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In this video Jay teaches how to paint colored metallics with Badger Ghost Tints! Thanks for watching!

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Snivelling Workbot

Great colour, very close to what I had in mind for a project

Could you do a brush tutorial as well?

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Kyle, TX

Simple, effective

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Zalek wrote:
Great colour, very close to what I had in mind for a project

Could you do a brush tutorial as well?

This technique doesn't lend itself well to brushing. The airbrush makes this work because of how thin of a layer of tint you can apply over the base metallic. Trying to do this with a brush would be time intensive and require you to basically paint with "dirty water" tinted to the color you want, and then it would be a stupid amount of layers to achieve this same effect. And it would take forever as each layer has to be 100% completely dry before you paint the next layer or you will ruin the effect.

If the tint is too dark or thick, you will basically be painting an opaque layer over the metallic and while it will dry glossy, it will not have the metallic sheen to it.

That's why this technique is almost done exclusively with an airbrush. You can change the opacity of the paint on the fly.

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Been Around the Block

Hey, I know how to do this! Cool beans.

Question about the Vallejo Ghost Tints.
I am looking for Red, and have been told that the Red Ghost tint actually turns out more pink than red.

Do you have a solution for it?

Trying to mimic
Without aersolizing poison into the air Via Lacquer.

Would you advise following a similar method though, and using gold instead of silver underneath?
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Monstrously Massive Big Mutant

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Very nice sir! But did you... leave the mouldlines on the model..?

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