super add-on available!

Cast in resin, assembly required.

The complete set consist of 3 models, you can order any one or all of them as you prefer:

Code: 48ACR01
Ruined rural farmhouse EUR 55 (RRP EUR 69.50)
120x200mm – 11 parts – g700
3 x large wall (120x90mm)
4 x small wall (80x90mm)
1 x gable roof (120x60mm)
1 x upper floor (120x80mm)
1 x staircase
1 x 3D printed roof

Code: 48ACR02
Ruined rural barnhouse EUR 79 (RRP EUR 99.50)
120x240mm – 16 parts – g1000
3 x large wall (120x90mm)
6 x small wall (80x90mm)
3 x gable roof (120x60mm)
3 x upper floor (120x80mm)
1 x staircase

Code: 48ACR03
Ruined rural outbuildings EUR 23 (RRP EUR 29.50)
120x80mm – 6 parts – g300
1 x lean-to shed large wall (80x60mm)
1 x lean-to shed small wall (40x60mm)
1 x lean-to shed roof (80x60mm)
1 x rubble pile
2 x courtyard wall section (50x80mm)

Please note that during development all the details above (number, appearance and size of individual parts) are subject to change if we think that will improve the final result. The campaign price and overall size will remain unchanged anyway!

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