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Made in gb
Eternally-Stimulated Slaanesh Dreadnought

For my 8th edition army decided to work on emperor's children. Not a great writer still practicing apologies for the grammar and sentence mistakes.

The story center's on a slave who is captured by a emperor's children warband yet unknowingly to him the lord of the host is struggling to hold the warband together as they fall deeper into depravity. An apothecary trained by Fabius he also struggles controlling his aberration and the warband itself. Will one man change that?

Not too great with 40k lore pretty rusty please bear with me.
Chapter 1

The worker was pushing his cart of ammo powder to the dispenser living day by day doing the same work but the priests say this is his duty is it not? He was not a strong man he has been reprimanded for being slow and was forced to take reduction in pay, but he beared it. He lived in a sprawling hive city he has never seen the sky of Athor but in the end this was the life he knew. He worked in an ammo factory piling ammo dust to be filled in Ammo

The priests and the officer's say that he is doing the work of the god-emperor. The work that is needed to arm his soldiers to keep everyone safe from heretics and other horrors of the galaxy. They also had people on the worker lines filling ammo cartridges with powder. The factory was grey and grimy and the lights flickered at times but the worker paid no mind he worked here for years and was used to it.

Still, things never change he looked over to the officer shouting at Larry again they give each other nicknames at work behind the team officers backs a lot better than going by worker numbers. Still, the shouting continued “Worker 1033!, you are doing it wrong again! If our team is behind quota's they will have my hide! That means I will take my frustration out on you! That means a reduction in pay!” Larry scrambled to put together the ammo pieces he was having trouble pouring the ammo gunpowder into the case screwing the bullet on top. He stumbled at each step.

The team officer looked Larry up and down again “I am to motivate you dregs to work, but it seems you prefer to laze about, work incorrectly perhaps I should reduce everyone's pay for the week to teach everyone a lesson?” There were eyes darting and glares at Larry. The worker looked at Larry and sighed and cursed to himself for what he's about to do.
He finished pushing his last cart of ammo powder and walked over to the Officer he noted as always he had a pudgy belly a round face and no muscle could be seen on his body. The worker guessed he has truly not worked a day. He tried to put on a brave face but his voice came out meekly “Excuse me sir I am sure la- I mean worker 1033 is just having a bad day I noticed he is a lot better at moving the ammo powder and carts than he is putting bullets together. He normally can do two carts or even three bags of ammo powder with his big frame and I normally can put together ammo ten at a time, since I am rather good with my hands.”

The worker realized his voice was shaking, the officer eyed him up and down and spoke with venom in his voice "So you're telling me how to run this unit? You think that you can do it better than me? I was trained and placed in this position because I am trusted and had the skills to lead this unit. Who are you to tell me otherwise who simply pushes carts, hauls bags and fills ammo all day!?" The worker moved to respond "But sir I was just tryin-," the officer cut him off immediately "To undermine me! I have decided reduced pay for everyone this week! Back to work! And you!" The officer grabbed his arm and looked at his worker ID bound to his wrist "Worker 1024.... I will remember this be sure to be in work tomorrow." As he let go of his arm he wiped his hands with a cloth, to the workers eyes he was wiping his hands in disgust from touching him.

The worker cursed to himself, then he noticed everyone was glaring at him eyeing him he tried best to ignore them until work ended. Still, he could feel their anger at his back.
As the day ended if you can tell its day in the lower levels of the hive city the worker got ready to head home he got his coat and bags and headed out of the factory. As he stepped out he looked upon the block of his workplace. Other numbered people lumbering home heads down. Sometimes people go to Jimmy's bar to unwind the arbites like to make known that Jimmy's number is 1110, but the worker was not exactly fond of the place since gangs are known to frequent there as well. He looked up at the grey sky again, since he lived in the lower levels the only thing he or anyone else who lives in the undercity saw when looking up was the grey smog piling up in the roof from houses, factories and various workplaces. Hence, many in the lower levels refereed it to the grey sky many wished to actually see the sky of Athor but only higher skilled workers worked on the upper levels. Or you could be born a noble breathing in the rich air and seeing the blue sky they even say the nobles of Athor are given birth names.

The worker thought of the sky he only had pictures from his childhood he never saw the sky personally, but he wished he could one day. As he went down the road he heard footsteps behind him he thought nothing at first he followed the same road that always took him home it was good to keep to the main roads because gangs like to hang about in the side roads. Still, he realized after a while that he was still being followed he tried to up his pace to get home quickly soon a quick pace soon turned into a run and who ever was following began to run as well.

He ran down the road making a quick corner, the small road in between the housing blocks was full of grime, but he wanted to lose his pursuer he made another right and came to a dead end. He turned around slowly, the worker thought he was being tailed by a gang but he saw a group of people, people he recognized from work he lifted up his hands and said “Hey I was just heading home what's the problem here?”

His colleagues glanced at each other a burly man stepped forward people called him Big Charlie there were rumours that he knew some gangsters who ran around in the block they lived in. He cracked his fingers and spoke. “The officer had a word with us he told us that if we rough you up a bit he would reverse the pay reduction.” Charlie glanced over to the group and looked at him again “Oh right you don't exactly have a name do you? Them pencil pushers and nobles like to refer us to numbers but why don't we call you little George? You always kept your head down, kept quiet and simply avoided all contact but now you had to stir the pot didn't you?" The worker could not speak, not even react to the belittling name he just gave him. Plus he was right he never liked to involve himself with work issues since people have been vanishing lately the officers have said those who fall behind or cause problems are sent to the lower levels. The level that have mutants, aberrations and other things living down there.

Charlie then called someone over gesturing with his hand the workers mouth fell he saw it was Larry from work. A mix of emotions played in the workers chest from anger to sadness. Larry tried to glance away, the worker could see sadness and fear in his eyes, Larry then said "Sorry about this, I have kids and a wife to feed you see, I-I am truly sorry." Charlie rolled his eyes and glowered at larry "His name is George now Larry or little George if you prefer now... take the first swing."

The worker grit his teeth and Larry swung his fist in his face the worker felt thundering pain in his cheeks the blow knocked him off his feet and then the group moved in and began punching and kicking him. He gritted his teeth baring the pain, after awhile they stopped and walked away. One even spat on him and then gave the worker a final kick in the gut.
The worker slowly got up rubbing his arms and legs, the worker no his name was George now they will make sure of that at work tomorrow he looked around to check if they were gone. He staggered up using the pipes to balance himself he was aching everywhere. He began walking slowly out of the ally way each step with him grunting in pain from the bruises. On his way home he passed by the local church his mother and father were pious people and instilled the same virtues and tents of the god-emperor into him. Still George felt the need to talk to someone. A representative of the god-emperor.

As George walked into the church he smelt the incense and he looked upon the grand statue's of each of the holy primarch's, when he looks at each of the god-emperor's children he is always filled with awe. They looked heroic, strong, unbowed and without fear. He looked at the first statue near the entrance it was Roboute Guilliman the statue next to him was Sanguinius. He looked at the words beneath Roboute Guilliman statue "Courage and Honour." He wondered back at work did he display those things? Did he do the right thing? Still before seeing the priest George decided to do a small prayer at each of the statues. He always used to come here to pray with his Mother and father they were both scribes for the church. Until... George shook his head focus he was here to pray and for confession. He said his last prayer in the front of the statue of Corax. George looked up the statue of Corax it looked like he was looking beyond the horizon to look ahead. George wondered for what purpose did they craft his statue in such a fashion? Even so George stood up and turned around and walked over to one of the empty confession booths. He sat down his body still aching and closed the blinds.

George spoke and said "I am here for confession father, will you hear the confession of a follower of the divine emperor?" As the priest spoke his voice was dry and horse most likely with age, he responded "Confess your sins my child." George sighed and looked at his bruised hands.

"I sought to help someone, I saw they were struggling with the task he was doing I watched him work before and I thought to swap places with him would work." George tried to rub his eyes but felt pain he suspected the skin around his eye is quite bruised but he continued "So I approached the person who leads our work force and proposed that I swapped places with him. It did not go as well as I suspected. The whole workforce was reprimanded for the suggestion I gave to our Team officer."
George deep down felt like his heart was bleeding and finally said "Father did I sin? Did I do something wrong?" The priest mumbled if thinking and spoke "Was it your place to question such things? Everyone is placed in their role by the will of the emperor I was ordained and chosen to be in the clergy and you have you place. We do the emperor's will by following our roles and follow the way of those the emperor has placed to lead you. Not doing so leads to discord and deviating from the path set by the emperor is a sin."

George squeezed his hands tight and continued to listen to the priest "Since you came to me with your confession I absolve you in the eyes of the emperor but be sure not to move from the path set by him." George made the sign of the aquila and thanked the father for his time. He left the booth and walked out of the church deep down he thought he would of feel better after confessing but in the end he felt worse.

As george made his way home he opened up the door to his apartment it's incredibly small for an apartment, all he has is his desk, journal, his tiny fridge and bed. There was also a small toilet in the corner as well. George grabbed a pack of rations from the fridge and poured it into the bowl and sat at his desk. He grabbed his only spoon from the drawer then he looked at a small hand mirror left by his mother. He noticed his short black hair wet with grime and grease and the bruising on his dark skin. He thought to himself this was another lesson perhaps.... George also did wonder what his true age was most factory workers stopped counting after 16 years. George guessed he was between twenty to twenty five years.

He began eating and opened up the journal left by his father, most parents in the undercity don't teach their kids to read and write. His father before he passed due to being caught in the crossfire of gangs told him he should keep up his writing and reading perhaps he could get a better life. He thought that at some point that with enough work he can have a much brighter life and more important job than a scribe for the church in the undercity. He told him to write about anything what he sees, what he does and what people do. So he wrote of today's events while slowly chewing his food. His father taught him how to write some basic words and sentences his father also taught him basic sentence structuring. With each lesson George greedily absorbed the information his father taught him. With diligence he took to sketching and writing somewhat complete sentences.

Still writing in his journal made him also think of his Mother one day she just vanished his only memory was of her looking distressed and leaving his house and he never saw her again. This was a few months after the death of his father. George does recall arguments about his name some families of the undercity of Athor give their children hidden birth names. There are stories of families or even children being taken if word got out that you named your child. They were never seen again no one knows where the families are taken or where the children have been spirited off to. George's mother was a pious woman more pious than his father hence he recalled arguments where his mother was adamant to call him 1024. His father was against it he even wanted to give him his own birth name when he was born or even let George pick his own yet his mother did not give in. He then left the house fuming that day. Then his father was caught in the gang cross fire and when his Mother vanished that was it.
People came to his house and informed him that he was moving to an apartment and to be put to work in the god-emperor's factories to help the soldiers of mankind.

Even so George felt relieved whenever writing in his journal like he can pour his heart out, his frustrations, his dreams of going beyond the stars. A higher calling even but then he just thinks of his life now and the sadness builds up again. He closed his book, he thought to himself for a moment. Perhaps he should keep his journal on him? Write about things on his way home? George then tucked his journal with his work belongings. He then tucked himself to bed hoping the pain in his aching body would go away. As he was trying to sleep his apartment rocked again they have been happening frequently and he did notice there were less arbites patrols than usual in his block.

Arbites of course detested patrolling the number block of the undercity and normally those who cross paths with them are normally beaten. Still it was odd there would normally at least be one patrol. Still the shaking continued he tried to block out the shaking and rest for the next day.

George was back to moving carts and hauling bags of ammo powder he somehow made it to work with his bruised body it hurt more than usual to move the carts and bags his body straining as he moved the bags and carts of ammo powder. The team officer came overlooking smug and sweating while drinking a bottle of water. “It seems something happened to you worker 1024, but it seems it did not daunt your will to work this is good... now keep at it! We need to meet targets!"

George hated the man when he came in today the Officer noted that he changed his mind about the payment reduction to the relief of the workers but his pay was still reduced more than he threatened the others with yesterday.

The team officer looked over his direction again "Oh by the way worker 1024 after you are done with that bag you are to come to my office." George bit his lip and hauled the bag of ammo powder. The officer walked to his office and shut the door behind him. Big Charlie snickers to the other workers and said "It seems our little George is going to have a talk with the boss..!" He winked his eye. The other workers made huge attempts to avoid George's gaze and some smiled waiting to see what possible punishment will occur.

George wanted to hit him but he knew it would just lead to more bruises he does not need. With heavy shoulders he made his way to the office. George moved to sit down and the officer glared at him "No worker 1024 you don't get to sit down, seats like those are not made for you lot." He looked him up and down the officer said "You see I have been talking to my fellows and it seems we came to a decision, you are a disrupting element to this work force and there has been an agreement among my fellow officers to send you to work in the lower levels. You have been reprimanded several times in the past as well. Which caused us to reach this decision."

George began to sweat, his mouth quivered and his voice burst out uncontrollably "Anything but that sir! Please! I will do anything! They say vile mutants and other horror's live down there! I beg you, Please don't do this!" The officer bought a handkerchief to his nose and blew he looked up at george and continued "Cease your mewling I could have you "removed" but we still have use for you." He tapped a bell on his desk and two armed men with autoguns came into the room. The officer nodded to both "Please escort worker 1024 to the lifts to the lower levels make sure he takes his belongings with him."

George dropped to his knee's stunned unable to form words. Then the two men pulled him up roughly to escort him away. Then suddenly he felt shaking, the office rocked, the Officer rolled his eyes "Hurry up! I don't have all day get him out of here! Dam shakes what are those lot doing up there anyway? It's been happening for awhile now." The men escorted George out he got his belongings his journal and his clothes his mouth was dry he had no words.

He wondered what he did wrong, did he sin? Divine punishment? As they made their way out of the factory they walked down the road then across the walkway a building suddenly exploded. The shock wave threw George to the ground his ears ringing. The men escorting him cut the loose and ran not wanting to get involved in whatever was going on.

Then men and women poured out of the alleyways wearing black shirts and combat trousers piercings covering their bodies and leather straps on their arms and legs. They began chanting screaming gunning down those who got in their way. The armed soldiers gun butted several people and began dragging them away.

George's ears still ringing and things a blur he saw a winged monster falling, no flying. The monster landed softly for his huge size George looked at it him his size towered over him. The monster started to walk towards George. George looked around he grabbed bottles, stones anything he could get his hands hands on. While running he chucked them back in then direction of the monster but it was not slowed in it's advance.

The monster's wings of fire activated he glided around George he was in front of him walking slowly. It's armor was black and pink, covered in leather straps, furs and a censer ball hanged from his armor the pink vapors swaying in the wind. The monster spoke it was like his voice was drawing him in the pink smoke coming from the censer made George feel at ease"No more running small thing you will come with m-" as he ended his sentence George threw a bottle at his face. The bottle shattered not even making a dent on the monsters face. His face had jutted horns and formed into a fixed scowl just looking at it terrified George. Still he closed his eyes and kept throwing rocks and bottles in his direction.

George watched as the monster cocked it's head as it walked casually towards him ignoring the missles being hurled the rocks and bottles were chinking and bouncing off it’s amour. The monster strided towards George and grabbed him by the throat and bought his face close to it's. The monster squeezed, George could not breathe he struggled Geoerge saw black dots as it slowly went dark he gasped"sto-"

He looked at the slave going limp in his hands he wondered should he gut him now slowly removing each of his organs? He discarded the thought the lord of sin wants as many slaves and servants as possible. If they had fun with all of them they would have none to have fun with on the ship.

He then leapt into the air with the man in his arms wondering if he will survive the sorting. He always found them both fun and boring at the same time he smiled in anticipation.

Pain stung george's neck he tried to move his hands but they were bound he was scared he opened his eyes and found he was in a group of crying men and women in the plaza of the undercity. The same armed men and women surrounded them guns pointed then the monster with wings of fire leapt down.

As the monster walked forward his censer swaying with each step some of the men and women pointing guns at them breathed in the pink vapor from the censer greedily as the monster walked by. Some tried to keep as far away from him as possible. George could not stand gazing at the monster for a long period of time his eyes strained but oddly found it hard to look away.

The monster spoke his voice was smooth as silk he called over a man he looked more armored and bared black snake like tattoos on his arms "Alfred has the useful meat been sorted yet?" Alfred nodded "Yes we are starting now sire."The monster looked at the crowd and gave sigh before responding "Good Jedrick does not exactly like how long this process takes neither do I of course but we must follow the lord of sin's orders. Jedrick and his unit has already dealt with most of the Planetary Defense Force and is now growing bored so we should hurry, now begin Alfred."

The Soldier George knew to be Alfred looked over to the group of mewling people, George hoped not to make eye contact with them, then he began barking orders. "Bring them forward let the sorting start!" He began talking in a black box and after a few minutes gun ships came down George's heart thundered in his chest he heard about such machines but never saw them in person.

One of the clergy a woman tried to get up and began shouting at the armed men and women "Heretics! Monsters may the emperor smit-" Before she could finish her sentence the man who George understood to be Alfred got out a pistol and fired a bullet into her head. He spat "Watch what you say dogs of the false emperor and who presence you are in front of."
People began whispering to each other heretics, in hushed voices people began making sign the aquila and praying hoping for salvation. George in reflex also made the sign of the aquila. Alfred turned to his compatriots "Enough start the sort!" The heretics began dragging people forward and asking them questions their skills professions their work. Those who refused to answer and those still crying were shot, then people began telling them everything.

George realized that there were two groups one which included clergy men and women, doctors and other important jobs were put on one ship. Those with low key jobs working in factories were put on another ship. Then it came to george's turn. The man with what looks to be a datapad asked for his profession and in the back another clergy man shouted "Don't answer these foul heathens! These Heretics! You will taint your soul!"

A woman in the back raised her gun and shot the young clergyman in the arm he squealed in pain gripping the wound. George looked back she had striking blonde hair and to his shock she was easy on the eyes but George felt an unnatural sickness in his stomach. The woman flicked her hair and spoke to the giant monster "My lord can I have this one? Pretty please?" while making a evil smile. The giant devil sighed and shook his head "Go on then Grace, go have you fun."

The woman had a gleeful smile she moved into the pack of people they parted at her presence the man was kneeling on the floor gripping his arm. Grace drew her knife from her belt. She then did a downward slash right over the clergyman's right eye she kept slashing and blood was flying everywhere. The clergyman was trying to protect himself everyone grew quiet and all that can be heard were his screams. George's heart thundered at the scene he was terrified the soldier in front of George shouted at him to look this way and asked for his profession again. George stammered with his speech "F-factory worker, ammo..." His voice came out like a squeak.

Then George was pushed into the ship with all the lower key workers they were surrounded with more armed men. After a few moments everyone heard laughing of a woman it was so loud that it would scar most people's memories he could hear the giant monster humming like he was listening to some form of music.

The soldier george knew as Alfred spoke to the giant monster again "My lord I do hope Grace would not waste time." The monster looked over to Alfred "Alfred dear boy... you sometimes need to learn to relax a little." Alfred sighed "Yes milord"

George felt the process went on forever until there was a small group of people in the middle the man recording people's skills went over to each one asking the same questions. Then he turned to the Alfred and nodded. The monster sighed again and said "That took awhile but now we can get to the interesting part I assume these are the dregs Alfred?" Alfred responded "Yes my lord these are indeed the dregs who we deem to be of no use."

The monster nodded "Good all you worked quite hard today you can now enjoy the bounty of your labors now..." George realized that all the heretics started to breath heavily when a third gunship came over, George's legs felt wobbly from all the standing and he looked at the monster drawing a sword from his waist and it flicked to life with purple like energy. "It seems our ship has arrived now. Still my power sword Visha is still thirsty..." he looked over the soldiers "It's time to sample the fruits!" as he the monster said this the bay doors on the ship began to close and the last thing George saw were the men and women running over to the rest of the huddle prisoners and when the bay door finally shut all he heard were screams.
The flight was rocky and George screwed his face into disgust as some of his fellow prisoners voided their bowels due to the rocking of the gunship. At most their wardens found it more amusing than anything George wondered what these heretics wanted to do with them. The father of the church has always told him to abhor them for they can steal and devour our souls. To twist the pious and make promises like sweet honey to make us turn from the light of the god-emperor.

Prisoners began muttering prayers, George joined in the small prayer, praying for the emperor to save them from these monsters. He repeated the mantra in his head after the small prayer "The emperor protects, the emperor protects."

After an hour the ship finally landed with a thud, the armed heretics prodded all of them out of the ship and George breathed in strange air and looked up he saw... the sky for the very first time. The sky for the first time in his life it did not look similar to the pictures he saw as a child but after he placed his gaze down the awe vanished entirely. Smashed buildings, craters and more men and women being dragged away.

George then heard a sound another ship was landing the sound grated on his ears he moved to cover them but it did little to help. As the bay door opened he saw familiar faces. The officer, Larry and Charlie and other workers from his factory. As always the officer was bawling angry or upset about something yet what he said stoked the fire in George's heart. "Why am I with these Cretins!? I did everything you asked! I sent workers to the lower levels for you to reap your enjoyments and funneled ammo to your soldiers. I should not be with these fools!"

George felt the fury build up within. At a moment notice he broke from his group and charged the officer shoulder checking him in his chest. George roared at the top of his voice "This is your fault! Everything is your fault! You are with them! Heretic! If I was not bound right now..." A soldier came over and grabbed george and pushed him back into his group.

The soldier that shoved him back into place looked at him they were wearing a gas mask but a female voice came through she nodded her voice was like honey to george it seemed like she chose her words carefully she looked over to the person who seemed like was in charge. "Anthony, this one has a lot of fire how about I have some fun with him?" Anthony looked over in gruff disapproval "No, Isabel you had your chance and you lost it if we touch any of them now the lord's will skin our hides literally."

Isabel pouted and shoved George further into his group. The man named Anthony walked over to the commander of the other group he looked at his old officer and said "Deal with the fat one, the masters said to deal with him if he got to uppity." Anthony looked over to the woman named Isabel again "You can have your fun with this one." Isabel jumped with joy she called over her fellow soldiers to help her grab the man. It seemed they all had the same idea.

They dragged his old officer to the edge of the dock Isabel looked at the fat officer and said "Your not my type exactly but we are pretty high up from the undercity.. I wonder how long it will take you to make a splat? Here is my gift to you." She pulled out a syringe with purple liquid and injected it into the officer his pupils dilated and his muscles sagged somewhat. Isabel threw the used syringe over the edge and turned back to the officer "You see that injection slows things down for those who take it do savor the pain when you hit the ground. You did a good job for us you know? This is the least we can do for you." The soldiers grabbed the officer and all of them including the ones guarding prisoners began laughing they yelled heave ho several times and threw his old officer off the ledge.

His mind was too addled by the concoction to speak but george saw the utter fear in his eyes as he fell. Oddly George felt a measure of fear and sadness yet he was not sure if he should be feeling that way. The priests said it is right to feel joy at the death of a heretic. He should be happy for what they did but he felt nothing like joy of the thought of him being dead. still his thoughts were broken when the soldiers began pushing them forward.

They were herded through a corridor and were met with a larger ship George saw more giant monsters but they looked more baroque and outlandish with pelts. George thought he saw the one that was their leader his eyes met his. The androgynous features of the devil stang his eyes but he could not tear them away until one of the heretics bucked him in the back to keep moving.

The soldier named Anthony stepped forward to meet the leader of the monsters he saluted and kneeled. "Lord Jedrick the last batch of slaves is here." George saw Anthony quivering but it did not look like in fear but in anticipation, the monster named Jedrick drew his bloodied axe and and rested it on his shoulder "Aye Well done warrior you will be duly rewarded I hope there was no trouble?" Anthony shook his head still on his knees, Jedrick Nodded "Good our fearless leader the lord of Sin does hate delays there was poor sport on this planet he wants us to get the slaves into the Thunderhawk before the dogs of the emperor mount a proper assault upon us."

Upon the monsters last words the armed heretics rushed George and his fellow prisoners into the larger ship. When everyone was on the ship the heretics followed from behind and George then felt the ship lifting off again. He almost fell over due to how tired he was but he dared not to due to fear of what his captors might do to him.

A few minutes into the journey the monster known as Jedrick stood on top of a podium above them surrounded by more of his monster kin. He announced himself "I am lord Jedrick of the House of warriors and you my dear slaves will work for the eternal sin host! You will slave for us unto death and you will do so with a smile on your face. All of you had enough skills to allow your continued existence in service to us the third legion!"

George saw the monster speak on and on about the joys of serving them, the experience they shall have. All the prisoners locked their eyes on the daemon unable to break eye contact for some reason. Still when looking at him for amount of time George thought he was oddly beautiful yet horrific. His armour was black and pink like the winged monster and he had shining leather straps on various parts of his armour he also had a whitish grey fur cloak attached to his waist. Still George found him oddly captivating he was a monster and Heretic something he should hate yet the emotion did not surface. Then there was another rock that broke away george's eye contact with the monster. The monster spoke again "Ah we are back home now.."

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Eternally-Stimulated Slaanesh Dreadnought

Chapter 2

George with his fellow prisoners were escorted down the bay from the gunship george looked around to his shock and horror he as on a spaceship. He looked around he saw people working on various parts of the ship. The armed heretics sorting people who looked to be nobles from his planet. To George's confusion the nobles looked a lot more comfortable some were distressed but many looked happy for some reason. George looked around again he breathed in the air of the ship. The ship had a strange smell it was rather sweet and easy on the nose. It smelt better than the rough smog and pollution of the undercity. Still He was in space his heart thundered in his chest then it sank with the thought crossing his mind wondering if anyone was going to save them from the Heretics.

The monster named Jedrick walked down the rampart to two more of the large monsters. He inclined his head to both of them and said "Ivan, Adelram." George saw the person Jedrick referred to as Ivan he had two censer on his belt bellowing the same pink incense he saw on the monster with wings of fire. His armour was also black and pink and it was adorned with golden encrusted skulls with parchment flowing out of their mouths. The monster George knew to be Ivan also had various writing on his armour and leather straps were attached to various sections he was also holding a large mace.

When george looked at the writing he felt like he wanted to throw up but held it in, he moved his gaze to the giant monster named Adelram, he looked rather plain compared to the rest of the monsters a few leather straps on his armor but what made him stand out was the large mechanical drills and flashlights attached to his backpack and there was a contraption on his arm with another small drill attached to it. George also felt that he had a strange aura of wrongness about him something that he could not put his finger on but thinking about it turned his stomach and he felt sick.

Adelram spoke to the bowing Jedrick "I trust there were no problems? We have began handing out the chokers now" Jedrick smiled "No lord, none at all save not having the glorious death and battle I hoped to have. Nothing eventful occurred by now the imperials are in disarray and we will be gone before they can mount a proper offense." Adelram nodded in approval, the monster George observed as Ivan scratched his chin "I already sorted out the ones who will be assigned to my group the people of this planet are rough around the edges but I will get them to sing praises to the dark prince soon enough."
Upon hearing that word "dark prince" george's mind strained he felt a thousand things at once briefly then afterwards a sense of longing fluttring away. Adelram looked over in George's direction unlike the rest he was wearing what looked to be a helmet and barked orders at the heretics leading his group. "Get the slaves to the lower levels to begin work." The human heretics nodded and shoved everyone roughly forward.

For several minutes they escorted the group down into hallways and then each soldier began splintering the group off in different directions. George was moved into a small group he recognised the person leading them to be "Anthony" from before he lead each of them to small rooms. George was the last, he was pushed into a small room smaller than his apartment all there was but a small bed and a shelf and a small hole in the corner. There was a cracked mirror on the wall and that was all there was to his room.

The heretic named Anthony said "These are are your quarters, when the alarm calls, you will be put to work slave so I suggest you better get some rest." George thought he could hear the brief snicker when he said that he turned his back to close his door but stopped. He tapped his gun and said "Don't get any bright ideas about running slave, there will be guards posted and there are no quick deaths for runners. Some of the people I know do like to have their fun with fresh meat."

George was finally left alone and all he could do was collapse on his new bed it was hard but all he wanted was rest. He reached for his back pocket and pulled out his journal his pen was still hooked in on his last page. He wanted to write but he could not concentrate still a thought crossed his mind.

What if a guard saw him with this? What would they do? He hopped off his bed and looked around his small room. He should at least hide his journal for now, he looked at his bed and lifted it up slightly, he slipped his journal underneath. It should be safe there for now, well that is what he hoped. He then fell upon his bed again, He breathed in the scent of the ship again the smell was strange breathing it in more George realized it was a sickly sweet smell that now started to make him feel hungry somehow but he felt no desire for food. George stretched on his bed it was hard but he did not care. He tried to close his eyes until he finally noticed the noise groans, moans and screams played in his ear. He curled up in a ball and started to pray again and made the sign of the aquila It took him a few hours to finally close his eyes and even then that offered no respite.

George was in a strange landscape and a pink mist surrounded him. As he looked around all he could see was darkness it was cold. So very cold until hundreds of hands reached out from the darkness some crabbed clawed, some similar to that of a normal woman. All reaching out he heard a voice he could not tell if it was female or male but the hands reached out the closer they got the voice sounded like a female.

The voice like silk caressing skin "Let me comfort you, you must be so very tired.." there was a soft laugh george's legs felt weak he crawled into a ball covering his ears hoping they would go away. The hands reached for him the coldness he felt vanished they washed over him beckoning, demanding for him to give in he wanted to give in but it felt wrong at the same. He shouted "Go away! Leave me alone!" then his eyes shot open.

He was sweating, lying on his bed he looked around the room he saw no hands, heard no voices, nothing but his own thoughts. Then an alarm blurted george covered his ears and one of the heretic soldiers burst into his room "Time to get to work slave!"
George was escorted he had no idea where he was going until the guard stopped and turned "You better memorize the route you will not be shown again.." George snapped to attention and made sure to memorize the route they were taking.
He was taken to a giant loading bay full of giant shells several men and women were heaving the shells into a chamber. It seemed they were loading the guns of the ship. The guard pushed George forward and snorted "Now get to work dog." George looked around it seemed similar to his factory but larger.

George looked around at the workers and he saw two familiar faces not exactly welcome but he wanted to talk to someone he knew. He saw Larry and Big Charlie and ran over to them, george bit his lip when he approached "Larry, Charlie is that you?" Both men turned around shocked Charlie coughed and said "So you are still alive little george? I am surprised thought these heretics would kill you and have fun with your corpse." George stepped back "what do you mean charlie?" Charlie shook his head "What do I mean? Hmph, you see when we were escorted to our rooms one guy tried to cut and run. Of course he was shot in the leg and then I heard something about feeding him to the never-something. Or having "fun" with him. I did not see him again after that." Charlie shrugged "we are dealing with hardened people here boys.They can easily kill without remorse and laugh in glee when they do it I have seen nothing like it in the undercity or the gangs and I have met some sick folks. These heretics make them seem like children."

George noticed throughout the conversation Larry was silent George reached over and grabbed his shoulder. "You okay larry? How are you holding up?" Larry turned around clearly stressed in a hush whisper "Leave me alone and work I don't want to get in trouble!" George was confused he looked over to Charlie and he shrugged george responded concerned "What troubles you Larry?" Larry mouth was quivering"In my group another guy tried to make a runner. The female soldiers sent to escort us..., they did things to him. now leave me be!"

George has never seen Larry like this before Charlie looked larry over "Little george just leave the big guy be you can see he is stressed." George nodded and turned around but stopped "Larry, Charlie did you get any bad dreams?" Larry ignored him focusing on the work, Charlie looked at him confused "Bad dreams? Perhaps the stress of what happened is getting to you? Anyway George better get to work before the guards decide to shoot you." George sighed he looked around to see if anyone was struggling to move the large pieces of ammo he saw one group having some trouble so he felt he would be most help there. Looking at their faces as he approached them they seemed to appreciate the help but he noticed there was pity in their eyes as well.

George noted that some of the workers in his group look to have been here for awhile he was going to move to speak but he saw that a guard was watching. Afterwards he thought he needs to get an idea of this place. The work lasted several back breaking hours until the alarm chimed again. The guard shouted "Works done today dogs! You better be back here tomorrow!"

George looked around for the people he worked with he saw a somewhat old man. No more than 40 years more or less. He walked over "Erm hello there I have a few questions." The man looked at him puzzled "You want to talk to me boy?" George shoulders sagged "Yes I was hoping you could tell me more about this place." The old man snickered "The fact that you're asking me that shows you have a head on your shoulders boy, those who don't ask those questions will most likely be dead in the first week. "Right then.." He stood up "Let me fill you in, you got a name boy?" George thought to himself where he lived they only used numbers he only has this name "George" his old co-workers stuck him with.

George nodded "My name is george sir." The old man eyed him "Strange name, anyway the name is Albert" he reached out his hand George took it Albert nodded to him "Well we can discuss this more in my room come along George." George hesitated "Aren't we supposed to get right to our rooms after work Albert?" Albert nodded "Ah your that green then,well we have plenty of free time after work to rest and what not but make sure you turn up for work. They check each of the rooms and patrol the area during work." George nodded and followed.

George realized Albert room was a few doors down from his he beckoned George to sit down on the bed. Albert folded his arms "Now george ask your questions." George thought to himself what should he ask he asked his first question as a whisper "When will be saved from these heretics?" Albert raised his eyebrow "Never, and you are now also a heretic." George heart sank and responded "How? I still hold the emper-" Albert held his mouth closed "Don't mention that word here boy or they will skin you alive. He is dead to you now you hear me? The imperium no longer cares for our lives the fact you stepped on this ship you are just as tainted as our guards outside. The imperium see you exactly the same as those foul lot" George nodded.

George asked another question so how do daily meals work? Albert stroked his chin "Good question, the guards deliver one ration to our rooms us workers sometimes trade rations between us. There are various groups hoping to catch the eye of the lords." George's face twitched "Why do they want to catch the eye of those monsters?" Albert raised his eyebrows "Monsters?" Albert slapped his knee "Now listen you haven't seen real monsters not yet, they are monsters of a sort but if you met a true monster? The ones that flash and lurk on the lower levels of the ship? then you would wish you were dead. They are space marines, Adeptus Astartes corrupted ones, but space marines nonetheless."

George mind raced he always heard space marines were heroes so why are they enslaving people? Albert looked at george "I know what you are thinking, you think that all of them are heroes.. they are not there are bad apples in the bunch and we are stuck with them." George asked Albert another question "Before you said some wish to be noticed by the lords, can you go more into that?"

Albert crossed his arms "I can, you notice some of the guards outside have leather chokers yes?" George thought about it he did not really notice them wearing something around their neck due to being shoved everywhere. Thinking back he recalls the monster named Adelram referring to them. Albert blinked "You listening? I am talking about your survival here." George nodded "Yes Albert I was just thinking tell me more about the chokers."

Albert continued his explanation "Well there are three "houses" well two in our case since one of them is not joinable. The house of warriors and The house of daemons You already met the house of warriors they are the largest and us slaves if we can prove ourselves worthy are normally drawn there. The lord of that house is Jedrick. The house of daemons is only talked in hush whispers the followers there normally keep to themselves. They sometimes come to recruit but the stories you hear of them will shudder your soul and there are dark stories of their "tastes" they follow the word of the Apostle Ivan. Another house is the house of sin but if you want your body parts intact you steer clear of them. Those are the three."

George listened carefully "Albert can you tell me more about the house of sin?" Albert shrugged "No point talking about that one only the brightest who are normally taken during the sorting get to join that one. They are pretty much kings and queens compared to the rest of us." George was silent and spoke his voice dry "Are you trying to join the houses Albert?" Albert looked away "Of course I am everyone is those who have a lick of sense. We are nothing to those lot we are simple slaves. They refer us as dogs and slaves I don't want to spend the rest of my days on back breaking labor and being used as fodder or as a possible plaything for a bored guard."

George pecked up to attention "fodder? Plaything?" Albert nodded grimly "Aye I have seen some people who worked too slow or got too old taken away never to be seen again. Every single time before a battle this happened. Or after some great victory or raid" George's heart ached he thought to himself to fall into corruption or back breaking labor until nothing of you is left. He looked up at Albert "Do you still believe in him Albert?" George then whispered "Do you still hold the god-emperor in your heart?" Albert sighed "Not for a long time sorry to say, he does not seem to want to rescue any our souls or smite the lot outside." George bit his lip "There must be some way Albert? Anything? Any hope of getting out of this situation?" Albert face went stony and he looked at George "Yes it's called get a choker from one of the lords. This is the last thing you gotta know the House of warriors their choker emblem is of a wolf head with the rune of of their space marine legion. Their legion symbol is like a winged claw I am sure you have seen it on their shoulder pads" Albert went silent and spoke again "And by the goddess don't go wandering to far from the slave blocks some of the Astartes like to hunt those who wander." George raised his eyebrow it was not to the hunting but the word "goddess" "What do you mean by goddess?" As george said that the word did not slide off the tongue right.

He tasted honey in his mouth for some reason. Albert then sighed and wiped his hands down his face "There is some messed up things in this galaxy stuff you don't know and would take too long to explain. I will say this much some on the ship worship a different god this god is the center of this ship. So George just for now just listen. The House of daemons their emblem on their choker is a female like face with horns with the legion rune on the forehead don't look too closely at one I saw several people losing their bowls for looking too long at it." George's mind was still wondering about this so called god or goddess and cut Albert off "Why do you refer to this "goddess" in either Male or female pronouns?"

Albert scratched the back of his head "It's hard to explain George just listen, now the emblem of sin? No slave in this level has seen it so no point talking about that they don't bother to come down here." George nodded again "Last question Albert do you have strange dreams? I had one the first night I slept on this ship" Albert went white as a sheet and stammered "Dreams?" Albert looked at his door "It's time for you to leave George, Don't talk to me again I answered everything I can." George confused and not wanting to hurt the hospitality of the man who helped him got up from his bed bowed in thanks and left.

George walked back to his room he is starting to learn his way around finally upon entering his room he found a strange pack on the small shelf. "This must be the ration Albert was talking about. I don't feel hungry at the moment I better save it." George thought back to how it was used as currency around the slave workers so he lifted up his bed and placed it underneath it.

As he did so he felt around underneath his bed and reached for his journal he still had it on his person when the heretics captured him. George was still not sure how the guards would react to him having his journal so he hid it at first but he finally he realized he may need it on him just in case he learns new things to help him survive on this ship. George carefully wrote down everything Albert told him. While writing George then began to feel it might actually be safe enough to keep it on him. Since the guards seem to care more about everyone working than what they have on them.

Still he started to grow tired he lay on his bed the days work catching up with him he slowly closed his eyes to same noise of groans and screams.

Running in the darkness, he kept running something was chasing him the same voice again "Come out little thing... Dance with me! Stop running!" He knew if he stopped if he took one moment to catch his breath this thing would catch him. He heard a groan the voice spoke again "I love these games of cat and mouse... you are the first to run most embrace me... let me devour your light, your soulfire, you will scream in joy when I do..."
Those words caused him to keep running with all his might then he came to a wall of shadow blocking his path he turned around nothing was there. Out of breath he shouted "Back foul thing! Back!" He knelt down repeating those words over and over again "The emperor protects, the emperor protects, the emperor protects...." The voice hissed "Don't talk of that name in my presence, he can't protect you here..."

Then claw hands reached out to embrace him. George's eyes blinked he got up from his bed he was sweating again to the same sound of the alarm chiming for work. He stopped sweating he lifted up his bed and grabbed his journal. He put it in his back pocket he tapped it and his breathing slowed down. He started to feel calm again just holding it always calmed his nerves. He then heard guards shouting, he ran out of his room to the decking area trying to push the memories of the dream away from his mind. Yet he could still hear it- her laughing. George shook his head focus on surviving work he reached the work area and rushed to filling the ship's large ammo cartridges with powder with the other workers. George thought perhaps focusing on the work could help him forget his dream. He looked around for Larry and Charlie he could not see them he put his head down and got to work. Soon he heard drones of prayer it got louder and louder.

Then to his horror several men and women marched down towards the working slaves some wore robes of black and pink some wore no top save leather straps and piercings all over their body. Other's had script inked on their bodies that hurt George's eyes. George looked towards their necks and saw chokers of a female head with horns. George cursed he remembered Albert's words don't look for too long.

He wrenched his eyes away just listen to those voice. He heard someone step forward and they spoke it was a woman. George could also hear her breathing heavily "The apostle of daemons seeks more faithful on this joyous day he offers a place to those who want to worship at the feet of the goddess!" Upon mentioning the word goddess all of the house of daemons groaned and muttered prayers. George looked around several slave workers dropped tools and walked forward. Then he saw larry.

George ran over "Larry! No! Don't do it!" larry pushed george back "I can't take it anymore! George I hate this place! It's worse than home!" He ran towards the woman and george deep down wished he did not turn his gaze to set his eyes on the speaker. She wore nothing save a pink silk gown and leather straps on her arms. She had striking blonde hair and pink eye slits for pupils she had milky white skin every inch of her body was covered in words passages that George has no idea of understanding.

While looking at her the same darkness in his dreams closed around him that same voice taunting him in his dreams came back thudding in his head until he saw larry Abase himself before the woman. "Yes please kind lady free me! I want to go with you! They were tears in his eyes when he said this. The woman gently stroked larry's hair "I heard about your wife and children how they did not survive the journey.. you will be safe with us." Larry looked up "How did you know?" the woman smiled "The gods have ears and eyes everywhere."
Larry got up and several slaves followed them George wanted to yell to tell Larry to stop that he will lose his soul. For whatever heinous comfort that she will provide it will be a lie. She will twist him inside out. He moved to ran until someone grabbed him it was Charlie. "Let him go little George, he was always weak and foolish perhaps he might have a place with them." George turned around seething careful not to raise his voice "How can you say that Charlie!? he will be damned completely and utterly. Knowing you and how you act you must know of the system here and the houses."Charlie gave George a casual glance "Of course I do but I am aiming for the house of warriors not those nuts several slaves have said they should be coming soon to recruit. You should aim for it george considering how weak you are you won't survive the week living here."

George stepped back "Why join the heretics charlie they don't care for us!? If you buy into their honeyed words we will become utterly corrupted have you seen them!? How the bask and moan. How they torture? The stories of people being violated?" I am also sure you hear the same sounds I do when we are resting in our beds." Charlie narrowed his eyes " Yes I know and listen to yourself every word you said is the same thing the priests stuff into our mouths and heads They don't care for us! Think on this as soon as we were given a number on Athor and they put us in that factory no one cared for us not since we were born George. We can find purpose here to rise out of the muck we at least have a choice now. Hell man we don't even have names just serial numbers that's how much the imperium cares for us! George you can get with the program or die whipped and broken. I want at least some joy or freedom in my life. Not living hand to mouth running drugs and fighting with gangs. We have a shot a good shot at possibly something better." George narrowed his eyes "Then you will become a Heretic and be damned." Charlie glowered "We are heretics already George." George shook his head he said this in almost a whisper "I know in my heart and soul that the god-emperor has not given up on us Charlie."

Charlie chuckled "He already gave up on us ages ago." Charlie walked back to his work area without another word.

George felt defeated for some reason he then looked as larry followed the heretics away into the darkness with blasphemous prayers on their lips. George got back to work thinking on the conversation from before. Charlie can easily say that considering the life he lived, he must of never truly believed in the god-emperor. He chose a life of running with gangs, picking on the weak he was perfect for the heretics. After a few hours george heard the marching of boots soldiers then poured out of the darkness. One walked forward bearing an icon of the house of warriors on his backpack. With a cane and topped with a skull in hand. The man scanned the room "Dog's to attention!" The slaves ran forward and lined up in front of the man george wanting to avoid being beaten lined up.

The soldier walked up and down and george felt like he saw him from somewhere before He stopped in the middle of the line and smashed his cane down and shouted. "You dogs got a one time opportunity that last battle to get you curs to do the blessed work of our host caused us to lose a few soldiers. I am Commander Alfred and those who wish to fight in the blessed armies of our god and seek a glorious death and battle step forward!"

George saw several people step forward Albert and Charlie and several other slaves. Alfred nodded "Good, now I will put you into pairs of my choosing." Albert was paired with another slave and charlie to a slave next to him. Alfred nodded again "Now those who are paired will now beat each other to death the one that survives joins the house of warriors." George was horrified and relieved that Albert and Charlie were in different groups but he was breathing heavily he did not want either to die but did not condone what was about to happen. He did not know what to think this was a trial to join them. Even with that heated argument a few moments a part of him did not want either Albert or Charlie to die.

Charlie snickered and launched himself at the man he was paired with. Charlie was about the same size as the man he was paired with both quite muscled and chiseled from hard work. Charlie threw punch after punch bloodlying his knuckles. Charlie began laughing all the man can do is mount a defence blow after blow the other slaves arms were bruised until he let down his guard.

Charlie smashed the face of the other man he tumbled on the floor charlie jumped upon him and bought his fists down again and again caring not for the state of his hands. Laughing while doing so he bought both his hands together and smashed down on the face of his opponent. Charlie stood up breathing heavily smiling. George looked at the man on the floor his face bloodied his nose broken. George wonders considering Charlie's connections to the gangs he must of killed people before.

Alfred gave a slight chuckle "Seems we found quite a wolf among these dogs" he turned to charlie "Did you enjoy it lad?" Charlie nodded "every bit sir that lout has been poustering himself in from of me for days drove me up the wall sir." Alfred nodded "Well soldier stand in with the rest." charlie lined himself up with the other house of warriors soldiers. George then looked over to Albert's fight.

George saw each of Albert's fist strikes were measured hitting certain points in the body and as he was striking the man bruising his body with each blow he was muttering something. George tried to read his lips and knew deep down it was some sort of prayer. Albert delivered an uppercut to the chin of his opponent and he fell back and crashed on the ground.

Alfred nodded and walked over to the collapsed man "That's quite enough seems you are the victor he is not getting up from that." Alfred casually drew a pistol and shot the man in the head. He turned to Albert "Welcome to the warriors!" Albert nodded "Thank you sir." He lined up with the rest of the soldiers. 20 slaves stepped forward 10 left.

Alfred twisted his cane "That was very interesting for this month but it seems several of our new recruits have to take a trip to the snakes." Alfred looked at charlie when he mentioned this and looked at his bloodied knuckles. Alfred turned to the guards watching after the slaves "Make sure the slaves clean up the bodies soldier." The soldier nodded and Charlie and albert walked with the warriors into darkness.

George was left by himself a nearby soldier gun bucked a slave "Dog's! It's time to clean up the mess such is the role for cowards!" The soldiers had George and the other slaves chop up the dead bodies and clean away the blood and put the body parts into bags. George felt like he wanted to vomit while doing so he almost did but he kept it in since he had no idea how the soldiers would react to him voiding his bowls. The soldiers took the bags away on top of that they ordered that everyone had to finish moving and loading the ammo for the ship.

The alarm chimed work was done when walking back to his room he pulled out his journal from his back pocket he did not know why he took it to work. Even though it was a risk george felt it gave him some comfort holding onto it. He missed his home, he missed the temple the smell of incense walking into the temple the statues of the primarch's. He wondered what they would do in his situation, still living like that It was not a great life but he much preferred it there compared to being a slave to heretics.

As he walked down towards the slave blocks he felt a draft of sorts as Albert said before never go exploring since the Heretic Astartes like to hunt slaves that wander. Also that there are worse things in the far lower decks. Still his curiosity in his heart got the better of him.
He followed draft down corridor after corridor. Until he came to a small gap in the side of the wall there was a panel there but there were clear clean cuts. Someone trying to escape somehow? Should he even dare the attempt? George got down on his knees and crawled into the hole he made sure to place the wall panel back up as he crawled in tunnel.

He kept crawling in the darkness for several minutes with some light shining in the gaps. He heard people talking a familiar voice he could not exactly place where he heard it from he kept crawling to the voice.

He came upon a sanitized room with one of the large monsters standing over an operating table surrounded by humans. He recognized the monster he was named Adelram a heretic Astartes, no he is not a Space marine he could not believe it they are heroes. He is a monster a heretic. George then looked closely at the chokers of the human heretics the emblem looked like a snake biting into an apple with the same legion rune etched upon the snake. The large monster continued talking he saw a man strapped to the table eyes open with clear pain and fear in his eyes.

The Monster was extracting organs calling for tools and the aids handed them to him. George had no idea how the man was still alive after having so many organs removed. As the monster removed the organs he was explaining the process. "The heart, the primary muscle of humans without it we cease to be but Astartes can function even if one of our hearts fail. It is one of the first organs implanted within an Astartes."

George should be horrified to what was happening the man he was clearly still alive in pain and the monster was casually operating on him with the nodding approval of other heretics. The monster continued "As been said the secondary heart is the first organ implanted, then the Ossmodula also called the iron heart placed alongside the initiate's pituitary gland at the base of the brain, next is the Biscopea also known as the forge of strength this organ boosts the strength of the marine and why I appear so large to all of you. This organ is placed within the chest cavity he points to the man's open chest with a scalpel."

George licked his lips he pulled out his journal instinctively and began jotting down everything drawing small diagrams as he moved forward in his explanations. The large monster noted overall there is 19 different Astartes organs that he will show how to implant and heal damage for each. George noted the heretics looked at each other with excitement in their eyes. He was about to talk of the 4th organ but something chimed on his wrist he began muttering.

He turned to the heretics gathered in the operating theatre "That is all for today you are free to leave reflect back on what I taught you I may ask you questions on the morrow." The heretics were chatting with each other on the way out.

George turned around in the small tunnel his heart pumping he moved quickly back to his room and flicked open his journal. He read through each of the notes annotating the diagrams more of where each organ is placed he smiled to himself. Why is he smiling this should be horrific yet he is excited at the same time.

He had trouble sleeping it took him almost an hour to fall into slumber george slept that night smiling.

Darkness again this time no running he slowly walked he reached for his back pocket his Journal was always there in his back pocket and began making notes. He feels cold, normally he starts running, then the voice comes to tempt him, taunt him and then the claws and hands. He waited and waited nothing... until the sweet voice came "You enjoyed that didn't you? Watching him cut that "Poor" man open snip, snip."

For the first time george spoke to the thing "What are you.., why do you hound me!" the voice laughed "Out of all the dregs on this part of the ship you shine the brightest still believing you can be saved, still holding on to that false faith. What I want small thing is to devour your hope taste the ecstasy of your despair knowing you are trapped in darkness I am waiting for the fall." Then george saw a face peering of the darkness it was grotesque and beautiful at the same time it set george's heart aflutter the thing then said "and oh how I will enjoy it....."

George blinked he was lying on his bed but nor was he sweating when he awoke after the previous dreams. He was actually somewhat relaxed he wanted to know more about the thing that's within his dreams. Why was it hounding him? No one else seem to be having this problem. Albert kicked him out of his room just be mentioning it. He sat up he grabbed a ration pack from under his bed and pulled out his journal he tried to remember that face he started to sketch it was rough but he sketched down as much as he can remember from his dream. He was not the greatest artist but he took time to sketch interesting he saw back on Athor. The face was feminine in aspect with black eyes like the colour of pure darkness. He touched the sketch he felt a small sense of longing he desired anything another meeting to understand truly what he saw and perhaps stop the dreams. The alarm chimed again breaking his concentration this time george took a ration pack down to the decking area.

George was back to work again this time Larry, Albert and Charlie were gone and again his minded drifted to what he saw in the operating room and his last dream his heart was pounding the questions surging in his mind. When the alarm chimed for work to end he felt tired but full of energy. He asked around if there have been slaves affected by dreams. With the mere word of dreams or showing his sketch most slaves wanted nothing to do with him. He then approached a slave who appeared to have been here a long time she was not much for conversation but George showed his ration pack. Still he was curious how an old woman could survive as a slave for so long. She wore a robe and there were tiny fetishes hanging from her arms.

George wanted to know about his dreams, the old slave woman took the pack and told him to sit down with her. The old woman coughed "There is myth in the slave quarter that the neverborn sometimes pick at those slaves they have interest in they appear in their dreams they are handmaidens sent forth to grant the deepest desires of worked slaves and all mortals." George noted down all this information into his journal. He asked the old lady "What exactly are the neverborn?" The old lady coughed and spoke "They are angels of our desire and wants if you had such a dream young man you are both cursed and blessed."

George thought to himself he wondered why the priests back home never mentioned these "angels" he looked at his sketch again it did not exactly look like much of an angel either. Yet whenever he looks or thinks back to his dreams his heart stirs for some reason. The old lady continued speaking "Many who had such dreams found glory in the houses or were hollowed out and devoured by them they are then found dead in their beds smiling with joy." George raised his eyebrow "People were found dead smiling in their beds?" The old lady nodded "Aye better to die in pleasure in the arms of the neverborn than by the hands of the guards I say. Better to spend your final moments in the company of a being of pure desire than dying in the muck of the imperium." George eye twitched slightly when the old woman so casually called the imperium muck he looked down thinking. Then he looked up at the old woman. George said "This neverborn does not sound like an angel at all. If it is an angel of sorts how come I never heard of it? The priests of my planet never mentioned them." George was about to talk of the emperor but held his tongue he was not sure how the old lady or other slaves would react.

The old lady cackled "Those priests? Who spread lies and turn people into sheep? Who stifle creativity, blunt people's wants and excesses? Even stepping on to your on path or mentioning it is enough for them to lobotomize you and turn you into a servitor? A Mewling slave machine with no will?" The old lady's words cut deep for some reason he saw servitors around the city sometimes looking into their lifeless eyes watching them going back and forth on their tasks. He wondered back in the confession booth did the priest consider to report him? Perhaps even already did? To possibly have him taken and made into a lifeless husk? A slave machine to be worked until destroyed? George clenched his hands he thought to himself don't give into doubt, doubt leads to heresy that's what his mother always said.
It was like the old lady read his mind somehow "You write in that book of yours because you "doubt", you doubt the things around you. You want to understand grow and experience everything around you. If that priest or an Arbite found that book you like to write in..." she made her hand into a pistol and flicked her finger up. George looked up his face firm don't let her put more chinks into his faith he pressed further on subject of neverborn "This neverborn sounds more like a devil or daemon of some sort than an angel." The old lady gave a soft smile "The difference between angels and daemons largely depends upon where one is standing at the time. Why can't they be both? Or either? As I said they grant desires."
George looked directly into the old lady in the eyes "So those people who die to the dreams they wanted that?" The old lady shrugged "Perhaps? Look around you, how slaves are treated, abused, hunted, violated and worked to death. Wouldn't giving yourself to a being that stirs your heart with desire and love a being that just wishes to give you delight and comfort be better?"

George was silent he thought to himself the dreams are occurring possibly due to this thing called "neverborn" having interest in him. He started to understand that much. He spoke again "Are you actually a slave?" The old lady gave a cackle "Oh? What do you think I am?" George crossed his arms he furrowed his brows "I don't know. I do feel that there is more to you than you are letting on." The old lady leaned back in her seat "Perhaps, but we will meet again. I do hope I satisfied your curiosity." George sat up he thanked the old woman. It felt strange to do so considering one thing George knows for sure is that she is clearly a heretic. The old woman smiled she then said "I don't require thanks I am just doing my small part. In the grand design." George handed the ration pack to her. The old lady placed it on her lap tapped it and smiled. George walked away another thing cropping up in his mind again he wanted to see the operating theater again.

He followed the same draft the hole was still there, George decided to examine the hole more closely the cut was in perfect, way too perfect to be any cutting tool. He wondered what tool or means someone used to do it. Still he had to hurry if a guard spots him examining a hole in the wall bad things could happen. George climbed in he crawled a lot more quickly than last time excited for some reason. He reached the same spot as last time and looked down into the same operating theater they were still there. George flicked his journal open and began writing the monster talked of the Haemastamen organ the daemon cut open the man again it seems he was still there on the table from the last session.

The Monster explained in detail of the organ "This organ my students is also known as the blood maker and it's the 4th of the 19 organs this organ is implanted in a blood vessel like the aorta, femoral artery or the ven cava, the blood maker alters an Astartes blood composition to carry nutrients more effectively hence why..." The marine took off his glove and made a small cut into his finger "Our blood shines brighter than that of a normal human." George made a small sketch of the daemons finger along with explanation.

He also made small sketches of where the organs are implanted when he showed the other heretics the locations of where the organ is placed. The Large daemon went onto the next organ "This my students is the Larraman's Organ also known as the healer as you can see it's about the size of a small ball this organ is also placed in the chest cavity. This organ manufactures biological cells known as Larraman cells this organ was named after one of the researchers who followed the false emperor."

Upon hearing the word george repeated the word in his head again "the false emperor." It should be wrong blasphemy to refer to the emperor in such a way he made the sign of the aquilla. The he focused on what the monster was saying. "Now by large the cells from this organ prevents blood loss and why we appear hard to kill mixed with the phenomena of the warp this is enhanced even further as you can see from the prowess of my brothers from the house of warriors."

George noted down his knowledge smiling to himself he shifted slightly and knocked a loose metal pipe a large clang was heard george cursed. The monster's head snapped in his direction instantly he looked directly at him george's heart thundered in his chest he moved he crawled quickly away back to the slave blocks.

He heard a commotion in the theater but he kept crawling he got back to the hole he carefully placed the seal back on he ran to his room closed the door and jumped into his sheets. His heart thumping fear gripped his heart but a part of him found it exciting exhilarating.
He tried sleep but couldn't he hummed a song, the song his mother used to sing when he was a child his eyes slowly closed shut.

The same darkness but this time he heard the song of his mother sang in that voice that haunted his dreams it laughed "So soon the plummet, embrace the abyss fall and sing...." George stood up defiant "what are you!?, an old lady called you neverborn an angel of desires!" The voice grew silent "I am angel of a sort, do you want me to be an angel boy?"
George thought to himself "I don't know... can you at least show me what you look like? I only caught a glimpse last time. The voice spoke like a whisper in his ear "Are you sure?" George nodded "I am" soon he heard steps creeping closer and closer he heard a voice groaning and breathing heavily and then the creature stepped out.

It felt like George's heart was going to jump out of his chest the creature had a androgynous like face with purple lipstick with dark eyes black like the bottom of the abyss long flowing pink hair dancing in the air. The neverborn wore a leather corset, It's right chest bearing a single breast and the left side was flat smooth skin it - she wore a pink slik gown around it's waist. It- her hands ended in crab like claws.

Pink tattoos covered her pale flesh it looked oiled. The creature stepped closer "Do you like what you see mortal?" George bit his lip he said yes to himself but looking at it also made him feel disgusted. His heart raced he wanted to embrace it hold it - her close to him. He closed his eyes trying to gain focus the creature laughed "Don't close your eyes on me dear it's rude, yet you do enjoy looking at me you speak so loudly in your mind."

George slowly opened his eyes the creature was now in front him breathing heavily into his face her musk was intoxicating. The neverborn gazed into his eyes like she was looking for a lost lover "I am in front of you what now? What will you do? Why not embrace me now?" As she said that George gulped it took all his will not to lean forward close to her face to let his lips touch hers. He spoke "What are you? who are you? Where did you come from?"
The neverborn danced back laughing "I could answer your questions but why should I?" The creature's black purplish tongue wiped out in a snake like fashion she smiled "Do you truly wish to know? What of your faith?" George stopped for a moment what of his faith? What does his faith mean to him in this moment? The neverborn stepped forward she walked close to him close enough that she whispered in his ear "What does faith mean when it's ashes in the wind?"

George thought back to those moments, when Albert told him he was now a heretic, Charlie said the same thing. Would a man of the god-emperor gleefully copy down the words of a Heretic monster? Would a man of faith listen to an old crone spittle, berate and mock the imperium? He was at a loss for words. George stood there unmoving, thinking back everyone he knows is gone left him behind. The neverborn then wrapped its arms around him gently she bought her claw down his back he could feel it he thought it would be prickly, painful enough to draw blood. Yet it was a gentle even like a lost lover embracing him.

The neverborn whispered into his ear "Seasha" George flicked to attention "Is that your name?" Seasha leaned back and looked at him with her black eyes George smelt her breath it was like perfume and honey mixed sweetly together. Seasha gave a smile that chilled george's heart but he felt drawn in "What do you do when you are at a loss for words? When you want to free your mind? Your heart?" Your wants?"

George said it under his breath yet "I write, I sketch." Seasha was still smiling "Yes, your excess your need. My prince wants it. He wants your eyes, your mind, she wants your skill and your art." George suddenly felt nervous he grew anxious yet Seasha kept speaking "Give them to her and at the end is a name." When Seasha mentioned that a tear suddenly rolled down George's cheek he had no idea why. George breathed "A name?" Seasha then whispered "of your own."

George's mouth was quivering then he remembered the old lady words neverborn devour people. George looked Seasha in the eyes "You devour people." George stepped back shaking Seasha let him go silently, george said "You seek to devour me! To eat everything that I am. You speak honey words, you are lying! Your kind has been devouring slaves for ages!"

Seasha was no longer smiling she cocked her head to one side " I do lie, I simply speak of your desires I much prefer the truth." George was breathing heavily he cursed he gripped his heart she was telling the truth about him. He loved to wander, to write, to sketch, to see, experience and learn new things. He looked up "What of the slaves your kind eat? What of them? What is their desires!?" Seasha wrapped her arms around herself and smiled "They wanted it, they offered it and I took it. I devoured them slowly carefully so they would enjoy every moment of it and they did. You think I seek to devour you I do not, I protected you."

George clenched his fists he shouted "How did you protect me? Protect me from what!?" Seasha stood straight again she spoke smoothly seductively even "I am like a small wisp on this ship thriving on the excess, then I saw you, your soulfire burning like a star in the muck. I touched the minds of the guards briefly." Seasha began walking forward again, instinct told George to run but his body would not move she raised her claw and suddenly it was a hand. Seasha touched his cheek gently George looked at her hand they were like that of a female her nails were black. Seasha spoke "If my presence was not there, the things they would have done to you. They sought to ruin you and in turn it would prevent the great things you will do for the dark prince."

Seasha then brought her other hand to his other cheek she said "Tell me what is your name?" George breathing heavily it was like he was out breath he responded or at least tried "My nam-" Seasha purred "Is what? 1024? Or George?" George closed his eyes and opened them tears began rolling down his cheeks "I don't have a name." Saying something like that hurt George. It crushed his heart utterly Seasha embraced him again and whispered in his ear "The imperium wanted to shape you into a crude instrument, your mother forced hammered into you that you are a number, your father is just as guilty as her for allowing it. The worst crime is that your "god" wants to blunt and ruin your wonderful talent.The one who thirsts is the one who truly loves you."

George was hearing everything that Seasha was saying and it was true, He knew it was true when did he ever focus on what he wanted? The imperium would punish him for doing what he wanted. They even punished him for doing the right thing. His hands moved to embrace the neverborn also George stammered "What can I do?"

Seasha looked at him she spoke softly "To start your true path, simply embrace what the dark prince has planned for you. Kiss me."

George was silent Seasha was right his faith was ashes. Did he argue with Charlie to convince him? Or himself? He looked at Seasha she was remaining in place watching, waiting and yet a part of George's mind said to pull back. It's a trick, it's a trap, All of what it is saying is a lie to lure you in. Yet his heart wanted a life, A name of his own. For once someone wants to help him to give him what he needs. In his heart he knew she was speaking the truth. George closed his eyes and leaned forward. He soon felt Seasha's lips met his it was like a jolt all his nerves were lit on fire and then George's eyes opened he blinked. He was lying in his bed. He touched his lips a sense of longing, desire panged him and suddenly he also felt a swirl of disgust for some reason.

George breathed out he opened his journal. The page of Seasha's sketch he moved to the next page and wrote everything from his dream in detail. He could remember each moment perfectly. How Seasha moved, How she talked and how she looked. When George was done. He got up from his bed and took a glance at the broken mirror on the wall. The he noticed a change. He walked up to cracked mirror on his wall his eyes were blue he leaned in close to the shattered mirror holding his eye wide up to see if any other changes occured. He then jotted it down next to Seasha's entry but for once strangely George felt alive, everything seemed brighter in his room.

The alarm chimed it was much louder than usual as well. He rushed off to the decking area it felt strange working it felt like everyone's eyes were on him. Work went by as normal then the alarm chimed again for the work to end.

The guards told all the slaves to stop and line up out of the darkness men and women in robes walked down towards to meet them. The guards saluted as they passed. George looked at their chokers a snake biting an apple. The head guard moved over to the the person that looked to be in charge within the group. "This is quite unexpected sir does the lord of sin require something from the slaves." The robed man looked at the guard "Yes he does it seems one of them were in a place they did not belong." George began sweating.
The man in the black robe walked up and down the line and stopped in front of George. You young man will come with us george did not say a word he simply nodded. As he walked with the dark robe men the guards whispered behind him "He is so dead, I wonder how the lord of sin is going to tear him apart."

He walked in the dark hallways he was placed in between a robed man and woman wielding autoguns. If he tried to run he would be shot before he took the first step the leader of the group walked up to George. "You have been eyeing our lectures our lord of sin is sharing his knowledge with his chosen that place was not for your eyes I wonder if he will take them from you. You do have very interesting eyes..." The hooded man gazed at George assessing his features the man spoke again "Hmm I think I have seen your like somewhere before?" He tapped his head and closing his eyes thinking he then turned to George and looked at him again. The man then said "Oh I remember you are one of the lower workers of Athor! I was a noble scion of the upper levels. As always you numbers never knew your place also seeking to rise above your station like fools. So what number were you?"

George hated the man he wanted to hit him but he knew in this moment he should humour him "My serial number is 1024 sir." Saying that number filled George with a sense of disgust he knew that was not him. The robed man then laughed George noted a tear in his eye and he said "1024!? An undercity worker? You are truly trash then, waste! I suppose our lord is going to break you down into materials or perhaps we can run tests on your body?"
He walked to the front of the line while laughing george kept quiet for now.

They went up several flights of stairs it felt like the walk went on for ages. Most likely george was feeling the work of the day creeping up on his body.

He was led to a large set of double doors. The leader of the robed men and women pulled back his hood revealing a fine chiseled face no blemishes he is also looked well fed he truly looked like a born noble. He looked at george smiling "I can't wait to hear your screams our lord should not bother with filth like you." The man opened the doors and george walked in.

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Well I enjoyed it. Hopefully, you write more soon!

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lliu wrote:
Well I enjoyed it. Hopefully, you write more soon!

Thanks! I already wrote the first part of the story working on the second. Got 114 pages so far of writing ready it was supposed to be only a short story... yet I just kept going for some reason.

edit: Forgot to mention I am open to feedback.

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lol I like the story, just watch out for spe/go saw a few and it was a bit odd, but nothing writing or story wise. I can say that I want to see what happens to the dude so yeah great job!

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lliu wrote:
lol I like the story, just watch out for spe/go saw a few and it was a bit odd, but nothing writing or story wise. I can say that I want to see what happens to the dude so yeah great job!

Thanks! I have been working on that thanks for the heads up! I will focus on this more. I keep finding more mistakes every time I read it plus doing this on wordpad >_<. Practice makes perfect! Going to give each chapter a good read before posting. I appreciate the advice. There was also some added difficulty writing because a mate(Who is aspiring writer) said since it's slaanesh and emperor's children I should be careful on handling the legionnaire's and the daemons themselves.

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Yup let's just say they enjoy some pretty things

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lliu wrote:
Yup let's just say they enjoy some pretty things

Yup that was the hard part reading emperor's children novels you got some that are kinda tamed then you have reflection cracked where it's.... Er interesting and gross to say the least.

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Chapter 3

As George walked into the chambers it was very simple, a large bed several soft cushions and a desk with the large monster sitting down writing he looked up "You are here sit in front of me." George could not read his expression under his helmet but he felt compelled to sit down. George shifted his feet and kept his eyes cast low. The large monster stopped writing "Eyes up, now tell me slave give me a reason I should not reduce you into materials for my lessons? I felt a strange presence in the room for a few days until you made the mistake of revealing your location."

The large monster got up from his desk he towered over George "Were you planning some sort of escape? Are there others involved in your mewling slave plot? Those who try to break my order are met with terrible ends. Especially after a raid.." George shook his head thinking he kept called him monster. Yet what right did he have to call him that? He tried to recall the Astartes name it was Adelram he put that at the front of his mind. George then spoke meekly "No sir. I was not looking to escape." Adelram spoke again in a flat tone "So why were you there slave?"

George mouth went dry "I found a hole by accident and I was curious where it went I saw what you were doing I got interested so I started to write it down." Adelram raised his hand laughing slightly "Write it down? That knowledge is not for you, not for a slave and the fact you are a slave you would not understand what I am trying to teach. You seek to learn things not of your station I should remove your eyes and tongue."
George spoke again oddly he did not exactly feel much fear perhaps his experience with Seasha might have been the reason. He responded to the Adelram with a slight edge on his voice "My father taught me to read and write he said if I can read and write I have some hope of getting out of the factory. Just write what I see during my days of work and what I do during the day" Adelram chuckled "I grow tired of this." Adelram activated the apparatus on his backpack the drills span george jumped back dropping his journal on the floor.

Adelram began to walk towards George and stopped in front of the journal George dropped he looked at it for a few moments. The drill on his backpack still spinning, Adelram reached down to pick it up. George ignored what Adelram was doing he wondered if he could escape somehow his eyes darted around the room no exits could be seen. If he somehow got past Adelram his servants would gun him down. He looked back up to Adelram and saw he was going through his journal the apparatus on his backpack powering down. His hand on the chin of his helmet he looked up and spoke flatly "You wrote all of this? Diagrams, instructions clear and concise heavy details of each of my explanations. Sometimes even my servants don't pay this much attention."

Adelram kept flicking through the pages he stopped he looked at one page for several seconds and looked up again. "Where did you get this information? This sketch is so accurate, how did you get such a thing without being torn to shreds?" George gulped "From my dreams sir." Adelram cocked his head "Dreams..." he seemed to be lost in thought.
He walked towards George he was frozen in place he could not move the Adelram towered over George. He grabbed his chin and looked into his eyes he bought his wrist up and scanned his eyes. The large daemon began muttering to himself "Interesting, very interesting... your eyes contain material from the warp should I harvest them? No..." Adelram kept muttering to himself lost in thought.

Adelram leveled his eyes at george again "You have good observation skills and you can put together thoughts in a concise manner. Most people cannot even write down concise diagrams and instructions of gene seed and the warp. A rough diamond.... perhaps my brothers made a mistake what was your profession?" George looked around "I was a factory worker sir.."

Adelram threw back his head and laughed the laugh almost sounded like a roar through his helmet "A factory worker!? This must be some trick you must be playing a trick on me the odds!?" Adelram stopped laughing and looked at george "Perhaps the minions of the false emperor cannot recognised talent at all. Well it seems you will begin your new life with me." He pointed at george and said "You will be at my side. You will serve me until the end of your days."

George blinked "Sir? I don't understand?" Adelram sighed "You are joining my house." The Adelram walked over to his desk and opened the drawer and pulled out a glass case. George looked over to see what he was doing the large daemon opened the glass case. He picked the object up gently. George could see it was a choker

Adelram bought over the choker gently to him a snake biting into an apple. He looked at george assessing him up and down. "Now do you have a name boy?" George looked around and looked straight up to Adelram "I don't have a name, my name is 1024 factory workers on my planet are given serial numbers instead of names."

Adelram stood there for a moment a minute went by the Adelram cocked his head to the side and said "By the Phoenician.. you are serious." Adelram sighed again and continued speaking "Your planet was truly a backwater." Adelram was lost in thought for a moment and spoke "To serve me I will give you a name since I cannot refer you to a serial number you are too valuable for that. A proper name as you serve your new lord your name from now shall be Asriel. I am your new Lord, and you will serve me." He placed the leather choker around Asriel's neck it locked together with a soft hum Asriel felt it around his neck it felt warm for some reason as he looked up at the Adelram then a tear fell down his cheeks. Why was he crying? Was it happiness? A name of his own not a belittling one a proper name by someone who value's him.

Adelram spoke again "You really liked the name that much? Such a small pathetic life you must of lived before but now.. serving me, I shall mold you." Asriel looked up to his new new teacher - master and bowed with tears dripping down his face he said "Thank you so much."
Adelram nodded again "Your eyes have a dark laughter about them when they shine, you will witness my work and you will help me. Your new brothers and sisters will tour you around the upper decks and your new quarters shall be in the same area."
Adelram clapped his hands together Asriel tried to look to see who came in and it was the robed man who escorted him to Adelram he walked into the room and the robed man saw the supposed upstart with a choker around his neck he turned to his lord his face neutral. "Yes lord?" Adelram nodded "Get your new brother some food Agoston he's been fed the slop we give to slaves he needs a proper meal."

Agoston bowed and left the chamber Adelram gestured for Asriel to sit on one of the cushions. Asriel carefully sat down the amount of comfort he got in the chair his eyes suddenly felt heavy he did not even realize he fell asleep. Adelram looked upon his new disciple he thought to himself he looks so innocent and wondered how he survived this long considering the tastes of the guards on the lower levels. The marine shrugged and sat down at his desk going over the contents of his new disciple journal in finer detail.
He unlocked his helmet and placed it down next to him he smiled "Seasha eh? Giving names to such beings is pointless...." Adelram looked over in Asriel's direction shaking his head "He must have luck on his side or this could be mere coincidence..."
Asriel felt embarrassed he fell asleep in his lord's room of course when food was bought in the smell woke him up. Adelram did not exactly mind that he fell asleep he simply just wanted him to enjoy the food. He never even bought it up. There was meat, steamed vegetables on his plate things that only nobles eat. He tried hard not to cry while eating there were several points he had to drink water. Clean water.

When the meal was done several members of the house of sin escorted him out for his tour of the upper levels. Yes Asriel stopped at the door gazing at his Journal on Lord Adelram's desk. Lord Adelram saw Asriel's eyes shifting and said "I will return your Journal in time I am going over the contents it shall be returned." Asriel nodded and followed the house of sin members.
Asriel felt strange parting with his journal but he was also excited to look at the upper levels of the ship. When walking around with his fellow brothers and sisters of the house he saw more Astartes, space marines. They walked for a few minutes and they showed him his new room.
It was larger than his apartment a double bed, a large desk and mirrors around the room also a small door in the corner with a restroom icon on it. He also saw a shower in the other corner. One of the house of sin members stepped forward a woman. She has brown hair, her face was fair and she had freckles. The other house of sin members walked away and she gave a slight bow.
She introduced herself "Welcome brother I am Amethyst and you are?" Asriel nodded to the woman and responded "My name is Asriel." Amethyst raised an eyebrow "Ah that is a rather nice name your mother must of been a smart woman." Asriel began to cast his gaze to the ground at her words "My parents were not much of anything but they did give me the means to be here." Amethyst nodded "I see anyway I will be giving you a proper tour of the upper levels. your new clothes are in the desk I will be waiting outside." Amethyst walked away and left his room the door slid shut upon exiting.

Asriel looked into the desk he saw black robes, finely made with an armband with snake iconography upon it. The clothes felt "clean" a lot more clean than anything he wore before. It felt extremely comfortable it also kept the cold out as well. He got ready and walked out of his room. He saw Amethyst waiting in the hallway she looked at him smiling and said "The robes look good on you, ready to start?"

Asriel nodded she showed him the ship deck everyone's faces on consoles, she showed him the astropaths the blind psykers and she showed him the pict screens the stars the first time Asriel ever saw the stars themselves. I wonder what his father would think of the view? I doubt he would not enjoy being on a ship like this though.

One of the space marines stepped onto the bridge everyone locked their eyes to their console Asriel looked at him he recognised him the winged one that strangled him. He slowly walked in Asriel and Amethyst's direction he stopped in front of both. Amethyst looked stern Asriel did not know whether to feel fear or to bow he saw Amethyst standing like a stone so he followed after her.

The winged marine spoke "It seems our esteemed lord got himself a new pet.." he leaned in close to Asriel and sniffed him Asriel did not know how he smell him under that daemon helmet but he sniffed him all the same. He held his gaze at Asriel "I recognized that smell... I do hope you don't have any bottles or rocks on you this time?" Asriel tried to keep his eyes levelled to the winged Marine "I do not my lord." The marine leaned back chuckling at Asriel's response and nodded "So whats your name pet of Adelram?" Asriel kept his eyes even his new name his only pride and he responded "My name is Asriel my lord."
The marine sounded like he clicked his tongue he shook his head and said "A name from chemos.. How? Impossible what is your real name? If you did not belong to Adelram I would of gut you here pull out the organs of your body and dine upon them" Asriel looked up with confidence and said "It is my name, my lord the name Lord Adelram gave me I had no name before I met him he is my benefactor and my lord."

Asriel got the feeling the marine was assessing him the marine looked him up and down "He must like you a lot to do that then, be sure to stay in his good graces I heard terrible stories." Amethyst spoke up "Lord Silas, Asriel is new I am just showing him around can I help you with something?" Silas shrugged and said "No little Amethyst the houses were just prowling around wondering what the ruckus was. It seems I found it since it was strange that Adelram would send his pets to the slave blocks. Many were hoping for a revolt since that is the only fun to be had on this ship when they occur. He holds us back too much..."

Silas turned around and spoke again "It seemed I found my answer I am rather bored now." Silas gave a slight yawn "I do wonder when the next raid will be? He turned his head towards Amethysts direction her voice was flat when responding "Lord Adelram has not said when the next one will take place he is still sorting out the material gained from the last one." Silas shrugged and sighed "It seems that I have to hunt slaves on the lower decks to pass time." Silas walked away.

Amethyst turned to Asriel "You handled him well Asriel the masters always prod us for weakness have you encountered Astartes before?" Asriel shook his head "No I haven't but I have seen things far more scary than him Amethyst." Amethyst raised an eyebrow "Oh really? Pray tell what was it?" Asriel shook his head trying to push the memory back of his encounter of the neverborn "I don't really want to talk about it." Amethyst shrugged at his response her facial expression to Asriel seems that she will not press the matter further.
Amethyst showed him the pathways to the areas of the House of warriors and daemons. She noted that it would not be a good idea to visit their abodes since they are still in the process of processing the slaves into the houses. They walked down a middle path as they walked down the hall Asriel began to hear music getting louder and louder.

Soon they came upon a great hall it was like a giant bar. There were women dancing in spheres and loud pounding music. Asriel saw members from both houses at tables drinking and chatting. He even saw some astartes surrounded with several multi coloured drinks. Amethyst turned to Asriel "So what do you think? Many of the house servants and even some Astartes come to unwind here." Asriel was awed he never had enough money to attend bars and he was also afraid of the people who tend to show up back on Athor. Asriel looked at Amethyst and said "Why would Astartes come here?" Amethyst smiled "Well to sample the most toxic and exotic drinks." She pointed over to the bartender and there were several lined bottles behind him all multi coloured.

She continued speaking "Some of us snakes make a contest out of who can brew the best wine, Astartes of the house of warriors do enjoy sampling them. For example..." Amethyst walked over to the bartender Asriel followed. She leaned on the counter and spoke to the bartender "Hey jim!, I want to show my new brother some of fine wine. Get some of the new blood off the shelf!" the bartender looked over Asriel saw that he was a rather old man he was wearing black shades and a white shirt cleanly ironed and without a speck of dirt upon it.
Jim walked up to Amethyst "So you want new blood? Showing off again?" As he spoke Asriel noticed his voice had slight echo Amethyst glowered at him and said "No I am just making a point to our new friend. Also Astartes do enjoy my drink." Jim sighed "Well of course considering how you made it even some of the human crew took to drinking it." Jim climbed up a ladder and reached for the new blood he climbed down and handed it to Amethyst. Amethyst turned to Asriel and showed him the drink as Asriel examined it the drink had a blue hue.

Asriel looked at Amethyst and said "How did you make it?" Amethyst smiled "Well, I has born to a mother who was a doctor and a father who was bartender so I have some skill in brewing drinks. We of the houses sometimes to kill time we go slave hunting. That is the right moment to gather materials" Asriel thought hearing such a thing should bother him somehow yet it didn't and it disturbed him slightly he did notice Amethyst was smiling as she said it. Amethyst continued "During the slave hunt we capture them and torment them using all manner of means and we collect their tears we then distil it and mix it with some of the warp residue you can find in certain places of the ship. It is then mixed and aged with normal wine. It has quite a zing that the Astartes enjoy and I heard human crew members eyes dilate upon consumption I am quite proud of it." Amethyst puffed out her chest upon exclaiming this.

Asriel simply nodded he tried not to appear disinterested but he gave a smile he did give a thought and he did not understand why he asked this "So Amethyst why not improve it further?" Amethyst raised an eyebrow concerned and said "Why? it's already perfect, people love it."

Asriel cocked his head to one side "Well now it is but at the end of the day it's a drink and considering how I have seen people want to sample things won't they eventually get bored? Why not push it further? How do you know it's perfect?" Amethyst crossed her arms Asriel saw she seemed lost in thought Asriel moved to break the silence "I did not mean to offend Amethyst..." Amethyst shook her head "No perhaps you are right I mean people can suddenly move onto the next drink if it fancies them it could be in an hour or even the next day. Anyway do you have any more questions?"

Asriel nodded and said "I do have a question what is our duty as members of Adelram's house?" Amethyst put the new blood down and said "Well... our role is to learn from our lord bountiful knowledge to prepare for the future. We take blood samples from the various Astartes of the house of warriors and daemons for lord Adelram to examine I suspect you will be a part of that." Asriel thought to himself and wondered what future did Amethyst mean? He looked at her and said "Can you tell me of this future Amethyst?" Amethyst put one finger to her chin while smiling "Well what lord Adelram tells me is that what we are doing now is setting a groundwork for the return of his lord a primarch."

Asriel grew confused he tried to block out the thunder of music but his mind raced does this group have some relation to the primarchs? he said to Amethyst "You mean the 9 primarchs?" Amethyst face was neutral then it screwed into the face of pure laughter and said "Ah you haven't been told much have you? Those imperials sure like to rot everyone's brains with lies, you see Asriel those false priests tell you that there are only 9. Those 9 who are "holy angels blessed sons of the false emperor. Yes those 9 you know of are the ones who denied the truth of the universe but there are others." Asriel eyes opened wide his mouth went dry as he said "There are more? How many!?" Amethyst smiled "Well there are 9 more 18 in total. Those are the truly blessed ones who grasped the knowledge of the beyond and ascended. Each space marine legion has one who their gene's were based off, for example the Astartes here their primarch is Fulgrim. Well that's what Lord Adelram tells me."

Asriel cast his gaze down this whole time there were more primarch's why did the imperium hide such a fact? Asriel heard a beep Amethyst then pulled out a data pad and looked at it for a few moments. Then looked up at Asriel and said "Well Asriel it seems our tour is done for now." She pulled another data pad out of her robes and handed it to him she continued "This data pad will let you know when Lord Adelram needs us for various tasks and in this instance he needs me." She turned to Jim "We are leaving now old man." The old bartender simply smiled "Ah I will see you later then, perhaps when you are next in I will be on stage singing a new song I have been developing." Jim then turned to the other people on the counter wanting drinks. Amethyst began walking out she turned to Asriel and said "Well I will show you back to your room come along now brother." Amethyst continued walking and Asriel chased after her. For awhile she talked of her profession as a doctor she also went into details on body functions. Asriel instinctively reached for his back pocket but it was not there. He at least tried to commit what she was saying to memory.

They went back to his room door and she waved him goodbye. Asriel walked into his room he also realized his door now had a lock he flicked it. He looked around his spacious room he took off his robes and put on his undergarments left in the drawers at his desk. He lay down on his bed it was so soft then he thought on the information he gained in the last few hours. He wanted to know more about those 9 primarch's perhaps Lord Adelram would tell him if he asked? Asriel then realised how comfortable the bed was his eyes then grew heavy and he fell into a slumber.

Amethyst was walking down towards the chamber of her master she knocked on the doors. The light on the side chimed green as she walked in she bowed. She saw Lord Adelram transferring paper to another book a large bound leather book with chains to carry it and a custom lock that shone gold. When he was done he closed it and he looked up at her and said "Amethyst you have shown your new brother the upper decks?" Amethyst bowed low and responded "Yes my lord I have he seems like a curious sort." The marine nodded "He will be important for our work keep an eye on him."

Amethyst nodded her eyes then shifted around and her lord clearly noticed the marine sighed and said "You wonder why I dote on him so? Are you growing jealous?" Amethyst gave a weak nod she flatly said "I heard rumours he was a simply factory worker not even a noble born of a great house. He has no skills the imperium never trains their workers more than what is required of them in all counts people say he is useless" The marine smiled under helmet "Do you disapprove of my decision?" Amethyst eyes weeded and got on her knees "No never my lord you are wise in all things."
The marine looked at his bowing servant "I can still see your mind races with questions come over." Amethyst walked over to her master's desk she saw him open up the leather bound book. The contents of the page shocked her detailed diagrams, explanations, charts instructions in clear precise order. Amethyst looked to Adelram in shock and said "Who wrote this sire?" Adelram chuckled "It was our factory worker Amethyst." Amethyst looked at Adelram even though he was wearing his helmet she wondered what expression he was making she had a feeling he was smiling. He continued "Yes he may not truly understood what he wrote his writing does need some improvement, but he is observant and he can easily adapt information into an understandable format. He also has that glint in his eye that curiosity the need to understand, to grow. To achieve perfection one must ask themselves questions since without questioning ourselves or everything around us how can we perfect our craft?"

Amethyst felt that her lord's words hurt more than usual for some reason perhaps it's what Asriel said about the new blood drink? Something she considered more of a pass time she felt a small wound in her pride. She looked back at the page she knew deep down a simple mind could not produce something like this. Adelram rose from his chair and looked at Amethyst he towered over and said "Well why don't you rest for now? You did your duties as required and you will have a secured place in the next seminar." Amethyst beamed and bowed "Who shall handle Asriel's introduction to the houses?" Adelram nodded at her response "He will go with Agoston to collect the samples from my brothers. you may leave now Amethyst."

Amethyst bowed and walked out of her masters chamber while walking she thought on those rumours it came from Agoston she wondered how Asriel will handle the next few hours. Agoston was livid with Asriel's induction into the Adelram's circle. She dismissed such thoughts he will be fine he is a smart man she walked down the hall to her room to her mind racing on how to improve her drink.

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Chapter 4

Asriel heard beep, he shot up and looked at his data pad. Amethyst taught him how to use it on the way back to his room he saw a message from lord Adelram he wanted to see him. Asriel threw on his clothes as quickly as he could and raced out of his room. He tried to picture the route Amethyst showed him trying as much as possible to avoid any Marines. If he came across some he gave them a wide berth with a bow to go along with it.
He finally reached the chambers of his new lord and master he knocked the light on the side of the twin doors lit green. Asriel stepped in he saw his master going through notes on his table when he was finally done sorting them he acknowledged Asriel's presence. He looked up to Asriel "Ah you are here, I have a task for you."

Asriel grew nervous he thought to himself a task already!? He was hoping it was not too difficult he did not want to mess up on the first day of serving Lord Adelram. Adelram can see clearly how much of a nervous wreck his new serf was he held up his hand "It's nothing too difficult I just want you to go with Agoston to collect blood samples from my Brothers. I always have them taken after a battle. Due to possible complications.."
Asriel was still silent he just gave a nod, he then heard another knock on the door and another man walked in the same man that belittled him hoping that lord Adelram would harvest his eyes. Agoston gave a great bow and said "You require me, my Lord?" Adelram nodded "Yes I want you to take Asriel with you as you collect blood from my brothers." Agoston looked at Asriel his face neutral "Yes my lord I will take good care of him." Adelram at that response got up from his desk and walked over to both of them. "Agoston see that you do and do be wary some of my brothers may still be jittery after battle considering some of their "tastes" " As Adelram said that Asriel noted there was a slight tone of disgust as he said it also it was only now Asriel noticed his lord was holding something.

Adelram noted that his servants eyes were diverting "You finally noticed it Asriel?" as Adelram said this he handed Asriel a black leather bound book with a lock and a large chain. Adelram folded his arms "This is your new journal I have added the previous entries from your small book to this one and extended the page count." Asriel gripped the leather bound book in his hands the smooth leather caressing his skin he was truly lost for words. He hooked the chain around his shoulder and finally spoke since entering his lord's chambers "Thank you my lord I shall treasure it!" Alderam turned his back and moved to sit down at his desk he responded in a flat tone "See that you do, now both you to your work."
Both men left his chambers Adelram looked back at his stacked notes wondering how his new serf will handle the encounter with the houses. He dismissed such thoughts it's why he placed Agoston with him since he is reliable and favored among his servants.
Asriel stood in the hallway with Agoston he went into a neighboring room ignoring Asriel's presence. He noticed Agoston pull out an apparatus with several glass tubes and surgical drains along with a briefcase. Amethyst told him about some of the tools they use and Asriel guessed they would be using the machine to drain the blood.

Agoston began walking and stopped and looked back over to Asriel "Well number are you coming?" Asriel glowered at Agoston "I am not a number anymore." Agoston sneered at him "To me you still are and the only reason why I am suffering your presence is due to the lord's wishes. Now when we get to the house of warriors and daemons you let me handle the work. You do whatever, stand in the corner and be useless for all I care."

Asriel said to himself give him a chance but it's not looking likely they will ever get along he followed Agoston in silence as he made his way down the corridor. As the walking went on for several minutes he began to hear smashed tables, screams and arguing. They stopped at two double doors Agoston knocked. A speaker blurted out of the vox "Who is it?" Agoston cleared his throat "It is the envoy from the house of sin to do the collection of blood." The vox blurted to life again "One second I will let you in."

The doors slid open and Agoston casually walked in, Asriel followed in after and upon entering Asriel saw a giant open space it was almost as large as the docking bay area with several fighting pits in the room. Men and women drinking at tables and various shooting ranges. Asriel saw space marines dueling in the arena they looked terrifying yet majestic as they dueled one another.

Asriel also realised that several pits had human onlookers Agoston grew upset with Asriel eyeing everything instead of paying attention "See you are being useless, run along and let me do the work." Asriel's brows furrowed "Fine then." Agoston smiled in satisfaction "Good I will call you when the real work is done. Leave the work to your betters."

Asriel wandered off and left Agoston to his devices he was curious about this place, the heavy scent of beer, blood and sweat. He wondered if Albert and Charlie were here? His attention was suddenly drawn to the central fighting pit. He saw two space marines sparring one he recognised he was the one who took him to the spaceship in the thing they called the "Thunderhawk". The other marine looked rather plain in comparison he wore the same black and pink colours of the legion. Asriel pulled out his Journal he wanted to capture their movements each stroke, each swing of their weapons.

Jedrick held both his combat knife and axe in hand his white pelt swaying at his waist even after a raid he wanted to keep his skills sharp. He does not want his skills to dull since if he dies a pitiful death he would be meat for the neverborn on the other side. His brother marine charged with his blade held high they were duelling until first blood. His opponent bought his blade down Jedrick parried away the strike with his combat blade he gave a shout "Is that all you can do Brother Noxus? If you fight like that a guardsmen will kill you!" Noxus grunted he jumped back and charged again swinging right and left alternating.

Jedrick was used to this style his brother never adapted, never refined always the same old moves he parried each blow with his knife turning back each blade strike. He waited for the right moment a sword swing to his right he shifted the strike with the weight of his knife and with his axe he slammed into the chest of Noxus and in one blow he fell to the ground. Jedrick grunted "A guardsmen will kill you for sure Noxus if you fight that sloppy."
He looked up to the various marines and his human servants cheering for another of his victories even so pit fights are boring. He prefers real battle, the sweat on the brow, tasting the cooper-iron blood on lips and the swing of his axe hewing through actual meat. Jedrick looked around and he saw someone he did not recognize he wore the clothes belonging to Adelram. His lord was obsessed with collecting blood samples after every battle always he said that it was for their "future".

He walked up the steps out of the pit he would greet this servant of Adelram gauge how spineless he is with the rest of them they had poor appreciation for the beliefs of the house of warriors and their sparring.

Asriel was breathing heavily that fight was amazing yes the marine with the sword looked great but the marine with the axe and dagger? Asriel took a gaze at his sketches each movement of the marine noted down in detail, each parry, each strike. One thing Asriel began to notice since the dream with Seasha is that his eyes could fellow things that normal eyes cannot keep up with.
Asriel gave a small chuckle to himself but he did wonder what was the house of warriors truly about? They could not be just warriors or drunkards. When Asriel looked up from his journal he saw a giant marine striding towards him he began panicking he is coming in his direction. This time though he was wearing his helmet it had daemonic horns jutting out of the head of the helmet.

The figure stopped in front of Asriel towering over him. Jedrick looked down at the frail young man gripping the book his voice burst through the vox of his helmet "So I wonder? Why has Adelram sent his little pets to my abode? Collecting blood again?" Asriel stammered out a response "Aye my lord Agoston said he would handle it he simply told me to look around." Jedrick chuckled "Oh.. him the mortal fool he bays and prostates himself before my brother for attention." Jedrick looked down slightly and saw the human was writing in the book he then looked at the human again directly. "So mortal what are you writing there?"
Asriel grew nervous his voice came out in a squeak "I was just watching the fight my lord and copying some things down..." Jedrick scoffed "What do you soft meats of the house of sin know of battle? Of war shedding blood for the glory of the one who thirsts?" He looked at this mortal's black book "Let me see it." Asriel eyes shot wide he bit his lip and said "My lord I don't think it's that good." Jedrick laughed "I will be the judge of that now hand me your book."

Asriel meeklishly handed the marine his book, Jedrick looked over the page his expression hidden under his helmet. Jedrick then looked up at Asriel his tone flat "You wrote this?" Asriel nodded, Jedrick looked at the sketches his moves in the last fight in detail his position, each stroke, each parry and angle he deflected Noxus blade. Jedrick breathed out and chuckled "What's your name human?" Asriel tried to stand tall "Asriel my lord."
Jedrick turned over that name in his mind and then Jedrick saw another of Adelram's servants come over he gave a deep bow. "Greetings my lord I came for the after battle blood that Lord Adelram requested." Jedrick looked over them both "Right let's go this farce over with." he looked towards Asriel and handed his Journal back "Sit with us Asriel. I wish to talk with you more." Jedrick then walked over to a large Chair Jedrick said he had it made by the ships finest craftsmen to accommodate his size.

Agoston glared at Asriel "Don't embarrass us number. Be careful of what you say." Asriel nodded and followed. Asriel saw Jedrick sitting back in his chair Agoston sat to his left carefully undoing the Marine's gauntlet and inserted the surgical drains into his wrist. Asriel sat at his right there was silence for a time but that question was bugging Asriel and he blurted it out without thinking. "My lord what is the house of warriors about?" Suddenly there was silence in the room everyone looked over Asriel's direction. Asriel looked around wondering what he exactly said which was wrong.

Asriel could see the fury building in Agoston's face, Jedrick sat up right "Be careful what you say boy I don't want Adelram losing his new favorite pet." Asriel bit his lip back yet he could not help what came out of his mouth "Apologies my lord but I wanted to know what it was truly about, when I watched your duel each of your blows in my eyes felt like they had purpose and meaning behind it. That you were fighting for something more." Jedrick held his gaze at Asriel and laughed harshly he kept laughing as all his all the human soldiers were waiting for his next action. In the room the human soldiers of the house of warriors had no idea what was happening whether their lord was going to kill the man sitting next to him.
Jedrick leveled his gaze at Asriel again and said "I like you! What do you wish to know? Aye there is meaning and I am finally glad someone among Adelram's pets finally noticed." Asriel opened up his Journal he scratched his head not sure whether to ask his question. Jedrick could clearly see he wanted to ask something this man piqued his curiosity "Ask your question Asriel." Asriel cleared his throat "How did the house of warriors start exactly?"
Jedrick was smiling under his helmet of course none could tell but he took a shine to this new human servant he is starting to see why Adelram took a liking to him. As the surgical drain was draining blood into several glass tubes Jedrick looked forward to Asriel it seemed like he was ready to say something he got his pen ready. Jedrick turned towards him he talked out loud making sure everyone in the room can hear "I wished more humans asked these questions perhaps my warriors would finally understand what I am trying to teach them. I shall start from the beginning."

The Grimblood's have received several distress signals from the gothic sector and finally the confirmation of the appearance of the Arch Enemy the wolves sallied out to meet them. The the traitors will break in the jaws of the Grimblood's. Their ship spilled out from the sea of souls and they saw their quarry. The wolf lord had their ship move into contact with the chaos cruiser as they prowled through space the chaos ship lance batteries turned upon them.

The space wolves did not care for such display and their void shields absorbed each impact with ease their ship faced far more fiercer guns than what the chaos ship is levelling at them. They moved in close just close enough so boarding torpedoes can be leveled at the enemy.
On the ship the blood claws got ready for battle to bloody their first enemy against traitors no less. Great stories will be said of this day in the halls the young blood claw named Jedar looked at the grey hunter leading them. "Aye I grew bored of waiting I can't wait to drive my axe in the skull of the traitors." The grey hunter leveled his eyes at this over eager pup, Jedar knew him as Ivar "Calm yourself we are not in grips with the enemy yet Jedar" Jedar scowled baring his fangs "Aye even so I can't wait to cleave these traitors and win great glory all the same."

The wolf lord over the vox of the ship began blurting commands for blood claws to head to the boarding torpedoes and thunderhawks then Ivar nodded to his pack "Get moving all you pups it's time to bleed the traitors!" Jedar snickered "Now who is getting excited?" The grey hunter laughed "Stop trying to be smart and get to your seat!"

Jedar and his fellow blood claws locked themselves into their harness there were 10 of them in total all of them waited readying themselves for battle then movement their torpedo launched. Then a thud and crash and the door slid open. Jedar jumped into the corridor of the ship and smell washed over him it was a heedy musk, mixed with piss and blood. Jedar spat "This place stinks let's kill the traitors quickly so we can leave." Then Ivar slapped him on the back "Oh not so excited now are we?" Jedar growled. Ivar led the blood claws forward.
They came across humans they look weak yet held poorly made autoguns before them. No mercy for traitors the blood claws charged chainswords, blades and guns being drawn. They cleaved the humans apart they barely offered any resistance. Some screamed for mercy, some cursed. Jedar spat wondering where the true enemy is they must of hit the lower part of the ship.

Some humans were still alive clawing at his armour some screaming for help his squad silenced all of them for there can be no forgiveness once one turns traitor. They slowly worked their way up killing more cultists. The cultist turned more of their poor weaponry upon them the bullets of the autoguns were barely making dents in their power armour. Jedar charged into their lines he hacked one cultist in half. Each of the blood claws tearing them apart with ease. Jedar came upon the last cultist alive he was shaking holding his gun tears in his eyes. The cultist bumbled a response "I never wanted this, I thought you were here to sa-" Jedar cut off the traitor's word off by hewing his axe into his head. Jedar thought to himself no mercy, they speak lies and half truths. The cultist crumpled on the floor.

Jedar looked around he saw a flight of stairs at the end of the hall Jedar looked at Ivar "Are you done killing their meat shields?" Ivar removed his chainsword from the chest of a cultist "Aye, I saw how you killed that cultist who tried to speak." Jedar raised his eyebrow "Oh did I do something wrong?" Ivar gave a chuckle "Of course not, you did good work there are times many humans on traitor ships cry for mercy or for a savior. It's good you did not listen they are traitors and heretics. Who speak lies to make you hold your advance."

Jedar shrugged "Of course I did not listen, if they were truly loyal they would of ate a bullet soon as they stepped on this hell hole." Ivar nodded "Indeed brother. Now let's keep moving."

They moved up the flight of stairs finally jedar heard the clamour of battle he saw several grey hunters in cover blasting at the heretic astartes with bolters. One grey hunter got caught in head his face disintegrated in a mist of gore. As Jedar looked upon the traitor marines their armour assaulted his senses pink, blacks and purples all mixed in eye bleeding colours. He rushed into cover along with Ivar. Ivar began blasting his bolt pistol at the traitors.
He knelt down into cover and looked at Ivar while smiling "Those traitors look bloody terrible, disgusting as well." Ivar knelt up shooting one traitor in the chest with his bolt pistol causing him to stagger and then one shot in the head "Aye disgusting lot they are the emperor's bastard children we call them." Jedar snickered "Does not matter what their names are they are traitors in the end." Ivar nodded "Aye they are pup."

They eventually cleared the hall of enemy marines Jedar got a closer look at them some of them bore no helmet he saw the clear mutation upon them some had snake like tongues hanging out. Some bore milky white skin and others had heretical tattoos. It filled him with disgust he spat acid on one of their corpses. Jedar then felt shaking "What's that?" Ivar looked over his blood claws and did a head count all were alive and some of the grey hunters were also still standing. "This is good" he said to himself he relayed an order "The ship powering up we must get to the bridge!" Jedar and the rest of his follow blood claws nodded. The leader of the grey hunters walked over to Ivar "We will keep the traitors held here, none shall pass us." Ivar gripped his arm "Fight well brother, bleed them dry." The grey hunter laughed "Aye I will they will cry blood when I am done with them!"

The blood claws raced upwards and they came upon another squad of traitor marines this time they looked to be lead by a traitor who looked like an apothecary. Ivar looked to his blood claws and yelled "Kill the traitors!" the enemy stood there impassively as they charged the ship rocked almost throwing jedar and the other blood claws off balance.
Jedar sneered "What's going on?" Jedar then heard a chuckle it was coming from the traitor Apothecary "Well it seems our plan worked..." Jedar saw the traitor apothecary walking away the doors sealed shut behind him leaving his traitor brothers in the hall with the blood claws. Jedar hated hearing the traitor speak and he walked away like a coward. He yelled and charged the other blood claws followed suit. Then the corridor began filling with mist Jedar screwed his face into disgust he could smell a sweet perfume mixed with honey and he got the hint of brimstone.

His run turned into a stride then and a walk and then Jedar and the other blood claws fell to their knees. Jedar was numb he could not move the last thing he saw was the apothecary now walking over to him the mist dissipating. He caught the last few words "The starlight king has his bounty." Jedar eyes finally slid close.

Jedar eye's then shot open he could not move, he was not wearing his armour either. Jedar tried to look around he was in a clean white room surrounded by shelves of various liquids and glassed organs. Jedar then heard a door open and in his vision he saw the apothecary from earlier. His anger rose and he strained in his bonds he wanted to tear his throat out.
The apothecary sighed under his helmet "Please don't strain the bonds and keep still" Jedar roared at the traitor "I will kill you traitor! Where are my brothers!?" The apothecary shrugged "You threaten to kill me then ask me where are your brothers? Why should I answer?" Jedar bared his fangs at the traitor "Once I am free I will remove your head from your shoulders."
The apothecary turned his back to the the space wolf and began searching the shelves for various drugs and narcotics. He began placing them on the desk next to Jedar in silence. He finally broke the silence when he placed down the final drug that had a pink like hue to it. "Your brothers are most likely dead considering the "taste" of my brothers I requested to the starlight king that I can at least have you and your leader. You see we were trying to bait space marines into attacking us we had our warp engine warmed up for a retreat when you found us. The starlight king does enjoy catching loyalists."

Jedar made a face of venom "Why? To take my gene seed of me and my brothers? Ha! Scavengers the lot of you!" The apothecary shook his head "No I need allies, the starlight's kings is planning his ascension. So there will be a power vacuum at some point and I am not exactly well liked by my brothers largely we don't have the same "interests" " Jedar roared shouting "I will never join you traitor scum! I will rather die than spit on my oaths!"
The apothecary chuckled "I know but I will simply show you a different perspective." The Apothecary got out a machine with several glass cylinders and each cylinder had a tube ended with a needle. He inserted each needle into his captive and filled each cylinder with a drug or a mix of the various jars filled with multi coloured fluid.
Jedar scowled "what are you doing to me?" the traitor apothecary was humming "Well as I said encouraging a different perspective. This machine I designed and the concoctions are going to erode your psycho-indoctrination and you will become open to "suggestion" you will be my ally space wolf." The apothecary turned on the device and it began feeding the drugs into his captive system.

Jedar felt a hundred things at once, pain, pleasure, sadness, anger and a whole range of other emotions. His eyes rolled back and he began to dream. Jedar opened his eyes he was not in his wargear and had no weapon. He was in a strange landscape it was like a garden and he was surrounded by statues of humans men, women and daemons intermingled in illicit shapes. He hated this place. He wanted to leave and save his brothers.
He walked through the garden he tried his best to ignore the smell of the flowers it was distracting him. Then as he took a step he was surrounded by pink wisps they whispered in his ear they told him that great glory awaited him. That he is killing for the wrong cause, that there is someone else would adore to have a warrior like him.

Jedar tried to shut the voices out they were lies focus on his missing brothers. The pink mist swirled together and he saw shapes forming. Woman like monsters with purple and pink porcelain skin, their chest half male and female they were cooing and walking closer their tongues lashing out their hands ended with crab like claws. Jedar looked around he needed a weapon.

He needed his axe he thought of his axe and it appeared, Jedar shocked with his axe in hand Jedar shook his head no time to think deal with the daemons and then he can think on his situation later. He snarled at the monsters and charged. The she-daemons began laughing and pranced towards him he met the first daemon he cleaved off it's arms and then it's head pink ichor splashing onto the flowers. One darted around him and and slashed him in the back with it's claw Jedar grunted in pain. He rounded on the creature and crashed his fist into its face the creature flew back crashing on the ground.

Jedar looked around he was being surrounded he snickered he fought worse odds in his trials and he charged at another daemon approaching. The daemon beckoned him closer while smiling. Jedar could not help but also smile he bought his axe down slashing across it's chest pink ichor sprayed his face.

He licked his lips upon doing so his eyes dilated his nerves were on fire he wanted to fight with these daemons more. He wanted to savour each blow each cut and as he did so slicing away at the daemons he could hear every splash of pink ichor hitting the flowers within the garden and the more he killed he started to smell sweet honey with a tinge of brimstone in the air.

It was no longer a fight but a bedlam of violence two forces cutting each other in sheer joy. He kept hacking again and again until nothing was left.
The daemons were dead his body exhausted yet he felt elated happy even there was a joy after he killed the last one his body covered in gashes and cuts and the ichor of daemons. For some reason his wounds did not hurt he enjoyed when he was gashed and when he cut the she-daemons in turn.

He heard a voice when it spoke it caused him pain and yet bought him to the brink of rapture as it spoke he never felt anything like this before he could not move "Did you enjoy it?" Jedar rasped "Yes! It was glorious! I want more let me fight and cut more...." there was a laugh mocking and seductive at the same "Not yet, you cannot join us yet to abase yourself before me to kill for me." Jedar felt the voice vanishing he yearned for it to come back to praise him, to acknowledge him he shouted "No! Please come back I beg of you! What do I have to do to see you! Please!" Jedar was now alone he felt tired for some reason he dropped to his knees. He collapsed unto the flowers he breathed it in the smell of the ichor mixing with the scent of the flowers. It was relaxing he closed his eyes.

He opened them again he was in the white room still strapped down, the surgical drains still inserted into his body. The Apothecary turned to him "You said some very interesting things you know that?" Jedar was confused "What do you mean? I don't understand." Jedar felt weak groggy even he could not think properly. He wanted to get back to that place and fight some more when he was there he felt alive more alive than ever before.

Jedar looked at the Apothecary he could not tell what sort of expression he was making it angered him. If only... he tried to move he was weak. The Apothecary went over to the cupboard again picking up concoctions and various drugs he looked at Jedar "I am increasing the dose. Oh and what's interesting is that you did regret killing the slaves on the lower levels." Jedar lurched up from his bonds "I don't regret a thing! They were traitor scum just like you!" The apothecary laughed "Oh? The people you killed were those taken from a recent raid. I watched them for a time constantly praying hoping someone will come to save them."

Jedar was silent he had no words, the apothecary then filled up the glass cylinders with even more drugs. When he activated the machine the drugs hit Jedar's system he jolted. His eyes grew tired again all he saw was the Apothecary looking at the machine.
Jedar awoke again this time he was in a long hall, mirrors lined on the walls he had his axe in hand. He kept walking Jedar sniffed the air the scent was intoxicating as he walked. Then out of each of the mirrors came pouring out even more she-daemons. Jedar readied his axe, he cleaved the first daemon in the hall ichor splashing on him yet he did not feel it on his skin. He looked at himself he was in his grey armour. When he looked at it he remembered his brothers, Ivar might still be alive if he could get through this first.
He ran down the corridor two more daemons charged at him with their crab claws snapping. The first moved in laughing and tried to reach for his neck. Jedar hewed off it's arm ichor splashing onto the mirror. The daemon did not howl in pain but in pleasure it kept up it's assault snapping with it's one claw remaining.

Jedar then felt a pain from his back the second daemon stabbed it's claw into his waist. Blood was leaking out. The second pulled its claw from his wound harshly twisting it's claw. Jedar dropped to one knee. The first was still charging towards him laughing, Jedar grunted and charged forward grabbing the daemon and slamming it into the wall with the weight of his body shattering the mirror. Jedar saw the pieces of glass spearing it's back, pink ichor dripping from the wall unto the floor. The daemon spoke quivering "I want more" it caressed his cheeck drawing blood. Jedar roared he stepped back and bought his axe down into it's face. The daemon stopped moving it was smiling still and let a rasp "That felt wonderful...."

Jedar turned to the second it stood there waiting it was casually licking up the blood from it's claw it looked at him it's black eyes blinking rapidly. When daemon was done it spoke "How kind of you to let me finish. How about we share?" Jedar spat "Never will I share something with a daemon." The daemon purred "Really? you enjoyed drinking up life blood in the garden." Jedar blinked he began to recall the taste on his lips, Jedar's breathing became heavy. Jedar stood there unmoving, why did he not move? He thought to himself, he was just watching. The daemon smiled "I will go first then.", the daemon charged it leapt over him, Jedar turned to swing his axe the daemon ducked and stood up it kicked his hand wielding his axe. The axe flew from his hands. Jedar turned his head and then the daemon leapt upon him he struggled he could smell it's musk it was heedy, intoxicating even. The daemon was laughing "As I said I am going first." The daemon bit down on his neck Jedar howled in pain he slammed the daemon onto the wall yet it held his grip onto him. The daemon tore a chunk of his flesh off and swallowed.

Blood was leaking down his armour he fall back on the wall the daemon was still nibbling clutched to his armour. Jedar grit his teeth he punched the daemon the daemon it hissed then Jedar bought his teeth down on it's shoulder he bit into its flesh he tore a chunk out the daemon it howled in pleasure. Jedar slammed the daemon onto the wall again he stepped back and he gave the daemon another punch.

The daemon sagged somewhat and leapt back clutching it's shoulder smiling. "See? That was not hard? Was it?" Jedar still held the meat of the daemon in his mouth the normal instinct would be to spit it out yet he swallowed. He felt sick but then his body felt like it was lit on fire. Jedar looked down and picked up his axe. He spoke pink ichor matting his mouth "I will save my brothers." The daemon laughed "Is that the lie you are telling yourself?"
The daemon charged, Jedar readied his axe, the daemon leapt as it did so Jedar charged forward. The daemon tried to grip him again it wrapped its arms around him. This time Jedar allowed it the daemon bit down again into the wound Jedar raised his axe and slammed his axe into it's back again and again.

It's ichor splashing across his armour eventually the daemon sagged and dropped to the floor. Jedar covered in blood and pink ichor kept walking. He was tired so very tired. He then saw the door just before it there were 5 mirrors on both sides and more daemons poured out. Jedar closed his eyes and charged.

Jedar gripped the door, he was weak he wanted to collapse wounds, blood, pink ichor, holes and slashes covered his armour. He turned the handle and opened the door. He came upon a white room. There was a table in the center, Jedar walked forward using his axe to balance himself. His right leg was heavily injured in the last fight.

When Jedar reached the table he looked forward he saw another daemon sitting there it's legs crossed. It looked similar to the others but it had jewelry on various parts of it's leather corset. It also had normal hands. The daemons tongue flicked out "You must be tired, why don't you sit down?" Jedar then looked to his right he saw a large single chair to accommodate his size.

Jedar did not have the strength to fight and if this was the leader it could kill him easily. Jedar sat down carefully blood leaking from his power armour. Jedar broke the silence “What do you want?” The daemon sat back in its chair “I want you to relax of course. So what did you think of the attentions of my fellow handmaidens?” Jedar clenched his fists “I thought nothing they were in my way, so I killed them.” The daemon leaned back her head slightly “Really? That's not what I saw.” Jedar saw the daemon reach down and brought up a large mirror. As Jedar looked at it he saw the image from his last fight he was smiling at every moment. He was smiling with glee. He was Smiling in happiness even when the meat of the daemon was in his mouth.

Jedar chittered his teeth "That is a lie!" The daemon placed the mirror back down it shrugged "Oh? You know how you felt during the Garden. Now you can't control your expressions?" Jedar could not think clearly for some reason he looked up he shouted "I need to save my brothers! I need to save Ivar!" The daemon clicked it's tongue "Excuses, Excuses fine I shall help you save them." Jedar breathed out a sigh of relief some light was returning to his eyes "Why will you help me daemon?" The daemon smiled "I want what you want." The daemon clicked it's fingers the room was covered in a smog. Jedar covered his eyes as he opened them the table was full of food of all kinds. In his dim memories of fenris most tribes would kill each other for a feast like this.

Since becoming an Astartes Jedar never really desired food in such a fashion but his mouth watered. The daemon leaned forward "Eat, you need to recover your strength don't you? Eat and relax. You can't save your brothers in such a state can you?" Jedar looked at the food he knew in some small part of his heart that the daemon was lying. Yet he needed his strength to save his fellow blood claws and Ivar. Jedar picked up a piece of meat and bit into it. The taste assaulted his senses he never tasted anything like it. Nibbles became bites and he began chewing through the food. Wine, Meat, steamed rice.

He kept eating and eating until he realised nothing was left. The daemon was still leaning forward smiling "See? I gave you what I promised look upon yourself." Jedar looked at himself all the wounds were gone, he felt full of energy. The rents and gashes on his armour vanished as well. He looked up towards the daemon it was gone, the chair was empty.

Jedar sat up he swings his axe a few times he felt good for some reason hearty even. He walked forward and a door appeared in front of him. He opened it and he came upon a small hall with a mirror at the end. He walked forward down to the mirror he looked upon it what he saw crushed him. His armour was not the grey of the space wolves but it was black and pink. Various leather straps were on sections of his armour. He cried out and then he was in darkness.
He was surrounded by his fellow blood claws they yelled at him traitor! traitor! Jedar reached out he called to his fellow blood claws "No! I seek to save you wait!" The blood claws walked away leaving him. He then saw Ivar walk forward Jedar a slight smile crossed his features "Ivar! I don't know what's going on the traitor must of done something to me!" Ivar spat in front of him "Silence pup, you know what you did. You know what you felt and that you want more. You aren't welcome to fenris anymore. You aren't a space wolf or brother anymore." Ivar walked away into darkness Jedar dropped to his knees.

He felt defeated crushed then he felt a presence behind him it's weight crushed him he heard a voice that was familiar yet not "You are no son of mine." At those words Jedar cried out he shouted at the top of his voice. Then someone walked forward it was the Daemon from the room before it stroke his head gently. "They will hate you for what you did. They are not your family anymore." Jedar breathed out "Yet I will do anything for my brothers." The daemon hugged his head "Yet they will not do anything for you. I know of someone who will love you for what you are. Who will welcome your every vice and joy without question. He will reward you. She will let you live for eternity for doing what you enjoy."
The daemon removed it's arms from him and stepped back and then the darkness blew away.

Jedar saw a great image of a palace every delight, every vice and a far greater war was there and then suddenly he was in a whirling, storm things in the form of man and women clawing at him biting him chewing on him the pain was unbearable.

Jedar eyes blinked open he lay on the medical bed, no growling no snarls he spoke plainly "Release me." The apothecary looked at the space wolf he wondered if the experiment worked correctly. The space wolf broke his thoughts and he repeated "Release me." The apothecary responded "Will you be my ally then?" Jedar looked at the apothecary "Aye I will, now release me."

The apothecary slowly released the restraints on his captive. The space wolf sat up looked around he felt more alive than he ever has been before. He got off the operating table and looked at the apothecary "Where is my wargear?" The apothecary assessed the space wolf "How can I know you are committed to be my ally?" Jedar smiled while showing his fangs.

The apothecary took Jedar to the captured grey hunter Ivar he was also strapped down. Jedar was in his full wargear his axe and his space wolf power armour. Ivar braced at his restraints and spat venom "Pup why are you with that traitor?" Jedar breathed in heavily he could smell Ivar's suspension, his anger and sadness. Jedar responded "I thought on this apothecary's offer and I took it I desire eternal glory on the other side to kill, to eat, to enjoy the pleasures that my new patron offers and all that she requires of me to reach her halls is a glorious death. I will show others the path to glory as well."

The apothecary stared at the space wolf called Ivar he could see the sadness in his gaze he wondered how effective the experiment was on his new ally? Ivar spoke slowly to Jedar "It's not too late Jedar, this foul traitor must of twisted your mind somehow messed with your thinking. Kill him now and free me and we can find our brothers." Jedar drew his axe and smiled and bought it down on Ivar again and again. Until all that was left was a pulp of meat. Jedar was breathing heavily covered in the blood of his former brother "That felt good. The sense of betrayal and the joy of killing him." Jedar turned to the apothecary raising an eyebrow "So ally? Well my new brother in arms do you have a name?" The apothecary was impassive he gave none of his emotions away in his response in a flat tone he said "Adelram."

Jedar slapped his knee "Interesting name! I think hanging with you is going to be mighty interesting." He smiled at his new brother Adelram clearly displaying his canine teeth.

Asriel penned the last part of Jedrick's story it was amazing but his mind still swarmed with questions he removed his eyes from his journal and looked at the Marine "So is this space wolf still alive?" Jedrick gave a chuckle then he was silent for a few moments "No he is long dead it's been about a century or more." Asriel frowned "I would of liked to meet him."

Agoston then removed the last surgical drains and placed the glass vials of blood into the briefcase he turned to Jedrick "Lord Jedrick the blood extraction is done." Jedrick sat up and stretched his arms "Finally never talked for so long without duel." Jedrick looked at Asriel "You are pretty interesting you know that? You are more than welcome to record more of what I have to say." Asriel smiled "Anytime?" Jedrick scoffed "Well yes, now I am actually quite annoyed that I did not get to you first. What were you before? A philosopher? Or a writer?"

Asriel scratched the back of his head "Well, I am not exactly good at fighting my lord and before I was brought here I was a simple factory worker" Jedrick stopped then removed his helmet and raised an eyebrow " The odds? A factory worker? Perhaps a plan is in the works? About the lack of combat experience? That can be fixed, to reach glory and perfection one must start from the bottom. Remember the goddess prefers the ugly man who seeks to improve his features over the pretty man who thinks he is already perfect."

Asriel looked directly at jedrick as he said this his face was androgynous with his hair cut to one side he locked that image in his mind he saw that he was also smiling showing small fangs also. He sketched that frame down and wrote down his parting words he saw him striding towards the duelling pits and Asriel just realised that everyone was silent in the room looking at him. He felt no malice or hatred a tinge of curiosity until Jedrick broke the silence "What are all of you standing around for! Back to training! Before I decide to flay one of you!"
Everyone scrambled and the sound came back into the chamber. Agoston was looking at him as always his face not giving away how he is actually feeling he simply packed up the apparatus and began walking out his head turned "Are you coming number? We have one more stop."

Asriel got up from the chair until he heard cheering and shouting and through the double door entrance he saw several soldiers holding chained up people. At the front of the group he saw the soldier named Alfred leading them. He approached Jedrick with the chained up people "My lord we captured a large bounty from the lower levels." Jedrick nodded to Alfred "And the new recruits?" Alfred saluted "Only two died to the claws and clubs of the lower level mutants and slaves my lord." Jedrick chuckled "Only two this time? Perhaps this lot are made of sterner stuff that the last group." Alfred bowed and then made his way with the chained slaves and soldiers to the shooting range then Asriel saw two people he recognized Charlie and Albert.

He ran over ignoring Agoston's instructions "Charlie! Albert! is that you?" The two men turned both were shocked Charlie spoke first "Little George you are still alive?" Asriel raised his eyebrow at him calling him that "That's not my name anymore." Charlie laughed "Oh really what is your name then?" Asriel puffed out his chest slightly and stood straight "It's Asriel now that's the name my new lord gave me." Upon Asriel saying this Albert had a surprised look on his face and said "New lord? What happened? Also why are your eyes blue?" Asriel nodded "Indeed Lord Adelram had me join his house." Asriel pulled down his black robe slightly showing the leather choker with the snake biting an apple. Asriel then scratched the back of his head "My eyes? That would take awhile to explain I think."
Charlie shrugged then he smiled "So Geo- I mean Asriel you finally moved up in the world eh?" Asriel smiled and then looked at the chained slaves "So what are the chained people about?" Albert shifted his gaze to the chained slaves "The tests in the lower levels did not end there they ran us ragged all forms of excise, weapon use and tactics training. The final test was to capture a number of slaves on the lower levels we were only given a combat knife." Asriel's eyes beamed "You must tell me about it!" Asriel began pulling out his journal charlie folded his arms "You really want to hear how we stabbed people to death, shot,maimed and chained people up? What exactly did your new lord do to you? I never knew you had the stomach for this?"

Asriel stopped thinking for a moment why did he want to hear more? The things they done were horrific but he wanted to know and then he heard someone walking over it was Agoston "Are you done?" Asriel turned "Er yes I was just saying goodbye sorry about that." Asriel bowed and walked off with Agoston. Yet he stopped and turned around to Charlie, Asriel said "Oh Charlie?" Charlie raised an eyebrow "What is it?" Asriel breathed out "You were right before and I am sorry." Charlie looked stunned for a moment, afterwards Asriel ran off. Charlie and Albert looked at each other charlie broke the silence "Do you think he would of wanted to hear what we were going to do with them?" Albert breathed a sigh "I think he would with a smile and that should worry you. I think he gave it away." Charlie furrowed his brows "Gave what?" Albert was about to speak until Alfred shouted "New recruits to the firing range!"

Asriel left the chambers of the house of warriors with Agoston. Then he began hearing gunshots and screams and he turned around Agoston then yelled at him "We are already behind schedule hurry up!" Agoston words broke his concentration but deep down Asriel was curious on what was happening inside. He wanted to know to experience what they were doing. He sighed and followed Agoston he did not want to get reprimanded again.
As they were walking down the corridor Agoston went through his pack and pulled out two gas masks one for himself and one for the number. He had no idea what his lord was thinking allowing someone like him in their circle but there are at times feuds between members and they tend to vanish. His lord even does not pay too much mind when some of his students go missing.
He made some modifications to Asriel's gas mask beforehand he has seen the effects of those who went to the house of daemons and breathed in their "toxic" mist. Most become mewling degenerates seeking pleasure most humans who join are given it in small doses. He turned to the number "Hey number here is your Gas mask" Asriel looked at it "Do I have to wear it when we visit the house of daemons? Agoston simply nodded and turned around as he put his gas mask on he was smiling.

Asriel slipped on his gas mask it was slightly tight but he bared it he walked with Agoston for a few more minutes until they came to another set of double doors. Agoston moved to knock and the side light suddenly turned green without his hand touching the door.
The doors then slid open and a pink mist bellowed out of the doors Asriel saw Agoston casually walked in and Asriel then followed on.

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Eternally-Stimulated Slaanesh Dreadnought

Chapter 5

As they stepped into the chamber the space was as large as the house of warriors but instead of looking like a heavy training area with fighting pits and men and women at tables drinking and practising their marksmanship. Asriel stepped into a giant temple or cathedral. Censers hanged from the walls with long trails of parchment and terrifying and beautiful daemonic statues in various poses.

Asriel then could hear the droning of prayers, groans and screams he stuck close to Agoston but a part of him felt an intense need to wander and a sense of excitement gripped him. As they walked a pink smog hovered around their feet and as Asriel looked around he saw various booths he heard screaming and prayers within them. He thought to peek inside but discarded the thought focus on the task lord Adelram gave them.

They walked for a few more minutes and then they came upon a giant altar and a statue above it of a woman at least Asriel thought it was a woman with hands out like embracing a long-lost lover the statue had long flowing hair 4 small horns sprouting from its head. The statue also had one breast on the left side and a flat chest on the right. They were also two hovering crystals next to it squinting his eyes Asriel thought he saw something moving within it.

Agoston turned his head “Stop starting, don't look at such things for too long I want to get this done as quickly as possible.” Asriel could clearly see Agoston was uncomfortable here. They walked up the altar, and they saw several men and women sitting at benches or kneeling. Some with skin inked in black writing others wore full black latex suits with holes only for their eyes and mouths. Others were on the ground heavily breathing up the mist shivering with each breath.

Asriel saw that Agoston was looking around “What's the matter Agoston?” Agoston put his hand to his chin “There are no marines here they are normally here praying. Or enjoying other “Delights” “ Asriel looked around “How about we ask some people here?” Agoston scoffed “I don't think the people here are in any state to answer number.” They waited for a few moments until they were approached by a woman. A woman Asriel recognised.
She wore the same silk pink gown and had the same leather straps her body. As he remembered, her skin was milky white her body was inked with various daemonic iconography and runes and words. Her hair reached to her back her face was marred with no blemishes her face was the picture perfect form of beauty the only unnatural thing about her was her pink eyes and her pupils were slits. Her voice was like honey "Ah are both of you here to see the lords of the after battle blood extraction?"

Agoston approached the woman Asriel could see he was trying hard not to make eye contact "Yes we are Lady Isira, we are here to see Apostle Ivan and the other marines" Isira put a finger to her lips and then clapped her hands A man wearing a leather mask and simple pink robe stepped forward holding a metal case. He handed it to Agoston, Agoston clearly confused opened the case he saw several labelled vials of blood within the case. Agoston placed the case down and checked through each all the marines were there apart from one. Apostle Ivan, Agoston looked up at Isira "Lady Isira Apostle Ivan's blood sample is not here."

Isira made an innocent smile "Yes he is still in the middle of his after battle prayers." Agoston replied flatly "I see and will Apostle Ivan be done soon?" Isira nodded "Yes, you can wait here if you want. Several of the women here are quite interested in you Agoston." Asriel could see Agoston is getting nervous Agoston shook his head "I must refuse I must focus on my duties for Lord Adelram." Isira walked forward to Agoston face to face "You would refuse even me? Why don't you take off that disgusting mask? Enjoy yourself a little while you wait?" Agoston stepped back slightly "As I said Isira I must focus on the task I will sit on a bench and go through the contents of the briefcase and transfer the blood to the case Lord Adelram gave me. I thank you for delivering it to us." Isira gave a slight frown at his response.

Asriel noticed that Isira did not even acknowledge his existence in that whole exchange but after Agoston's last response she turned around pouting and walked away. Agoston breathed out a sigh. Agoston turned to Asriel "you will sit here with me and help me go through the contents of the case Number" Asriel was confused why did he need his help to go through the blood that is clearly labelled? Asriel shrugged and sat down with Agoston checking each of the blood samples.

It was over 30 minutes and the groans, screams and the mutterings of prayer did not end Asriel saw that Agoston was having a hard time to focusing. Asriel thought for a moment all the sounds going on it did not bother him in the slightest he felt pretty at ease in this place for some reason. Asriel then heard two people walking over and he saw it was Isira along with the man with the leather mask. The man simply picked up the metal case he gave Agoston he did not utter a word and he simply walked away Isira then looked at Agoston "Apostle Ivan will see you now. I will escort you to him."

Agoston hurriedly closed the briefcase full of Space marine blood he was clearly nervous "Thank you Isira lead the way." She smiled and began walking Agoston followed after her. Asriel wondered why he was so nervous and followed on.
They walked through several passages the same unending pink mist in the air. They came to double doors and Asriel saw the doors were covered in human skin. Isira rubbed the doors gently "Lord Silas made this for Apostle Ivan Agoston you should of seen it, Silas is quite an Artist." Agoston spoke "Yes, I assume this is Ivan's chamber?" Asriel saw that Agoston was trying hard not to look at the doors. Isira then pushed them open and they walked in.

As Asriel stepped in the chamber with Isira and Agoston Asriel saw various art pieces on the wall the detail took his breath away. Then Asriel looked around in the corners he saw people they seemed people men and women coupling many of them androgynous they were eyeing both him and Agoston hungrily. Perhaps if he got the chance he could ask them some questions?

Asriel looked at Agoston he was keeping his eyes straight not looking around. Like was trying to block out everything in the room. Then they saw the marine Apostle Ivan sitting on a large cushion relaxing. They stopped in front him Isira bowed "I have bought them here my lord." Ivan raised a hand and tapped the large cushions "Ah you are here, come now sit down I am sure both of you are tired." Agoston slowly made his way to Ivan and sat down on the cushion next to him and prepared the the apparatus and the surgical drains. Asriel sat down on Ivan's right.

Ivan beckoned Isira "Now girl you have been working all day why don't you sit down as well?" Isira looked up rapture clearly on her face she sat down right next to Agoston. Asriel could see Agoston was shifting in the cushion, Asriel could tell that he wanted to do this as quickly as possible and leave.

Asriel looked at Apostle Ivan he was smiling Asriel was not sure if he is allowed to ask any questions he could see that Agoston wanted to leave quickly. Yet he could not help it "My lord if you would indulge me why made you decide to start your congregation here?" Isira made a face like venom and looked in his direction "How dare someone lik-" Ivan held up his hand still smiling silencing her complaint.

Ivan turned to Asriel "You want to understand don't you?" Asriel nodded, Ivan licked his lips "Before I tell this story why not take off that mask? It must be uncomfortable." Asriel did find wearing the mask to be uncomfortable it was tight to wear. He wanted to hear Ivan's words so he began undoing the straps of his mask. He pulled it off and smiled.

Ivan nodded and smiled "See? Does that not feel better?" Ivan then gave Agoston a slight glare he was silent continuing to fill the glass cylinders with blood. Ivan leaned back in the large Cushion "Right when it started... I have such fond memories of that time" Asriel opened up his journal and looked up. He could also see Isira was also curious.

Dark Apostle Ivan of the word bearers lord of the black heart war host was chasing down a squad of the disgusting third down the streets of a hive world he had a squad of word bearers and his first acolyte in tow. He hounded them for several months by the orders of the dark council and was caught in a pitched battle for days they caught them in the middle of a raid.
He heard stories about how the emperor's children conducted themselves towards their slaves they were a wasteful lot. It was well known that they burnt through slaves quickly due to using them to fuel their base desires. They did Not know the true way of worship they are disgusting Idolaters and cowards that did not bow to chaos in all it's glory.

The word bearers legion was unified in it's devotion to chaos and organized to near legion strength. If he did not hate the emperor's children for the legion wars he would almost have felt pity for their state.

They continued chasing his first acolyte Amon wanted to get to grips with the emperor's children as much as he did "Dark Apostle Ivan how long do you think they will keep running?" Dark Apostle Ivan shook his head "I do not know the emperor's children are a cowardly and selfish lot still our brothers are on pitched battles on multiple fronts and winning. We will soon complete our task."

Amon nodded and they continued their chase they ran for several minutes until they were led into a abandoned factory. He shouted at the squad of emperor's children "So you cowards had enough of running? Today the neverborn will dine on your souls. Idolater you will die for many transgressions and your false worship" A marine who looked like the leader of the group was wielding an axe. He turned around to face Ivan his armour was black and pink with a fur pelt wrapped around his waist. His helmet was faced like a scowl the marine laughed "Aye we were running leading the prey into a trap.." Ivan raised his eyebrow "Trap? Your the one at the dead end outnumbered." The marine shrugged and sighed "You book worms always think you are superior, worship this way, worship that way thinking you are above everyone else. The choirs of the warp don't give a rat's arse about the pandering and my patron for sure does not care either all she wants is excess, pleasure and blood spilled in joyous combat. This is why word bearer the black legion, the warmaster leads and you lot are posturing yourselves in his shadow thinking your "special" or "chosen"."

Ivan's face twitched at his words this Idolater has no idea what he is saying "Your words ring hollow fool the gods have placed us here to kill you. We are the true favoured sons of chaos." The emperor's children marine tapped his axe on his shoulder "Really? This is news to me I always thought the gods preferred those who could stuff the most souls into their mouths. My lady does enjoy when I send some her way I always feel it in my bones each time I cleave someone. So why not prove it? If the gods truly favour you and you are the true "sons" face me in a duel." Ivan saw he leveled his axe at his first acolyte, Amon turned to Ivan "My lord let me kill him, crush him into dust."

Ivan looked at the marine again "Fine Amon show him why we are favoured" Amon stepped foward towards the marine. Amon shouted "You will die now dog." The marine laughed "No one has called me dog in a long time and you will die for that. My glorious death is not here word bearer." The two marines circled each other Amon drew his mace, he charged with his mace held high and made swipes the marine dodging each blow with ease.
Amon kept swinging trying to hit him and the marine was laughing "What's the matter? You hit like a normal human, aye it's my turn now." The marine moved in he waited for him to bring his power mace down again the marine drew his combat knife and stabbed into the gap of the word bearer's armour around his hand bearing his mace. The marine twisted the knife The word bearer grunted in pain he dropped his mace and that is all the marine needed "He leveled his axe at his neck and swinged taking his head off in one swipe. The word bearer's head flying in the air the marine grabbed it "Eh, that was way too easy I did not enjoy that I did not feel that tingle I get when I kill." He looked up at the word bearer "Anyway that duel bought the time we needed."

Ivan anger piling, the embarrassment and the fact the heathen has done such an act he leveled his bolt pistol at the emperor's children marine. His brothers followed levelling their bolters at the marine and his squad "You will die now" then he was consumed in a flash of light and then he was on a ship he felt wobbly off balance. The smell of musk hit his senses for some reason even if he was wearing his helmet. His brothers also looked around in confusion and he saw the marine still there holding the head of his first acolyte. Ivan twitched his face in anger they must of teleported him and his squad to their ship. Why did he not suspect it?

Ivan leveled his bolt pistol at him again and the marine smiled at him "I don't think that would be a good idea." The dark apostle looked around he saw he was surrounded by space marines and humans pointing guns at them. Ivan bit his lip "If I die I will die a martyr" the marine then raised an eyebrow "Unfortunately my lord does not want you dead." The marine then shouted "Activate the mist!" then suddenly a pink like mist began enveloping the room Ivan snickered "We are wearing our helmets if you haven't noticed" the marine shrugged clearly unaffected by it "Really now? Look again." Ivan turned he saw his brothers clutching at their necks like they were drowning. He turned to the emperor's children marine again "What have you done!?" the marine shrugged again "I dunno, I don't know how our lord makes this stuff does not seem to work on me much for some reason and he breathed in the mist greedily." The marine breathed out a relaxed sigh as he sucked the mist through his nostrils.

Ivan saw the mist creeping into his helmet somehow he tried to hold his breath find some way out of the room but he was surrounded. Even so it was like the mist had a life of its own it crept up his nostrils greedily. He could no longer breath but yet his nerves were on fire his body was getting slow, sluggish he dropped to his knees. He collapsed on the floor his eyes were getting heavy the last thing he saw was the marine walking up to him and then his eyes finally closed.

Ivan awoke again he was a medical table strapped down without his gear the room he was in gave off a sterilized smell it was pure white around him. Only shelves and cupboards were in the room and they were stacked with various drugs and organs. He struggled at his bonds he could not move, then he heard two people walking into the room they stopped in front of him. He recognized one he was without a helmet his features did not look like one of the third but of russ's sons. Ivan's mind raced wondering how on earth is a space wolf with the emperor's children.

The other he looked like an Apothecary a rare thing among their number. He spoke with venom at his captors "What are you non believers and idolaters going to do? I won't break to your crude tortures my faith is like steel." The apothecary turned to the marine "Jedar you did good work, also I shall be taking samples the fact the mist did not affect the Astartes and humans present interests me greatly." Jedar sighed "Lord Adelram, your obsession with collecting our blood is slightly perplexing."

Ivan shouted at them "Don't ignore me, what are you planning to do!" The Astartes Ivan knew to be Adelram turned to him "Yes I shall tell you I devised this plan to capture one of your number. Well specifically you, I require a specialist in the beings who serve interdimensional intelligence my other brothers love prostrating to and who they call "God" Or "Goddess". We teleported you to our ship and we already left orbit and are within the sea of souls your brothers are none the wiser."

Ivan tried to spit at them his spit fizzling on the ground "I will never serve a non believer and one who does not worship the whole pantheon." Jedar slapped his knee "Ha I told you he would say that! Now comes the fun part!" Adelram sighed "Of course I did not expect you to join me right away but I have means to convince you."

He walked over to the drawer and gathered various surgical equipment and bought it over on a small table he activated his Narthecium on his wrist the drills spinning. Ivan looked at him and shouted "What are you going to do!?" Adelram cocked his head to one side his expression hidden under his helmet "I am going to rewire your nervous system and adjust the pain receptors in your brain." Ivan began praying the words pouring from his mouth, he saw the heathen Adelram flinch for a moment. The marine he knew to be Jedar barely batted an eye.

Adelram then gathered several drugs he mixed several of them together, He gathered various surgical tubes he carefully inserted them into the word bearer. With the drains in place Adelram injected the contents of the drug into his captive. "Of course I can't have you thrashing about or distracting me in praying to emotions in energy form so you will fall asleep now." Ivan felt groggy he kept praying his eyes slowly slid closed.

Jedar looked at Adelram and sighed "I did not think you were going to put him to sleep. I wanted to see him squirm and scream" Adelram shook his head "It's More of a precaution I have seen some of their number summoning the entities with a few keywords." Jedar shrugged "They are not entities Adelram they are daemons, angels or neverborn." Adelram's head flicked to his brother "I don't subscribe to such notions Jedar these "gods" and "daemons" are a simple reflection of the subconscious nothing divine." Jedar sighed "As you say brother, as you say."

Ivan was walking in darkness he had no idea where he was he kept walking for a few minutes and stopped he looked around then he heard a voice like a whisper "My beautiful child." He saw himself walking out of the darkness. Yet it was not his voice but something altogether different it was like a blend of male and female. He looked at the thing posing as him he wore black and pink with the rune of slaanesh on his head and a snake like tongue whipping out at various moments.

Ivan recognised it at once he bowed "What do you wish of me great choir in the warp? Slaanesh.... God of excess, She who thirsts..." "I require you to show him the way..." Ivan shouted "show who! Show who the way!?" the voice spoke again "I shall tell you, but in order for me to do so you must embrace me...." Ivan hesitated "I cannot the teachings... I.." Ivan looked away and a second voice came forth out of the darkness it lurched forward gurgling and coughing. He saw himself again but he looked bloated with corruption, his belly was huge various spots of his armour had exposed skin and sores. His face was obscured in a black hood yet when he moved his face he could see the rune of Nurgle on its head the colour of his armour was extremely bruised or worn away in various areas. Ivan breathed shocked "The great nurgle, grandfather of pestilence and decay." The avatar of the great corrupter lurched up and coughed "Don't believe her lies, He spins tales to ruin you utterly."

The avatar of slaanesh hissed "Yet you seek to blunt him, twist and corrode him his path is greater under me." Ivan was not sure what to say he knew how the gods covert those to worship one of them above all else yet his legion the teachings of lorgar said they are all worth equal praise. Ivan wondered there were two missing as he thought this Ivan heard a splash and stomp. Out of the darkness again he saw himself yet it was not him. This avatar was drenched in gore and blood his face twisted into a constant state of fury and anger. A constant bleeding rune was engraved on his forehead. The mark of khorne the god of war blood, rage and fury. Then after that blue flames erupted Illuminating the darkness he saw himself again floating in the air eyes filled with eldritch power. The mark of tzeentch the god of change, flux and magic was etched on his forehead with eldritch fire.

Ivan was still on his knees he thought to himself he must truly be blessed small fragments of the gods themselves have deigned to speak with him. To aid him, It was like the the avatar of tzeentch read his mind in that single moment. His voice booming with power "I came here to disown you, not save you. You did not have the sight to see a simple trap. A trap made by blunted fools. So I will leave you to your fate."

In that moment the fires dissipated leaving Ivan in darkness again. Ivan's heart sank was this a test? Perhaps the lord of change was watching to see what he will do next. The avatar of khorne gave a guttural laugh his voice gave off an intense heat "No this is no test, I came to see your weakness and like my brother it disgusts me. You desire to be saved when you cannot even save yourself. That is what you want. Nothing else." The lord of blood points to she who thirsts and the great corrupter "They have simply come for scraps."
The avatar of khorne turned away as he walked he sank into the darkness.

Ivan turned to the avatar of slaanesh and Nurgle "This must be a test of some sort!? This cannot be the end! Perhaps this a path that leads to a possible future you are planning?" The father of plagues shook his head "Not the end, perhaps the start of a new cycle your end is coming soon but it is not right for a father to abandon his children." The lord of plagues gave a jolly laugh. The avatar of slaanesh walked forward gently stroking Ivan's head "A possible end that can lead to new beginnings. A new life of experience and excess."
Ivan's lips trembled "This can't be the end. It can't...."

His eyes suddenly flicked open blood mattered his body and he had a few scars. He was by himself in the room he tried to move then suddenly pain seared his body horrifying pain worse than any wound he has ever received. He stopped moving then nothing he tried to move his finger more pain he grit his teeth. He breathed again he started to pray moving his lips the pain started again.

He stopped moving his lips in his mind then revise the book of the lorgar within his mind, he focused steeled his mind. "This must be a test of faith. The gods are testing me to see if I endure." Ivan said to himself.

Then a marine walked back into the room. Adelram spoke "You are awake, will you join me?" Ivan made a face full of venom "Never! The gods are with me heathen!" Adelram shook his head and sighed "very well". He walked over to the cupboard and picked up several chemicals and syringes 8 in total he began extracting the contents in a syringe for each chemical.

He turned to Ivan "I made this from several drugs that increase body sensitivity, some of my brothers and even human serfs beg for this chemical. I am quite curious to see how it functions on you." Adelram injected the first syringe and distilled the contents into the bound Astartes. Ivan seized up when the needle entered his skin it was like a drill went through his arm. The contents of the drug were burning like fire in his veins. It did not help he shifted in his bonds causing even more intense pain he chittered his teeth.

Adelram raised a hand up like an idea struck him "Oh yes I forgot to mention each syringe from here on has a higher dose double than the last one." Ivan's eyes bulged wide "You are enjoying this aren't you!? Deep down you deny and pretend but you are just like your other disgusting brothers." Adelram spoke flatley " I am not. I do this because I require your services. Nothing else, I could end the pain here if only you accept my offer." Ivan squinted his eyes "Never!"

Adelram sighed "Very well." The next syringe was injected Ivan screamed he buckled in his bonds thrashing the pain was unbearable. Adelram injected drug after drug the effect becoming worse over time and then finally Ivan's eyes rolled back.
The door slid open, Alderam looked it was Jedar, Jedar was holding the head of the word bearer first acolyte Amon. Jedar whistled "Wow is he dead?" Adelram shook his head "No he is not he just fell unconscious. One more thing why do you have that head? I would of expected you to be rid of it by now." Jedar shrugged "I bought it here to antagonise him of course. Killing this one..." Jedar held the head up the head still stuck within the helmet "Was too easy to kill far... too easy.." Jedar then held the head to his chest and breathed out a sigh then smiled "The best part to killing him was the reaction the Dark Apostle made when I lopped his head off I felt that tingle in my bones. Also do you think he will accept? He is such a funny guy it would be a shame to kill him after all the work we did to capture him." Adelram responded "I am not sure the word bearers are fanatics that follow the whims of the inter-dimensional beings they make it the cornerstone of their being." Adelram looked at the unconscious Ivan "He will give into my offer in time." Alderam got out his surgical tools "I will adjust his pain receptors" Jedar simply raised his eyebrow.

Ivan awoke again drained of energy he looked around he recited the words of lorgar again but gaps were missing he could not focus properly. If he moved an inch of his body the pain will come again he was so very tired which was rare for an Astartes. He closed his eyes, his eyes were heavy. Focus on the first part, the first part of the book of lorgar the words would not come instead intense pain surged into his mind. Just thinking caused intense pain. Moving even more pain than before.

Ivan shouted "Curse you! Curse you third legion! I spit on your name!" The shouting surged another huge jolt of pain. It was like a thunderhammer slammed into his body. Ivan breathed out a gasp and fell into darkness.

Ivan sat in the darkness unmoving, all energy drained away the avatar of slaanesh walked forward and gently brushed the back of his hand against Ivan's cheek. Yet there was no pain it was euphoric even light was slowly returning to Ivan's eyes, Ivan breathed out "Don't leave... please..." The one who thirst whispered "I won't, I can be there for you forever if you just accept." Ivan was about to breathe a word until a great laugh was heard the lord of pestilence walked forward with a slight waddle "You mean you will hollow him out and leave him when you are done with him. You seek a plaything I seek a lost child."
The one who thirsts tongue flicked out "Tell him how you would save him? What will you give him?" The lord of pestilence slowly walked forward and kneeled down he grabbed Ivan by the shoulder. Ivan felt no pain, no pleasure nothing at all, the lord of plagues spoke "I will show you what I will give you my child." In that moment Ivan saw what would happen he would be there lying on the table what Adelram did to him will have no hold over him. Upon entering again he would breath out a great plague that will consume Adelram and Jedar utterly, giving them Nurgles gift, Nurgle's rot. Nothing will harm him, nothing will make him despair since he will become despair itself. He will take the ship of the heathen and turn it and everyone on board to the glory of Nurgle. Ivan saw himself as he saw the avatar of nurgle yet he saw his full face under that hood and it was a smile.

The avatar of nurgle released his grip he stood and stepped back arms opened wide, "See my child? Embrace your parent... A parent that will love and care for you. You will no longer worry, feel pain you will bring despair and joy to all!" Ivan looked directly at the lord of decay "Great nur-" The avatar of slaanesh hissed and rushed forward looking directly at Ivan. "Yet is that what you truly want? I know what you want deep down." Ivan looked into it's eyes he saw himself standing with Adelram utterly in thrall of slaanesh and someone else a man. He also saw another marine with an axe and knife there as well his armour covered in mutations and weapons. Yet he did not recognise the planet he saw it was a warzone. A great warzone with giant metal towers overhead. He was leading a grand congregation of normal Humans and Astartes forward. He was wearing the black and pink of the third. Yet he could not put his finger on where they are fighting. Until he saw other legionnaires of other legions night lords, Iron warriors, word bearers and even the black legion legion. They were all there and in the sky he saw a light falling towards them. Then he was in darkness with she who thirsts starting at him smiling with his face.

Ivan's mouth was quivering "I know.." The avatar of slaanesh breathed out "Cadia......" The avatar stood up and stepped back. Ivan lurched up and walked towards the avatar of slaanesh and grabbed it. Ivan's eyes wide "How do I get there! How! I must Know!" The shard of the god of excess smiled "If you want to know, you know what you must do." Ivan looked down then up "I-" The avatar of the lord of plagues roared "Think of what you are about to say! You giving up on joining the family! Knowing content! For this thing! It-he! She! Wants-" The one who thirst laughed "He is mine!" The lord of plagues began bubbling roaring and shouting in anger.

The avatar crumbled into dust, Ivan could still hear it's anger and rage in the background until it eventually grew quiet. Ivan spoke "What must I do?" The avatar of slaanesh smiled it whispered into his ear "Guide the serpent, and in turn it will wrap itself around him and make him embrace his gift. You know of who I speak and then you will have your desire."
Then the avatar of slaanesh evaporated into a purple mist it entered Ivan' through his mouth and ears the pain was vanishing. Replaced by something else, something euphoric it was vanishing bit by bit until Ivan's eyes rolled back.

Ivan was lying on the medical table waiting counting down the seconds "Three, two, one." The doors slid open and Adelram stepped in he looked at the word bearer lying on the operating table. Adelram activated his Narthecium, Ivan spoke "That won't be necessary." the drill on the Narthecium stopped spinning and Adelram said flatly "Why?" Ivan smiled "Since now I am going to accept your offer." Adelram looked at the strapped down word bearer "What caused you to change your mind?" Ivan snickered and said "Why the dark prince has wonderful plans for you and asked for me to aid you however I can. As you said before I had a change in perspective." Adelram turned around thinking he turned back "Very well." Adelram undid the straps binding Ivan.

Ivan sat up with a groan as he did so Adelram said "I can reverse the procedure if you want." Ivan shook his head "That won't be necessary either I am quite happy with the work you have done." Adelram his expression hidden under his helmet said "I see. "Brother" " Ivan smiled "Ah yes we are brothers now aren't we?"

Asriel stopped writing and turned to Ivan he also saw Isira was listening intently. Asriel then closed his journal and said "My lord does Lord Adelram know of that instruction. The vision of the gods?" Ivan scratched his chin "He does I told him everything in detail he thinks that I place too much stock in the words of "inter-dimensional beings" that are no way divine just pure reflections of our wants and desires." Asriel started to think and then responded "So have you found the serpent yet lord Ivan?"

Ivan sighed "I am not exactly sure yet, I am still keeping my eye out." Asriel nodded he looked over to Agoston who finished collecting the last blood sample he placed the glass cylinders into the briefcase.

Ivan looked over to Agoston and then Asriel "It seems our time is done." Asriel moved to speak but Ivan put his large gauntlet fingers on his lips "I know you want to ask more questions you are free to come and go as you wish but I am quite sure Adelram wants you back now." Agoston got up from the cushion eager to leave this place Asriel also got up and he bowed to Ivan.

Ivan turned to Isira "Please escort Adelram's servants out dear Isira." She rose from the cushion bowed and began walking out Agoston and Asriel followed. As they left Ivan gave a slight chuckle "Such an interesting form you chose my dark prince."
They walked back into the grand cathedral following Isira Asriel looked around then he saw a man stumble out of the booth in their direction. Asriel looked at the man he wore a leather latex top with black trousers he was quite large but he recognized him anywhere. Asriel ran over "Larry? Is that you? the man looked up.

Asriel saw his eyes were pink and the man smiled "Oh Asriel is that you?" Asriel was puzzled how did he know his new name? Asriel responded "Yes, how did you know about my new name Larry?" Larry stopped his eyes fading from pink back to their original colour brown he was still smiling "Oh the nice ladies told me..." Asriel seemed puzzled nice ladies? Larry nodded "Yes, oh Asriel it's so nice here those ladies do things they make me feel good..." Asriel gave a weak smile "That's great what of your wife and children? Do you feel better?" Larry scratched his chin in confusion "Asriel what are you talking about? I don't remember having a wife and child."

Asriel was shocked Asriel did not feel good about pushing the matter further and smiled "I am glad you feel better Larry." Larry nodded "It was nice seeing you Asriel you should use the booth sometime trust me it makes anyone feel better." Asriel watched as Larry staggered back into the booth.

Asriel did not know what to say he looked at Agoston by his body language he could see he was growing upset he wanted to leave. Isira lead them both to the double doors Agoston hurried out. Asriel turned to leave then heard a voice behind him "Wait." It was Isira, Asriel turned around and Isira spoke again "What is your name?" Asriel pointed to himself in confusion "Oh, My name is Asriel." Isira was looking at Asriel hungrily "You know I thought you were just a hanger on for poor Agoston but you do have beautiful blue eyes. Also you look familiar yet..." Isira leaned in close, Asriel looked directly into her pink eyes the pupils of eyes shifting to slits. She kissed Asriel on the cheek he felt his nerves standing on end for some reason, something so simple it both frighted him and made him feel exhilarated.
Asriel was breathing heavily Isira looked into his eyes again "You do indeed have nice eyes." She leaned back and began walking away she turned back one more time smiling and then continued walking into the dark corridors. Asriel then looked around he saw everyone was looking at him they were whispering to each other Asriel caught a few "He is so lucky.", "He got a kiss from priestess Isira he must be blessed!"

Asriel did not know what to think or why he allowed her to do such a thing, He hurried out towards Agoston. He was back in the corridor the twin doors slid close. Asriel noticed as they closed the pink mist was sucked back in like it was alive. Asriel was breathing heavily and tried to relax he then saw Agoston was tapping his feet in irritation "What took you so long?" Asriel rubbed his hands on his robes casting his eyes down "Nothing, Nothing at all."

Agoston glowered at Asriel "We took longer than necessary Lord Adelram might be upset." Agoston took off his gas mask and began walking he thought to himself wondering how the number is still upright. He has seen the effects of those who breathe in the mist or those who gaze at the house of daemons idols for too long. Most turn into degenerates basking in the excess the house provides and a fewer number their senses unable to handle the mist crumble into gibbering fools.

He dismissed such thoughts focus on getting the blood back to Lord Adelram. Asriel saw Agoston was flustered or deep in thought as they were walking he went through the last few pages of his Journal. The stories of lord Ivan and Jedrick, sketches of them and the idols and statues seen in the cathedral. Asriel smiled and closed his book.

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Eternally-Stimulated Slaanesh Dreadnought

Chapter 6

Asriel with Agoston were at Lord Adelram's chamber doors Agoston knocked on the door and the light on the right chimed green. They entered, Adelram was sitting at his desk going over notes as always he looked up at both of them "You took awhile, far longer than normal."
Agoston bowed "Apologies my lord Asriel began questioning the heads to fill out his book." Adelram sat back in his chair "Really? Asriel what do you have to say for yourself? If you cause delays, you delay my work." Asriel looked meekly at the ground and said "Apologies lord I was just curious about the past history of Lord Ivan and Jedrick." Adelram leaned back up the clear puzzlement in his voice "They told you?" Asriel nodded "Yes they told me everything."

Adelram laughed "They must really like you then but that might not be exactly a good thing especially in Ivan's case. They both sent me messages of praise for you." Adelram got up again and stood over Asriel his large frame eclipsing him "You got them to like you, but you must be careful they don't have your best interests in mind. I have your best interests in the end Jedrick is mad thinking having a glorious death will lead him to an eternity of feasting, fighting and enjoying every vice in the palace of a interdimensional being or intelligence. Ivan bays at the skies shouting in pleasure thinking that his god speaks within his mind."
Asriel scratched the back of his head "But my lord there must be a grain of truth there." Agoston face screwed into disgust "You dare!" Adelram held up his hand "Very well Asriel if you can explain in satisfactory manner of the tastes and inclinations of my brothers you may leave." Asriel gulped "If I don't?" Adelram leaned in close "I will kill you and harvest your eyes, now explain." Asriel looked over to Agoston he was smiling.

Adelram folded his arms "Now explain! First is Jedrick, how does his madness and those who follow him make sense?" Asriel cleared his throat "I have found you believe that they worship inter dimensional beings yes? It is not divine in any form, That the warp itself is a simple reflection of one's desires and wants it shifts and changes to accommodate us." Adelram nodded, Asriel continued "You say it's impossible it's madness but the fact he has gathered so many followers why can't it be true? If the warp is a reflection of one's desires and heart if a great number of people truly believe said edicts why wouldn't that become reality in the warp?" Adelram stood there for a moment silent "I can see your reasoning I understand but don't agree your explanation is acceptable. Now Ivan explain how my procedure Is now causing Ivan pleasure instead of pain."

Asriel crossed his arms thinking "Amethyst explained some of the basic body functions to me during the tour, we feel pain because our brain is sending a message that a part of our body is hurt. Yet he now feels pleasure with each movement, with each prayer. Yet before it causes pain. The length of time needed for one to cause pain to be pleasure is significant is it not? Adelram nodded "Well yes even among my brothers it took falling to complete degeneracy for them to turn to pain implications to stimulate themselves." Asriel then asked "During the time you had him on the table did it look like he fell to that state?" Adelram responded "No he reacted normally to the procedure. Until the last day on the sixth day." Asriel nodded again "Now from what I gather he was really religious what if that interdimensional being granted his desire? he wanted the pain to end, he wanted the pain to go away. What if possibly this being he called god or goddess altered what you did to him?" Adelram slightly raised his voice "Impossible! The mutations you see on some of my brothers is due to exposing themselves to the energy of the warp causing horrific and random change to the body nothing divine nothing deliberate. So you are saying something deliberately altered my procedure in a controlled manner to achieve a result it desired!?"
Adelram looked at Asriel he saw those blue eyes it felt like he was gazing into his soul his doubt, Asriel spoke again "Have you checked him since the procedure?" Adelram was silent for a moment he then turned to Agoston "Hand me the briefcase" Agoston handed the case over gently to his lord, Adelram spoke again his voice not showing a hint of emotion "Now both of you leave you are dismissed."

Adelram placed the briefcase on his desk he then sat down, he activated his com and a voice came on "Yes lord Adelram?" Adelram spoke flatly "Ivan I want to see you in the operating theatre." There was silence for a moment still Adelram thought he heard Ivan laughing slightly then his voice came through the vox again "Very well my lord."
Adelram sat back in his chair and he murmured to himself "It's impossible."

Asriel sat on his bed it's been a few days and he was thinking of the recent displeasure of Lord Adelram some part of his heart clutched in fear for his life still he told them to leave but did not say whether he correctly answered his questions. Perhaps he might try to kill him later? Asriel's mind raced with questions he opened up his Journal, as always reading through its contents calmed his heart whenever it is weighed from stress. He went over some of the medical notes Amethyst has been teaching him things. Things that he would never learn back on Athor.

He then looked back on Jedrick's and Ivan's stories they were horrific yet they resonated within him he knew that there must be more, this could not be everything. Asriel closed his book again thinking, Adelram most likely did not want to see either him or Agoston for awhile. He thought of Larry, Albert and Charlie they did not seem like "friends" to him but he wanted to talk to someone. Then he thought of Amethyst but then dismissed it she is most likely busy.

Asriel hopped off his bed pacing in his room. He never could do this before since his apartment and his slave quarters had barely any space to walk around yet it felt good just to simply walk around thinking. Thinking of other things than work or keeping track of money to make sure he has enough rations to feed himself. For once he felt free in a sense more free than he ever felt living on Athor. Then he remembered the invitations of Jedrick and Ivan, after the experience of the House of daemons he was not exactly comfortable going back there especially if Isira is there.

Upon thinking her name Asriel touched his cheek as he did so memories of his dreams came flooding back then he touched his lips, his first kiss was in his dreams when he thinks back to that moment his gut twists in disgust yet he also feels a deep sense of longing. It felt wonderful and horrible at the same time compared to Isira doing a simple kiss on his cheek. Then his thoughts shift to the house of warriors Jedrick had a personality that simply pulled people in. Like the sense that you can be "better" you can achieve and push yourself further and further it was a comforting type of feeling in that moment Asriel decided, he would visit the house of warriors again.

Asriel left his room and began walking down the hall he saw various servitors and servants fixing open wiring and various pipes in the ships corridors and yet he kept thinking what exactly does Adelram want him to do? What does he want him to learn? He is not a doctor or from a family of doctors, he is not a noble either nor a savant of technology. He was a simple factory worker that can write.

He shook his head focusing on the route to get to the house of warriors then he saw Apostle Ivan. They crossed paths but Asriel stopped and bowed as he did so Apostle Ivan stopped and gazed at him he was first to break the silence "I have to thank you Asriel." Asriel surprised lent backup and said "Why? What did I do?" Ivan smiled a sort of smile that would send shivers down one's spine and said "Why? Lord Adelram wants to see me in the operating theatre. Well this is like the fourth time he has called me."

Asriel started to become nervous was it he feared for his life if Adelram did not find anything? Or that he might be right? Asriel felt he was caught between both feelings. Ivan clearly saw his composure and leaned down just enough to whisper in his ear "Have faith in the goddess little serpent." When Ivan did that Asriel felt cold his mouth started to dry he was shaking and then Ivan leaned back smiling and continued down the hall.

Asriel stood there for a moment stunned he could not be the serpent in Ivan's story he was a simple young man, a factory worker. What would a god want with him? What makes him important? Asriel then slapped his cheeks with both hands trying to regain focus he continued walking down the hall to the house of warriors.

He was here again by himself this time for his own reasons, he knocked on the doors and the vox blurted to life "Who is it?" Asriel responded "It's Asriel, Lord Jedrick said I can come and go as I wish." The vox blurted again "Oh you.. Lord Jedrick could not stop talking about you when you left." Suddenly the light on the right of the door chimed green and the double doors slid open.
As Asriel stepped in almost everything was the same people drinking at tables, fighting, Space marines and Humans watching the fighting pits, Space marines dueling and checking their weapons. Asriel walked around just taking everything in he looked at one of the Astartes checking his sword. He opened his journal and began sketching the space marine down Asriel could tell the amount of care and time the space put into handling his blade.
He had no idea how the blade worked but the Marine was handling his blade like how one would handle their small child delicately taking parts of the blade off cleaning each gently. As Asriel looked closer he could see runes on the blade well words than runes it seems like it spells out a name at least Asriel thought so. He copied down the name in his journal Aisma'umm.

As Asriel wrote each syllable down into his Journal he started to get a slight pounding headache when finished he had to take a breath for some reason. When he closed his journal he looked around again he saw some soldiers firing guns at the range and another group in a circle listening to a commander with a knife showing them movements. He looked around wondering if the soldiers are happy being here. Did they feel the same sense of freedom he did? Or are they doing what they must?

Asriel sighed and wondered what he should do he looked around seeking a place to sit. He saw an large empty chair made for three people and a table in the corner no one seemed to be there and he thought perhaps he could write in his journal without being surrounded by drinking soldiers. Asriel made his way over and looked around before sitting it seemed no one payed mind to him perhaps with this he can concentrate as he sat down the chair was quite hard but not exactly uncomfortable either.

He opened up his Journal again on the page of the sketch with the Astartes maintaining his sword Asriel smiled slightly he then looked up at the soldiers just going about their business and started to sketch and write. He became lost in his work looking up every few seconds to capture the thing he was drawing. Until a shadow loomed over him Asriel looked up he saw a soldier in front of him he wore combat trousers and a combat vest. He was chiseled and well built his face was also obscured with a gas mask.

The soldier snorted and said "You are in our space, move" Asriel seized up and said "Sorry I did not know this was your space." The soldier crossed his arms and responded "I don't care for your apologies, move. This space is for proper soldiers and warriors not book worms and pencil pushers like you."

Asriel shut his book and quickly got up and tried to hurry forward then as he was slightly running forward pass the soldier his feet felt something hard and Asriel tumbled forward. Asriel crushed onto the ground his hands were slightly bruised the soldier was laughing and said "Oh sorry about that my mistake." As he was laughing several other soldiers came over Asriel saw they were men and women also wearing jackets to vests and combat trousers.
Asriel slowly got up brushing the dust off his robes he turned to the soldier smiled and bowed "Sorry about that, I did not see your feet." The soldier in the gas mask responded in a growl "Are you trying to mock me?" Asriel meeklishly responded "No, it might of been an accident that's all." One of the soldiers that came over shouted "Sock him one Anthony!"

Asriel recognized the name, it was the name of the soldier that escorted him as a prisoner to the Thunderhawk and the one who showed him his room in the slave quarter. Anthony then moved forward and grabbed Asriel by the cuff of his robes and said "I should I don't like your face either, you are not a warrior or a soldier why is Lord Jedrick interested in you?" Asriel looked around no one was coming to help it seems people coming to blows were common everyone went on with their business like nothing was wrong.

Anthony spoke again "Don't look around no one will help you here." Anthony then raised his fist and struck Asriel in the face, Asriel face his cheek thundered in pain he felt his nose was starting to bleed. Anthony kept striking him again and again Asriel felt helpless his face ached then in his mind a darkness was closing around him the same darkness from his dreams it was like a chill and then a shot of warmth.

A voice was echoing was he losing consciousness? Then the voice responded "No you are not" Asriel was confused he just felt his face being pounded. The voice kept talking the voice seemed firm but quite feminine as well at least he thought it was "Listen and speak this". The words if they were words formed in his mind each syllable felt like his mind was being crushed it was pure agony to stay focused the pain was far greater than the beating being inflicted upon him. The word was like a name in several sections each part causing more pain than the last in his mind.

Asriel tried to speak his nose bleeding, his right eye bruised, cheeks bruised. He began to speak as he said the first part "Mavu" the word did not slide of the tongue right as Asriel uttered this word sparks or wiring in the room flared and lashed to life servitors and serfs working on various parts of the room were shocked and burned by the sparks. Through his left eye he saw Anthony gripping his head in pain Asriel uttered the next part "Lyasala" Asriel then saw several of the soldiers in the group watching his beating their noses and eyes started bleeding some started to vomit. As Asriel said this several of the Astartes their heads flicked in their direction some got up from their chairs others stopped sparing.

Anthony loosened his grip on Asriel clutching his head Asriel dropped to his knees in that moment he did not realize he was smiling and uttered the final part "Ummphalei'iss". Asriel then looked up he saw the lights change to red and alarms began to ring several Serivtors were reduced into dust and even more soldiers not within vicinity began vomiting, some culvulsing on the floor. As Asriel looked at Anthony he saw Anthony screaming bashing his head into the floor again and again small parts of skin flying off and one final crack on the floor Anthony layed there silent twitching.

Asriel was still on his knees then he heard stomping coming from behind then a sword was drawn to his neck. Asriel looked up and saw it was a space marine several actually some with bolters pointed at him. The Space marine with the sword spoke with a tinge of disgust "You will not move from this spot. Move and I will remove your head from your shoulders." The marine looked over to the soldiers looking at the spectacle of Anthony's beating and ordered "You lot will pick up the corpse and have it discarded to the lower levels." Then he turned to the Space marine Asriel recognized to be Noxus and said "Contact Jedrick." Noxus nodded and responded "Yes Sebastian." The marine turned around and tapped a part of his helmet he looked to be in conversation.

Sebestian then turned to Asriel again as Asriel saw his face directly his features were will chiseled bearing the same Androgynous look as Jedrick the different being he had a mane of white hair. Asriel noted his eyes were cold distant he felt more than anything that he wanted to kill him and get back to what he was doing. Sebastian said "Considering Jedrick seems to like you is the reason why your head is not on the floor. Be silent remain in place and do not say a word. If I see your hands moving I will remove them. If I see your mouth move your head will be on the floor."

Asriel looked down and remained silent.

Asriel felt like he was waiting an age until he heard the double doors opening and closing again the same stomping with the sounds of little feet following afterwards. Asriel tried to look he saw Jedrick and he recognised two other people following from behind him Charlie and Albert. Asriel was not sure whether to feel happy or fearful at the moment. Sebastian's sword was still near his neck and finally Jedrick approached he was wearing his helmet. His voice came through like a lions growl "From what I know so far I had several servitors reduced to dust, machinery that was fixed or in the process of being fixed are now malfunctioning or destroyed and several soldiers are no longer fit for training and one bashed his head into the floor. Just from one man uttering a word or "spell"." Sebastian simply nodded "Yes, you should be aware of the policy on witches Jedrick, Ivan gets his hands on them." Jedrick responded "Aye but are you sure he is a witch?"

Sebastian lips curled in disgust and said "Considering what he did? Yes, you hear the rumours this man is strange he got into our lord's graces so quickly and you are fascinated with him as well. Even that Apostle is fascinated by this mere man. He is weaving a spell around you!" Jedrick shrugged and said "Can't help it if I like him don't think I am under a spell, I fought and killed witches before."

Asriel noticed everyone man and women were in utter silence as the marines spoke. Then against better judgement Asriel spoke his voice came out like a squeak "I just said a name that appeared in my mind." Asriel realised speaking caused quite a lot pain his face straining at the injuries inflicted on his face. Still when he uttered those words Sebastian face twisted into disgust "You shall speak when you are ordered to little man." Jedrick sighed and knelt down in front of Asriel he removed his helmet and looked him into the eyes "Asriel, tell me exactly what you said whisper it into my ear as quietly as you can." Asriel nodded and leaned forward Asriel just knew the name word by word as quiet as he can he uttered the words again in Jedrick's ear.

As Asriel finished he leaned back he looked at Jedrick and saw a his right eye twitch a little and stood up again. He turned to Sebastian and said "He is not a witch he just said something a little foolish and had no true understanding of the weight of what he said." Asriel saw all the marines began to relax slightly Sebastian's cold eyes fell on Asriel then he looked to Jedrick and he simply turned away and went back to training. Other marines followed suit but Asriel saw some of the soldiers still looking at him in silence.

Jedrick then shouted at them "Well back to training! The lot of you! We might be going on a raid in 10 minutes or and Hour! Back to your sections!" The soldiers hurried back to their tasks and training regimes. Jedrick turned to Asriel smiling he spoke with a tinge of laughter "You sure know how to cause a show Asriel!" He slapped his knee laughing a Asriel was not sure whether to feel relieved or scared.

Asriel then stood up and brushed his robes, Jedrick leaned in close his face now completely serious and spoke almost in a whisper "Don't utter that name again, the fact that name was placed on you at this moment that means the eye is on you now. Watch your step." Jedrick leaned back and smiled again and continued speaking "Since you also wrecked many things here and pushed work back you will be helping to clean up."

Asriel figured this was part of a punishment of sorts and simply nodded so he got to work of course Jedrick had his face treated it did not make the cleaning up any easier. Still while working Asriel did prefer this sort of punishment than having his head removed from his shoulders. The work lasted a few hours before he was allowed to leave just before he left he saw Jedrick and Sebastian talking sitting on Jedrick's large chair.

He did not have time to look at them since many of the house of warriors wanted him out of their space and area as quick as possible. Asriel began walking back to his room to rest but as he was walking he took out his journal and wrote that name or word down. "Mavu'Lyasala'Ummphalei'iss". For some reason it was a strain to write like a part of his mind or even his hand was keeping him from writing it down completely yet he was able to note it down. As Asriel closed his journal for some unfathomable reason he could not help but smile.

Jedrick sat back in his chair Sebastian next to him watching everyone train and then Sebastian shifted his gaze to Jedrick he spoke smoothly as always "Lord Adelram is taking time to announce the next raid. This hunger this "need" gnaws at me Jedrick, Adelram also has us holding back only allowing us to satisfy ourselves on hunting the mewling slaves on the lower levels. Even then he does not allow us to kill much at all."

Jedrick rolled his eyes and responded "This conversation again? I am not going to betray him, never will I raise my axe to him. He will rise Sebastian we have to be patient my Lady has shown me this and we will be great and feared." Sebastian sighed "Truly? I haven't seen anything yet he still clings to his ways. He spits the edicts of Fabius mocking the faith at every turn and you think he will rise? I think the one who thirsts will punish him."
Jedrick smiled at Sebastian showing his fangs Jedrick Sebastian shifted in his seat, Jedrick noticed whenever he showed his fangs to other members of the third they grow uneasy. Jedrick then spoke in a hush "Punish? The lady who dwells in the palace is giving us the slow burn Sebastian just wait enjoy the ride. Things are already moving. When we reach the end? It will be worth it..." Sebastian responded "Why do you think that?"

Jedrick was still smiling and said "Because of Asriel of course." Sebastian almost laughed and said "Because of him!? He is just a mere man! A man who may have been raised up but he looks clearly out of his element he will be cast down or killed eventually. Also why do you refer to the dark prince as your lady?" Jedrick frowned " On Asriel, Do you truly think that? As you said before when he trashed everything a factory worker is taken in a raid the only thing they are good for is the work of slaves and in a few days he risen right into the closest servants to the Lord of our host. Then in a few days after that I am called to Adelram's chamber and he is questioning me at length about my faith, possible effects of the procedure and if I have been feeling differently lately. Also I refer slaanesh to my lady because she is. She is also yours as well she loves all of us and wants what is best for us to enjoy and revel in all the bounties of the galaxy until we either rise or die. " Sebastian then leaned back into the chair breathing heavily "Very well I accept your viewpoint but Jedrick how do you deal with it? Duels and slave hunting can only do so much yet you are god-touched your hunger and need to feel must be far greater than ours."

Jedrick snickered and leaned forward "I do not for nothing on the ship can sate it, I realized that a long time ago how I feel Sebastian? It is like there is a giant abyss in my gut, my nerves feel like they are dead I can't feel anything, Duels can't excite me and the blood of slaves does not light my nerves on fire. It is pure agony but the greater it gets I know my Lady's love is grower ever more why I think this? Since when I step on the battlefield the rush, the sensation returns in ever great cascades she expects more, wants more driving me to seek my glorious end and even greater thrills and opponents. To die meekly is to reject her, to satisfy myself on lesser things is also a rejection in my mind. More we must always seek more Sebastian to think we can satisfy ourselves on such small things is a affront to the path we are walking in excess. In suffering we grow, Suffering is our wine and meat. Look to the people we took on Athor in the lower levels many of them jumped to our side? Why? It's due to suffering they wanted more out of their lives they suffered and endured then in turn they now have greater bounties. Look at our own servants and what we do to them, we push them and they suffer from all the training and pain yet in the end they are better for it. Some of our best are ex-slaves of the lower levels. Why have they risen so fast? They know of the suffering and hardship of the lower levels. So they push further compared to the person who had everything given to them. Jedrick shifted his gaze at the newest members of his house Charlie and Albert. Jedrick stretched and continued speaking "Now in our case? The dark prince causing the suffering to increase? Means we are growing even further."

Jedrick then sat back and he saw Sebastian looking forward his face stony he broke the silence "Perhaps you are right then. I will be patient sometimes I wonder it was a shame you were not with us back then you would of been an asset in Horus's war. You would of made a fine member of the third legion. Perhaps even the Phoenician might of held you in high regard." Jedrick shrugged "Even if I do not bear any of your gene father's genetics none of you have treated me any differently. You treat and see me like one of your own anyway."
Sebastian leaned forward and looked at Jedrick "What do you think of what Asriel did here today?" Jedrick simply smiled with full fangs and said "It made me excited Sebastian as that was one more step on the path for us to becoming great and feared." Sebastian raised an eyebrow "Why is that? We are still in this mess if we return to the eye we will be killed by rival warbands the number of marines we have is too low. Even if we have a great amount of human soldiers and slaves" Jedrick looked at Sebastian straight in the eyes "Why? A normal man who knows the name of an exalted one and is not reduced to mush? Why the lady who dwells in the warp has great things in store for us Sebastian that is why I am not the slightest bit worried." Sebastian sighed "I hope you are right brother." Jedrick simply smiled as always with anticipation.

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Eternally-Stimulated Slaanesh Dreadnought

Chapter 7

Asriel awoke in his bed he was groggy but felt refreshed after aiding in the clean up, he put on his robes and grabbed his datapad looking through the messages wondering if Lord Adelram has contacted him in any form. Nothing, no new messages then he heard a knock on his door.

Asriel walked over and opened it he saw it was Amethyst she was smiling as always Asriel wondered how she can always remain cheerful. She walked into his room Amethyst said "It's been awhile I am just checking up on you." Asriel smiled weakly "Thanks I appreciate it. How are you Amethyst?" Amethyst nodded "I am doing great! Working on various experiments and my new drink of course." Asriel noted she always beamed whenever she mentioned her drink.

Amethyst continued "Still there are rumors flying about your conversation with Lord Adelram, Asriel you need to be careful I have seen what happens with those who fall out of favor." Asriel sat on his bed and looked down "I know, I don't know why I said what I said but I couldn't help it I felt that Jedrick and Ivan's stories were enlightening and lord Adelram dismissing it in such a fashion..." Amethyst sat at Asriel's desk and turned the chair in his direction "Well whatever you did he has not seen any of us yet. He has not even called me to handle anything. Many of the other snakes are getting agitated. I heard rumours on the wind that some were planning to try and kill you." Asriel looked up immediately when she mentioned some among his house is planning to kill him.

Asriel shook his head in disbelief "Kill me? Are you serious!?" Amethyst nodded "Yeah, they assume if they kill you they may win his favor back but whatever you did in the house of warriors changed everyone's mind." Asriel breathed a sigh of relief at Amethyst words she continued" those lot talk quite a lot at Jim's bar some talk that you did witchcraft, some among the house of daemons think you are god-touched."

Asriel put his hand to his chin lost in thought, there is no way he is a witch that can't be Jedrick said so. Asriel looked up at Amethyst and said "Lord Jedrick said I was not a witch, but he said I simply said something foolish, words that should not be uttered." Amethyst looked at Asriel her face not betraying what she was thinking she then spoke "That might be the case but you know how rumours can be, anyway for now keep your head down. Don't do anything silly for now."

Asriel nodded and smiled "Thank you Amethyst." Amethyst then got up and walked over to his door she smiled and waved goodbye and she left. Asriel was then alone in his room his mind raced over yesterday's events. What could he do? Where could he go? He thought of the house of daemons and that word or name that he uttered. Out of everyone on the ship they would most likely know more. Jedrick said not to utter the word again to forget it but he could not he was curious why did he know it? Why did uttering it cause such damage?
He was somewhat scared but he had nowhere else to go at the moment and if Amethyst was correct and some among his house wish him dead he would be safest at the house of daemons since many give it a wide berth.

Asriel then latched on his journal on his shoulder and walked out of his room. He followed the same path that he took with Agoston as he got nearer he swore he could hear laughter at the edge of his mind. Each step the laughter grew in sound until eventually it stopped when he reached the double doors leading to the house of daemons abode.

As before the doors simply slid open the same mist pouring out, Asriel walked in this time without a gas mask for some reason he did wonder why it was necessary to wear one the incense did not bother him in the slightest. As he walked down the small hall he came within the large area as before it was shaped into a cathedral statues everywhere Censers hanging from the ceiling.

As before Asriel saw the giant statue of the woman with horns and long flowing hair for some reason looking at it calmed his senses. He looked around and found an empty bench and sat down he opened up his journal and began sketching. People walking in an out of the boothes moaning and muttering prayers and sketches of the statues Asriel did wonder where were all the Space marines? He did not see them before he wondered what do they do here?

Still strangely he found the place a lot of more comfortable to write in he felt relaxed no one bothered him everyone around him just went about their business and prayers. Until someone suddenly sat down next to him someone he recognised it was Isira. She simply smiled she said "What brought you back here Asriel? Taking in the sights? Wanting to sample the sensations available?" Asriel felt nervous around her for some reason she spoke too smoothly and when she speaks it's like she is trying to draw you in. Asriel frowned slightly he responded his voice meek "No reason I just wanted a calm place where I could write." Isira tapped her finger on her lips gently "That's it? Well after the news of what happened in the house of warriors I am sure you would want a safe haven. Anyway Anthony deserved it."

Asriel heart skipped a beat Anthony deserved the death he got? Him uttering those words caused him to bash his skull into the floor until death. Asriel then shifted in his seat feeling uncomfortable Isira simply smiled again and continued speaking "You feel regret for what you did? Why should you? He physically assaulted you due to jealousy most obviously seeking your death, I can still see the bruising around your right eye and lips." Isira then gently touched his bruise around his right eye her hand was cold but it was gentle like a mother caring for her injured son.

Asriel was almost lost in that simple action until he shifted slightly and moved to speak "Isira I wanted to ask you a question." Isira crossed her legs and leaned back slightly "What question do you want to ask Asriel?" Asriel licked his lips "I want to show you the word I recorded can you tell me what it means?" Asriel still felt slightly worried and he started to gaze down he wondered if showing Isira the name might kill her. Then Isira grabbed his chin gently with her hands and bought his face up to hers she said "Do not worry for my safety you can show me Asriel."

Asriel breathed out and opened his Journal he went to page where he wrote down the word, Isira then looked at the name no reaction whatsoever. She sat straight and crossed her arms she spoke flatly "That word is the name of a neverborn, considering the length of the name it's a very powerful one. How did you get this?" Asriel did not exactly like revisiting that memory but he told her of the events darkness reaching into his mind and it was like each syllable was engraved, like it was forced into his mind.

Isira listened in silence simply nodding at various points after Asriel finished his explanation she spoke "In my eyes it seems ordained that you received that word at that moment." Asriel was surprised he then said "Ordained? Really? What makes you think that?" Isira simply bobbed one of her crossed legs smiling "Well think on how fast you have risen, majority of slaves are killed within the first week of being put on the lower levels. Then you rise into the confidants of the leaders of the host. Even upsetting our leader and the fact you are still alive, I have seen him kill his servants for lesser affronts. After that you receive the name of a powerful neverborn. I feel things are moving around you that slaanesh the dark prince is moving you for a purpose."

Asriel thought to himself Ivan and Jedrick said something similar before he looked at Isira "If slaanesh has a plan what is it? What am I meant to do?" Isira simply shrugged "None knows the minds of the gods but it's clear the eye is on you for good or ill."Asriel simply sighed at least he feels less in the dark than before but one other question bugged him he simply blurted it out "Isira where are the space marines of Ivan's house?"

Isira smiled again an evil kind of smile she said "Well the reason why you haven't seen them is that they are normally in their private chambers praying or visiting blessed sensation on the slaves on the lower levels." Asriel raised his eyebrows in surprise "What do you mean by blessed sensation?" Isira laughed it was a light kind of laugh but it chilled Asriel soul slightly she stopped and responded "Well you see the house of warriors tend to hunt slaves for sport but the blessed Astartes of our house know how to visit pain upon someone yet not kill. It's delicate and it's gotten to the point that many in the lower levels accept it willingly with joy even."

Asriel could not understand how someone would gain joy over such a thing but he did not question it further. Asriel then heard stomping behind him he looked back and he saw it was Ivan. Isira then sat up she approached Ivan and they chatted for a few minutes after the conversation was done Asriel saw Ivan was smiling slightly.

He walked over with Isira and said "My dear Isira just told me of your questions. She gave you a surface understanding but would you like to learn more of the neverborn Asriel?" Asriel's heart began thundering in his chest at most he had barebones information on them deep down Asriel was still scared of them considering the events in his dreams but he was still curious he wanted to know more. Asriel simply nodded, Ivan seemed happy at his answer he then said "Good! Now follow me."

Asriel followed Ivan and Isira away from the centre statue of the giant cathedral and next to one of the booths there was a giant runed door. Ivan muttered a few phrases and there was chime and Ivan pushed the doors open. Ivan walked in, Isira followed as Asriel tried to look down the hall they entered all he saw was darkness, he also heard moans and screams he simply followed on.

As they walked through the corridor Ivan began speaking "You see Asriel, neverborn are shards of a god given form. They are their messengers, Taskmasters and warriors. Yet they cannot exist in our reality they can be summoned and bound but eventually they fizzle out and return to the warp. There are lesser shards and Greater shards."

They kept walking for awhile Asriel then was taking notes on the last conversation as he finished they came upon a hall. There was people kneeling down in runic circles men women they wore black latex suits and bound in chains. Some were groaning some were convulsing on the floor. Ivan then turned to Asriel he continued his explanation "Of course there are other ways you can bring the neverborn forth you can summon them within a host. They then can use that host to come forth in reality they twist the host into the form that pleases them and set forth on the task of the gods. Still before this can be done at times the vessel needs to be properly prepared."

Asriel looked up from his Journal and asked a question "Prepared in what way?" Ivan smiled at the question he answered "Well in our case we follow the dark prince the god or goddess of excess. Pain and pleasure is visited on the vessel in great amounts their screams of agony and pleasure, their body throbbing to sensation is a great "beacon" to them. Would you like to see?" Asriel cast his gazed down slightly and Ivan raised his hand and said "You don't need to worry Asriel everyone in this room are volunteers."

Asriel was shocked volunteers? Why would anyone want to subject themselves to that? Ivan looked at him it was like he was reading his thought he spoke "To serve of course, the most holiest thing you can do is allow the divine within your flesh. In my old legion many of my own brothers subjected themselves to the long rituals to become one with the neverborn. Now Asriel follow me." Asriel was unsure but for some reason he followed he wanted to see what happened he took each step the first was heavy but as he walked with Ivan and Isira each step became lighter.

They stopped in front of one of the circles Asriel looked at the circle and decided to copy it down and the runes around it. Ivan pointed at the accompant within it within the suit it looked to be a woman Ivan then said "This is sister Valara, she killed many minions of the false emperor and corrupted many to our cause. Yet her heart began to feel hollow each sensation growing duller each corruption became easier. So he offered herself for the ultimate service offering her flesh up to the neverborn."
Asriel then nodded Ivan smiled and said "listen carefully to the words Asriel." Ivan closed his eyes and began chanting he spoke each word slowly so Asriel could jot it down as he reached the end of the chant he spoke a name of a neverborn. He then knelt down he drew his combat knife and cut a line on the mouth of the suit allowing her speak.

The woman named Valara could barely make sentences her teeth chattering with almost every word "M-my lord i-is it time?" She began convulsing in agony or pleasure Asriel could not be sure perhaps both Ivan then whispered in her ear just enough that Asriel could hear "It is time my child shine well." Valara than began laughing her body bent in strange shapes snapping twisting she moaned and screamed for what seemed like ages.

Then there was a burst of bright purple light that almost blinded Asriel then when he opened them he looked at Valara she was no longer her her knees she was standing and her suit was gone. She was now wearing a long leather latex like corset. Asriel looked at her face she seemed beautiful she had short blond hair and a fair face, then suddenly she reared her head back laughing her voice mixing and distorting her hair grew into a long pink mane and as she bought her face forward smiling with full teeth that were now fangs. Her eyes changed into pure black like the abyss and her tongue lashed out sparks flew like she was in a barrier of some sort.

Ivan then turned to Asriel he said "This is a lesser shard a daemonette they are also known as the Children of Slaanesh, The Debauched Ones, Bringers of Joyous Degradation or as the Decadent Seekers." Asriel copied down each word he then looked up he asked Ivan "What of the greater shards? What of them?" Ivan shook his head "To call of them is court danger and death to look upon them all will vanishes, all need ends unless your mind is like steel you will simply abase yourself before them to serve their every need. Their aura would even make you want to be devoured by them to be one with them. I don't recommend courting with any of the greater shards."

Ivan continued speaking "Still I think that is enough walk with me." Asriel followed what was strange though is that Isira did not say a word during the event she kept quiet. Perhaps the whole process interests her? No matter how many times she has possibly seen it? Still for a few hours Ivan went through the process at length Asriel copying down his every word he also showed him various Manuscripts. Books from his old legion and the dark tongue. Asriel also picked up a few colchsian words for study.

Then they returned to the grand cathedral after those last few hours Asriel felt slightly more enlightened than before. Ivan looked up at the grand statue of slaanesh and then back to Asriel he said "Now do you understand? Has you brain opened ever slightly to the majesty of chaos Asriel?" Asriel nodded slightly "I do it made me realize how much we don't actually know, honestly it starts to feel like that we are children scrambling in the dark not knowing yet what is truly out there." Ivan nodded slightly "Good remember what I taught here." Ivan then breathed a heavy sigh "Still we must part ways for now I have tasks to attend to. Lord Adelram's calls have put me behind slightly." Ivan then turned and walked away.

Isira was still then silent watching him Asriel then turned around to leave Isira spoke "Wait Asriel." Asriel stopped and turned around Isira then walked forward she handed Asriel a small object. Asriel turned the object in his hand he then realized it was a knife an intricate one it's sheath was bound in leather with intricate golden runes etched in a straight line done the middle. The handle the pommel had a small female daemon head Asriel drew the knife it was slightly curved he looked the blade over a bit it seemed it was sharpened to a razor edge. Even touching the blade slightly Asriel guessed you would bleed instantly. He sheathed the knife.

Isira then said "Ivan told me to give that to you as a parting gift." Asriel gave a slight smile "Give him my thanks." As Asriel said this Isira was still not smiling she leaned foward to whisper in his ear "I will pray for you, in this moment I pity you but I also weep since you shall be truly blessed." She leaned back and walked away without another word leaving Asriel in a state of confusion.

Asriel then attached the blade on his belt and left the house of daemons. He felt he gained more understanding but now he found that he was also more confused he walked to his room slowly going over his notes in length. He then wondered what else does Ivan know? Asriel eventually reached his room. As he entered he made sure to lock the door he remembered Amethyst words just as a precaution. Asriel swapped to his bed clothing and laid on his bed thinking running over the past few hours. Asriel then realized in that moment the longer he was on this ship the less he thought of "home". It was strange he felt far more at home here on this ship than back in his apartment on Athor. He did wonder what the people on his planet were doing now. Did the imperium even care about the people who were taken? Considering all he learned and his experience Asriel guessed the imperium did not bat an eye since almost everyone can replaced.

Asriel then turned in his bed trying to get to sleep. He wondered still if Adelram was going to kill him, as he was thinking that thought his eyes slowly closed.

Asriel was lying on his bed turning the knife he received his mind swarmed with questions why did he receive this? He never fought or even killed someone before but considering the people who live on the ship it would be wise to have some form of protection. Suddenly he heard a knock on the door it was rather loud to be honest it was more of a bang instead of a knock.

Asriel held the knife close and approached the door slowly as Amethyst said some may look to kill him. He slowly opened the door and then a man barged in someone he recognized It was Charlie. Asriel heart skipped a beat then he relaxed he placed the knife back in it's sheath.

Charlie was looking around his room smiling and then he turned to Asriel he said "Nice room you got here Asriel! It’s a lot better than mine!" Asriel knew that he ran afoul of Charlie in the past yet he could not help but be happy to see him he responded with a tinge of happiness in his voice. "It's good to see you Charlie what are you doing here?"

Charlie shrugged "Well to check on you of course and to thank you." Asriel became confused "Thank me for what?" Charlie rubbed his nose chuckling "Well after you caused Anthony to cave in his skull I got a promotion I lead his unit now." Asriel was not sure to feel happy about such a fact or feel upset he gestured for Charlie to sit down near his desk while he sat at the end of his bed. Charlie took the offer with gleam and sat down right away still smiling.

Asriel then thought to himself Charlie must be here for some other reason Asriel put the question to him "So charlie why are you here? I am sure you are not just here to thank me for the promotion." Charlie still had that wide grin and said "Well yeah I want you to join my unit. That hocus pocus you did on Anthony would be useful in a real fight."

Asriel was confused he thought that the houses fought together in their own units on the battlefield well that is what made sense to him. Charlie clearly saw Asriel's confusion and moved to answer without Asriel even saying anything. "I know what you are thinking but most units are made from a mix of houses. Some are friends, some owe flavors and many try to find specialists in certain fields. Of course many from the house sin rarely join in battle but some do. Also there are some units that are made from one house we normally take orders from any marines nearby or some units are also assigned under certain Space marines. Oh and just to let you know Albert and Larry are a part of my unit"

Asriel found that information interesting perhaps if he took Charlie's offer there might be some protection in some form as well plus there are people he knows within it. Still there was a problem and he mentioned it "Charlie I don't know the first thing about combat and war. Also I don't know any witchcraft." Charlie began scratching his chin "Really now? I heard that you went to the house of daemons and the fact you remained there for a few hours. I heard stories of the magic they can put out and the things they teach to their acolytes. Also your lack of combat skill can be worked on if you join."

Asriel started to feel uncomfortable at the thought of magic he responded "Well yes Ivan taught me a few things yesterday some rituals and such bu-.." Charlie then clapped his hands interrupting he leaned forward "Asriel, you got taught by the head of the house of daemons whatever he taught you could prove useful and of course I would like more people I can trust in my unit. Having people you trust is a very important thing in combat and war." Asriel did think on that he also needed people he could trust then suddenly his datapad beeped.

He looked at it and he saw a message from Lord Adelram he wanted to see him a mix of fear and excitement gripped him. He then looked up at Charlie "Sorry Charlie can I give you my decision later? Lord Adelram needs me." Charlie simply sighed "Well Asriel, you can give me your decision later." Charlie then got up stretched and left the room.

Asriel then got read he grabbed his journal and checked his knifed strapped to his waist and left his room. He walked down the corridors and eventually reached Adelram's chambers he knocked and as always the light on the right chimed green. He stepped in and he saw Adelram as always sitting at his large desk.

Asriel then wondered since he met Adelram he never took off his helmet not once he has seen his face. Adelram then looked up from his notes and gestured for Asriel to sit. Asriel sat in front of Adelram there was a silence for some time Asriel fidgeted in his chair until Adelram spoke. "What are you?" Asriel was shocked by the question and was not exactly sure how to answer he voice came out meekly "My lord I am a simple young man that likes to write and sketch nothing else." Adelram sat back to Asriel it looked like he was contemplating an answer.

Adelram said "Really now? After all the reports, questioning Agoston, Ivan and Jedrick at length you are not exactly "normal". Agoston tells me how you took off your gas mask and breathed in concentrated mist that is produced in the house of daemons yet your cognitive functions remain intact. You are also not a mewling degenerate either." Asriel squirmed in his chair slightly a part of him started to become annoyed. He was ripped from his past life being told things that he could never believe and the fact some things he knew were a lie. He blurted out not thinking "My lord, What is exactly "normal" about this place!? I have been taken from my planet enslaved and suddenly I am deemed important and released, people have interest in me and I have no idea why. I am just trying to get by and do what I am good at nothing else." Asriel then realized he raised his voice he could not tell what expression Adelram had under his helmet but he feared what he might do next.

Adelram chuckled softly "Most people would fear to raise their voice at me, I have killed and ended people for less I also wonder why I haven't killed you yet. At your recommendation to check Ivan I found my procedure has changed each nerve end adjusted in perfect fashion to cause euphoric sensation instead of pain. It was like the hand of my Teacher did it." Adelram leaned forward again "Each time you prove me wrong or make me doubt my action. Not for a sense of proving how smart you are or to win my favour you do it because your innate curiosity your need to experience and understand new things drives you. I personally wish all my servants were like that."

Asriel's heart then started to relax a little he thought at the back of his mind that he would not kill him but then more questions formed in his mind he asked again without thinking. "My lord why do you do all of this? Amethyst said you wish to prepare for the return of your primarch but I get the feeling there is more to it than that. That can't be all there is to it, I can also tell you are very "different" compared to rest of the Astartes on the ship." As Asriel said this he saw Adelram's fist clench on the table then relaxed the fear of being killed again returned.
Adelram then spoke softly "There you are, doing it again. You will come with me." Adelram then sat up the servo's in his power armor winding with the motion and he walked to the door. Asriel sat up and followed, he walked with Adelram in complete silence as they walked he found less and less people within the corridors of the ship until eventually he stopped seeing anyone. They then came to a large set of stairs they walked up it took several minutes to the point that Asriel's legs started to become tired but he kept up he wondered if Adelram was going to show him something.
They eventually reached a large reinforced double door with a panel on the left hand side with several numbered digits on them. Adelram then typed in a code quickly Asriel's eyes had a hard time following it he could get at least two numbers 22. The doors then slid open slowly and Adelram stepped forward Asriel followed.

When Asriel walked in the area felt a lot more "warm" the cosy kind instead of the hard cold that is felt around the ship at times. They walked for a moment and they came to another set of double doors there was a vox speaker on the right hand side similar to the one from the house of warriors. Adelram pressed the button underneath he spoke into it "Lily it's me open up." A young's woman's voice then came through "Code words?" Adelram nodded he spoke "The phoenix rises from the ashes but as it does so it laughs and leaves everyone behind." The doors suddenly clicked and they slid open.

Adelram stepped forward, Asriel then wondered if Adelram was protecting something he dismissed that thought and kept walking. As they walked they saw a woman waiting she had black shaggy hair, dark skin to Asriel she was also quite easy on the eyes she also wore a long white gown. She smiled as Adelram approached she said "My lord, it's good to see you! I am sure Grandfather would be happy to see you and Lady Elizabeth." She then spotted the person following from behind the smile did not leave her face "So who is the visitor that you bought with you my lord? You must like him dearly if he is here."

Adelram coughed to interrupt her Asriel got the feeling she could talk for an age if allowed to Adelram then said "In a sense where is the Captain and Lady Elizabeth?" Lily nodded "They are in their rooms Elizabeth does not wish to be disturbed at the moment. Grandfather is resting right now." Asriel then started to wonder who was Elizabeth from the sound of it she sounds important. Adelram saw Asriel had a question on his mind he moved to answer "She is the Navigator of the ship, she guides the ship through the warp through her mutation. The eye on her forehead. I will warn you now at all costs do not look at it if she is not wearing her headband."

Asriel nodded he jotted down some notes and the warning in his Journal he then said "My lord, why are we here?" Adelram looked forward "To show you something." Lily moved to speak "Oh you are going to show him that? Oh dear you must truly like him then." Adelram then made like a grunt, Asriel could not tell if it was in frustration.

They kept walking down the corridor there were two rooms on the left and right Asriel looked at them and then Lily stopped. She made a bow and said "Well I have to check on Grandpa, make sure that he took all his medicine." As she mentioned the medience Asriel could not help but notice she smiled and looked at Adelram. Lily then opened the door on the right gently and walked in.

Adelram then turned to Asriel "We are almost at our destination." They continued walking down the corridor and came to a double door. Adelram pushed the doors open they were not automatic to Asriel's surprise. Adelram walked in but Asriel could not help notice as he opened the doors there was a somewhat sweet aroma coming through.

Asriel could not let himself get distracted by the smell he wanted to know the source. He followed after Adelram as he walked in. He was in a large room it was dark. The aroma became insanely strong but it was not overpowering. Asriel then saw Adelram he could still somewhat see his large frame in the dark it looked like he pushed a button on the wall.

Then the lights flicked on and what Asriel saw the room was cylinder with the pathway ending in the middle in a circle but around it at the edges of the room were hosts of different flowers, tons the sight was breathtaking to be honest Asriel never saw anything like it he saw pictures of flowers in some books but never this. The books did not do justice to what he saw.

Adelram could clearly see Asriel entrapped with the view and then he pressed another button and then Asriel heard something moving on the roof and he looked up. The roof came open and then he saw what seems to be reinforced glass made for ships as the twin doors on the circle roof came open he saw a host of stars. Hundreds, far clearer and brighter than on the pict screen that was shown on the bridge.

Adelram then walked forward and began sitting down on the floor the servo's of his power armour winding at the motion he gestured for Asriel to sit next to him. Asriel rushed over and sat down his eyes darting to the various flowers he was about to speak until Adelram interrupted him. "Yes I tended to all of these myself personally over the years. My old captain the "starlight king" could not shut up about it. I come here to think to plan. This space is mine and I let only select people be here which now includes you." Asriel then raised his eyebrow "Starli-" Adelram interjected "Yes it's the title my old captain went by he... glittered when he killed people. A fact he constantly brought up. He is gone now."

Asriel scratched the back of his head at the fact, Asriel then felt a surge of happiness he felt honored, happy even that Adelram trusted him this much to share this space he could tell this place was important to him. He knew it's a terrible thing to be enslaved people would call him heathen and daemon worshiper but in all honesty it was with them he finally saw the stars. He moved to open his book and Adelram gestured he said "You can't write of this place in your journal. Commit it to your mind and memory." He then told Asriel the code and phrase he repeated it several times the phrase was simple and the code was 5 digits 22305.
Asriel then moved to speak "Who else knows of this place?" Adelram put his hand to the chin of his helmet "Save the people who live up here Lily, Captain and Elizabeth? Only Amethyst and Jedrick." Asriel was not exactly surprised Amethyst was allowed here but Jedrick? He did not seem like the type to appreciate flowers or the view.

Adelram then laughed "I know what you are thinking and it's actually the opposite when I first brought him here he moved to every single flower to smell each he even had me remove his power armor so he would not harm any." Asriel's brows furrowed another question perplexed him "My lord, you call Jedrick mad and such yet you trust him greatly?" Adelram gave a heavy sigh "I shall explain, yes Jedrick worships an entity of excess yet he is also frank with me. Ivan is a snake, Ivan wishes me to embrace the religion thinking I am a fool and heathen and has not grasped the truth of the galaxy. In Jedrick's case he simply believes that if I did in the end it would better for me nothing more he also does not push the point either. Also shockingly he is quite intellectual and has a love of philosophy. Plus removing the heads of people who seek to betray me also helps."

Asriel thought of Jedrick he could see Adelram's point he has a way with words that you just want to listen. Being with Ivan at times he feels like he just wants to run away. As Asriel thought of them another question spawned in his brain. Asriel said "My lord I recall from Ivan's story that you have a gift of some sort? What did he mean about that?"

Adelram was silent unmoving for a moment he leaned back supporting himself with both hands "You are that perceptive... well Asriel I bare the curse of the witch." Asriel eyes bulged at the proclamation Adelram continued speaking "It's a curse I spit on and hate if you have seen what people twist into following that path hence why I focus on the path of the body. My master and captain largely shielded me back then.... Also if I did not train as a apothecary this warband would have fallen to pieces already. Yet....." Adelram trailed off.

Asriel did not judge him back home the priests told him to Abhor to hate the witch but he could not bring himself to hate Adelram he was different and out of the space marines he met he seems the most "stable" or "normal". Adelram was silent for a moment he then said "Enough of that I will tell you more later, still the next raid will commence soon I can tell my brothers are agitated hence I picked the perfect target. We are in a neighbouring system from your home planet. Ivan's rituals to hide the ship will dissipate soon and it will be time to move."

Asriel did not know what to think of that more people being taken from their homes more people being enslaved. There was nothing he could do this is his life now but he also enjoyed this life much more than his old one now. He simply gave a nod. Asriel then heard someone waltzing into the room. It was a woman she wore a flowing red dress, she had long red hair and her face was fair she wore a bandage around her forehead.

Adelram stood up and the the woman stood right in front of him unbowed she spoke each of her words seem chosen carefully "Adelram? When are we moving again? I tire of being here sitting around doing nothing." Adelram sighed "Soon Elizabeth I am making preparations for another raid." The woman smiled "Good." The woman Asriel knew to be Elizabeth looked at him her face screwed into disgust her words were like barbs "Adelram, this ruffian who is he? Why is he here?" Adelram spoke flatly "Enough, Elizabeth prepare yourself we are going to be moving soon." Elizabeth looked to protest but stopped and walked away.

Asriel was surprised how she can be so brash to Adelram he assumed she was the navigator considering the bandage and of course considering she spoke to Adelram is such a casual manner she must be important. Adelram spoke again "You should leave now, I must prepare the captain get some rest it will be a few days until we reach our destination."

Asriel began walking out he knew the way back it was not too hard but he wondered what did he exactly do for Adelram to trust him so much. In the end perhaps he thought it would be better to stop thinking about it and accept it. Still he now knows the answer he will give to Charlie.

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Nice. I look forward to what happens. Interesting story, as I have not read anything on the common people's of the imperium at all.

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lliu wrote:
Nice. I look forward to what happens. Interesting story, as I have not read anything on the common people's of the imperium at all.

Yeah, that's what I tried to grasp also the fact that a friend who knows nothing of 40k wants to read my story also. Funny enough they were the one's who largely got me to do this. As I said it was meant to be something small but turned into something large. The story is going to be three parts working on the second right now just about finished the first chapter.

Also the whole number and names thing is something the planet of Athor(I made it up) does. Perhaps we might go back there at some point.

I got the idea for this story from the chaos space marine codex from the cultist page. Just this one line "After all, even a man who has nothing can still barter away his soul." This was significant to me because this is the reason why the imperium acts the way it does. No matter what life you lead chaos still wants you. They want you to give away your soul and most likely you will do it with a smile on your face.

By large the common factory worker knows next to nothing. They have never seen a marine before all they know is what the imperium wishes for them to know which is largely next to nothing. If Asriel(or 1024) went about blabbing his Journal to everyone back home he would of got a visit by the Arbites.

Perhaps likely killed for his Journal(Since he wrote down most of his feelings and frustrations within it) since most authorities would read it as containing possible heretical thoughts or he might get turned into a servitor.

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Chapter 8

Asriel was in his room practising the knife movements Charlie taught him he had a knife on hand and spare time. So he took to repeating each stroke each slash. Charlie even told him points he should aim for on the body. His arms strained with each swipe he gained several bruises from the various mock battles he did with Charlie's unit Albert was helpful in teaching him how to fire a gun at the range.

Jedrick let him part with an automatic pistol and gave him a flak chest guard and combat trousers for protection. He kept the pistol at his hip he seemed quite Joyful at him joining Charlie or perhaps he is more excited for the raid than anything else. What was odd he did not see Larry not since the time he was collecting blood, Charlie assured that he will be there for gear up.

Amethyst was not exactly happy with him joining Charlie she said that the House of sin are exempt from battle. The conversation came up because he wanted to learn more about battlefield medicine and first aid from her. Amethyst was more than happy to teach but she was worried, she said that joining Charlie's unit is going to lower his life expectancy than increase it. Yet ever since he took to learning combat there was some kind of anticipation a sense of excitement.

Then the alarm chimed the lights switched to red which Asriel noted it meant that the ship is approaching battle. Asriel put on his combat gear. Asriel swung his journal around his shoulder, he also attached a utility belt around his waist containing various pain killers and medical tools. Asriel then hooked his com bead to his ear. Charlie handed it out to each member of the unit. He said it took him quite a lot of favors to secure them. He believed that it would aid in their survival.

Asriel then left his room after gearing he went to meet charlie at the house of warriors, Charlie told him that his unit has been chosen to have special status to be there at Lord Adelram's briefing. Asriel eventually reached the house of warriors and he found that all of Charlie's unit was together waiting for him Albert and Larry was there also. Asriel saw Charlie's unit was a mix of men and women, some Asriel recognised from the time Anthony was assaulting him. They tended to avoid his gaze perhaps thinking they might be cursed if they bought his ire. Asriel was not sure whether to feel happy at the prospect and wondered if it might affect their Cohesion. Asriel then counted how many were in their unit there were 18 in total including him, Albert, Charlie and Larry.

Asriel then saw Larry he noticed his arms were covered in scripture and he wore combat gear with a mix of latex leather. His eyes were pink also Larry smiled at Asriel he then said "Asriel! I am glad that you took Charlie's offer can't you feel it? The thundering in the blood we are about to spill the blood of the minions of the false emperor! Offer their souls up to the dark prince!" Asriel was not sure whether to be freighted by Larry's new found zealotry and eagerness for battle. Asriel gave a weak smile and said "Well I have been itching to go but I am rather nervous." Larry wrapped his arm around Asriel's shoulder he was still smiling "You should not be nervous Asriel, even if we die we will become part of something greater."
Asriel was about to respond then the ship vox began blurting for special units and Astartes to report to the docking area of the ship. Everyone began rushing around preparing or leaving. Charlie then cocked his autogun and looked to his unit he gave an order "It's time to get moving lads and ladies to the docking bay area!"

They all readied their guns and moved in a group Asriel followed and as he was about to leave Charlie grabbed him by the shoulder he spoke "Asriel when we hit the ground stick close to me and Albert okay?" When Asriel looked at his face he could see a sense of concern which surprised him. Perhaps the training Jedrick put the soldiers through in the house of warriors changed Charlie? Asriel nodded "Yes I will make sure to do so, I have also been studying first aid along with my combat training." Charlie smiled "Ha! We now also have a medic this is good. Now let's get moving before they leave us behind."

They walked for a moment going down a level Asriel has not been to the lower levels of the ship since he was a lower level slave. Yet they took a slightly different route avoiding the slave quarters and made their way to the docking area. There were several Thunderhawks and there were a large amount of people gathered in groups. Asriel guessed these were other units he also saw Space marines in various squads checking their weapons. Asriel could count at least 35 in total.

Asriel also saw Jedrick ordering people around and Ivan leading groups of humans and marines in prayer. Then finally he saw Adelram at a giant screen. There was noise for a moment until Adelram shouted for silence his helmet aiding him in raising his voice. The room fell into silence and Adelram began speaking. "We are gathered to review the information for this raid. We are currently in the Barbos system and will be assaulting a Cardinal world." Adelram pressed a button on the screen "Currently the planet is being assaulted by Aeldari, the Eldar of the craftworlds." As Adelram mentioned this Asriel heard people hissing in contempt or booing Asriel never saw a Xeno's before other than being told they are untrustworthy and to be hated but considering people's reaction in the docking area they must hold the same hatred people of his home planet do. Adelram quieted down the jeers and he continued speaking "We will be taking advantage of this to capture people, and possibly if some of you are lucky killing Eldar and taking their valuables." Adelram pressed a button on the screen.

He gestured at the city map being displayed on the screen he marked out three churches he said "We have identified these three churches as hubs for the local armies forces they are using it also as a makeshift communication centre since it's highly likely that the eldar targeted their normal channels first. Our host will divide into three groups and attack these locations." Adelram then looked at Sebastian "You will take your warriors and some of your human soldiers to attack the church on the far left of the city. Me Ivan, and Jedrick will take the center along with a mixed force, the center is the most heavily defended. The rest of the human forces will take the church on the far right. That is all, your groups will be assigned to Thunderhawks and you will be taken down to the planet."
After the order was given the leaders of each unit approached Adelram to be told which Thunderhawk they will be taking. Of course Charlie approached Adelram and Asriel could see he was nodding he then walked back to the group. Charlie then announced that they will be on the third Thunderhawk heading down. At this proclamation Asriel started to become nervous again his breathing became heavy he started to rub his hands until Albert suddenly slapped his hands over his. It stang and Asriel looked up Albert gave him a nod "Is that better? I tend to do this before battle or fights calms the nerves." Asriel gave a weak nod his hands hurt but he felt slightly calmer.

He saw several soldiers getting on Thunderhawks, the second one was preparing to leave. Then Charlie ordered everyone on the third several other units were on there. It was quite a squeeze but not to the point where Asriel felt like he was going to get crushed. The bay doors on the Thunderhawk closed and it lifted off the movement was gentle then suddenly it felt rough.

The ride went on for several minutes until there was a thud and the bay doors opened Asriel stepped out he looked around. It seemed like an Urban city instead of a hive city but each of the buildings looked finely crafted with gothic statues and angel like figures everywhere. Asriel thought it would of looked beautiful if it was not for the battle dust. As Adelram said this planet was also being attacked by Eldar.

Charlie then hopped out of the Thunderhawk he ordered everyone to move on the objective. "It's time to get moving! Stick close and watch everyone's back!" They began marching into the streets Asriel also saw some units split off in different directions he shook his head keep focused on his unit and what's in front of him not on what others are doing. That was the first thing Charlie taught him.

They marched through the city for several minutes they did not make any contact yet but Asriel could see the church in the distance he then began to hear bullet fire. Charlie ordered everyone to form up and they kept marching. They came upon the church and Asriel saw several units in cover firing at imperial planetary defence forces some poked out and fired their guns along red laser catching someone leaving a burnt hole in their chest. He also saw a woman in power armor firing guns similar to the space marines they were called bolters he recalled. The impacts of their bullets exploding on impact blowing holes in chests and blowing off limbs.

Charlie called for everyone to take cover in the courtyard there were several smashed debris in the courtyard and fallen over statues. Asriel rushed into cover keeping his head down. He knelt behind the statue and Charlie rushed next to him. So did Albert, Charlie nodded he said "That woman in power armor is a sister of battle. Lord Jedrick told me about them." Charlie touched a com-bead to his ear.

Charlie spoke into the bead "On my order everyone pop out of cover and fire on the power armoured female." Asriel heard his order come through his ear there was a bit of static but he could make it out of course he did not require it right now since he was right next to Charlie. They waited for a few moments Charlie then poked his head up slightly then he yelled "Now open fire!" Asriel leaped up he saw the sister of battle was in the middle of reloading he fired his pistol at her the rest of his unit did the same she was riddled with bullets. Some bullets bounced off her armour but some pierced the eye lenses of her helmet and some hit the gaps of her armour she then crumpled on the floor.
Charlie then yelled for everyone to get down all did so. Asriel was breathing heavily that was his first kill the first time he killed someone he was breathing heavily. It felt strangely liberating and intoxicating at the same time. Yet his stomach also turned slightly like he was going to be sick he held it back. He did not want to void his bowls in the middle of a firefight.

He then heard an order "Fall back!" Asriel poked his head out of the cover and saw the PDF were trying to move back into the church. Other units surrounding the church took this opportunity to charge knives and other brutal instruments raised. Charlie cursed "Bloody house of daemons the lot of them have no sense of strategy. Still we can use this to our advantage." Charlie touched his bead again "Right when some of our men hit close combat use that chance to fill the enemy with bullets." A woman's voice then came through the bead "What of friendly fire?" Asriel then heard Larry's voice through the bead "Don't worry they do not mind since in death they will go to a better place." Charlie laughed he then ordered "See our fanatic friend gave the go ahead so fire!" Asriel leapt up again he tried to avoid hitting anyone but he saw numerous house of daemon soldiers charging into close combat some were cut down by las-blasts but there were too many for the PDF to handle.

Asriel did admit using this method they could kill as many imperial PDF as possible it seemed the stream of daemon soldiers were endless and the PDF were overwhelmed. The courtyard then fell silent. Asriel looked around, the daemon soldiers were howling, some were on the ground praying and others were dragging away some of the corpses. They largely were ignoring the objective and pursuing whatever base desires that dawned on them.

Charlie then called for everyone to move out of cover they then went to inspect the bodies that the house of daemon soldiers left behind. Asriel saw several soldiers from his unit were looting the PDF taking their lasguns. Asriel did the same he made sure to take some energy cell packs as well. He slung it over his shoulder.

Charlie then ordered people to the door on the right and left and he gave a countdown 1, 2, 3 and then Albert and Charlie kicked the doors and they moved in. Asriel then followed along with the rest of the unit. They raised their guns and several scribes, clergymen and women raised their hands. Some people were working the communication machines. There was a single PDF soldier standing with his lasgun raised his face stern.

Charlie gave a chuckle he shouted at the PDF soldier "How about you put the gun away? We have you outnumbered." The imperial soldier shouted spittle flying from his mouth "Never Heretics! I will never surrender to you! You come to bring darkness the emperor protects!" At that exclamation it drew Larry's ire "Fool! He can't protect you here there is only one true power and we will kill you and they will feed on your soul!" Charlie waved for Larry to be quiet in annoyance.
Asriel stood there sweating with his lasgun drawn. Charlie then sighed and fired his gun at the PDF soldier. He did not have time to pull the trigger one las shot hit the PDF soldier in the arm he cried out in pain and dropped his gun. Charlie fired again this time in his chest leaving a small burn hole and he collapsed on the floor to the screams of the civilians.

Charlie then fired one shot in the air and shouted "Everyone keep quiet!" with that action all the civilians grew silent. He gestured for Asriel, Albert, Larry and one female soldier forward. He then said "I want you guys to watch the people." He then pointed to several soldiers "I want the rest on the windows! If anything happens I want to know!" Several soldiers in Asriel's unit nodded and they moved to the windows.

Asriel aided moving the civilians, Albert and Larry had them moved to a corner as Asriel did this memories came flooding back. Memories of Athor of being surrounded in that circle wondering what will happen to him. Yet his life became better. The people here, their lives can become better as well he wondered what kind of lives some of these people lived. Asriel looked them over he saw one woman short blonde hair and she had the look of someone who lived comfortably she also looked to be a clergy woman. She also looked fair almost beautiful. She tried to spit in Asriel's direction the spittle landed on his chest. Asriel annoyed got a cloth from his utility belt and wiped it off.

Albert raised a gun to the woman she began to speak "Do it filthy heretic, I will be reunited at the emperor's side on my death. I curse you and your name." Albert raised his gun ready to shoot Asriel raised his hand to stop him. He did not know why he responded but he did so "You can die for the emperor on your lips but even so when you die you will suffer horrific torture unending pain and torment while neverborn tear and guzzle upon your souls. Don't seek your death here." Asriel said that plainly there was twinge of sadness there.
The woman screwed her face in disgust and retorted "What do you know!? You speak lies and heresy! You who sold his soul away for what! Power! Glory! Your masters will kill you at the bat of the eyelid heathen. You simply exist to be used and discarded as you deserve!" Asriel felt anger building he made an outburst "I gave it away to be free! I never had a name a purpose! When I tried to do good your clergy your emperor reprimanded me! You call me Heretic and Heathen! But shockingly my "masters" treat me as human! I would give it away again in a heartbeat. While you spout lies and half truths thinking that your Martyrdom will ensure a place at the side of the emperor all that will happen is that you will meet the laughter of neverborn as they tear you to pieces."

Asriel was fuming this woman had no idea what he has been through. No idea how he suffered. No idea how the emperor and his own people treated him. The thought crossed his mind he should kill here right now end her here. The Albert touched him on the shoulder "You don't need to justify yourself to her Asriel leave her in her Illusion." The clergywoman turned away in disgust until a call came from the the window nearby. A soldier shouted "Charlie we got Eldar incoming!" then another soldier called near the church doors "Charlie! we have a bigger problem coming right now!"

Charlie looked to both ends thinking what he should do Charlie moved to the front of the church. Charlie asked "What's a bigger problem than Eldar?" The soldier gestured for Charlie to look out of the window charlie looked out of the window he saw nothing save the daemon soldiers messing with corpses and looked back at the soldier "I don't see anything. Save the Debauchery of the house of daemons." The soldier clearly looking worried responded "No Charlie look up."

Charlie looked out of the window again and looked up he saw what looked to be tiny meteors coming down no they were not meteors they were drop pods. Charlie kept looking one crashed down in front of the church. Crushing several house of daemon members. The drop pod was green in colour. Charlie turned back and shouted "We got space marines incoming!" Albert called over "Are they ours?" Charlie shook his head distress lining his features "No, not ours." Albert cursed.

Asriel looked around and then he saw the clergy woman smiling she said "See Heretic? The emperor's angels of death have come to kill you." Asriel began breathing heavily he has seen the marines on their ship duel they have no chance against a group of them. One could easily kill them. Charlie then looked around the church he opened a set of double doors on the right and looked around he came back and shouted. "Everyone over here get the prisoners here as well there is a an underground chamber!"

Asriel, Albert and Larry began pushing the prisoners forward and the soldiers moved after them they had to hope and pray that the space marines and Eldar will kill one another. Still when moving the prisoners Asriel could still see the clergy woman was smiling.
Adelram impaled a sister of battle with his power sword and twisted, She coughed up blood her eyes rolled back and she crumpled on the floor. He looked around and it seemed the rest of his host were cleaning up the dregs Jedrick cleaved apart several imperial PDF. Ivan was swinging his crozius his mace bashing aside PDF with each swing with prayers on his lips. Adelram sighed normally PDF are easy to kill and he expected the sisters of battle to give them some trouble but he had a nagging feeling that they are being drawn in this was too easy.

Adelram was lost in his thoughts while his human soldiers poured into the church. Then he heard a sound he looked around then a shimmer. He instinctively he leaped back. The shimmering was then seen on several figures and their cloak dropped it was several Eldar of the craftworlds they wore tight green armor with various depictions of the scorpion etched on their armour. Adelram guessed they were striking scorpions. He recalled tales from his old captain of how they killed and vanished into the shadows.

Adelram then shouted "Eldar! To positions!" All the space marines flicked to attention pointing guns at the Green Eldar. They fired and their cloaks switched back on he could see by the shimmering they scattered. Adelram heard screaming then from the roads out of the darkness came charging Eldar in bone white armor. Red flowing hair was swaying in the wind while they were charging.

They released an ear pitching scream that caused several of the human soldiers on both sides to grip their hands on their heads in pain some bled from the ears. What was most curious that the Eldar were largely ignoring Adelram's brothers they were aiming for him. Several of the Eldar in bone white armour began slashing at him Adelram trying to parry each blow some knicks got in causing slight amount of his blood to be spilled. Adelram could not keep this up if he slipped for one second he would be dead.

Jedrick then shouted "On Adelram push back the xenos! Offer up their souls to the dark prince! They will be returned to the god they gave birth to!" Jedrick and Ivan along with some members of their squad moved onto Adelram's position trying tp push back the Aeldari. Each of Adelram's brothers were caught in single combat with the members of the attacking Eldar. The Eldar that appeared to lead the unit who Adelram knew to be the "Exarch" leaped forward and then from behind the Exarch leading the striking scorpions deactivated his stealth cloak both were circling him.

The Eldar in bone white armour spoke each word sounded like she was mocking Adelram "You will die here Mon-Keigh you will not be allowed to become the true lord of sin." Then voice behind the Exarch in green armour spoke his voice coming out like an echo due to his helmet "The one who will become exalted who will share his flesh with the seducer will also die with you. The prophecy will come to pass." They both charged from both sides Adelram readied his weapon. He tried to parry the Exarch in bone white armour her speak strikes were too fast she made a strike across his shoulder pad cutting through the ceramite. She stabbed deep blood began spilling down his arm.

The green Aeldari moved in from behind and made a swipe with a claw shaped into a scorpion stinger he slashed to Adelram's waist cutting through the armour instantly blood spurted from the wound. Adelram grunted in pain and dropped to one knee both Eldar jumped back circling him again. Adelram gripped the wound to his waist. Adelram clinched his teeth. He felt a small shadow was building in his twin hearts. That alien sensation to Astartes fear, not for his death.. of him. Never being able to see him. Adelram shouted "I won't die here xenos!" The Exarch in bone white armor charged again her spear held high she unleashed a scream but Adelram raised his right hand.

She froze in place unable to move Adelram could see her clearly struggling and then the Green Exarch charged at his left and then Adelram raised his left hand. They were both frozen then he clutched both hands into a fist the armour on both Aeldari began to bend inwards blood leaking from the rivits of their armour then they were crushed in a splash of gore. Adelram then stood up he injected pain killer stimulate into his system and focused on the Aeldari he raised his hands at each and made a swatting motion. The Eldar began flying through the air smashing into the walls breaking their bones into shards.

His brothers took advantage of this and swarmed on the Eldar who were caught alone. With that the battle ended. Ivan then walked up to Adelram looking clearly joyful "My lord you us-" Adelram cut him off "Silence Ivan I don't want to hear it." Jedrick then shouted for everyone to look up as Adelram looked up to the sky he saw drop pods falling from the sky the drop pods were green in colouration. Adelram cursed under his breath.

Asriel along with Larry, Albert and the other soldiers were herding the prisoners through the corridors. Charlie then showed them to a set of stairs leading down some of the prisoners tried to stop and protest but Albert gun bucking some or threatening to shoot got them moving. They came to double wooden doors charlie pushed the doors open and beckoned the unit through.

The room was a large empty hall with stacks of empty wooden boxes and barrels scattered in the room. Charlie then gestured to the soldiers to help him barricade the doors. They moved the crates and barrels to the doors and made makeshift cover in front of it. The prisoners were pushed to the back of the room. The sound of fighting could be heard above, Charlie was pacing in the room clearly stressed.

he kicked a crate and cursed "We have to hold position and hope they kill each other" said Charlie. Asriel looked at the clergy woman he was arguing with earlier she was looking smug. It angered him but he could understand charlie's position they could possibly take on the Eldar depending on who they are. Loyalist Astartes? They have no hope both together? It's suicide.

Charlie kept pacing Asriel could tell the nerves were getting to the soldiers until Asriel spoke up. "Charlie I have an idea." Charlie looked up some hope returning to his eyes "Do you? Something that can get us out of this mess?" Asriel bit his lip slightly "It may not exactly be a good idea." Charlie nodded "I am willing to take any ideas at this moment."
Asriel breathed a sigh and walked up to charlie "I could summon the neverborn. Ivan taught me things." Charlie went white as a sheet "No that idea is terrible. We can't do that." Larry then interjected "Even if we could summon them I doubt lesser shards would be able to take on the forces up stairs. Also we require their true name, according to the scriptures." Asriel then flicked open his journal "I do have a true name of a neverborn likely a greater shard." Larry's eyes opened wide "How did you get such a thing? We might have a chance!" Charlie then shouted "No, no summoning it's more likely they will kill all of us first and then the lot upstairs."

Albert then turned to speak "We are dead either way Charlie. I don't like the thought of summoning those things but it's better than waiting for our deaths." Charlie breathed a sigh "You know what you are doing Asriel?" Asriel nodded "I do also we have all the materials right here." Charlie raised his eyebrow "We do?" Asriel smiled "Yes." He then pointed to the prisoners. He looked at charlie "I only need 6."

Charlie scratched his chin for a moment thinking "Fine." Charlie called over the soldiers at the doors waiting in cover to guard the people. They began taking people from the group until it came to the 6th person Asriel interjected "I would like to pick the 6th person." Charlie shrugged "Go on either way we are dead most likely." Asriel walked up to the prisoners and pointed at the Clergy woman. Her face was still full of venom it took two soldiers to move her since she was trashing and hurling insults.

Charlie then looked at Asriel "Why her?" Asriel was flicking through his journal going over the ritual he looked up at Charlie "She is the perfect focal point, the neverborn are attracted to torment, despair, agony and death. When the neverborn comes and her faith comes crashing down around her that her faith is a lie and the agony of the process.... she will be a good host."

Charlie simply shook his head "Apostle Ivan sure taught you some crazy stuff Asriel." Asriel face was completely neutral he was actually curious about the effects of the ritual. He realized as time went on things that should bother him things that would be morally repugnant he could not bring himself to care. She was an enemy a zealot to a false idea nothing more nothing less.

Asriel said "Charlie can you also bind her hands and feet? Her thrashing about would make things difficult." Charlie shrugged and pulled out some rope from his backpack and with the aid of the soldiers he bound the woman's hands and feet. It seems the other prisoners seem content with the fact they are likely to die and were muttering prayers to emperor. Asriel could not bring himself to be sad since they are praying to a lie more than anything. A lie that cannot hear them or save them. The emperor cannot protect them if he did he would not have been taken from his home and given this life.

Charlie then looked up when his work was done "Should we gag her? She is kinda annoying actually." Asriel shook his head "No it actually helps when they scream actually. Now arrange 5 of the prisoners in a circle and with the clergy woman in the middle of it." The soldiers arranged the 5 chosen prisoners in a circle and with the woman in the middle. Charlie then raised another question "Why 6 prisoners for this little "spell" you are doing?"
Asriel then drew the knife Isira gave him he turned it over and looked at Charlie "6 is the holy or sacred number of the goddess or god of excess you can use either pronoun if you prefer. The beings of the warp place significance on certain numbers. For example The god of blood and war his holy number is 8, The god of change his number 9 and the god of Disease and pestilence his number is 7."

Asriel then walked over to the prisoners and began the incantation the clergy woman began shouting "Heathen! Heretic the emperor's angels of death will smite you! We may die but we will be avenged!" Asriel ignored her focusing on the summoning words Ivan taught him the dark tongue soon he heard nothing save his own voice.

Charlie then looked over to Larry "What is he saying?" Larry was smiling with joy "He is calling the children of the warp bringing their eye to this place. Can't you feel it?" Charlie was confused still he watched Asriel chanting and then he casually drew his knife across the first sacrifice. Suddenly Charlie began to feel cold he rubbed his arms slightly to warm them up.

Charlie was still watching Asriel chant and then he drew his knife against the second sacrifice's throat he gurgled and sagged down to the ground. Charlie then thought he saw flickers of things snapping at the bodies of the dead sacrifices. Asriel then moved to the third and the cold grew in intensity. Larry's pink eyes started to dilate he was smiling laughing even "Charlie they are coming! We are going to be blessed!"

Charlie wanted to look away it did not feel right but he could not tear his eyes away he then saw Asriel draw his knife against the 4th sacrifice and then Charlie could smell a mix of brimstone, perfume and honey. Charlie looked at the prisoners they don't seem to be faring any better with the sensations or the things they are seeing in the room. He saw them making signs of the Aquila like it ward or stop the ritual. Asriel then cut the throat of the last prisoner and then stopped in front of the clergy woman. Asriel now could see the fear in her eyes she tried to keep a brave face she shouted at me "So I am next!? You are going to cut my throat as well!?"

Asriel ignored her, he was still chanting he approached the end and it was now time to utter the name Mavu'Lyasala'Ummphalei'iss. Then suddenly the phenomena in the room stopped all was normal. Some the soldiers looked around confused, Asriel then stepped back charlie looked at Asriel "Nothing is happening?" Asriel was silent but the woman was still heaping insults at him "See heretic! The emperor protects his faithful!" She was laughing until the blood of the 5 prisoners began pooling around her.

The blood moved like a life of its own and made a puddle underneath her and then suddenly she sank. She was splashing in the blood it looked like she was drowning and Asriel in that moment saw utter terror in her eyes as she drowned within the blood. The prisoners moved up to the wall of the room screaming in horror and shouting prayers. A minute passed and then suddenly a hand came out.

It was a human hand and then another hand reached out onto the edge of the blood pool. It seemed the clergy woman was unbound she pulled herself out of the pool of blood. As she walked forward head lowered the blood evaporated from her skin and clothes leaving it pristine. She looked up her eyes were black like the void.

She spoke her voice was smooth as she spoke it was like you would do anything for her. Her voice drew you in steadily. Asriel saw some of the soldiers and prisoners quivering with each word she spoke. "So you summoned me?" Asriel tried to stand upright Ivan said show strength in front of neverborn they can smell weakness. The neverborn crossed her arms "You summon Meliva the soulflayer? Meliva the corruptor and Seducer of Mortals? Exalted in the eyes of the dark prince?" Asriel nodded "Yes great Meliva we are in a predicament." Meliva looked up and licked her lips "I can smell them upstairs" she groaned "Eldar....."

Asriel then looked around the room the soldiers and even the prisoners were looking at her hungrily. In the case of the soldiers he could see their grips loosening on their guns. Asriel had to wrap this up quickly he had no idea how they would react. Meliva then looked right into Asriel's eyes "Now my price..." Asriel cursed "What is your price Great Meliva?"
She gazed at the prisoner's, "You will leave all the prisoners here." Asriel almost breathed a sigh of relief until Meliva began walking up to him slowly she whispered into his ear. Asriel brow furrowed and clenched his fists he looked at it - her "Is there no other choice?" She shook her head making a coy smile "If you don't accept, I will take everyone in this room and your precious lord."

Asriel's mouth went dry he clenched his eyes shut and opened them "I accept." Meliva's face twisted in a horrific smile "Good.. very good." Meliva then made a small hand gesture the door and the crates and barrels blocking it exploded. She then looked at the pool of blood she murmured something and made various hand movements and then forms began coming out of the pool. Feminine like forms Asriel recognised them to be daemonettes.
Meliva then pranced out of the room with groups of daemonettes in tow, Asriel realized that Charlie and the soldiers were just standing there their mouths hanging.

Asriel thought it was likely they were drew in by the aura of the greater shard. He shook charlie and he flicked to attention "Asriel what happened? There was a pretty woman here then..." Asriel shouted "No time Charlie we got to get everyone to move!" That was enough to get Charlie attention "What about the prisoners?" Asriel shook his head "We leave them that was the price Meliva demanded." Charlie shrugged "better them than us." Charlie then rallied the soldiers from their stupor and they formed up. Asriel moved to speak to Charlie "Oh and charlie when we get up there. Don't look back just keep running to the door. Ignore everything around you." Charlie seemed confused but simply nodded.

Meliva walked up the stairs and through the corridor the thought of tasting the Eldar, everything is moving to the dark princes designs. She quivered with anticipation and as she walked into the main hall she saw Space marines and the Eldar of the craftworlds firing at each other. The Space marines in green armour shooting with melta and flamer weapons and the Aeldari firing with shuriken cannons.

Meliva's gaze was drawn to the brightest of both grounds the leader of the space marines wore lizard like skin pieces on his shoulder pad and waist. He also bore a torch on his backpack and the leader of the Aeldari warhost was a psyker wearing long flowing black robes and the armour of a farseer. He was blasting the space marines with eldritch bolts. She commanded the daemonettes to wait in the shadows.

She casually walked forward in the middle of the fire fight and both sides stopped frozen wondering who is the person stepping forth. Meliva smiled as a pink mist surrounded and consumed her.

Asriel was running with his unit charlie at the front. They made their way upstairs and then charlie shouted "When we get to the main hall don't look back just run for the entrance! Keep your eyes to the door!". All the soldiers nodded they came to the corridor and they saw the door leading to the main hall and all they heard were screams and shouts and a terrible laughter.

As they reached the main hall there were dead everywhere some mutilated. Some of the soldiers took the idea to look at the back of the hall and they just stood there entranced by whatever they are seeing. Asriel stopped and he saw his unit run out this would be the last time he will see them. This is the last time he will see Charlie, Larry, Albert, Adelram and Amethyst.

Asriel looked back with sadness in his eyes he saw Meliva in all her "glory" her height almost reached the roof of the hall, it's - her skin was porcelain white with a purple hue her skin also looked to be oil smooth. A feminine face boarding on androgynous. A crown of horns that took an oiled sheen and a snake like tongue whipping around the air like she was tasting something. She had four limbs three ending in black talons and one holding a sword one limb wore a spiked latex glove. She wore a loincloth that only covered the front of her body it bore the rune of the dark prince upon it.

Asriel ran behind a stone pillar to make sure he did not get hit by stray bullets but what he saw the green space marines and the Eldar were fighting together against Meliva and they were losing. Meliva was also supported by a host of daemonettes when he looked he saw Meliva just slashing away swatting both sides like flies.

Asriel saw some Eldar and space marines on their knees crying in ecstasy awaiting their deaths. Ivan said whenever encountering a greater shard of slaanesh "Your mind must be like steel, they can rob you of all reason and will. To the point that you may even wish to be devoured by them." She speared the kneeling space marines with her sword laughing and she plucked the kneeling Eldar like treats and devoured them in one gulp. Asriel noticed as she did this she quivered what seemed to be in pleasure.

The last dregs of the Eldar and space marine forces were cut down and the leaders of both forces were back to back. The space marine in lizard skins was hacking away at the daemonettes with his power sword pink and purple ichor splattering across the benches, walls and his power armour. The eldar leader was blasting the neverborn with lightning.

Meliva was waiting for the right moment she snatched the Aeldari leader in her claws he tried to blast lightning at Meliva's face. Meliva gave a hiss but it seemed it did not bother her in the slightest. She then opened her mouth and dropped him in swallowing the Aeldari whole.
The space marine leader was bloodied and before he died he gave a final shout "For the emperor! For Vulkan!" The daemonettes fell upon him he punched one in the face sending it crashing unto the benches. He sliced another in half and chopped off the hand of another. Yet it was not enough several daemonettes fell upon him tearing him to pieces. Asriel still saw some of his unit who turned back to look upon Meliva they were still there on knee's in tears. Some uttering how beautiful Meliva was or how they desired her.

Meliva trotted forward with her hooves and she looked at Asriel directly he wondered why he was not on his knees like the rest. Yes his heart swam with desire when looking upon Meliva yet he felt no desire to abase himself before her like his fellow soldiers and the enemy forces. It was like Meliva read his mind and she answered "You already belong to us." Her tongue whipped out "You already tasted the flesh of the neverborn."

Asriel then saw his fellow soldiers rushing towards Meliva he saw pure happiness and rapture in their eyes. Asriel moved to stop them "Stop! Leave! Run away!" Meliva pouted "Why stop them from their desires? They want to be with me." Asriel tried to call out "No don't do it!" but they shoved him roughly aside and they knelt in front of Meliva mouths agape out of the 18, 4 looked and sat in front of her.

Meliva smiled "You want to be with me that much? I am flattered..." She plucked one of the soldiers up Asriel was powerless all he could was watch and she devoured the soldier the same way she devoured the Eldar. Asriel was then shocked by the response instead of running away in horror they began fighting each other over who is next. One soldier screamed "Me! My mistress! Me next! I beg you!" Another shouted "I want to be next! I want to be with you!"

She then plucked the second soldier up he shouted "I am chosen! Thank you!" and then she dropped the soldier in her mouth and swallowed him in one go. She looked at the next soldier for a minute smiling and the soldier was quivering on the floor crying "Please don't make me wait! Please!" Meliva then waited another minute the soldier began crying begging her to devour him.

She then gently picked him up and devoured him. The last soldier was on his knees what he said shocked Asriel "Great one? I am last? You must hate me the most then?" Meliva's tongue whipped out and she smiled "No I saved something special for you." Asriel saw Meliva pluck up the soldier and then she dropped him into her mouth. Asriel was looking at her face and she did not swallow him in one go like the rest.

He could see a bulge on the side of her mouth she moving it around back and forth gently. Asriel eyes went wide she is treating him like a sweet. The kind one savours in their mouth and then swallow when one is done. Asriel was terrified wondering what was going to happen to him. He cast his gaze down his mind shifting he saw flashes of his memories of his home. Of his mother and father.

He then looked up and saw her finally sallow. She quivered "His agony, his torment and pleasure tasted wonderful." Asriel looked at her he was scared his eyes gave away the terror he was feeling, She gave a soft smile while gently rubbing her belly "Don't make that face, I gave them the ultimate gift, the ultimate blessing and pleasure. I can feel them turning in my stomach in agony and ecstasy. Also don't make that face the dark prince expects a.. small return on the gifts he gave you."

Asriel stood up he wanted to run and then he remembered the bargain. Meliva said the final price was him to let his comrades escape he had to remain behind. Asriel looked around he saw daemonnetes playing with the corpses some were picking at Eldar bodies devouring small gems embedded in their armour. He looked at Meliva again and a pink and purple mist consumed her.

She took the shape of her host. She was still rubbing her belly she walked over and gripped Asriel's arm like how one would grasp a lover. She leaned her head onto his arm. She spoke softly "Are you ready?" They began walking for a moment back into the corridor leading to the underground area. Asriel was at a loss for words, his mouth quivered he was sweating.
He could run but what used would that be? She could easily drag him wherever she wants to take him. They walked for a few minutes Meliva spoke "Was it worth it?" Asriel looked at her just minutes ago the woman she was now using as a host hurled insults at him. Asriel looked forward he tried to speak firmly "NoI would make the same choice again." Meliva smiled "Good, good."

They stopped at the stairs leading down into darkness Meliva looked at him smiling "Shall we go then?"

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Blood prices are good. Interesting dimensions of the summoning of slaaneshi daemons. This was the best chapter so far, I believe.

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lliu wrote:
Blood prices are good. Interesting dimensions of the summoning of slaaneshi daemons. This was the best chapter so far, I believe.

Thanks this chapter was kinda hard to write to represent the greater daemon correctly, plus the fact that the chaos gods keep taking and demanding even the daemons there is always something they want in return for their aid. Sometimes the price is quite steep as we will see soon.

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Chapter 9

Adelram looked at the dead Astartes from his own host and from the Salamanders Space marine Chapter their green armour was broken in several places and his brothers already took to looting them. The battle with the loyalist space marines and the Eldar cost them. Out of the 20 Astartes who were in the center only 8 were left including him, Ivan and Jedrick. He cursed this was not meant to happen, he looked up and suddenly the skies were changing to pink eldritch storms were crackling in the skies.

He called over to Jedrick he was turning over a melta gun he looted from one of the dead Salamanders "Jedrick we are leaving! Signal the retreat get the order out!" Jedrick nodded and Ivan came walking over "We can't retreat." Adelram glowered at Ivan "Why? What reason do you have?" Ivan shrugged "Something powerful was summoned it is preventing anyone from leaving. I guess if we tried to take the thunderhawk out of orbit the eldritch lightning will blast us out of the sky."

Adelram cursed again things are still going wrong he then saw a group of soldiers running towards them. His brothers raised their bolters until he saw they were in their colours. Jedrick ran up to the man leading the unit "Report! what's going on!? I have a good feeling you know what's happening." Charlie cast his eyes down "Somewhat sir, Asriel summoned a neverborn. We were trapped between Space marine and Eldar forces."

Adelram walked forwards "How did Asriel know how to do this? Also where is he?" Charlie meekly looked to the ground "He knew the spell to call it he told us to keep running yet when we looked back he was gone. He is still at the church my Lord on the far side of the city. The one the bulk of the human forces were sent to." Jedrick sighed "I have a feeling I know what he summoned. I told him not to mess with that name." Adelram looked at Ivan "Ivan explain I sense your hand in this."

Ivan smiled "My lord I did show Asriel a few things it's not my fault what he decided to do with that knowledge. Still we can't leave the planet until we deal with the neverborn Asriel summoned."

Adelram's anger grew he should kill Ivan for this but considering the situation they might need him. Adelram activated his com "This is Adelram I am relaying an order all forces are to retreat to the thunderhawks, do not lift off just protect the extraction zone I repeat do not lift off and protect the extraction zones."

Adelram looked at Ivan and Jedrick "Us three are going to the Church." Ivan raised his eyebrow "Just the three of us taking on neverborn?" Jedrick chuckled "I relish the opportunity to cross weapons with the children of the dark prince. Also why are you worried Ivan? I thought you are the neverborn specialist?"

Ivan was silent, Adelram turned to charlie "You will go to the extraction zone that's an order." Charlie nodded and ran into the streets toward the extraction point. Adelram turned to Ivan and Jedrick "We're going." Both nodded. They ran through the streets for several minutes. Adelram looked to Ivan he seemed joyful this fact annoyed him since if he is ever happy it is not good news. "I can't help but notice you seem quite happy at what is happening here Ivan." Ivan was slightly panting he chuckled "I have no idea what you mean Lord Adelram." Adelram seethed "Is that right? Why did you teach Asriel such a thing?" Ivan stopped for a moment so did Jedrick, Adelram also stopped. Ivan shrugged "He wished for understanding of the dark prince and his children and I delivered it as I said before it is not my fault on how he decided to use the knowledge I gave him." As Ivan said this a thin smile lined his lips.

Adelram grit his teeth in anger he strode towards Ivan as he did so windows shattered he left small trails of fire at each step. Adelram grabbed Ivan and shoved him to the walls "I should kill you. I bet this is another one of your plots to bring "enlightenment", as I said many times before I am not interested!" Adelram raised his hand it started to charge with energy, Adelram looked at Ivan right in the eyes he still had that annoying smile. He moved to strike to crush his head into dust Adelram then felt a hand holding back his fist. Adelram looked back and he saw it was Jedrick holding back his blow "Dont st-" Jedrick interjected he shook his head "Not now. There is no point is splattering his brain on the walls. Whatever is going on or whatever he planning we will need him when we face the neverborn." Adelram let go of Ivan he breathed out and clenched his fists he can't let his power get out of control. Adelram took several breaths to calm himself down.

Ivan gave himself a slight brush "Lord Adelram.. I am only concerned for you. Look to the state of your warband. I hear hushed whispers of betrayal many are slow to move or act since they cannot "indulge" the Astartes of the house of daemons barely even frequent the abode anymore due to your "restrictions". It even becomes harder to summon the neverborn day by day. No other members of the third wish to join us and the Kakophoni loath you since you deny the song of slaanesh." Adelram scowled "I will not be a slave to a ball of emotions." Ivan scoffed "Slave? We all serve someone in this galaxy it's the only way to survive, so what of your Primarch then? What do you think of him? Do you hold him in low regard as you do all of us?" Adelram slowly removed his helmet and looked at Ivan, Ivan could see the pure fury in his eyes "Watch what you say priest."

Ivan narrowed his eyes and looked to Jedrick "He trusts you far more than me why don't you convince him! You see the state of our warband!" Jedrick looked Adelram and shrugged "It will happen when it happens. You can't force it." Ivan clenched his fists and gave a heavy sigh. Adelram placed his helmet back on and began walking towards the church. Jedrick and Ivan followed in silence.

As they approached the church Ivan clicked his tongue "I feel the aura of the neverborn here pressing against my mind Adelram." Jedrick nodded "Aye I can feel it to, I can't wait." Adelram turned to both of them "Be ready we have no idea what kind of tricks these beings might pull." They walked towards the church the doors. Looking around Adelram could hear a strange sound on the wind. Adelram gazed at the church doors they were closed Adelram pushed them opened and they entered.

As Adelram stepped on the ground there was like a pink ichor that stuck to his feet slowly peeling off with each step. Each step also caused a squish like sound. Adelram looked around he saw blood and his power armor display also detected other vile human fluids. Ivan then breathed in the air "I often hate the places of worship to the emperor but this place smells quite lovely." Jedrick responded "Really?" Jedrick then took off his helmet and clipped it to his belt and breathed in "For once I agree with you Ivan this place does smell pretty good."

Adelram looked at both of them, he then turned forward and took off his helmet. What he smelled was not wonderful or nice it was like a mix of blood, perfume and brimstone. He also caught the scent that came from other vile liquids that was everywhere in the hall and walls. Adelram slammed his helmet back on to breathe the filtered air of his power armour.

Adelram turned back to Ivan and Jedrick "You two are truly degenerates." Jedrick made a smile "Ah brother how you wound me!" Ivan simply ignored the barb. Adelram turned on the flash light of his power armour and he saw groups of men and women intermingling with neverborn. Adelram's face screwed into disgust and as his light shone on one the daemonettes it blinked and leapt up several other daemonettes responded the same way.
The one he shone his light on leaped at him clawing and swiping. Adelram drew his power sword. He charged forward and sliced the daemonette in half pink ichor spraying on the ground. The daemonettes began encircling them Ivan drew his crozius his mace and badge showing his station of Dark Apostle. Adelram looked at Jedrick he had not drawn his weapons he shouted "Jedrick what are you doing!?" Jedrick smiled and pulled out the melta gun that was chained to his back he then fired a beam at a daemonette and it exploded in a burst of brimstone and the ichor splashing everywhere.

Jedrick blew a whistle and stroked the metal gun "I like this gun a lot." Jedrick kept blasting at the daemonettes that were trying to leap forward. As Jedrick was whittling them down all the daemonettes diverted their attention to him. Adelram then moved to cover him slashing at at the daemonettes that got too close.

Ivan was crushing any daemonette that approached in one blow. Then one Adelram assumed to be the leader leaped back and stood on the bench she looked at Adelram directly. It spoke "How your wonderful plan fell to pieces. You thought to placate your men with the killing of Eldar.... You are frustrated... you don't know how to fix all the problems...rampant mutations and none want to join you. If you embraced my dark prince if you embrace your true power this battle would of ended long ago. Perhaps you would not even be in this position... You could of easily dispatched my fellow handmaidens also."
Adelram shouted "Silence! You know nothing! You don't even exist! A reflection of the weak mind nothing more!" The daemon laughed and danced on the bench "Look at how you lie to yourself if you keep spouting such nonsense denying us he will never look at you." Adelram anger grew in intensity he charged swinging his sword at the daemon what surprised Adelram is that it simply stood there and took the blow. Adelram sliced the daemonette in half her upper body falling crashing unto the ground she was still laughing. Her upper body was still speaking "You love him so much yet he does not even spare a glance... you would do anything for him yet you are conflicted.. do you know what he said to me?" Adelram froze for a moment just for a second he almost wanted to hear what she was about to say. Adelram strode towards the upper body, the daemonette smiled "He sa-"Adelram bought his boot down on the daemonettes head. Crushing it. Adelram hissed "Be silent...."

Ivan crushed the last of the daemonettes with his mace, the room grew silent. Jedrick and Ivan walked over Jedrick gripped Adelram's shoulder pad he said "Don't let what she said get to you." Adelram turned silently he responded you mean "It?" Jedrick laughed "There is the Adelram I know!" Suddenly the humans in the room began to awake what shocked Adelram is all of them flew into a ecstatic frenzy licking the walls and floor of the pink ichor left behind by the neverborn.

Adelram drew his sword Ivan raised his hand he said "Leave them in their worship brother their minds have reached new heights." Adelram turned to Ivan "You call this worship!? They look like mad men and women licking up the dregs of beings who blasted their nerves to smithereens. They may even attack us.. better to end them here. " Ivan laughed "Mad men and women? Ha! They are more closer to your primarch than you are! As I said they are in worship they are no threat to us..." Adelram raised his sword to Ivan as he did so a nearby statue shattered into pieces. Jedrick stood in between both of them he sighed "We can save this conversation for later we have neverborn to kill."

Adelram fell silent and sheathed his blade, Ivan turned to a corridor and pointed "I sense a great power in that direction." Jedrick clapped his hands "Well that's where we are going then." Said Jedrick. Adelram walked towards the corridor "You are right Jedrick enough arguing we have a task to do." As they walked down the corridor they heard screams and groans Adelram seethed he wondered why anyone would subjugate themselves to such beings. They offer nothing but misery and corruption. He had to watch the third legion erode into nothing. He had to watch his captain erode and then eventually leaving him behind. They are mocked and hated by the other legions. He wished he was here he could of changed this yet...

Adelram gave a heavy sigh as he is now he would most likely love his corrupted brothers more than him, he might even love Ivan and Jedrick who are not even his gene-sons more than him. Adelram shook his head he needed to focus. They came to a stairwell leading down. Ivan breathed in "It's here.. on guard everyone." Adelram readied his weapon and finally Jedrick readied his knife and axe.
They walked down into the darkness.

They came to a long hall they walked for a few moments and Adelram's mind raced what would they find? Also Asriel was not with the men and women upstairs at times he wondered why does he care so much about a frail young man like him? He appeared almost out of thin air. As Adelram was thinking They reached the end of the hall. Adelram turned to Ivan and Jedrick and nodded at both, Adelram pushed the doors open.

They stepped into the large hall they saw a woman wearing clergy robes sitting next to a man lying on the ground wearing no clothes his body was covered in a black cover. His eyes were closed. Adelram readied his weapon and stepped foward slowly Ivan and Jedrick did the same.

The womans black eyes flicked towards them she smiled "Ah, your here I assume introductions are in order I am Meliva." Adelram responded "I don't care what your name is, you are going back to where you come from so we can leave." Meliva stood up and dusted her robes "A shame.. don't you care what I did to your little servant?" Adelram pointed his sword at Meliva "I will take him from this place after I kill you." Meliva laughed "You can't kill me, not how you are now. Perhaps if you embraced your gift fully maybe you may of stood a chance."

Suddenly Jedrick screamed and charged "Enough! I can't wait anymore!" Meliva laughed "That's it! Son of slaanesh! Give into your excess you only feel alive when fighting! Come!" A pink and purple mist swirled around Meliva and suddenly she was huge her form almost reached the roof of the large hall. Still this did not deter Jedrick he hacked at her leg pink ichor spilling on the ground Meliva then slapped Jedrick with the back of her hand he flew and crashed into the wall.

Ivan looked at Adelram "We can't beat her in combat, Asriel has her true name in his journal and the ritual used to summon her. Distract her give me time!" Adelram was not sure whether to trust Ivan but what choice did they have? Adelram charged, Meliva bought her sword down Adelram caught the blade on his the weight of Meliva's strike bringing Adelram to his knees. The servo's of his power armour stressing on the weight being placed on him. Adelram from the corner of his eye saw Ivan running around the neverborn towards Asriel.
Jedrick shook his head and sat up he began shouting "That was amazing! More! I need More!" Jedrick charged again this time he hooked his axe and knife to his belt and drew the melta gun. He got close and shot a blast into Meliva's leg. Meliva hissed in pain and withdrew her blade from Adelram. She turned to Jedrick and picked him up she looked him in the eye "My dear boy, why don't you let yourself be devoured by me?" Jedrick smiled "Well apologies my lady I can't allow that. Since that would not exactly be a glorious end that the dark prince requires of me." Jedrick then push the melta gun to Meliva's fingers and fired the beam it blew off several fingers Meliva howled in pain and Jedrick flew from her grip and crashed on the ground.

Jedrick was still smiling "I could do this all day!" Adelram shouted at Jedrick "You need to focus! We are in a battle for our lives here!" Jedrick looked up at Adelram "I am, does not mean you can't have fun with it brother!" Meliva shouted "Enough! I grow tired of this." She uttered a fowl language and suddenly Adelram could not move each movement caused intense agony. Jedrick was also lying on the ground unable to move.
Meliva turned towards Ivan, Adelram saw Ivan going through Asriel's Journal Adelram blinked what can he do? What should he do? He then heard a voice in the back of his mind that was silent growing in intensity "Do it... Do it... Do it! DO IT!" Adelram resolved himself once he did this there would be no going back. Yet if he does not it will mean his death.

Adelram closed his eyes and opened his mind further than he ever has before. He then felt like he was drowning he reached into the pool of the warp his nerves stood on end strength was returning to his limbs. He rose and then eldritch fire began dancing on his armour he threw a bolt at Meliva. It splashed against her back she hissed and turned to face him. Adelram knew it was not enough he needed more he reached deeper and the flames grew in intensity and threw another bolt.

It splashed against Meliva's chest the neverborn roared and charged at Adelram Meliva bought her sword down Adelram raised his hand forming a shield. Meliva's sword crashed upon it Adelram felt the intense weight it was far more painful compared to when he caught her strike on his sword. The shield was beginning to crack he looked foward to Ivan he was chanting.

Adelram had to hold Jedrick was still unmoving, Meliva pushed the blow down with both hands the shield was deteriorating that same voice was still echoing in his mind. "I can save you...."Adelram shouted "Never! Leave my mind!" The voice did not stop "Do you wish to die? Look upon them do you wish for them to die?" Adelram looked at Asriel on the floor unconscious then he looked to Jedrick and Ivan. Adelram grit his teeth "I do not I can do this myself! I don't need your help!" The voice responded "Are you sure? Reject me now he will never look at you. He will never praise you. He will never say your name. He will forget you as my children dine on your souls."

The shield was breaking down he thought of him and all he did just to be noticed. Just one tap on the soldier one look is all he wanted. Still he always ignored him and the thought, to hear that he will never look at him terrified him he would not even acknowledge his existence a hole was building in his gut he felt that same shadow building in his twin hearts. Adelram looked down "Fine! I accept are you happy!?" he then could hear the echo of laughter. Yet suddenly he felt a rush of power it was almost euphoric his mind opened and it felt like torrents of energy was surging within him.

He looked up at Meliva Adelram condensed the power of the shield and unleashed it outward Meliva stammered back hissing. Then she began laughing "Finally! I can see his mark on you!" Adelram scowled at the neverborn "Silence!" Adelram formed several energy balls and shaped them into swords using the power of his mind he flinged them at the arm of Meliva severing one of them. Her arm came crashing on the floor and she howled in pain.
Adelram then focused he reformed the eldritch fire yet this time it was purple it was far greater in intensity than the last time and he threw the ball of fire at Meliva. She was consumed in fire. To Adelram Meliva's face was in between pure agony and joy. He looked at Ivan and he saw him standing up arms raised high, it sounded he reached the end of his chant then he uttered the words Mavu'Lyasala'Ummphalei'iss.

The neverborn seized up Ivan's hands then went into a shape like dragging a rug and he pulled back. Adelram saw the neverborn's form breaking down gathering into Ivan's hands the neverborn was screaming and then Ivan placed his hands down on Asriel and the energy diverted into him. There was a flash of light and Adelram then saw the form of the clergy woman lying on the ground her mouth agape eyes filled with terror.

Adelram looked over to Asriel he was convulsing on the floor. Adelram ran over, Jedrick got up freed from the neverborn's spell and ran over in silence. Ivan was breathing heavily he was smiling "My lord! You finally embraced you gift!" He then looked down at Asriel "The neverborn is weakened due to your efforts and I can feel the warp storm dissipating." Adelram could also feel the skies clearing it was like all of his senses were increased. If he focused he could see the soul fires of Ivan and Jedrick they burned brightly their souls were pink in Colouration.

Still Adelram eyes flicked to Asriel he saw something else there and he shouted at Ivan in anger "You put the neverborn in him!" Ivan raised his hands "It was the only way, but now." Ivan raised his mace over Asriel "He must die my lord we have to be safe. Once we kill him the neverborn will return to the warp. " Adelram chuckled "Right you seek to kill him now that he is no longer useful to you? You got your wish you got me to embrace what I am and that thing you follow." Ivan's face was neutral "My lord as I said many times before I am only looking after your best interests." Adelram shouted his voice backed by his psychic power his voice echoed "Silence! Put down your mace Ivan!" Ivan slowly lowered his mace. Ivan was breathing slowly "My lord.. he is not needed anymore. You with your power can push the warband forward." Adelram laughed "Not needed? You don't get to decide that. He is mine Ivan, not yours to do with as you wish. Remember that." Adelram then flexed his fingers fire dancing around them he spoke slowly "I heard that Dark apostles of the word bearers know of certain rituals. The ones dealing with possession you are able to meld the souls of neverborn and Astartes. I heard you done it to many of your old legion. You shall do the same for Asriel."

Ivan moved to protest "My lord he is just a normal young man he would not survive the process his physi-" Adelram cut him off "Oh really Ivan? You are a priest are you not? High in the eye of the "Dark Prince" since you are Priest you are aware of miracles yes? Give me one." Ivan spoke "My lord pleas-" Adelram's helmet lenses flickered with eldritch power "Perhaps I should give you an incentive. Your life is now tied to his. If he dies I will reduce you to ashes and scatter them to the winds." Ivan was silent he looked down at Asriel he knelt and spoke a small incantation. As he ended the incantation Adelram saw Asriel stop convulsing and grew calm. Ivan then wrapped Asriel's body in the black cover and picked him up. Ivan sighed "I stabilized him for now. I will do the rituals once we get back to the ship."

Ivan began walking out, Adelram looked down and saw Asriel's journal on the floor he picked it up he then moved to follow he stopped and turned around Jedrick was standing in the middle of the hall. "Jedrick what's the matter?" Said Adelram. Jedrick was grumbling under his breath he walked up to Adelram his brow furrowed he was also grinding his teeth slightly "Adelram... I lost the chance to kill a greater shard! That was a one in the lifetime opportunity!" Adelram sighed and shook his head "I am sure you will get plenty of other chances Jedrick." Jedrick grumbled "Well... we need to get back to the ship."

Jedrick walked out of the hall grunting and pouting. Adelram stood there by himself he looked at his hand he clenched it and focused and then flames danced around it. Some part of him felt disgusted yet he could not help but smile under his helmet.

Now that is the end of part 1! A big thank you to anyone who has been reading so far.

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Eternally-Stimulated Slaanesh Dreadnought

Right now writing up the second part thanks again to any lurkers who decide to read the story and thank you IIius for your comments. It will take some time but the slaanesh corruption will come in full swing and it involves food.

A small extract of course I will tag it just in case. Some people like to avoid spoilers. Also a Warning when the chapter is fully posted there might be some changes and additions.

The the double doors at the other side of the garden swung open, Adelram's acolytes came forward rolling wine barrels. As this happened all the Astartes were shouting and cheering. Adelram briskly turned and walked towards the wine barrels, his acolytes cracked open the barrels, Adelram looked at the red wine thinking. Adelram then looked to the chained male eldar, the Archon he walked over he saw that the events of the dinner has drained away the will of the eldar to throw insults. Of course having organs removed and devoured would do that to someone and being kept alive to feel every moment.

Adelram then drew his force sword of course keeping his power deactivated he walked forward and made a slash towards the Archon's arm removing it in one stroke. The Archon screamed ignoring his cries Adelram picked up the bloodied arm from the ground and placed it on the cutting board. He then asked Asriel for the largest cutting knife.

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Start of Part 2

Chapter 10

Asriel felt like he was suspended in the air, he felt something else within his chest and mind moving in anger. The thing seeking to be free it hurt, it hurt so much. It was like his mind was going to explode. He could not see either he heard voices muffling both men. "Has he stabilized yet?" Asriel heard another man speaking "Somewhat, the runes have been written which help keep his body together. Yet I have no idea how that brand appeared on his back." Asriel listened he heard the first person speaking again "Good, I assume this process will be done soon?" Asriel heard silence for a moment "His body is stable, but his mind..." Asriel then heard more muffling he was so tired. His head hurt, he wanted it to end. He was so very tired...

He was sitting in a blank white room on a chair, he was in his ship robes he looked around and when he looked forward he saw a chair in front of him. He blinked then he saw "her" again. The clergy woman yet it was not her it was Meliva. She was smiling. Her tongue flicked out "How long do we have to keep this going? You enjoyed my company and all I want is to help you." Asriel was confused his mind was muddled he could not think properly "What do you mean help me?" Meliva sat back "The priest is keeping m- us from joining together." Asriel rubbed his temples trying to think it was hard "What do you mean join together?" Meliva sat up she walked forward and hugged Asriel. "You wanted for us to join together so we can get revenge."

Asriel was still confused he wondered why he was letting her hug him he felt like he knew her yet not for good reasons "Revenge for what?" Meliva breathed out "why your mother of course." Asriel shot up "You know what happened to my mother?" Meliva looked at Asriel and smiled "Of course I do... do you want to see?" Asriel nodded he was eager to know what happened. He always wondered what happened to her the day she vanished. All he remembered was her distressed face and then men came to take him away to work in the factories.

Asriel then blinked he was back at his parents place on Athor, Meliva was standing there next to him. Asriel saw himself his younger self. Asriel looked at his mother she was beautiful long black hair and mixed in skin colour. His mother was crying after his father left the house after argument dealing with his name. Asriel looked at the clock it was supposedly night time. They still had clocks even though they can't see the sky. Still Asriel recalled the argument was during the day. Asriel looked at his younger self walking up to his mother his old journal in hand "Mother when is Father coming home?"

His mother looked at him tears still in her eyes "1024, your father is not coming home. He is never coming home." She was still crying, Asriel thought to himself it was not until a few days later his mother told him his father was dead caught in gang crossfire. Asriel looked at Meliva "I know about this what am I meant to see?" Meliva was still smiling "This is just the start of the story, my little "love.""

Asriel saw the room shifting again he blinked and then they were in the cathedral of the emperor the one in undercity his parents always took him to visit. He saw his mother praying he heard her words "Emperor please guide my husband soul to your side for glory everlasting. He was a good kind man to me and our son please look after him." She stood up leaving the church. Asriel and Meliva were now suddenly outside, Asriel then saw his mother walking down the steps.

Asriel saw someone, a person he hated. It was his team officer of course he looked pudgy as always to Asriel it seemed like he was waiting for her. His officer moved to his mother "Scribe 641? I heard about what happened you have my condolences. Scribe 542 was well liked by many I heard both of you were going to join the clergy soon earning true names." Asriel felt his anger growing, his mother spoke "Thank you Alex but I am well, I have said my prayers. Perhaps the emperor is delaying our naming for a little while longer." Asriel turned the name in his mind his officers name was Alex. Just thinking of it disgusted Asriel.

Alex moved to his mother "I heard of a place that can ease one's soul. They have also been talking of taking a better stance against gangs as well." Asriel saw his mother's eyes lit up "Oh are they are holy preacher then?" Alex shifted his eyes slightly "Of a sort, they are rather new she has been saying some great things actually." Alex then handed Asriel's mother a pamphlet. Asriel's mother looked at it smiling "It even has directions! Also it's not in a bad part of town either." She then looked up smiling "Thank you Alex, I will attend tonight's speech. According the pamphlet there is one today." With her mentioning she will attend tonight's preaching Alex lit up yet Asriel saw something else in his eyes. Something he did not like.

Alex coughed slightly "I see, we could go together since it could be dangerous for a lady to walk by herself these days." Asriel's mother gave a gentle smile "Perhaps, we could meet at the gathering I know my way around." Alex then looked a bit upset yet he still seemed happy at the prospect of meeting Asriel's mother. Alex nodded "Then I will see you there then." Alex turned to walk away his mother was looking at the pamphlet smiling.

Asriel turned to Meliva "I am glad he is dead, I don't trust him. Did he do something to my mother?" Meliva made a coy smile "No, of course he does want to do something do you want to hear my little "love"?" Asriel curled his lips in disgust "No I do not." Meliva shrugged, soon everything shifted again and they were back at his family home. He saw his mother was getting ready to go out. Asriel saw his younger self waiting at the door "Mother I don't want you to leave. I am afraid you won't come back." Asriel's mother smiled at stroked his head "I am just going somewhere to feel better. Also I heard of a nice lady who speaks of things to stop the gangs from doing bad things. So why don't you go to bed?" Asriel's younger self pouted and walked off to his room.
Asriel saw his mother step out, Asriel blinked and then found himself outside a building it did not look old or out of place. He looked at Meliva she was looking at the building her snake like tongue was whipping out franticly with excitement. Asriel looked around he saw Alex to his displeasure and she saw his mother running to meet him. She was panting out of breath.

Alex smiled "Ah you are here, the sermon is starting soon why don't we go inside?" His mother smiled and followed Alex inside. Asriel turned to Meliva "What is the significance of this place?" Meliva looked at Asriel her black eyes boring into him "This place is truly important so you can understand why we must join together." Asriel furrowed his brows "right we are going to see what happens inside yes?" Asriel blinked again then he found himself within the hall.

There were tons of people sitting in chairs people he recognized. He saw Jimmy who ran the bar in the undercity seating in the front row. Asriel looked around his mother was sitting in the back row with Alex next to her. People were talking for a moment and then someone shuffled forward onto the stage. He was wearing white robes. "The white lady shall speak! The one with the golden voice and the holy preacher!" There were murmurs in the crowd. Then a woman in a white long gown that covered her whole body stepped onto the stage. She was wearing a hood she stood in the centre of the stage. She gently removed her hood revealing long flowing blonde hair, her skin was milky white and she looked enchanting.

Asriel recognized her his head hurting again a name was coming forward. He spoke it "Isira...." She looked exactly how she did when Asriel met her that time.... Asriel felt another spike in his mind. He looked up and Isira began to speak "Thank you for gathering here, I am here to speak of the holy one and to speak of how to keep our sons, wives, daughters and husbands away from the harsh lives of the gangs that prowl our streets."
Asriel looked at his mother a tear in her eye she breathed "She looks... so beautiful... she must be touched by the emperor." Asriel saw Alex gulping he was building a small amount of sweat. Isira continued speaking "The holy one hears your plea's of anguish and hurt. All he wants is for you to enjoy the bounty of your lives. To eat a hearty meal instead of the cold rations that you have to live on. To live with smiles on your faces. Not to weep for dead family members" Many in the crowd nodded. Isira smiled she began to sing. It was enchanting even Asriel was almost lost in the song until he remembered his mother.

She was being swept up in the tune tears rolling down her cheeks Asriel heard her mutter a sentence "She bears the voice of the emperor... she..." Asriel looked around the crowd everyone was in tears. The song went on for a few minutes until Isira stopped, Isira then looked upon the crowd of people "each of my helpers will hear of your troubles and advise you the best they can but first..." She clapped her hands.

A man came onto the stage pushing a cart full of wonderful food and wine he wore a white robe obscuring his face. Asriel looked at the food there was Fine wine on the cart most in the undercity would never see such a thing. The food? Meat? Rice? Steamed Vegetables. The food of nobles most people in the undercity would never see such food in their life times Asriel thought.

Asriel looked at the crowd lurching up mouths drooling, including his mother. Then more white robed people poured out of the stage and began dividing the food up onto plates. They began walking down the stage handing it out to the people in the crowd. Asriel saw Alex stuffing his face crying. Asriel looked he saw his mother she was hesitant just for a moment. She drank the wine her hand was shaking she breathed "This tastes wonderful...." She then took her knife and fork and began eating the meat small tears dropping down her cheeks.
Asriel looked at her eating yet a part of him was happy his mother has been through so much he was happy she could at least have a small moment of joy. Asriel saw many of the robed men and women talking to the people in the crowd. Alex was talking to a robed woman about his troubles. How his wife was killed recently by a gang, how it was harder to work. How he put on more weight and ate more food to deal with it.

A small part of Asriel felt pity for him, Asriel tried to hold onto that disgust but it was hard. He looked away and saw his mother still eating. Until Isira walked over with two robed people behind her. The two robed men placed a chair next to his mother and Isira sat down. Isira looked at his mother her eyes gentle, Asriel's mother slowly put the fork and knife down. Tears still in her eyes. She looked at Isira "I wish he was here so we could of enjoyed this together." Isira smiled "Your husband is in a better place, you also have a wonderful boy to protect as well." His mother's eyes flicked up "How did you know? How did you know I had a son?" Isira closed her eyes "The holy one whispers into my ear, your love, your happiness, your want for your life. You wished for the naming day so finally you could give a name to the boy you love." Isira looked down "My husband did not believe it was coming any time soon it pained him constantly to refer to my boy as a number. I believe the emperor had a plan in place." Asriel looked at Isira's face flicker slightly at the mention of emperor it was so subtle most people would not even see it. Isira spoke softly "There is a plan in place I see great things for the future of your boy. A life in the stars, him seeing a garden for the first time. He even see's a space marine."

Asriel was confused is she saying what she wants to hear or is it the truth? Meliva breathed gently in Asriel's ear whispering "Is it not the truth? Did you not see the stars? Did you not see the garden?" Asriel thought to himself more memories spiking into his mind. He saw a large Space marine he could not remember his name exactly. He was important to him for some reason. Asriel then focused on his mother. She seemed entrapped by Isira's words she was listening intently focusing on every word that came out of her mouth. Isira kept speaking "I see a future a blurry one with you at his side smiling." Isira touched her head slightly as if she was in pain.

She then looked at Asriel's mother "The holy one's visions are quite stressful." Asriel's mother bowed her head "I am sorry I did not wish to cause you pain." Isira waved her hand "Do not worry I do this gladly it gives me great joy to do so. To bring more people to the word of the holy one. Yet I ask you this just this one thing. Do not speak of this place to others." Asriel's mother nodded.

The talking went on for an hour until Isira finally moved to someone else in the crowd. Asriel saw his mother thinking. Then Asriel blinked again he was back at home he saw himself at the desk writing and his mother reading a book. Asriel thought to himself how long has it been since his mother visited that place? Meliva response seemed like she read his mind "It's been a few months. She has thrown herself at studying the word of Isira some small joy and stability is coming back to her life in these past few months." Asriel's younger self got up from his desk and walked over to his mother "What are you reading mother?" Asriel asked innocently. His mother looked at him and gave him a gentle smile "I am reading the word of the holy one, the word of the emperor." Asriel younger self smiled "Mother can I read it?" His mother's face seemed unsure "Perhaps when you are older." Asriel's younger self pouted and walked back to his desk until he heard a knock. Asriel younger self then rushed to the door shouting "I will get it!" Asriel's mother shot up "1024! Don't answer the door!" Asriel saw himself stop.

His mother then got up and went over to the door she opened it gently and looked through the crack. She looked shocked she murmured something for a moment and then the door opened wide. Asriel saw it was Isira she was wearing a simple robe and hood. She was at his house by herself.

Asriel's mother let Isira in. Isira was looking around smiling his mother looked nervous. Asriel mother broke the silence "Lady Isira this is a surprise I did not expect this." Isira turned "Oh? I just came to tell one of our most faithful we are having a grand congregation tonight." Asriel saw his mother's face lit up then she looked at his younger self and became sad "Is it another feast? Can my Son come? I.. at times feel bad that he does not get to enjoy the things we eat." Isira smiled "After the grand congregation your son can join." Asriel's mother smiled she walked over to his younger self she smiled and introduced his younger self to Isira. Yet Asriel was confused he did not remember ever meeting Isira. Meliva said "She did not want you to remember my little love right now her eyes are focusing on one person." Isira was looking at his younger self Asriel noted he looked a little scared until Isira bent down and kissed him on the cheek. Isira smiled "Your mother has been learning many things to keep you safe, you have a great future ahead of you."

Asriel younger self nodded, Asriel then saw he started to look tired he turned to his mother "I feel kinda tired I am going to take a nap Mother." His mother blinked then looked up to Isira and then down to his younger self "Alright you run off to your nap now." Asriel saw himself walk to his old room and shut the door.

He then looked at his Mother she rubbed her arm slightly "So is it at the usual place?" Isira shook her head "No I came to deliver the map personally." Isira then handed his mother a slip she looked at it and smiled "Not a bad part of town. This is good."

Isira smiled "Actually the grand congregation will be starting soon I personally came to retrieve you actually." His mother's eyes furrowed "Why? Also I can't just leave without saying anything to my boy." Isira then gently brushed her hand against his mother's cheek "My teacher the great apostle sees great things in your future. Please come with me do the grand congregation. Think of your future you and your son." Asriel saw his mother shiver slightly she looked down then up at Isira. Asriel could see in Isira's eyes that she was hoping begging that she would say yes. His mother said "I will get my things." Asriel then saw Isira smiling it looked almost honest.

Isira nodded and walked to the door "I will be waiting outside" she said. Asriel looked at the room swirling into the darkness Meliva raised her hands "we are almost there my little "love"" Asriel's head began to hurt even more. He saw the room changing again he was blinking rapidly then he was in a grand hall with Meliva. Asriel looked at her she was smiling in anticipation.

He saw the room was filled with people in white robes he also saw Alex and his mother holding a vial with pink liquid. Also wearing white robes. He looked at his mother she was fidgeting. Then she saw Isira standing in front of the crowd of people she raised her hands "The ones standing here today have been chosen! Chosen to carry the word of the holy one further. The final step to learn the true word! Drink the vial and let go of everything to serve the holy one!" Asriel saw several people in white robes drinking the vial. Even Alex drank down the liquid. Asriel looked at his mother she was still unsure.

Then suddenly people began throwing off their robes and dashed at each other and fell into an ecstatic orgy. Asriel looked to the group of people piling together and his mother. He said to himself run! That she needed to run. His mother was shaking she almost bought the vial to her lips then she dropped the vial. It cracked on the floor the pink liquid flowing on the floor she then ran out. One of the robed men went to move until Isira stopped him "My lady... if word gets out..." Isira looked saddened to Asriel's surprise "So teacher was right I wished... She would of been there... I... I.."

Asriel went to run after his mother as he ran to the door and opened it he was back at home. He saw himself rubbing his eyes this familiar scene spilling back into his memory. He saw his mother distressed her back to the door eyes darting she looked at his younger self. She shouted "1024! Go back to bed! Please!"

Asriel saw himself jump and he ran back to his room. Asriel saw his mother leaving the house. Asriel blinked and he saw the Arbite station he saw his mother walk in. He shouted "No! Come back!" He knew deep down what might happen yet he hoped nothing will occur. Meliva grabbed his arm again and leaned her head onto his arm. A certain fear creeped back into his heart again when she did that.

Meliva breathed out quivering "Do you want to see what happened?" Asriel looked at Meliva "Show me! Show me what happened to her!" Meliva closed her eyes and then Asriel found himself in a cell he looked at his mother she was sitting at a desk. She looked bruised and beaten. She had a black eye and her hair, her wonderful hair was cut harshly.

A man was sitting away from her he wore a necklace with an I dangling from his chest the man spoke flatly "You tell me a deviance cult drew you in and is seeking to corrupt people in the undercity?" His mother nodded, the man then slammed his fist on the table "You took in their heretical words, staining your mind and body?" Asriel looked at his mother she was crying she breathed out "I did not know, I thought in the end I might have a better future for my boy." The man stood up "Excuses! A heretic always makes excuses! You knew what you doing. All I hear is a woman who sinned and is making excuses for it!" Asriel's mother cast her gaze down she said "I only wanted to serve the emperor sir. It's why I came here.. It's why I ran away." Asriel's mother coughed, Asriel walked forward he wanted to hug her comfort her yet when he reached forward his hand simply phased through her.

Asriel kept trying to grab her nothing. Tears began rolling down his cheeks. He was then in the hallway outside of the cell still trying to reach, still crying. He saw the man walk out of the cell Asriel looked at him his face bared scars, he wore a red hood and wore black carapace armour. The man turned to the the Arbite "I have learned everything I wanted from her, have her killed and reduced to dust. Then have it shot out into space." He began to walk away yet he stopped and turned to the arbite "Since she did a last service, make sure she does not die quickly she must know the weight of her sins that she will now carry in her soul forevermore." Asriel grit his teeth he roared and charged the man trying to hit him again and again. Nothing his hands were phasing through him.

Meliva grabbed both of his fists in her hands she cocked her head to one side "Now you see?" Asriel crumpled on the floor Meliva knelt down with him she hugged his head. Asriel breathed "I want him to suffer, I want to kill him." Meliva stroked his head "We can make him suffer, my little "love" just let me in. Together we can bring him agony, agony so pure he would wish he was dead." Asriel looked up at Meliva "How do I do this? Tell me Meliva."

Meliva gave an innocent smile "Just close your eyes and open your mind I will join with you gently...." Asriel closed his eyes then he felt agony, he felt cold, it was like he was tumbling. He screamed. Asriel could hear Meliva laughing then stillness he could not move he tried to open his eyes yet he could not. He saw flashes in his mind memories flooding back Meliva's face changing into that of a neverborn. Asriel shouted in the darkness all her heard was Meliva's laughter.

Dark Apostle Ivan of the eternal sin host looked at the man chained up in midair. His arms and legs were chained to two pillars in midair in a star shape. He looked at the ritual writing on his arms and legs flowing Colchian runes carefully inscribed on the man's flesh. Ivan thought how close he was to finally dealing with this "problem". It took a few months but he felt he was almost there and his life would be secured.

Ivan heard the door open he looked back it was Isira. He sighed and turned back to look at the chained man "Isira what's the matter? You come here everyday." Isira was silent for a moment "Teacher you know why." Ivan breathed out a heavy sigh "I do, you were smitten with this young man's mother and now her son. That day he came and you realized it was him... you stalk him when he is not looking." Ivan gave a slight laugh "You are lucky you are blessed with eternal youth. If he knew your true age he would of run away. You could not have the mother now you want the son. I told you she would not truly accept the word." Isira clenched her teeth "I hop-" Ivan cut her off "You hoped to have a sister to talk to or someone to love. The boy was also a bonus." Isira looked away "You are right teacher, I wanted her badly she looked so innocent back then, then I finally found her son grown into a young man. My heart went aflutter that same innocence, that same curiosity. I wanted them. now..."

Ivan creased his brow with his hands "Enough Isira your tastes aside, Soon this process will be done, Adelram will have his prized pet back." Isira looked up at the man "It looks like he is sleeping. Will Asriel awake soon?" said Isira. Ivan eyed Asriel up and down "Possibly, I am still concerned with the state of his mind handling the possession of the children of the dark prince is not easy. They can easily wear the mind of the occupant down. It is why we normally don't use them in my old legion when doing this process."

Suddenly Asriel looked up his Sclera turning black the pupils of his blue eyes shifting into slits. He began snapping with fangs and shouting in twin voices "Finally! His wonderful body is mine! His body is mine Priest!" Ivan cursed he thought to himself the neverborn somehow took control of a great part of his mind. Ivan turned to Isira "Did his mother know anyone? Anyone important that Asriel may know or have connection to? Someone he cared for save his family?" Isira shook her head "His mother kept him close and according to her his father largely kept him indoors save for taking him out on small walks." Ivan cursed again he stabilized the body, but the mind is weak still.

Ivan was thinking then it dawned on him "Isira contact Lord Adelram, he will be needed."

Adelram was moving his mind across the tides of the warp, feeling out the cries of anguish and suffering. Noting down what he saw, what he felt. He sent his mind further deeper he looked at the neverborn tearing apart strands of soulstuff. They were twisting in agony as they were torn apart. Adelram gave a slight smile he found strangely watching the suffering of others to be joyful, amusing even. He wondered this is how his brothers felt back then? Perhaps even now? Yet He was also looking for something, possibly him.. of course no one has ever found his abode. Many of the third have tried and failed.

Adelram sighed his mind slowly drifting back to his body, he looked around his room how it changed in the past few months. Medical books, along with grimoires of power. Fetishes lined his shelves and scrolls hanged at various points in his room. He looked at his desk a Journal sitting on the table. His Journal. He has spent time going through the contents and after reading it several times he finally understood how much of an impact he had on his servant to his astonishment. Then he saw a light beeping on his table. He pressed the red button and on the small screen he saw Ivan's pet. He pressed the green button and the doors slid open.

Isira stepped into the room and bowed "My Lord, Apostle Ivan wishes to see you." Adelram raised his eyebrow under his helmet "Why? What does he need of me?" Adelram backed this line with a bit of his power. He saw Ivan's little creature her soul shuddering in fear Isira spoke meekly "He did not tell me why other than she wished to see you." Adelram stood up from his desk and walked over to Isira he grasped her chin with his hand. Isira winched, Adelram looked at her right into her pink eyes "He sends you because he fears my displeasure." Isira's mouth was quivering "I do not know the mind of Apostle Ivan my lord." Ivan held her more tightly not too tight just a small amount of force he brushed his mind against hers. He felt her concern for his servant, a servant Ivan used and broke. A servant he favored. He also felt that she knew something went wrong.

Adelram chuckled "So something did go wrong. I wonder since he sent you, should I punish you Isira?" Isira eyes began to flutter not in fear, Adelram could see it was in anticipation she began quivering Adelram gave another soft laugh "Though I fear you would enjoy my punishment too much." Adelram let go off chin, Isira rubbed it slightly. Adelram turned away from Isira "Tell Ivan that I am coming and he should prepare a good explanation he said everything was under control."

Isira bowed again and left his chambers. Adelram thought to himself how his warband also changed in the past months also. Mutation is rampant amongst his brothers, even among the human crew and all of them fall deeper into depravity. Yet a part of him allows it to a point even he has started to feel the tang the joy of suffering. He was still not sure whether to embrace or move away from the feeling.

Ivan looked at Asriel thrashing in the chains his face trying to snap for him suddenly he stopped. He saw Asriel look up he spoke his voice mixed with the neverborn "He loves me you know? The things I did to him within the pits of the Cathedral. He will never let go of me. We have an understanding... give up priest..." Ivan chuckled "Ah but I am preparing something for you neverborn you underestimate this "Love"." Ivan then heard his doors open he looked back it was Adelram.

Adelram walked slowly and stopped right next to him. He looked at Ivan his blue eye lenses flashing with power "I thought you said he was stabilized? I think feel the neverborn's power growing." Ivan looked to Adelram he said "Yes I said his body was stable." Ivan then tapped his head "You see the problem I am having is his mind. As I said before" Adelram nodded and folded his arms "So tell me Ivan, how will you stabilize my servants mind?" Ivan licked his lips "My Lord, I fear you may not like what I am about to say." Small purple fire began dancing around Adelram's power armour "Speak plainly Ivan."

Ivan breathed out "My Lord, his mind is not stable as I said I suspect he has nothing to latch unto. I questioned his associates at length and I learned by large they are still... acquaintances. To help pull his mind over the neverborn I suspect he needs someone who has impacted his life the most. Someone to help guide him. I need to send your mind into his to help him battle the influence of the neverborn. With your newfound acceptance of your gift your mind and soul should be strong enough to do it." Adelram looked up at Asriel then to Ivan "So be it." Ivan blinked in surprise "I did not expect you to accept so easily my lord."

Adelram said "Well I am quite curious on this whole ritual and the experience of entering someone else's mind in such a fashion. Also if this is the best course to sort out the problem so be it." Ivan breathed a sigh of relief "Now my lord to begin if you just sit in front of Asriel and remove your helmet." Adelram nodded he sat in front of Asriel cross legged he then gently removed his helmet. Ivan then knelt down and dapped something that felt like ashes on his forehead. It felt hot and prickly on his skin.

Ivan then stood up "My lord please close your eyes and focus on Asriel and send your mind forward." said Ivan. Adelram then closed his eyes focusing sending his thoughts to Asriel. He could also hear Ivan chanting the heat on his forehead built up he clenched his eyes. Then Adelram opened them he was in a hive city. He was in front of a house. He reached for the door he looked at his hand and saw it was not his. His hand was dark in skin colour and he looked to be wearing a red robe. Yet it still felt like he was in his power armour, Adelram slowly opened the door.

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Eternally-Stimulated Slaanesh Dreadnought

Chapter 11

As Adelram stepped through he found he did not even need to bend down slightly to step through the door. He walked into a apartment, he saw a woman in the chair reading and a young boy sitting at the desk writing. The woman looked up "Your home? You came home? 542? Is that you?" Adelram was confused then he remembered on Athor many of the people in the undercity had serial numbers instead of names. A practice he found strange and annoying. He ignored the woman and turned to the boy at the desk.

Adelram spoke yet it was not his voice "Asriel, we are leaving." upon hearing that the boy shot up to attention the boy turned to look at him tears welling up in his eyes "Father is that you?" The boy got up to move but then his mother moved to hold him back "Husband? What are you saying? His name is 1024 we discussed this." Adelram looked at the woman something slowly dawning on him so this is the neverborn. As Adelram said this within his mind he saw the face of what he assumed to be Asriel's mother flicker for a moment. He looked down at Asriel "Asriel do you want to be here? If you come with me you will have want you ever wanted."

Adelram saw Asriel holding close to his fake mother he looked up to his "Mother, I really like the name I..." His mother spoke "1024, you don't like to see us fight. Just ignore what your father is saying." Adelram scoffed "How about you let him decide for himself? His name is Asriel. You don't have his best interests in mind." Adelram then saw his "mother's" face screw into disgust "Yet you do!? You heard the stories you want them to take him away! Take us away!"

Asriel burrowed his face into his "mother's" leg "I don't want them to take either of you way! I will be a good boy! Father my name is 1024! I don't want to see either of you fight." Adelram folded his arms "Yes woman I do have his best interests in mind. I gave him a life he felt worth living, I showed him the stars, I showed him the garden. I acknowledge who he is as a person giving him his name. I saw that rough diamond that talent to be sculpted and perfected."

As Adelram said this he saw Asriel perk up "Stars? Flowers?..." Asriel then gripped his head in pain "It hurts. It hurts, it hurts, it hurts!" Adelram saw his "mother" hold him tight "Sssh I will make it go away." She began singing and Asriel began relaxing somewhat. Adelram cursed under his breath. Then he thought of his journal, he memorized various extracts and entries. He read it back to back since the possession situation."

Adelram closed his eyes and opened them he said "I have a gift." Adelram walked towards and knelt before Asriel and held out his empty hand he focused forming the image in his mind and slowly a black bound leather book appeared. Asriel looked at it staring he was about to reach out to grab it until his "mother" held him tighter. She began to sound nervous "Husband I thought you already got him a Journal." Adelram ignored her "Asriel the place we are going to you are going to need a much larger book. Do you want to stay in this small house for the rest of your life slaving away in a factory or a church? Or do you want to go beyond this place?"

Asriel then looked up to Adelram he was no longer crying he moved away from his "mother" to her shock. He looked at the black book he touched it gently with his small hands Adelram looked at him his brown eyes slowly changing to blue he said "So father you will take me to the stars? To see more things? I-" Adelram nodded he said softly "Enough words if you truly wish to follow me take the book."

Asriel stood there for a moment thinking, his mother screeched "Don't listen to him! He is lying!" Adelram smiled "Why don't you let him decide what future he wants for himself?"

Asriel started to cry again he slowly picked up the black book "Why did you come home now?" Adelram stood up over and stroked his head "You have a lot more to see and do Asriel. Come with me." Adelram began walking Asriel to the door. His "mother" screeched in anger and rushed forward her form shifting as she was about to strike. Adelram turned a claw almost touching his eye "If you attack me now in front of him, you will have lost truly and utterly is that what you want? "Wife"?" The woman withdrew her claw and moved back to her chair slowly her tongue whipping out like a snake "Take him then, I underestimated how much he valued you." Adelram chuckled he could feel the neverborn seething in anger "You underestimated him too much." He looked down at Asriel he was still crying.

Adelram then opened the door light cracking through, the light blinded him when he opened the door all the way. Adelram opened his eyes and he looked up Asriel was no longer thrashing about his eyes were shut. Adelram stood up and looked to Ivan "Is this satisfactory?" Ivan breathed out a prayer "I did not expect you to do this well my lord." Adelram looked at Ivan "What did you expect?" Ivan turned his head away slightly "I did not expect the neverborn to be subdued this much. I had no idea how much value your servant placed in you." Adelram shrugged "That means you need to treat yours better."

Adelram began walking out of the room he stopped at the door "Tell me when he wakes up." Adelram then walked out. Ivan looked at Asriel again he was smiling "Perhaps something could be gained from this..."

Asriel felt groggy he slowly opened his eyes it was like he was sleeping for an age. He was dreaming he was sure he saw what happened to his mother then nothing... Then he saw his father again taking him away afterwards he saw flashes of him. He guided him, Asriel then felt something moving inside his mind and chest. Something "alive" he heard a voice "I am here with you, we are soulmates now." Asriel jolted the sensation was like a pleasure spike he could also feel it- her smiling.

Asriel felt himself dangling in mid air he wanted to get down, he wanted to leave this place. He spoke he uttered words that were alien to him but also familiar. The chains evaporated into dust and he fell onto the floor. Yet it did not hurt him like he thought it would he barely felt it at all.

Asriel looked at himself he saw the whole length of his arm and legs were covered in scripture, reading it he understood a small amount of the words. They read to be words that bind and hold neverborn. Asriel then flexed his fingers he saw his nails and even his toenails were now black like they were painted.

He also wore a loincloth and nothing else. Asriel thought to himself he needed clothes, he needed to get out of this room. He looked at the doors he walked over he pushed them slightly they were not locked. He walked down the dark hall he thought to himself, where was he? What happened? He was walking by himself for several minutes until he found a silk banner resting on the wall.

Asriel tore it off and wrapped it around himself. Asriel sniffed the air he could smell people he followed the scent on his nose. He kept walking through the corridors until he found himself in a familiar place. The Grand cathedral of the house of daemons. Yet it looked different, slightly. He actually saw Astartes walking around whipping themselves or whipping people. He saw black barbed whips lashing the backs of chained humans. Their screams reverberating in his ears.

Asriel perked up at this he felt his teeth lengthening, his nails turning into talons. It smelled wonderful here, their pleasure, agony and anguish all mixed together. It felt intoxicating. He heard her voice again "Why don't you join them?" Asriel hissed under his breath "Not yet, I want to leave." Asriel then heard pouting within his mind, He tried to remember where the exit was he walked forwards towards the doors. Everyone paying him no mind whatsoever they were caught up in their debauchery.

The twin doors slid open and he walked through. He was on the ship decks again it also felt different he could feel it. The smell of the ship was also far stronger than he remembered. Where should he go? His room? He thought of his room. He traced his steps back he stood in front of his room door, the doors slid open.

He looked around his room it was how he left it he actually found it's been cleaned. Asriel removed the silk banner. And rushed to the chest of drawers he found several robes in there. But first Asriel sniffed himself he stank, the smell was terrible. It disgusted him, he looked over to his shower in the corner.

He took off the loin cloth and had a shower his mind was racing What should he do first? Who should he see first? His mind started to drift who should he kill and torture first? Kill someone gently even, slowly. Asriel shook his head why did he think that? he heard her voice again "That is a good idea... we should do that..." Asriel thought to himself perhaps but not now.

He dried himself with the towel on the side of the shower. He went over to his desk and opened it. There were robes stuffed into the drawer. Asriel placed the robes on his body, He also put on the hood. He left his room he walked around the upper levels some more he started to realize when he passed people they tried to avoid his gaze. He guessed it was the robes he felt something has changed on the ship.

He saw a space marine walking towards him his armour was heavily mutated a licking face lined his left shoulder pad and his chest had leering eyes. He was also armed to the teeth a axe and combat knife swaying at his hips and a chained gun swinging from his back. He also saw a white fur cloak wrapped around his waist and a skull jingling from his back.

The marine kept walking towards him Asriel looked at him deeper he saw his soul shining like a blazing inferno Asriel started to drool just slightly. Yet a familiar name was coming into his mind and he said it out loud as the Astartes walked past him "Jedrick" The marine stopped and turned "It's lord Jedrick worm, or perhaps one of Adelram's pets might go missing today? I am getting quite good at peeling away skin with my Axe Silas taught me a few things."

Jedrick walked over he stood in front of Asriel he seemed confused he spoke his helmet making his voice sound like a roar "Not a single ounce of fear. Strange.... Who are you?" Jedrick stepped closer. Asriel stood there unmoving, As he stepped closer Asriel realized Jedrick smelled a lot better Asriel thought he caught the scent of a heavy musk. Surrounding his frame. Jedrick stepped closer "No matter.. perhaps you are a fool.. Who are you worm to disrespect me?"

Asriel stood silent. He wondered how did he disrespect him? Then suddenly Jedrick lifted him up with one hand and shoved him roughly to the wall. As Jedrick did this all the human workers scattered from the hall. Jedrick removed his hood forcefully. As he did this he felt his grip loosening he said under his breath "Your awake?" Jedrick put him down slowly he repeated slowly "You are awake...."

Asriel blinked then said "Do I have something on my face?" Jedrick then gave his standard laugh his laugh was like a rumble through his helmet. Jedrick then took off his helmet Asriel saw that Jedrick still looked androgynous, yet his skin now had a oil like sheen his skin was milky white with a pink like hue. Jedrick hooked his helmet to his belt he gave Asriel a rough tap on his back, Asriel almost fell over due to the force "You should come to my place, I will inform Adelram." Asriel simply nodded, he thought it would be a good idea to stick with someone he knew. The ship has changed perhaps Lord Jedrick would tell him.

He walked with Jedrick Asriel realized many of the servants they came across stood clear of Jedrick, they were trying hard not to meet his gaze. Asriel began taking in the scent of the ship again it smelt wonderful the hint of honey and perfume mixed together it was much more stronger than before. Jedrick saw Asriel sniffing around "Aye the ship smells a lot better doesn't it? The touch of the dark prince is on this ship. So much changed after Adelram did his little stunt."

Asriel was confused "What stunt?" Jedrick smiled "Going into your mind of course! Since then You have been asleep for about a year!" Asriel mumbled then he looked at him eyes wide "A year!?" Jedrick nodded "A year. I bet you are wondering what changed?" Asriel was still in shock "I am quite curious actually." Jedrick laughed "Now as you know since Adelram embraced his powers and the dark prince the worship of her spread like wildfire in the ship. Of course it was far more controlled before, yet now... we are walking a path of suffering and pleasure to improve ourselves with wanton abandon. Still Adelram does impose some small amount of order."

They kept walking until they came to familiar double doors, Jedrick stopped "This is my place." Asriel raised his eyebrow "I already know that." Jedrick chuckled in response "Asriel it's changed since then for the better." Asriel saw there was a keypad on the right and Jedrick pushed several buttons. The doors slid open and all Asriel heard were screams. Yet he could pick out which ones were of pain and pleasure. Asriel closed his eyes drawing in the noise. A small shiver went up his spine. He then looked at Jedrick.

Jedrick was still smiling "Shall we go in?" The excitement in Asriel was building his heart thundered. As Asriel stepped in the house of warriors. It did look different. He saw soldiers no not soldiers anymore cultists cutting at chained prisoners gently with knives. People in manacles being dragged around by Astartes some were crying in agony.

The fighting pits were still there Asriel walked over to the center one he saw two men fighting slashing at each with blades. It was not till first blood the battle was till the death both men were covered in small gashes and cuts. They were slashing and parrying until A cultist warrior hacked off the head of the other man blood spraying upwards covering spectators cultists began wiping the blood on their faces quivering pleasure. The cultist warrior then threw the head out into the crowd and several people fell onto it in a bedlam of estatic frenzy.
Asriel nodded he found all of this pleasing as he thought this he felt a slight headache. Why did he like it? It was not as he remembered yet.. Jedrick walked up to Asriel "That is someone you know, he is my favorite actually it's a shame I did not find him younger. I would of had Adelram turn him into an Astartes." The cultist warrior stepped out of the pit he approached Jedrick and bowed he then looked to Asriel in shock.

The man wore a latex gas mask, his arms were covered in piercings and he wore shiny black leather straps on his wrists and along with combat trousers. The man said his voice raspy "Asriel? Is that you?" Asriel recognized the voice right away "Charlie?" Charlie gave a laugh "It's good to see you! Did you see that? How I loped his head off!?" Charlie then scratched his head "Er you do have stomach for this don't you?" Asriel gave a gentle smile "It was a good cut, took his head clean off."

With all the hedonism in the room Asriel felt his eyes shifting again, his nails sharpening into talons and some of his teeth turning into fangs. Charlie breathed a rasp in surprise "Asriel? Are you blessed how did your body do that?" Asriel looked at his black fingernails turning into talons "I don't know." He turned to Jedrick I need to ask you something Jedrick raised an eyebrow "Oh? What do you need to ask?" Asriel then removed the top of his robe showing his body and arms "Can you tell me what this means?"

As Asriel did this he felt several people looking at him he got the sense somewhere admiring or thinking other thoughts. Jedrick grabbed his arm and grumbled "My Colchisian is pretty terrible Asriel Ivan normally tried to force his books on me they bored me enough to make me fall asleep. Ivan did not get the hint until I chopped one in half with my axe. I can at least tell these are several ritual words to bind a neverborn." Jedrick then looked at Asriel's back his eyes went wide a little "I know what that is." Asriel was confused "What are you looking at?"

Charlie then moved to his back and he saw him breath a prayer. Jedrick spoke "You are marked Asriel." Asriel furrowed his brows "I don't understand." Jedrick began explaining "You bear the brand of the dark prince on your back, that was not placed there by Mortal Hands." Asriel was still confused "So what does that mean?" Jedrick sighed "It means you are in the dark prince favor and you belong to him forever more."

Asriel thought to himself he was strangely happy at that fact for some reason. Asriel then put on his top again. Jedrick gestured to his chair it was still the same as always "Why don't we sit you have been dangling in the air for a year." Asriel then realized his legs felt a tiny bit wobbly yet he was not tired. He accepted Jedrick's offer.

Jedrick turned to Charlie "Bring us two slaves." Charlie nodded and ran off. Jedrick and Asriel walked over to his huge chair and sat down. The chair felt more comfy than Asriel remembered he let himself sink in. Jedrick laughed "Oh Asriel if you were there during the past raids this last year. How your skin would crawl." Asriel raised a eyebrow "Why would it?" Jedrick chuckled "Well for one you miss Adelram using his surgical skills and gifts to torment people. He is really good at it. Makes me even jealous a little." Jedrick then grumbled under his breath "Bloody cheater."

Asriel began thinking a question dawning on his mind "So how has the house of daemons changed? As I left and I saw Astartes whipping chained people many were enjoying it though." Jedrick then seemed to be lost in thought he spoke after a minute "Well they haven't changed much save being more fanatical. Now that the "rules" are more relaxed many Astartes actually hang around there now." Asriel scratched his head "I see. On them being more fanatical how much more fanatical?" Jedrick laughed "Well the stuff they do to minions of the false emperor on a raid oh boy even I get excited Asriel."

Asriel was thinking for a moment until he heard the rattling of chains a man and women wearing a prison neck collar and manacles. Charlie bought over the male slave to Jedrick and placed the female slave in front of him. Charlie chained their neck collar and Manacles to the floor. Jedrick smiled "Finally entertainment." Jedrick drew his combat knife and pulled the male slave forward he was crying in anguish. Jedrick held him close and slowly drew his combat knife down the slaves cheek he winced in pain. Jedrick then slowly jabbed his knife gently into the male's slave arm. He screamed.

Jedrick was humming as he was doing this. Jedrick spoke while he made a gentle incision in the slaves arm "So... the woman is yours Asriel. Think of it as a present from me and don't kill her! He gets upset when they die." Asriel looked at the woman she seemed content with her fate what did Jedrick expect Asriel to do exactly? Yet looking at her she was so frail, soft... Asriel walked towards her. Jedrick then smiled he said "Don't worry no one has touched her yet! I made sure Charlie got you a fresh one!" Asriel nodded he knelt down and edged towards her.

His nails turned into small talons, his eyes shifted into slits and his sclera turned black.

Asriel then held her chin his mind racing of what to do to her. He then bought one talon gently down her cheek. Her eyes dilated a little her mouth quivering. Jedrick gave a laugh "Wow you are pretty good at this!" Jedrick then drew his combat knife across the slaves arm again. Asriel could smell her pain and joy. Asriel heard Meliva echoing in his mind "More.... we need more..." Asriel hissed "Yes.. more.." he bought two fingers to the woman's arm and drew his talon across her arm she screamed.

Asriel then pierced his talon into the wound he made on her arm the slave woman screamed again. The woman started to thrash about. Asriel then looked over to Jedrick he saw he jabbed his combat knife deeper into his slaves arm he saw the man was crying. Frothing from the mouth. Charlie then interjected "My lord.. the slave does not se-" Jedrick flicked his head towards charlie "Don't worry... he won't die."

Asriel could hear Charlie sighing, Asriel then looked towards the chained woman she crumpled to the ground drooling. Asriel then felt Meliva grating at the back of his mind "Don't stop! More! We need more!" Asriel nodded he felt it as well the hunger the need to inflict pain and suffering. He moved towards the woman and held up her arm, Asriel licked his teeth he could feel his teeth shifting into fangs. He bit her arm drawing blood. The slave started to scream.

That scream that noise Asriel heard it was the right kind of sound the same sound he heard when entering Jedrick's abode it was the right pitch. Her blood he could taste her agony, her torment. He then let go. Asriel turned his gaze to Jedrick he gave a whistle "Asriel are you sure you haven't done something like this before?" Asriel could see the slave Jedrick was holding was going limp. His soul fire expiring, fluttering away until nothing.

Jedrick then looked down he cursed and dropped the slave. He sat up right again and looked towards Charlie "Get some people to clean this guy up! Quickly!" Charlie ran off.

Asriel then looked at his slave again the horror in her eyes the longing, the ache Asriel smiled. He stood up and sat back on the chair and relaxed. Charlie then gave a clap a chained slave wobbled forward holding wine and glasses on a platter. Jedrick handed Asriel a glass and poured the white liquid into the glass he also poured one for himself.

Jedrick said "It is cold aged wine, it has been modified by Amethyst. She is quite the savant at making drinks actually. Shame she is a shut in now." Asriel was surprised she was quite a jolly person Asriel recalled "What do you mean shut in?" Said Asriel. Jedrick shrugged "You can ask her yourself or ask our lord." Asriel simply nodded then Jedrick leaned in close to Asriel completely serious which was odd to Asriel he said "Asriel.... how did you do that?" Asriel blinked his eyes turning to normal he mumbled "I just did what came to me. Did I do something wrong?" Charlie laughed "No Asriel what you did was masterful. Now what you did with your claws what part exactly did you hit? To get that reaction? All of mine scream then... well die.. then he gets mad." Asriel then looked at the female slave she was on the floor trying to rush forward in her chains trying to reach him begging for him to do it again. She just about reached the chair but was off a few inches.

Jedrick shook his head "You must have some kind of technique. Perhaps the neverborn in your head is giving you the edge." Jedrick sat back drinking his wine contemplating "If he saw that he would be jealous and would be bothering you non stop on how you did it." Asriel drank the wine It was strong, it's taste burned his throat and then he felt a cool. Asriel then heard several people coming over he saw they were unchaining the dead slave and carrying him away. Charlie was then pointing for some people to clean the area where Jedrick killed him.
Asriel turned to Jedrick "Why are you having them clean up? Also what is the problem with you killing him?" Jedrick drank some wine and grumbled "It's nothing don't worry about it."

Then Asriel heard the twins doors opened suddenly the bedlam of hedonism grew silent. Asriel saw a pink robed Astartes walk forward his backpack and arms adorned with fetishes, manacles waving from his waist and a censer was also bellowing with each movement. Asriel also caught the gleam of surgical tools around his belt and leather straps were swaying from various parts of his armour. His helmet also had horns.

The Astartes stopped in front of Jedrick he spoke Asriel recognized his voice "I came here as soon as you told me you found him." The Astartes looked at the chained female then to Jedrick "I see you are filling his mind with filth like the rest of your servants." Jedrick shrugged "Hey he is enjoying though, I have seen you do worse." said Jedrick the astartes turned towards Asriel. Asriel gulped. The Astartes walked towards him he touched his head like a father touching the head of a son. He then looked at the chained woman he said "You are enjoying that aren't you?" Asriel could feel the pressure from his hand. Asriel nodded weakly.

The Astartes flatly said "I see." his blue eye lenses flashed then the female slave was consumed in purple fire she was rolling on the floor. Asriel could not tell if she was screaming in agony or pleasure he was entrapped by what was happening his heart going aflutter. She was burning for so long it went on for minutes. Many of the cultists were listening intently like they were hearing music out of her screams. Asriel saw her soul bleeding away dissipating into the warp. Then the flames fizzled and all that was left was ashes.

Jedrick sat up from his chair "Adelram, you have an unfair advantage do you know that? Adelram simply chuckled, what happened next was that several cultists threw themselves on the ashes to breathe it up. Asriel stood up, he cast his gaze down "My lord." Adelram nodded "We are leaving now." Adelram moved to walk out and Asriel followed he stopped and bowed to Jedrick before leaving. He simply gave a gruff nod.
Asriel walked with Adelram in silence in the halls until they reached familiar doors. The doors simply slid open at Adelram's presence Asriel followed.

As they walked in Asriel looked around the room. It looked different it was more "full" He saw tons of books lining shelves, scrolls and parchments hanging from the walls. Censer balls hanging in the room at various points releasing a sweet incense. Asriel walked into the middle of the room breathing everything in. The room felt more "alive" also.

Adelram walked over to Asriel, Asriel saw Adelram striding towards him Asriel looked at him more carefully this time he saw his soul coiling glowing with a bright pink light it drew Asriel in until Adelram broke his thoughts. Adelram spoke as always his voice not betraying his feelings "So you are well?" Asriel furrowed his brow and ignored him for the moment he walked to the chair and sat down. Asriel responded "I think I am well."

Adelram sat next to Asriel, Asriel then put his feet up on the chair and burrowed his face into his legs he muffled a sound Adelram could pick it up barely "Thank you." Adelram chuckled "Think nothing of it. Yet.. you act different." Asriel looked up directly at Adelram "Do I? I haven't noticed myself." Adelram spoke flatly "I have, I could see your killing intent clearly in Jedrick's abode and your joy of torturing someone."
Asriel shrugged "I felt like killing people all day actually."

Adelram sat back "Most likely the influence of the neverborn. Still about a year ago... what happened to you in the bottom of that church?" That was the first thing that surprised Asriel he realized again it's been a year or even more since then Asriel thought of his master question his anger growing slightly for some reason. "I don't want to talk about it." Adelram responded "I want to talk about it and you will tell me." Adelram thought he heard a slight growl from Asriel it was unnatural.

Asriel started to speak but in twin voices "We did things together, Things w- I would like to forget. She did things and I begged her to do it in even greater amounts and she did and I hated myself for it yet I enjoyed it all the same. Yet at the same time I miss it." Adelram squinted his eyes under his helmet "You refer to Meliva?" Asriel hissed "Yes." Adelram looked at his servant he saw his black nails lengthening into talons.
Adelram sighed "Do you wish to know how the ship changed this past year?"

Adelram saw that his nails were returning to normal Asriel nodded his voice normal again "Yes I would like to know. Jedrick has gave me a rather brief overview on some of the changes" Adelram leaned back in the chair "Well since I accepted my powers, we hit several weaker worlds crossed blades with members of space marine chapters." He held up three fingers "Some dark angels, ultramarines and white scars." Asriel perked up "So what happened when you fought them" Adelram sighed "It would be too long to explain three wars Asriel. Yet when we did fight them as time went on using my powers to scatter them aside was... enjoyable too enjoyable." Asriel's eyes lit up at his response "What's wrong with doing something you enjoy?"

Adelram relaxed in the chair thinking "Well I have to remain focused to lead the warband, now one of the greater changes is that majority of the people living on the ship have accepted slaanesh. Even I. Still we have recruited more Astartes to our warband due to our infamy or torturing those captures during those three wars. We also had a group of Kakophoni join us." Asriel raised his eyebrow "What are Kakophoni?" Adelram gave a heavy sigh "You will see."

Asriel then breathed in the air of the room and smiled "The ship smells more sweet." Adelram place his arm on the arm rest of the chair and leaned on his fist "I am sure you can also detect the presence or influence on the ship can't you?" Asriel nodded "Yes I feel like something or someone is watching at times. I also can sometimes see a giant flame within people... I assume it's their souls." Adelram responded "Perhaps sharing your body with the neverborn has given you witch sight. Meliva can use the powers of a psyker after all being a greater shard" Asriel smiled "So given time I could do what you can?" Adelram sat up again and leaned in the chair "With time."

Asriel began thinking again one question still plaguing him "Why did you save me? I saw you at moments in my dreams flicking in and out of the darkness guiding me back." Adelram shrugged "I don't know gave up trying to find the answer of why I care. Yet I do perhaps it's the ingrained need for an Astartes to seek comrades or seeking someone to trust I cannot say."

Asriel dropped his legs down and leaned back "So how are you finding your powers?" Adelram flexed his hand eldritch flame dancing around it "I am getting used to it after embracing it many of the Astartes following me fear me even more since now I can obliterate their minds and their bodies. Also was in the middle of plans... when you awoke"

Asriel started to think again "So my lor-" Adelram raised his hand "We are in private company you can refer me to Adelram." Asriel furrowed his brows "I can't do that my lord also what were you planning?" Adelram then gave his classic chuckle "I am planning a raid of course."

Asriel sat there looking at Adelram, he seemed a lot more relaxed compared to before he also gave off a nice scent also. He began salivating, Asriel suddenly felt her pressing at his mind "Why don't you do it? His soul is bright..." He should Asriel opened his mouth slightly. Then bit down his lip hard drawing blood "not him" he said to himself. Adelram then looked at him simply watching "You need to learn to control yourself." Said Adelram. Asriel snapped out of his trance "I... don't know. I meant nothing by it."
Adelram scoffed he then opened up a pouch around his waist and drew out a small white cloth. He dabbed it gently on his lips he then said "You knew what you were doing please don't follow that thought I don't wish to kill you after everything that happened."
Asriel then grabbed the cloth, Adelram sat back in his old position. As Asriel was holding the cloth to his lip he felt a tingle the wound vanishing. Asriel then stuffed the white cloth into his pocket.

Asriel sat up from the chair and stretched. Asriel then heard several loud bangs on the door, Adelram got up and went to his desk he pressed a button. Asriel saw an Astartes stride into the room. Asriel recognized him he spoke in a hurry "My Lord.. I looked all over the ship I canno-" Adelram held up a hand "Ivan, Jedrick found him first and he is here." Adelram gestured towards Asriel.

Asriel saw Ivan's features relax just for a moment he saw a black tongue flicking out. Ivan breathed out a sigh of relief "I see.. so how are you Asriel?" Asriel looked at Ivan for some reason he felt a small tinge of hate. Was it his emotions or Meliva's? He could not tell. Asriel gave a small bow "I am well and I thank you for looking after me."

Ivan gave a small cough he said "That is no problem child, I was just doing what I could at Adelram's behest." Adelram gave a small laugh "Yes.. at my behest.." Asriel saw Ivan shift somewhat.

Adelram folded his arms "Now if that's all that you wanted to say.." Ivan turned to leave Asriel interjected " Apostle Ivan, Please Wait." Ivan stopped he looked at Asriel "What is it?" Asriel flexed his hands and ground his teeth he was speaking in his voice and Meliva's "I wish to talk to Isira."

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Nice. Let's see what happened to Isira lol.

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lliu wrote:
Nice. Let's see what happened to Isira lol.

Which shall be coming soon! She is a rather strange woman to say the least, pining for a widow then her boy when he is all grown up.

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Chapter 12

Asriel was pacing his room thinking, he was waiting for Isira she knew his mother and since it's likely she lead the cult contingent on Athor she might know the name of "him". Asriel shut his eyes perhaps he should ask her? Asriel called to Meliva "Meliva? I wish to speak with you." Asriel then felt a squirming in his chest it was not painful it was slightly euphoric, Asriel heard a voice in his mind "What is it? Why do you call me?" Asriel clenched his hands together "That man who ordered the death of mother do you know who he is?" Asriel felt Meliva moving again for some reason he felt or knew that she was smiling "I do.. but why should I tell you? What will you give me.." Asriel grit his teeth "What do you want?" said Asriel.

Asriel felt Meliva uncoiling, Asriel felt a slight headache building Asriel could hear Meliva clearly "Give me more control of your body and I will tell you." Asriel sighed "You know my answer on that." Asriel then felt Meliva going silent the sensation vanishing. Asriel muttered "I should of guessed that would be her response." Asriel then heard a soft knock on his door. His room door then slid open.

It was Isira, Asriel nodded and greeted her yet he felt on edge she was partly to blame for what occurred "Isira, thank you for coming I have questions." Asriel looked at Isira's face it was completely neutral Asriel could not even guess what she was thinking. Asriel gestured for her to sit down, Isira sat slowly on the edge of his bed. Isira looked to him she said gently "The teacher told me you wished to see me. Why?"
Asriel folded his arms "You knew my mother, you drew her into your cult but she could not take the last step." Isira face remained how it was, yet Asriel could notice her breathing changed just slightly most normal people would not pick up on that. Yet he was no longer "normal". Isira denied it "I have no idea what you are talking about Asriel." Asriel ground his teeth in annoyance thinking why she would deflect and deny. Asriel tried to speak calmly "Meliva showed me things Isira I know what happened."

Isira crossed her legs she made a mocking grin "Are you sure? Perhaps the neverborn is lying to you. To wear you down, you should not listen to her you know." Asriel was growing angry he walked towards her and grabbed her face tightly she grit her teeth and grabbed his hands trying to pull them away. She tried a few more times and she gave up. Isira pouted "Why are you doing this? Or perhaps you want something else?" Asriel detected her breathing was increasing.

Asriel felt the change coming again a back of his mind did think about it but when he thinks of that scene of his mother. The anger comes back and his only lead is being troublesome Asriel's black nails slowly changed into talons and he could almost feel a small horn exiting his forehead. Asriel breathed gently he spoke in twin voices "You knew me as a boy. That kiss on my cheek that spell to make me forget." Isira smile did not leave her face "That's impossible look at me if I did meet you as a boy I would be far older. As I said the neverborn is playing tricks on you."

Isira then bought her hand to his cheek stroking gently "You sharing your body with that holy being you look far more beautiful do you know that?" Asriel squinted his eyes she is trying to change the subject then a thought occurred to him. Asriel opened his mouth slightly his eyes shifted into slits. He quickly licked Isira on the cheek and then tasted thinking no. He needs more than that. He could see she was shocked and a sense of longing and ache was beginning to appear in her eyes.

He then kissed her before she could even say a word. Asriel then leaned back and let go of her face thinking. Asriel could see she was in shock Asriel said "You are at least 250 years old." Asriel then licked his lips thinking "No.. 300 at least." Asriel could see Isira walls of defense crumbling until she stood up and approached him. She smiled "So that's what you wanted? It's not good to do something like that when someone's guard is down."

She then reached forward with her hand Asriel grabbed her wrist tightly she winced Asriel shouted "Enough with your lies!" Asriel squeezed he could see Isira gritting her teeth in pain. When he saw her face in pain he remembered Adelram's words control, he needed control. He slowly let go taking deep breaths.

Asriel then walked to his bed and sat down he cast his head down "Isira tell me.. I wish to kill the man who killed her so please..." Asriel then looked up at her.

Asriel noted her face twitched slightly she looked away slightly "She was to be mine... yet.." Asriel heard those words leave her lips he started to grind his teeth again "Yet what?" Isira then looked to Asriel, Asriel looked into her eyes did he see sadness? Regret? He was not sure.

Isira muttered "In my vision if she took the final step, she would of bought you into our gatherings you would of then be taken by Adelram and turned into Astartes." Asriel was silent for a moment then he laughed harshly "After that you would have my mother all to yourself!" Isira shook her head she sat down next to him and reached over to touch Asriel on the cheek "I regret what happened."

Asriel felt her hand on his cheek she was stroking it gently, Asriel felt his teeth changing with her action. Her hand on his cheek trying to comfort him, trying to show it was not her fault she is just making him want to pluck her eyes out. Asriel took another breath to calm himself he said "If you truly regret what happened you must know of the man who ordered her death. I imagine he investigated your group after my mother gave him information. He had a dangling necklace with an I on it."

Isira removed her hand her face was shifting to shock "You know that much of the inquisitor who hounded us? He caused us to go to ground. Yet teacher told me your mother running away was "necessary" It had to happen." Asriel turned what Isira just said in his mind so he was an inquisitor he knew of the inquisition. Parents used them to scare the children at night to behave. That they would take them away if they did not say their evening prayers.

Asriel chuckled "So he was an inquisitor.. what else do you know of him?" Isira then placed her hand on her chin thinking "I know of his name nothing else, we moved to the lower levels. He had several of his retinue hound us but we went silent for years. Which caused him to decide to put Athor on watch. Of course that did not help when we made our move." Isira leaned back smiling "So you are planning revenge then? These questions and you calling me here and your acts.."

Asriel sighed "Yes I am I will kill him when I find him again." Isira sat forward and nodded "His name is Belaris Fane." Asriel turned that name in his head he then tried to reach for his Journal. Then he recalled he did not have it so much happened he forgot about it. He had to commit it to memory engrave it into his mind. As Asriel was thinking he heard another knock on his door. Another woman came through.

Asriel recognized her a small sense of happiness lined his features. Asriel said "Amethyst? It's you! It's been..." Amethyst made her standard smile yet it faded when he saw Isira sitting on his bed her face screwed in disgust "What is she doing out of her fun house?" Isira laughed "Don't seek to insult me when the touch of our god is finally spreading throughout the ship. Almost everyone is in on the "fun" now." Isira sat up and looked at Asriel her features for some reason turned gentle "We could discuss more of our business later." Asriel nodded at least he had a name.

Isira then walked out of his room not even sparing Amethyst a glance. Amethyst curled her lip into disgust. She then looked to Asriel again and her smile returned to her face. She walked over to his desk and turned the chair towards him. She sat down and crossed her legs she said "I heard you woke up. I assume that thing that's inside you is gone?"

Asriel scratched the back of his head "It's not gone it's still there, I assume we are "partners" for life." Asriel saw that Amethyst smile vanished sadness lined her features. Asriel saw a small amount of tears building in her eyes he was confused "Why are you sad? What's the matter?" Amethyst lips twitched slightly she wiped her eyes "The fact it does not bother you that you are sharing a body with it means you changed. I heard what you did with Jedrick I just thought it was baseless rumors I hoped.." Asriel blinked "You hoped what?"

Amethyst sighed "That you would still be you. Even our Lord has changed surrounding himself with even more witches." She then gave a sad laugh "Even Agoston was found to be a witch I heard powers like that can awaken anytime. Yet our lord was not upset he was happy even. He barely even sees me anymore..." Asriel felt the need to say something yet remained silent Amethyst continued "Now I just stay in my room focusing on my research. Everything on this ship is changing for the worse."Asriel recalled Jedrick words that she now remains in her room majority of the time.

Asriel looked down he did not know what to say he knows full well how the ship has changed yet he could not help but feel it was for the better. The silence went on the room for a minute when Asriel finally looked up Amethyst was in tears her tears were dripping down on to the floor. Amethyst then bit her lip "The fact you said nothing shows you have truly changed. Our lord used to be a wonderful Doctor and Scientist and now?" She then got up and strode out of his room not saying a word.

Asriel was still silent sitting on his bed. He then got up and walked over to where Amethyst was sitting he bent down and rubbed his finger on the tiny puddle of tears. Asriel gently put his finger in his mouth. In that instant he felt his body changing he tasted her pain, her loss her agony at everyone she knew being dragged down by the dark prince. Yet he could not feel sadness in that moment Asriel actually smiled.
Asriel felt Meliva surfacing she was also pleased "You want to see her join in worship? I do as well she is not completely innocent her fall will still be brilliant..." Asriel breathed "It would be nice to see.."

Jedrick was sitting in his chair musing on the recent announcement of another raid he could feel the excitement building within him. As he was thinking he saw the doors of his abode slide open. A bald astartes with porcelain skin with a purple hue came striding in he also bore the brand of slaanesh on his forehead. His face was stuck in a mocking grin and a long flowing pink ribbon was swaying as walked.

He also wore manacles and long lines of shining leather around his waist, Jedrick saw he was also dragging in several slaves in with his bare arm with a pierced chain swaying each time he dragged the slaves. He walked over to the walls and chained them in place. Yet he was looking around searching for something he then walked in Jedrick's direction and stopped. He knelt down on the ground and sniffed. He looked up at him and stood up. Finally he sat down next to Jedrick.

His tongue flicked out "I bought more slaves Jedrick. I have taken the rest of our Tithe from the lower levels." Jedrick nodded "You are quite good at gathering them alive aren't you Sebastian?" Sebastian scoffed "Well yes I am unlike some people." Jedrick grumbled when he said that.

Sebastian leaned back "I heard the man awoke." Jedrick nodded "He did he was quite taken with the changes of the ship. He was happy actually." Sebastian chuckled "Is that him or the neverborn thinking that?" Jedrick then sat back in the chair "Both if Ivan did this job right. He is marked by the way." Jedrick saw the surprise in Sebastian's eyes "Oh? Quite surprising actually." Jedrick smiled "Well if you saw what he did with the slave you could see why."

Sebastian's surprise vanished from his features "Oh yes, I did notice she was missing from the wall. Yet there is another one missing as well." Jedrick turned to Sebastian "Oh? Perhaps one of our servants killed them." Sebastian shook his head "They know better and none would shield them from killing one. Yet I caught the smell of a large amount of blood spilled around your chair Jedrick. I can smell it now."

Jedrick furrowed his brows "How can you smell? You don't even have a nose anymore." Sebastian tapped his skin "I feel and sense so much more considering how the dark prince has blessed me. Now I am sure you have no idea what happened to the missing slave right?"

Jedrick then turned away from Sebastian "I don't know anything about it." Sebastian hissed at Jedrick "You killed the slave didn't you.." Jedrick sighed "By accident. Anyway Adelram reduced one to ashes with his "magic" it was quite a spectacle actually." Sebastian creased his brow "Adelram allowed me to replace that one.. you know the rules each house can take a tithe of slaves to do with what they will after each raid. No more no less."

Jedrick grunted "It's one dead slave, plus Adelram just announced we are going on another raid he can be replaced." Sebastian then relaxed a little "Very well I shall drop it. Has he said anything about what planet we are targeting?" Jedrick shrugged "A shrine world. He also somehow found out it's also being raided by dark eldar." Jedrick could see Sebastian growing excited with the mention of dark eldar it seemed he forgot about the dead slave.

Sebastian's eyes grew wide "I can't wait, reunite some eldar with the god they made and perhaps defiling some temples along the way." Jedrick nodded "Aye I can't wait either."

Asriel stood in front of Adelram's doors he knocked, the lights as always turned green and the doors slid open. As Asriel walked in he saw Adelram at his desk Asriel sat in front of him, how many times now has he done this he wondered? Adelram finally looked up "We are approaching the planet soon I wanted to give you something before we started the sortie." Adelram reached down to a drawer and pulled something out and placed it in front of Asriel.

He recognized it yet it looked a little different. The lock was shaped in a daemonette head and when he touched the leather it almost felt like skin. Puzzlement lined Asriel's features, Adelram then shrugged "It changed by itself I made sure to record the process perhaps it was the things you wrote in there that caused the change."

Asriel made a smile "Thank you can't wait to use it." Of course Asriel opened it up on a new page right away and wrote down his name in big letters Belaris Fane. Adelram watched him write "Who's name are you writing down?" Asriel responded "The man I will kill when I get the chance." Asriel then shut his book and placed it on his lap. Adelram nodded "I have also called you here for another reason." Asriel was surprised "Oh? What do you wish of me?"
Adelram leaned back in his chair "I ordered amethyst to come down with us her skills might be needed. I want you to guard her while she does her work, you are quite capable now considering your state." Asriel was confused he had a feeling there was more to it he put the question to his lord "Why? what reason do you want Amethyst down on the planet? Also you want me to guard her?" At that moment he could hear Meliva laughter echoing in the back of his mind.

Adelram then stood up and placed his hand on his head he chuckled "It's been so long, there you are doing it again.." Adelram then leaned down "Do this for me guard her that's all I ask." Asriel smiled "Of course I will do it." Adelram then stood back up "Good we are close to orbit, Ivan's cloaking rituals will start soon you will be also outfitted at the docking area." Adelram then went to his desk and pushed a button the lights within the room flashed to red. Asriel looked around surprise "Wait.. We are going now!?" Adelram nodded "Indeed we are.
You will walk me." Adelram stepped out to leave, Asriel followed. As they made their way out Asriel saw pink and black robed people kneeling at the door.

The one in the front looked up "We are ready my lord." Asriel recognized the voice a voice he was not all to happy to hear. Adelram responded "Very well Agoston." Adelram then gestured for everyone to rise they all did so in a smooth motion. They then formed a line against the wall to let Adelram walk forward as he passed each robed acolyte they fell in behind him. Asriel could tell they were "different" now as he stood thinking he eventually lost sight of Adelram. In shock Asriel rushed forward of course when he reached the middle of the pack he felt himself being held back. Someone grabbed him on the shoulder.
Asriel turned towards the person holding his shoulder his teeth shifting at the motion as he looked at the man. He looked how he remembered from a year ago save the fact he was wearing a silver earring dangling from his right ear he also had a tattoo under his left eye. Asriel hissed "Let me go Agoston." Agoston shook his head "You are his servant we all walk behind him. You should learn that "number". Asriel's right eye twitched when he said that he felt himself changing further Asriel leaned in close to Agoston "Watch what you say..." Agoston chuckled "I should say that to you considering I am his most favored." Asriel cocked his head to one side and smiled "Perhaps we should test that then?" Agoston shrugged "I know it to be true go on try it at the end of the day all you are to him is a glorified pet. A leashed dog he pets and praises."

At his words thoughts of killing him crossed his mind he felt his eyes changing again Asriel let out a low snarl but he remembered Adelram's words control, don't do something stupid. Asriel calmed himself his nails, teeth and eyes returning to normal. Agoston simply smiled "See a dog I am his acolyte there is the difference." Agoston then briskly walked forward.
Asriel sighed and followed within the group. They eventually reached the docking area it was a lot more full compared to the time when they were preparing for Barbos. Asriel did note there were also a lot more Astartes than he remembered. Adelram walked over to the armoury and gestured for Asriel. Asriel looked around and saw all the equipment lining the walls. Adelram then knelt down to a black chest in the corner and flicked the lock he turned to Asriel "I had gear prepared for your awakening plus if you are to protect Amethyst you would need wargear." Adelram then walked away.

Asriel opened the chest he found a two handed broadsword and some armour mixed with robes. Asriel looked at the blade there was strange runes carved into the blade. Holding the blade Asriel felt a small heat building in his hands. Asriel looked in the chest again there were also some leather gloves that went up the arm as well. Asriel touched the armour it felt a lot more dense compared to the gear he received a year ago. Asriel outfitted himself all the gear fit on easily like it was exactly made for his size. He then hooked the blade to his back and walked out of the Armoury.

He looked around searching for Adelram he saw him talking to Amethyst Agoston was with him.

Asriel walked over trying to ignore Agoston's presence, he stood next to Adelram he saw Amethyst was clearly nervous. She looked to the ground as she spoke "I see so I will be on the ground." Adelram nodded "This will be a larger scale raid so some specialists have to be on the ground you will be working along with the artificers in a forward camp. It will be a spot our forces can fall back to." Amethyst still looked like she was about to break at any moment.
Asriel walked forward and placed his hand on her shoulder he tried to smile "Don't worry I will be there." Amethyst looked up at him she gave a weak smile. Asriel then heard stomping then as the stomping got closer he heard a song a dirge of noise. Asriel looked in the direction it was coming from he saw Astartes lurching out of the darkness they had strange guns, their armour was in a mix of vivid colours and some of the Astartes seemed to have replaced their mouths with speakers.

They approached Adelram, Asriel saw that Agoston tried to divert his gaze from them. As they came forward he noticed Adelram sighed. What Asriel assumed to be the leader stepped forward he had green eyes and short cropped white hair his mouth was a larger speaker. As he spoke a deluge of sound and music came through. Yet for some reason Asriel could understand it like he got the sense of the words from the sound from each note.
Adelram sighed again "What is it Marius what do your Kakophoni want? I assume Jedrick gave you my orders?" Marius responded with even more noise. Adelram sagged his shoulders "You are aware I cannot understand you." Asriel then interjected "He says his Kakophoni are ready to sing the song of slaanesh to the dark eldar and the minions of the false emperor." The deluge stopped and Marius looked at Asriel so did Agoston and Adelram.

Adelram was first to speak "You can understand him? Interesting.. only Sebastian and Jedrick seem to be able to talk to them I was quite surprised Ivan could not either." Asriel nodded "It's strange out of the... "song" it's like they form words." Marius then released another sound and then a long dirge of high screeches. Agoston and Amethyst covered their ears.

Adelram looked to Marius then to Asriel "What did he say?" Asriel put his hand to his chin "He said that he is truly happy another can hear the song it was right to join this warband." Adelram then turned to Marius "Is that all you wanted to say?" Marius then nodded and walked away to prepare along with the rest of the Kakophoni.

Adelram put his hand to his chin thinking muttering something he then shrugged and walked up to the view screen to explain the strategy of the raid. The talking, prayers and weapon checking stopped they all looked up to Adelram. Adelram pressed a button on the screen he announced "This is the shrine world of Cortova within the gothic sector." Adelram then pressed another button to zoom into the city "Right now an order Militant of the sisters of battle and the black templars are engaged with a Dark eldar raiding host." Adelram pressed several buttons on the screen "From the information I gleaned from the warp at this moment the city is somewhat divided in terms of control. The geometry of the shrine city is a circle so we will land at the south point of the city. Adelram gestured to the area "it not contested by either side at the moment. We will push at two flanks."

Jedrick then raised his axe and shouted "I want the black templars! I will also crush the sisters of battle." Adelram nodded "So you will focus on the right flank considering the combined power of the Sisters of battle and the black templars. The Kakophoni will also be with you on that flank. Along with the havocs" Adelram looked to Marius and Jedrick they both nodded. "Ivan and I will look to the left and try to deal with the eldar." Adelram scanned the room he saw Ivan and his followers in the corner he gave him a curt nod. Ivan returned the gesture.

Adelram then pressed another button displaying a large building "This place will be our main launching point and main base of operations it is abandoned temple. To the false emperor." As adelram mentioned this many with the crowd jeered he quietened them down "Of course when we get there we might have to do a little bit of "renovation". Everyone has their orders the main force facing the black templars and sisters will go down first!"
Asriel looked as Jedrick and members of the house of warriors left on Thunderhawks. Adelram then walked over to Asriel he said "We will be the last to go." Asriel then saw Ivan, Isira , Astartes and cultists from the house of daemons also walking over. Ivan approached Adelram, Asriel could see that Ivan wanted to say something. It seemed Adelram also noticed this Ivan was about to speak but Adelram interrupted "I know what you are going to say we don't have the forces to take all of them on. Relax Ivan I have everything under control." Ivan then closed his mouth mumbling he then said "Very well my lord."
Asriel waited for about 20 minutes eventually the docking bay hall emptied and they finally got on the Thunderhawk. Asriel felt the Thunderhawk moving it was a lot more rough than the time he took it to Barbos. After a few minutes they landed and the bay doors opened Asriel heard gunfire and shouts. Adelram stepped out he turned to Amethyst and Agoston "Both of you will stay here until I say it's safe to leave." Both nodded, Adelram then turned to Asriel "You are with me." Asriel nodded and followed.
As he stepped out with Adelram and Ivan he saw people in pitched battle with PDF and sisters of battle, Astartes of the emperor children and Cultists were in cover shooting. Adelram walked pass ignoring the cover Asriel followed, Asriel saw a sister of battle aiming at Adelram with her bolter she fired and Adelram simply raised his hand and the bolt shattered on a invisible shield.

Adelram then drew his sword and it erupted with purple fire Asriel started to feel the air vibrate, reality buckling, changing. Adelram then planted his sword into the ground and fire erupted forward in a wave incinerating sisters of battle and PDF soldiers none were spared. Adelram then removed his sword from the ground. He pointed his sword forward "Push forward! Kill all who get in our way! Form a perimeter!" Adelram gave a mocking laugh he then shouted "Forward! Children of the Emperor! Death to His foes!; For the Emperor!" All the Astartes laughed and yelled the same line.

Cultists and Astartes rushed forward. Asriel saw Jedrick walk past he stopped in front of Adelram he then laughed "Aye! Well we better get to our task then!" Adelram nodded and walked towards the Thunderhawk. Asriel then saw Jedrick and his forces rushing off to the right flank. Asriel turned and followed Adelram.

They were back in the thunderhawk Agoston was still standing there and Amethyst was sitting down hands together shaking. Adelram turned to Agoston "You and the other Acolytes will prepare the temple." Agoston bowed and hurried out of the Thunderhawk with the rest of the Acolytes.

Adelram then walked up to Amethyst and held up her chin "Are you afraid?" Asriel saw Amethyst was trying to put on a brave face she simple shook her head. Adelram then let go and turned away from her "It will be some time before you are put to work along with the rest of the artificers and doctors and now we will start bringing down the vehicles and armoured support."

Amethyst finally broke her silence "My lord am I truly necessary?" Adelram chuckled "You are indeed necessary Amethyst..."

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Eternally-Stimulated Slaanesh Dreadnought

Chapter 13

Asriel stood in the hall looking at all the injured cultists being tended and Artificers maintaining the Astartes gear. He wondered how many churches would a city need? These days he could not understand people worshiping something that cannot hear them or care for them. The church they were in was captured and used as a forward base it was placed supposedly near the dark eldar's control area. It has been a few days since they made landfall. from what Adelram has told him right now it's stalemate. The dark eldar have not shown their faces yet Adelram and Ivan are scouring their control zone and the border of the possible dark eldar control zone for days. Adelram did note they may not even control a section of the city but just have one small hidden main base. Adelram noted that dark eldar do quick attacks capturing as many slaves as possible and then leaving they prefer not to get into a pitched battle.

Still when they sent scouting parties in that area they just vanish without a word. Some come back bloodied with stories of black shapes hounding them. Asriel looked to Amethyst working on a cultist stitching up his wounds.

She wiped some sweat off her brow she still seemed on edge. Another thought was crossing Asriel's mind. Something was bothering Asriel what Adelram said before they made landfall. What is he planning? It's rather clear they don't have enough forces since it's been a stalemate for so long and one mistake can easily make them lose their advantage. Asriel simply sighed.

Then in that moment Asriel felt something the air changed, Asriel then felt Meliva moving "They are coming... they are so close... they are here..." Asriel drew his sword and looked around. Of course many looked at him in confusion when he did so a cultist walked up to him scratching his head "What's got you so on edge?" Asriel looked at him he felt his eyes changing and then he was smiling "The dark eldar are here." The cultists eyes went wide "Where!?" he began looking around searching. As he said this black shapes came bursting out of the windows gunning down any cultists caught unaware.

Asriel heard screaming from the door most likely the guards being killed. Asriel flicked his head to the windows he flashed a smile full fangs and charged a dark eldar that was near the window it turned to fire Asriel felt his blood pumping his muscles tightening he stepped to the side as the dark eldar pulled the trigger. Asriel then stepped in close and plunged his sword into the dark eldar's gut he heard the rasp as he did so. He plunged the sword further and twisted. The dark eldar yelped and crumpled on the sword Asriel then removed the blade xeno's blood spilling onto the ground.

Asriel looked around the dark eldar were slaughtering them, he did note they seemed to be leaving some alive. Then the doors at the front of the church flew open. Asriel saw a female eldar striding forward she looked to be wearing a leather suit and was wielding a whip and a sword. She had long flowing purple hair she gave Asriel a mocking grin. Asriel looked to Amethyst her head was down and she was surrounded with several other non-combatants whimpering as Asriel turned to the female dark eldar realization dawned his features Asriel breathed "My lord how clever of you..." Asriel then charged the female sword raised high. The female dark eldar raised her blade, Asriel struck first, the dark eldar casually turned the strike aside as she did so she flipped her blade to it's pommel and smashed it into Asriel's face.

Asriel crashed to the ground he felt Meliva rising "Let me kill her.. I will tear her to pieces slowly and guzzle on her blood..." Asriel held his hand to his face the pain slowly vanishing Asriel chuckled "Not yet Meliva patience we are the bait...." Asriel then saw the female dark eldar standing over him and she rose her fist and brought it down on his face in that moment darkness consumed him.

Jedrick was on the front lines clashing with a black templar as always they screamed for the emperor and shouted various curses. How they were traitors, scum and unworthy of life. The black templar raised his sword to strike he bought his sword down for a overhead slash, Jedrick dodged to the right. Jedrick bought his axe down to strike the black templar parried the blow. The black templar shouted "You will die here heretic!" Jedrick ignored him and kept fighting the black templar moved to make another strike and always Jedrick waited at the last moment he turned away the strike with his combat knife and made a quick motion with his axe. Jedrick removed the black templars sword wielding hand in one motion, Jedrick heard a grunt and a gnashing of teeth from the black templar Jedrick hacked off his other arm.

The black templar was trying very hard not to scream, something Jedrick found annoying the sisters of battle and black templars don't die like other dogs of the false emperor. It's either merely a grunt or another curse. There was not much joy in killing them the black templar stood there with both arms missing he gave another shout and charged at Jedrick "Death to the foes of the emperor!" Jedrick sighed as the black templar rushed at him. Jedrick brought up his axe to make a slash towards his head as the black templar came towards him he made a small side step and took off his head in one swipe.

Jedrick then looked around he saw the Kakophoni and Marius blasting reverberating sounds reducing pdf to paste. Yet he also saw cultists being torn apart by black templars and Astartes from his side being melted from the sisters of battle melta weapons. The black templars are covering the sisters while they got to work with their deadly weapons. It's been a stalemate so far but their side was being bled dry.

Jedrick cursed the dark eldar have not been dealt with according to report from Adelram they were like shadows attacking at certain weak points and they had no idea when the attacks occur. As Jedrick was thinking he felt a rumble and out of the streets of the city two tanks came lumbering forward a predator from the black templars mounted with lascannons and a sisters of battle immolator mounted with multi-melta weaponry.

Jedrick ground his teeth in anger he wondered what reason did Adelram pick this planet? He must of knew the capabilities of the forces. Jedrick then heard his com come to life it was Sebastian "We cannot win here we must fall back."Jedrick breathed he was seething he hates retreating yet Sebastian was speaking wisdom. He opened his com channels to all squads "We are falling back now!" At that response there was a large amount of protest from various squad members Jedrick shouted "If you want to be melted down and incinerated feel free to stay but all those who have sense fall back!"

At that order he saw his forces edging back he shouted over to Marius "We are falling back Mairus!" He saw Marius turn to him a high screech came from his mouth Jedrick glowered "If you want to keep singing! You will fall back!" Marius fell silent he looked to the other Kakophoni and made a dirge of noise they turned around and ran back towards their main base.

Jedrick shouted into is com's again "Havocs will support those falling back try to keep to high ground as we move back!" Jedrick received an acknowledgement with every order Jedrick's anger was intensifying. He turned and retreated.

Adelram stood with the rhino's preparing to leave he closed his eyes he was feeling out the tides of the warp he felt Asriel moving he was the brightest out of his servants. He felt his soul expanding and shrinking straining on the edge to release itself. He could be easily tracked, he suddenly felt Ivan walking over to him. He opened his eyes and turned towards him "They are moving I can feel it." Ivan raised an eyebrow "You can tell exactly where they are going?" Adelram nodded "Asriel is like an inferno, sharing his body with the neverborn helps quite a bit he is so loyal trying to maintain control." Adelram could see Ivan was concerned "What is it Ivan? Speak."

Ivan licked his lips with his black snake like tongue "I have received word that Jedrick and his forces are falling back is this part of your plan?" Adelram was silent for a moment thinking he eyed Ivan his blue eye lenses shimmering with power "Indeed it is, also is Isira and her people in position?" Ivan gave a nod "Isira and her people will put their skills to work on the enemy."

Adelram then turned from Ivan he turned his head back slightly "Ivan get Silas and his raptors scouting forward we are pressing into the dark eldar's territory." Ivan gave a swift bow and turned away to relay orders.

Adelram smiled he muttered to himself "Everything is moving in the right direction.."

Sargent Belov of the the PDF of Cortva readied his weapons along with his squad they were making another sweep for survivors since pushing back the heretics he and his squad received orders to finally push out. Belov turned to Maric his second in command "We are making another sweep of the churches hopefully some have holed up and have likely survived this madness." Maric nodded "Perhaps we might kill some heretics along the way?" Belov smiled "Indeed we will teach the scum what it means to attack Cortva."

They ran into the streets searching the churches, nothing was found save for dead or the dust of war and broken statues. They kept up the search until they approached the church of saint Alisa as they got close Belov made the sign of the Aquila. Each church had a story and a saint attached to it. Belov slowly approached the doors with two members on his side of the church doors. Maric stood at the other side with two other members they counted for 3 seconds and at once both open the doors of the church.

They pointed their lasguns and torches in the darkness, Belov always took point since he felt a leader must inspire the rest if the leader feared to step forward he has no right to be in the position to order anyone. The black templars and sisters of battle always rush forward without fear. How could he be any less than that? Yet it was inspiring watching them fight and drive the heretics back and he was glad to fight alongside them.

As they moved through the church all they heard was the creak of wooden floors. Belov heard muttering he made a hand sign for everyone to stop. His squad all froze, Belov listened for a few more moments the muttering continued he edged towards the noise. As he walked to the corner of the church his squad followed suit they came to a carpet at the back of the church. Belov lifted it up and found a large hatch, Belov then ordered for maric and two members from his squad to surrounded it.

Belov made a count with his fingers and then pulled the hatch open all focused guns down yet what he saw was people holding their hands up. Some wore clergy robes and others had plain civilian clothes. Belov breathed "Praise the emperor survivors.. Ok men! Help everyone out!" They began helping people out of the hatch then when it came to the last person. Belov pulled the person out it was a woman she had some dirt and grime on her face and wore plain clothes. Yet she looked enchanting.

She moved to hug him before he could say a word she breathed "Thank the emperor! Thank you!" Belov did not know exactly how to react but in this situation he wanted to remain professional "Excuse me miss I appreciate the thanks but we need to keep moving. Heretic forces are still about." The woman finally let go and stood back. Belov coughed "Now do you have a name?" The woman nodded "My name is Sira sir. I tried to gather as many people as I could yet.." Belov tapped her on the shoulder "You did the work of the emperor you saved as many people as you could." The woman nodded looking closely she looked a little pale but she also had rich blonde hair that gave off a small fragrance.

Belov found it pleasant but he had to focus he had to get everyone moving back to the base. He turned to the civilians "Now when we leave this place stick close together I want everyone in a line holding another person's shoulder and keep your heads down!" All of them nodded. Belov turned to Maric "I want you to take half the squad and watch the flank, I will watch the front and lead forward." Maric nodded.

They made their way out of the church Belov looked around coast was clear they moved forward. They walked through the streets trying as much as possible to avoid open area's and remain close to cover. A few minutes into the journey Belov heard howling he gestured for everyone to stop. Belov spoke into his com "Maric my group will move ahead and see what it is guard the civilians." Belov received a response "Affirmative Sargent." Belov nodded to his group and they crept forward.

Keeping low they spotted heretics hacking at a dead corpse of some PDF Belov tried hard not to shout curses towards the heretics. Belov looked at them they wore latex gas masks along with black and pink combat vests and trousers. Some also had different skin colour, Belov felt disgust building in his gut. He counted how many there were, 5 in total, he had 5 men with him overall their squad number is 10 in total.

Belov turned to his men and made several hand gestures they all nodded. Belov counted from 5. When he got to his last digit they all stood up from cover and fired their lasguns. 3 were hit one shot spearing a heretic in the head leaving a gaping burning hole. Another was hit in the chest and tumbled onto the floor. The third heretic was hit in the hand burning away it away they knelt on the ground screaming.

The two that avoided being hit by the volley it only grazed their shoulders, their heads flicked towards their direction they gave a shout and charged forward with auto pistols and blades held high. Belov called for another volley red energy seared forward and speared the two charging heretics. They crumpled on the floor.

Belov then called for his men to advance upon the kneeling heretic yet as he approached Belov realized it was a woman she was screaming then laughing. Belov and his squad had lasguns trained on her. The heretic then pulled off her gas mask letting her ginger her flow out yet when Belov looked at her she did not look like some disgusting scarred horror but the picture form of beauty.

The heretic licked her lips she rasped "What more pain will you give me puppet? I need more! More!" Belov planted his lasgun on her head to his shook she grabbed the gun she shouted "Do it! I will become part of something greater!" She then stuffed the gun into her mouth. Belov was hesitant just for a second then he pulled the trigger and she did not die well even though there was a hole at the back of her head she still had an unnatural grin on her face.

Belov breathed "These heretics are foul and insane." he spat on her corpse. He nodded to his men "We need to keep moving." They moved back to the civilians and continued escorting them through the city. They eventually reached their main headquarters the grand church of Saint Malsi It was said that she was a canoness of the order militant our martyred lady. Her preceptory was reduced 200 due to a past war yet they withstood a tide of heretics and xeno's in Cortva's past. her leadership and faith carried them through that war. The church was majestic a shining beacon in the darkness.

As they approached the gates he saw more sisters of battle, they stopped him they asked him for identification and several other questions of faith. Belov memorized many of the scriptures and it was necessary since many PDF were purged at the start of the conflict. Eventually he was let through along with the civilians. Sira looked at the church and cried of course Belov saw a squad of the sisters of battle walking over they were of the order of our martyred lady. The sister Superior Alice approached him she nodded "Sargent Belov another sweep?" Belov responded "Yes sister superior. We were lucky to find them many churches hold more corpses than people."

Alice made a sad expression and then looked cheerful when looking at the civilians "This is good, of course they must go through the checks..." Belov nodded "We have to be careful right?" Alice smiled "So you understand. My squad will escort the civilians from here. You did good work."

Belov always felt some sense of pride when doing a job well done. Sira walked over to him she gazed at him with her blue eyes she bowed "I wanted to say thank you again. You know before they escort as away." Belov smiled "Don't talk like that perhaps we might see each other again who knows considering how the battle is going we will push the heretics and the xeno's off the planet soon." Sira gave a smile and bowed again then she ran off towards the group of civilians. Maric then walked over and gave a slight punch to his shoulder "She is quite the looker isn't she?" Belov was silent then turned "Yes but we focus on our job as soldiers of the emperor. We can think about stuff like that after we win." Maric smiled and shrugged.

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Eternally-Stimulated Slaanesh Dreadnought

Chapter 14

Asriel was groggy as he woke up he found he was lying on something hard as he looked around he saw he was in a cage with a large amount of people. Some whimpering others crying. Asriel looked around the cage he saw a mix of uniforms imperial and of their own number. He traced the cage for any sign of Amethyst she was not there, he could not feel her either. He looked around frantically. He then looked at himself his journal and weapons were gone.

As he was looking he felt Meliva moving, trashing "We are here in their den. We need to kill them. Devour them..." Asriel grit his teeth he started to breath heavily to keep control. He then approached someone who was a cultist one of their own "Where have they taken Amethyst?" the cultist lurched up "I-I-" Asriel grabbed him "Where have they taken her?" The cultist finally stammered something out and pointed "They took her a few hours ago to the big tent over there." Asriel turned and looked outside of the cage he saw several dark eldar walking around or whipping humans. He also saw chained humans who looked whipped and beaten serving the dark eldar drinks. His gaze then turned to the middle of the camp it was a large purple tent. Two banners stuck in the place Asriel assumed to be the entrance the banner was two crossed bleeding knives the banner was topped with human heads.

Asriel let go of the cultist, Asriel walked to the cage where two guards were standing. Their armour was like midnight with purple line ridges. He breathed in the scent of both dark eldar they smelt wonderful to him for some reason. He thoughts started to drift until he thought of Adelram's directive to protect Amethyst. Asriel turned and walked towards the cultist "So this is their main camp?" The cultist shrugged "I don't know... I hear stories of what these xeno's do.. I wonder if the lords are coming.." As he said this someone in a PDF uniform walked over towards Asriel.

The man shoved him he shouted "We are in this situation because you bloody heretics and the xeno's attacked us! I may die.. but if I can kill you here... before my death... the god emperor may look favorably upon us" It seemed the other imperial soldiers were took in by his bravado. Asriel responded confused "You want to martyr yourself for a god that can't hear you? Why?" As he said this the soldier's face screwed in anger "You mock and spit on the god emperor even now scum..." The soldier moved to swing his fist at him Asriel made a swift movement dodged his strike. Asriel grabbed the soldier's arm, Asriel felt the change coming this time he did not block it, Asriel looked at the soldier "You will not keep m- us from following the directive of our lord. Not the dark eldar or a blind fool." Asriel with a swift motion twisted the man's arm breaking the bone with ease.
The man fell to the floor screaming of course the dark eldar guarding the cage paid no mind to what just happened. Many in the cage moved back especially those who looked to be imperial the cultists and those captured from his side looked at him with awe. Asriel ignored them, he had to retrieve Amethyst ensure nothing will happen to her.

Asriel then walked over to the bars of the cage again Asriel muttered under his breath "Meliva let's not hold back for this..." Asriel knew she was smiling and he felt her uncoiling within him. Black veins pulsed on his skin Asriel then grabbed the bars and pulled them apart bending them enough to make a hole he can walk through.

Asriel simply stepped out of the cage, the prisoners within seem content to stay he cared not. Of course the dark eldar guards moved to stop him. Both were bringing up their guns Asriel sprinted forwards he felt Meliva building growing, he bound to the dark eldar on the right with his talons he opened their throat with a casual swipe.
Asriel then turned and kicked the gun away from the second dark eldar on the left he then grabbed their head and twisted. Snapping it like a twig. At this moment the dark eldar in the camp began reacting to what he just did. Asriel then dipped his talon within the neck of the dark eldar he cut open.

He drew his talon up the blood trailing upwards like it had a life of its own. As he walked forwards the blood began trailing out of the dead eldar in greater amounts. Asriel began muttering a familiar ritual yet words were being added to it. Word's that came from Meliva, the dark eldar brought up their guns and fired dark shards were hurtling towards Asriel yet the blood moved to protect him. The blood formed a wall in front of him blocking the shots. Asriel casually walked forward he felt his talons growing his teeth lengthening into fangs his voice finally changing he shouted in twin voices "It's time to return to the dark prince! I shall be your Shepard!"

Asriel continued chanting the bullets of their alien guns crashing on the blood shield and until he was close enough to them he finished the chant. The blood dropped onto the floor and shapes began emerging from it. Feminine shapes daemonettes spawned from the blood. The daemonettes leaped forward ignoring the shots coming their way and went to work hacking apart the dark eldar.

Asriel could hear them shouting in their language he somehow understood some of it, they were mainly cursing than anything. Still he could not let the handmaidens have all the fun. He charged forward to a group of dark eldar. They pointed their guns and Asriel ducked dodging the shots just as they were about to fire.

Asriel moved towards them he stood and did a roundhouse kick to one eldar snapping his neck in one go due to the force. He leaped to another and clawed out their throat. A dark eldar tried to draw a blade. The xeno made various strikes Asriel dodged each with ease he grabbed their arm holding the blade and snapped their wrist, the eldar moved to strike him with their other fist he casually caught the blow and decided to break that one also.

The dark eldar dropped to their knees, he could hear them trying to bare the pain gritting their teeth. Asriel could smell their fear they know they are going to die. Asriel gently removed the dark eldar helmet he saw it was a female. She has short bound hair, pale skin and pointed ears.

She spat something in her language and tried to rise, Asriel cocked his head to one side and simply grabbed her in a bear hug. She was struggling to free herself. Asriel simply breathed in her despair, her pain and her fear everything about her smelt lovely. Asriel heard meliva's voice "We should enjoy this..." Asriel breathed "We should..." Asriel looked at the struggling dark eldar in the face he kissed her on the forehead and moved to tear out her throat with his fangs.

Asriel guzzled on her blood, it felt exhilarating with each sallow Asriel felt himself growing, more strength was filling his limbs. Asriel eventually dropped her to the ground when he finally felt her soul passing and then the fear of what was awaiting her. Asriel looked around the camp and saw everything descended into a bedlam of violence. Daemonettes tearing apart dark eldar and the more that died more daemonettes spawned from the pool sensing the feast of souls that is occurring in the camp.

Asriel looked towards the large tent in the middle of the camp and walked towards it. He approached the entrance of the tent and walked in. Asriel saw several humans chained to polls he scanned the room he saw Amethyst chained near a throne she had a few gashes on her body and her clothes were torn. She looked up towards him in joy then suddenly in horror.

Asriel looked forward and saw a male dark eldar sitting on a grand macabre throne his Armour was far more baroque and he wore a long cape made out of human skin. The eldar curled his lip in disgust he spoke in gothic in a mocking tone "A Mon-keigh ruining our operations. Just one.. I will visit such horrors upon you..."

Asriel gave a chuckle his voice distorted "A small Archon of a small Kabal acting big? We shall kill you and dine upon your corpse. This we promise you." A part of Asriel wondered why he knew the title and group of the dark eldar? Eventually the thought vanished when the Archon gestured "My dear Incubi and Succubus Velera please do away with this Mon-keigh before he causes my headache to grow any larger" the two Heavily armoured Incubi walked forward along with succubus Velera. Asriel recognized her she defeated him in the church. Asriel also saw another Dark eldar female standing next to the Archon's throne she had long pink hair tied in a braid and wore a black, purple and gold regal suit.

The three dark eldar came towards Asriel, they swung their blades at him it was difficult to dodge their blows. They were a lot more faster than the others he killed. The succubus Velera with her whip and sword knicked Asriel’s arm he hissed.

Asriel jumped back the small wound on his arm closing, Asriel licked his lips "Meliva we need to push harder." At that moment he felt Meliva expanding again as this happened horns erupted from Asriel's head. Asriel felt his senses sharpen his muscle mass increasing. The two heavy armoured eldar looked at each other then charged repeating the same strikes.

Asriel caught the back of the blade of one of the Incubi his hand sizzling and regenerating while gripping the blade. Asriel pulled Incubi towards him the Incubi came forward Asriel grabbed their head and twisted. Snapping their neck in one go. As Asriel did this the second Incubi and the succubus began circling him. Asriel smiled "Meliva I have an idea.... how about we capture them alive? You have something for that don't you?" Asriel heard Meliva speak it was much louder and clearer than before "What idea do you have in mind?" Asriel grew silent for a moment and thought of what he wanted to do.

In that instance Asriel felt Meliva coiling and moving rapidly in excitement words began to fill Asriel's mind. Asriel uttered them In that moment the dark eldar within the tent seized up. They dropped their weapons. They dropped to their knees, the Archon fell from his throne he was struggling to move he hissed "Mon-Keigh what trick are you playing at!" The incubi and the succubus Velera were struggling to get up. He also saw the pink haired eldar on her knees also. Asriel smiled and looked to the chained human slaves he moved to release them he had no use for them.

Asriel kept up the spell and chained up each of the dark eldar. Of course somehow the Archon kept spitting curses. Asriel paid no mind. Once this was done Asriel walked over to Amethyst he could tell she was terrified of him. Asriel tried to speak softly "W- I am here now Amethyst." She was crying "I want to leave..." Asriel undid her bindings pulling them apart she steadily stood up.

She moved to leave but Asriel grabbed her arm. Amethyst shouted "Asriel I want to leave! Please!" Asriel then bought her in close "Why? Don't you want revenge? Don't you want them to suffer?" Amethyst fell silent, Asriel continued "You will also feel good in the process.." Asriel felt Amethyst struggling to free herself from him, Asriel gently stroked her on the cheek in that instance he saw her eyes dilated. The struggling stopped Asriel breathed into her ear he said "I know you want them to pay.. for lashing you, for beating you. Treating you as simple object." A tear went down Amethyst cheek she said "Yes... I want them to pay to suffer..."

Asriel smiled "we have an idea for that.. if you would join us." Asriel moved to look at her again and stroked her cheek gently again she quivered. She nodded he then turned her towards the eldar. Asriel smiled.

Adelram stepped out of the rhino it was strange they found nothing this deep into supposedly dark eldar territory. Adelram reached out with his witch sight again Asriel's soul fire was growing extremely large he could also feel reality shifting.. changing. Adelram then opened a com with Silas "Have you seen anything?" Silas responded "We have caught the view of some dark eldar but they seem to be ignoring us all heading in one direction."

Adelram nodded he stepped back into the rhino and gestured for the driver to keep going. The drive went on for several minutes still nothing no sign of combat. Looking out he could see some old dead bodies hanging from churches and various dark eldar banners on walls of churches.

After driving for another hour following the direction of Asriel's soul. They finally came upon a walled encampment. The walls bared spikes, human corpses hanging from the walls and the dark eldar banners flowing the walls. Adelram stepped out of the rhino Silas landed next to him he was first to break the silence "It's too quiet." Adelram nodded "Indeed I sense very few souls and others... within the camp." Silas looked to Adelram "Others?"

Ivan then stepped out of the rhino and walked over "It's the neverborn I can also feel them, but they seem to be dissipating." Adelram folded his arms "It seems my little servant has been working quite hard..." Adelram relayed an order "All squads form up we are moving into the camp." Adelram turned to Ivan "I want you and your squad to watch the Rhino's just in case." Ivan simply gave a curt nod. The Astartes approached the camp the doors to camp were wide open as they stepped in they found mutilated dark eldar and human corpses everywhere.

Adelram then looked to the cages he saw people they advanced upon the cage and looked inside they saw their men cultists. Surrounded by dead imperial soldiers. They sat in silence the cultists faces were a mix of horror and pleasure. Adelram called out to them "What happened here?" As he said this the cultists heads flicked towards him. One spoke"My lord praise the dark prince!" Adelram sighed "I asked what happened here." The cultist finally stood up "It was Asriel my lord he changed... and then summoned the handmaidens. He entered the main tent and then the handmaidens began butchering the xeno's and finally the imperials. They left us alone my lord."

Adelram then tore off the door of the cage "I see.. all of you make your way to the Rhino's outside of the camp." The cultists left the cage in almost a single file and made their way out of the camp. Adelram then looked to the main tent and advanced towards it as he was walking Silas leapt down and walked with him. Silas handed Adelram something it was Asriel's sword and Journal "I found these in one of the tents it seems that the dark eldar were going to torch or destroy most of the imperial and the equipment of the cultists." Adelram took the sword and book shaking his head "The dark eldar would do that considering they deem everything that they use to be far superior."

As Adelram approached the tent he used his witch sight he could see several souls inside as Silas and Adelram got to the tent doors. A saw a woman wobbling out.

Adelram recognized her it was his servant Amethyst she wore no clothes and was mattered with gore all over her body. She then lurched forward and fell to her knees, She vomited red debris on the ground. Adelram tore off a dark eldar banner and wrapped it around her. She looked at him her eyes were distant yet she fell into tears she spoke slowly "My Lord I... I.. forgive me..."

Adelram sat her on the ground and he knelt down he rubbed her head "Relax I am here." Adelram pulled several stimulates and medicine from his belt and injected them into her. Amethyst began relaxing a little. He then picked her up and handed her to Silas"Place her within the rhino." Silas held Amethyst and simply nodded he walked way towards to rhino's parked outside of the camp.

Adelram turned to the tent and finally entered. He saw four chained eldar two females and one male their faces full of venom Adelram assumed going by the males armour he was the Archon. The armoured dark eldar known as Incubi was hanging from chains dead his torso missing and half eaten organs hanging out. The chained dark eldar did not utter a word he saw Asriel in the middle of the tent on all fours, wearing no clothes tearing at a corpse. He was devouring the meat of an Incubi it's head twisted in an abnormal direction.

As Adelram stepped forward Asriel was still devouring the corpse. Adelram simply said his name "Asriel.." Asriel then perked up like a predator and snarled. He stood up and walked slowly towards him talons out he stopped in front of Adelram. Adelram saw his eye twitching slightly, Asriel then smiled showing gored fangs. Adelram looked at Asriel he had a crown of long oiled horns, long black talons on his hands and feet and his blue eyes were slits and his Slectra black. Adelram blinked then Asriel looked as he always did a simple young man. Adelram walked forwards and open a pocket from his belt and removed a white sanitized cloth.

He then began wiping Asriel's mouth cleaning off the gore Adelram said "You did fine work Asriel far better than I hoped." Asriel blinked "I did?" Adelram nodded "Indeed I honestly expected a battle with the dark eldar... are you upset with what I did?" Asriel shook his head "I figured out what you were doing when they attacked the forward base." Adelram smiled under his helmet "This is why I can rely on you, also on Amethyst did you touch her." Asriel face screwed into confusion "I did not she just can't handle raw meat well." He pointed to the chained Incubi.

Adelram dropped the bloodied cloth on the floor and took another one from his belt he began wiping Asriel's body. Asriel furrowed his brows clearly uncomfortable with what is happening "My lord you don't need to do this I can handle it." Adelram chuckled "Remember what I said on the ship? You don't have to call me my lord when it's just the two of us. Now you been through so much and did so well so don't worry about it." Asriel fell silent, Adelram attention then diverted to the dark eldar "Now the chained dark eldar what did you intend to do with them?" As Adelram was wiping Asriel smiled Adelram saw it was almost innocent "I was saving them for you of course. Can't have all of them for myself." Adelram then dropped the second bloodied cloth on the floor.

Adelram smiled under his helmet a new element of the plan is being added to "Right, get your clothes we are leaving and I thank you for the gift I have the perfect idea of what to do with them." Asriel went around the tent gathering his clothes and while placing his clothes back on he was speaking as he did so "What Idea is that?" Adelram then walked over and handed Asriel his Journal and sword, Adelram chuckled "As you said I can't have them all for myself."

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Eternally-Stimulated Slaanesh Dreadnought

Chapter 15 It was not easy writing this one.

It has been a few days since Adelram plan took out the dark eldar yet Jedrick was still fuming in the end they were small fry compared to the imperial forces. Adelram ordered for Astartes to remain in the main base for now. Of course Marius along with some of his own cultist warriors and those Astartes that craved the sound of war are bleeding to hold the line.

Adelram has expressly forbade many well known Astartes from the house of warriors and daemons from leaving. Jedrick again approached Adelram's chambers he barged in. Jedrick looked around the room it was full of occult books and defaced imperial icons. Most likely done by Adelram. Adelram was sitting in a large chair reading a book he turned to Jedrick "Must you be so loud brother?" Jedrick glowered "What are you planning Adelram? You know I don't like sitting like this we are being bled dry." Adelram casually turned a page of the book "You will see tonight." Jedrick ground his teeth "What is happening tonight?"

Adelram sighed "It's a surprise...." Jedrick began pacing the room "Adelram you must of known the capabilities of the imperials when you chose this planet. You could of seen that much through the warp." Adelram turned another page of the book "Perhaps.. if you know I can see various events within the warp why are you worried? Why are you so angry?" Jedrick stopped and turned to Adelram "There is discontent among the other Astartes." Adelram chuckled he said sarcastically "Really now? I never would have guessed." Jedrick clenched his fists "I followed you for so long now and this is the first time I feel... unsure.."

Adelram then turned another page of the book "Then keep feeling that way and wait until tonight brother. It will be worth it." Jedrick scowled "So I presume that the book you are reading pertains to our victory then?" Adelram looked up from the book and then back to it "No, It's a book I found detailing the creation of this temple and the saint it was founded on." Jedrick growled his helmet caused the sound to come out as almost as a roar "You are reading a pointless book dealing with the false emperor over focusing on the conflict." Adelram said flatly "Yes, the book is mostly garbage I am just reading it to kill time." As he said this Adelram ignited the book in purple flames reducing it to ashes.
Adelram sat back in the chair and relaxed slightly "As I said many times before wait until tonight. Now Jedrick? Get out." Jedrick snarled and left the room fuming.

Asriel was preparing tables with the other house of sin members. The temple had a garden overlooking the city. Of course the garden is not as it was due to the conflict but it had it's on strange charm. A long table was placed in a long row near the doors of the garden and three poles stood in the middle of the garden. Several members house of sin members had to lift the chairs due to them being Astartes size, they were placed in a row. Knives and forks were placed along with plates. Strangely enough while working he found that Meliva has been rather silent perhaps the events of the dark eldar camp has calmed her somewhat.

As Asriel looked around various vegetables were bought into the hall and large cutting knives and surgical tools were also bought in. A table with a cutting board was also rolled into the garden. A large frying slab was also bought into the hall and hooked to the power supplies. What concerned Asriel was that there was a smaller chair next to the large one. It took most of the day to prepare and eventually it grew dark.
The garden lights were turned on to illuminate the garden. Adelram then walked through the doors and walked over to Asriel he folded his arms "Is everything ready?" Asriel nodded "Yes my lord everything is ready." Adelram then placed his hands around his back "Now it's time to wait for the guests.."

They waited for about 10 minutes then Astartes began entering the garden and sitting down. Asriel saw, Noxus, Silas, Sebastian and Jedrick. Many other Astartes filled the seats yet he wondered where was Ivan? Asriel looked to Adelram he answered his question without him saying it "He was quite upset about what I am about to do and had no interest in partaking... I suspect it's his old legion habits dealing with xeno's kicking in." Asriel furrowed his brow "but you worked hard on this..." Adelram shrugged "His loss."

What surprised Asriel is that he saw Amethyst taking the small seat next to Jedrick Asriel looked to Adelram again, Adelram said "I "asked" Amethyst to attend." Asriel simply folded his arms "I see..." Adelram was silent. Eventually everyone was seated there was silence for about a minute until Jedrick broke it. "Now Adelram? What are we doing here? We should be fighting and spilling the blood of the minions of the false emperor. It's night so what is going on?"

The Astartes murmured in agreement Adelram eventually quieted everyone down he said "I have seen how hard everyone is fighting and as leader of this warband I decided to do a little something to raise Morale. I decided to cook for you." Jedrick foul mood spilled to the rest of the Astartes "You kept us from battle for simple food..." Jedrick got up from his chair in anger and he turned away in annoyance. Asriel could feel his anger from the middle of the garden.

Adelram simply shrugged and shouted "Bring the meat!" Out of a set of double doors came Agoston and other sin members were dragging the dark eldar Asriel caught. They were in rags and chained. They were then tied to the three metal poles in the middle of the garden. The dark eldar spat and hurled curses constantly. As Jedrick saw this he took off his helmet his face displaying a odd sense of curiosity. He placed his helmet on the table and slowly sat back down.

Adelram turned to the dark eldar and picked out a surgical knife from his belt. He carved runes into the foreheads of the dark eldar he said in earshot of Asriel "This will keep them alive no matter what I do to them..." Adelram then turned to the Astartes before him. They were all looking at him in utter silence.

This silence lasted for a minute more until Jedrick pointed at one of the dark eldar and shouted "I want the heart of the pink haired xenos!" At that instance all the Astartes glowered and muttered annoyance. Sebastian shouted "I wanted her heart!" Silas also interjected "You are being greedy Jedrick..." Jedrick scoffed "You lot were too slow." Adelram chuckled "the heart of the pink haired one for my exalted champion." Asriel saw Jedrick was smiling clearly showing his fangs.

Adelram then walked over and removed several surgical tools from his belt he walked over to the pink haired eldar and tore off her top he made a large incision in her chest she screamed in agony. Adelram then reached into her chest to open it up. He then called over a servant to bring him his saw from his supplies. The black hooded serf went through the various tools and bought Adelram a surgical saw.

Adelram then used the saw to cut through the dark eldar's rib cage revealing the pulsing organs. Adelram then made several quick cuts and incisions removing the dark eldar's heart. The eldar cried out and eventually her head sagged forward the runes burning brightly on her forehead. Adelram then went to the table with the cutting board and picked up a large sharp knife and began cutting the heart into diced meat. Adelram looked over to Jedrick and asked "How do you prefer your meat cooked Jedrick?" It took several seconds for Jedrick to respond "Rare Adelram, I like my meat Rare..."

Adelram then placed the meat on a large frying slab seasoning it as it cooked. Asriel looked at the Astartes several of them lurching forward trying to smell the cooking meat. Adelram looked up "So what else do my wonderful brothers want?" At that moment the garden erupted into a bedlam of shouts calling for various body parts or area's of meat. Of course Adelram had no intention of actually making more food until the heart as done Asriel could see he intentionally wanted them to wait. To build up the desire more. Asriel could clearly see Amethyst looked uncomfortable trying hard to keep her head down.

Adelram then plated the cooked heart and placed it in front of Jedrick. He did not utter a word Jedrick just stuffed his mouth with meat smiling. All the anger was drained from his face and all there was was a pure sense of joy. Adelram then gestured to the pink haired dark eldar "Who wants the next part?" All the astartes raised hands shouting. Eventually with time all the astartes were eating. Asriel looked at Amethyst nothing was on her plate she did not move an inch since the dinner started her gaze was still cast down. Asriel turned to Adelram "My lord I don't think she is okay..." Adelram was silent for a moment he then said "I can see that, I will handle it, Asriel go prepare some vegetables." Asriel nodded and walked over to vegetables.

Amethyst sat at the table all the astartes were eating the meat of xeno's when she sees her lord hacking them apart and serving them. Memories flash of the dark eldar camp what she did with Asriel. It revolted her yet a part of her liked it. She hated that feeling she wanted it to go away. Yet along with that came memories of what the Archon did to her for those few hours the beating... the whipping.. Amethyst then wondered why lord Adelram had her sit here for what purpose?

Amethyst looked up and saw the pinked hair dark eldar was a complete ruin of meat blood pooling in the middle of the garden. She cast her gaze down again yet she heard someone walking forward and she looked up. It was Adelram. Adelram sighed in a moment she thought she will never see he removed his helmet and placed it down on the table.

Amethyst never saw the face of her lord before it was nothing how she expected. She expected a scared old Astartes since she was aware he was around during the events of Horus. Amethyst looked at his features he had slightly long hair white hair that reached his neck, there was also some hair creasing his brow slightly curved to one side of his brow. He looked surprisingly young and boyish and bared no blemishes or scars. In Amethyst eyes his face was a picture form of beauty Adelram's black eyes burrowed into her. She was at a loss for words.

In her peripheral version Amethyst could see that when Adelram removed his helmet many of the Astartes kept their gazes away or looked down to their food. Jedrick seemed to not care in the slightest. Adelram then grabbed Amethyst chin he spoke his voice was too gentle and it was smooth his voice sounded completely different without his helmet "Amethyst do you want anything." A tear was building in her eye "My lord I-I-I" Adelram smiled "Perhaps if it makes you feel better I will allow you to pick the first organ." Amethyst was shaking a loss for words. Adelram blinked "Have I done something wrong? Do you hate me?" Amethyst finally let the tears roll down her cheeks "No my lord I can never hate you. Never..." Adelram gave a gentle smile "I can see you are hungry you ate very little for days I can see it on your features, pick a part and I will cook it for you."

A slight amount of drool left Amethyst's lips and she felt her stomach turn she was hungry her lord was just looking to care for her that's it. Nothing else he had not changed he might of focused on more area's but he is still him Amethyst meekly said "I want the liver my lord." Adelram smiled again "Very well it shall be done, from which Eldar do you want it from?" Amethyst closed her eyes "The male my my lord.. he did things to me... I want.." Adelram then removed his hand from her chin and placed it on her lips "I know I will make him suffer as I do it." Adelram then grabbed Amethyst's head gently and kissed her forehead. He then placed his helmet back on and walked towards the male Eldar.

Jedrick then turned to Amethyst he said "Are you blushing girl?" Amethyst looked at Jedrick flushed "N-no I am not!" Jedrick placed another piece of meat in his mouth "I see... anyway, back in the day of the starlight king I had to protect him due to the fact he just looked too pretty it's quite amusing actually. Many of the third in our warband back then were jealous of Adelram’s looks to the point they made several attempts on his life." Amethyst raised an eyebrow "Really?" Jedrick looked at her and laughed "You are really red you know that?" Amethyst burrowed her hands into her face at Jedrick's comment.

As Asriel was looking down at the table preparing the vegetables as Adelram ordered no one wanted any so far but he felt it's good to prepare some just in case. Asriel then heard a great scream he looked back he saw Adelram cutting open the Archon harshly and removing his Liver. Adelram then walked over to him holding a piece of Liver, Asriel looked up "Do you require something my lord?" Adelram nodded "Asriel I need you to chop up and fry some onions while I pan fry the liver I want it hot and fresh for Amethyst." Asriel then looked towards Amethyst her face was really red he raised his eyebrow "Is she is okay?" Adelram gave a heavy sigh in response.

Asriel walked over to the large frying slab and began cooking the onions turning the onions over with the spatula he began thinking he understood the purpose of putting the forward base so close to the eldar territory. Yet one thing puzzled him he wondered for what purpose did Adelram place Amethyst in that forward base? Why is she even here? Asriel turned over the onions again thinking until Adelram walked over.
He stood next to him and placed the liver on the frying slab there was silence between them for awhile just the simple sizzling of food and the sounds of Astartes shouting, talking and eating. Asriel turned to open his mouth, yet Adelram spoke first "I shall explain later." Asriel then looked down at the onions. Adelram then looked over to them "Give it another minute." Asriel nodded, Asriel found it strange he never cooked like this before a part of him was happy all he recalled on Athor was warming up ration packs and eating it from the bowl.

Asriel then heard Jedrick shout "Adelram! Do you have any wine!" Adelram perked up "Oh yes, I almost forgot." Adelram then shouted "Bring the wine!" Two acolytes left through the double doors at the other side of the garden. Adelram then looked over to Asriel again and nodded he placed grabbed a plate from the table and placed the liver on to the plate. He then walked over to Asriel "Place the onions on top." Asriel then carefully placed the onions on top of the liver.

Asriel then caught in the smell, it was lovely he then felt Meliva moving again he grit is teeth and breathed out he said to himself "Already had my share calm down..." Adelram nodded "Thank you." Adelram then turned away holding the plate and walked towards Amethyst. Adelram placed the plate in front of her she looked down at the food then up towards him. Adelram said "Don't worry eat." Adelram watched as she cut the liver and slowly put it in her mouth. She slowly began speeding up with each bite.

Jedrick then looked over with a slight frown "I can't believe you like liver..." Amethyst looked up to Jedrick chewing she swallowed and said "My lord I always liked liver. Of course my siblings always made fun of me about liking it." Jedrick raised his eyebrow "You had siblings? Really?" Adelram then interjected "They are dead since they did not have the sense to join me, including her parents. Amethyst chose me over them." Amethyst gazed down and simply kept eating in silence.

The the double doors at the other side of the garden swung open, Adelram's acolytes came forward rolling wine barrels. As this happened all the Astartes were shouting and cheering. Adelram briskly turned and walked towards the wine barrels, his acolytes cracked open the barrels, Adelram looked at the red wine thinking. Adelram then looked to the male eldar the Archon he walked over he saw that the events of the dinner has drained away the will of the eldar to throw insults. Of course having organs removed and devoured would do that to someone and being kept alive to feel every moment.

Adelram then drew his force sword of course keeping his power deactivated he walked forward and made a slash towards the Archon's arm removing it in one stroke. The Archon screamed ignoring his cries Adelram picked up the bloodied arm from the ground and placed it on the cutting board. He then asked Asriel for the largest cutting knife.

Asriel nodded and went over to the tools he picked up the knife with both hands and handed to Adelram to Asriel it was more like a small sword than anything else. Asriel watched as Adelram cut off the hand and then made a long cut along the arm. Adelram then opened it up revealing the bone, Adelram then took various surgical tools from his belt and at high speed began picking out the various shards of bone. When that was done he removed the main bone of the arm and sliced the meat into chunks.

Adelram then placed the chunks of meat on the plate and walked over to one of the wine barrels. As he looked to his warband Adelram realized they were silent watching him expectantly, Adelram then dropped the pieces of meat into the wine barrel. As he did so the Astartes in the garden let out a gasp.

Adelram then called out to his acolyte Agoston he bowed "Agoston begin serving the wine." Agoston stood straight again "Yes my lord." He clapped and several acolytes with ladle's began pouring the wine into glasses and serving it to the seated Astartes.

A glass was placed in front of Amethyst she looked at the red liquid to her it had a strange sheen perhaps due to being mixed with the blood and meat of the Archon. She looked at Jedrick he gulped the wine one in one go which caused Sebastian to shout at Jedrick "You are meant to savor it Jedrick! You don't just drink it in one go!" Jedrick scowled "It still tastes good either way and this is how I drink." Amethyst looked at the glass and slowly picked it up and bought it to her lips drinking slowly. It tasted wonderful it tasted bitter when one drank it and yet it turned sweet. There was also a hint of something else Amethyst could to put her finger on.

She drank another mouthful of the wine searching for the taste and then another until she finally realized it was all gone. Amethyst thought of her father he was a bartender and she learned how to brew things but never drank anything. She was more interested in the scientific aspect of it combining certain things together to make something new. The joy was in the process not the end result she relied on other people to enjoy her drinks. She then moved to learn things from her mother. She was a doctor, Amethyst learned how the body reacted to certain substances and she built upon that. Not once did she make a drink thinking to see how it tasted that did not matter to her.

Yet when drinking the wine the taste eclipsed that joy she wondered if she actually took to drinking could her own work been better? Amethyst then called for another refill. She drank the second glass slowly ingesting the liquid trying to deconstruct it. That then lead to another glass, Jedrick noticed how many glasses of wine she was drinking he said "Girl you sure do like your drink how about a competition?" Jedrick smiled.

Amethyst then looked at him puzzled "I can't win that you are an Astartes your physiology is far greater than that of a normal human." Jedrick laughed "The competition is to get into the joy of the drinking than to actually beat one another!" Jedrick then called to Adelram "Adelram we need larger glasses! Your little Amethyst wants a competition." Amethyst moved to protest "I don't-" Jedrick smiled "Enough talking woman! It's time to drink!" Adelram shook his head "What things are you filling her mind with Jedrick? Amethyst do you want more?"

Amethyst raised her hand slowly "My lord I still would like another refill though.." an acolyte approached Amethyst then said "I would like a bigger glass..." Jedrick laughed "See! She likes drinking!" The Acolyte gave her a larger glass similar to the sizes the Astartes were drinking they filled up the glass to the top. Amethyst thought of drinking it slowly she looked to Jedrick then the glass and backed it. Drinking deeply, Amethyst felt the stream of wine entering her system she said to herself just let go and enjoy it.

Adelram watched Amethyst drinking deeply he smiled. Adelram then picked up some tongs and picked the eldar meat from the wine barrel and began frying it. Adelram watched as the Astartes perked up to the smell he could even see in Amethyst's eyes the hunger. Adelram then said "I will begin work on the second female eldar the succubus any requests?" As he said that the garden erupted.

Adelram let this continue even as the fried meat was handed out, Adelram then stood in the middle of the garden and eventually quieted them down. Adelram announced "To be more "fair" this time to the guests in the hall everyone will draw lots for the heart." Adelram turned to Asriel "Can you fetch the lots?" Asriel nodded and went rummaging through the cooking supplies. He bought over several small sticks at various lengths.

Adelram then announced "This is for the heart please.. step forward brothers one at a time." One at a time Astartes picked a lot from Asriel's hand even Amethyst took a lot until all were seated back down again. Adelram then said "Now please open your hands and hold up your lot." All were seated and they all opened their hands raising their lot they were all looking around seeing who had the longest.

Jedrick laughed again "It looks like our little Amethyst has the longest!" At this proclamation there was some grunts of annoyance there was a lot less protest compared to when Jedrick called for the heart. Adelram then walked over to Amethyst he asked "How do you want it prepared?" Amethyst diverted her eyes slightly "Medium and cooked with the wine." Jedrick then interjected "Adelram! Cook my meat with the wine also!" As Jedrick said this all the Astartes yelled in agreement or asked the same thing. Adelram chuckled "Very well the meat shall be cooked with the wine."

Asriel watched Adelram work and Asriel looked down at the abnormal amount of blood that was pooling in the middle of the garden of course due to the eldar being hacked apart. Yet the amount spilled he could not also help but feel someone was watching them. Asriel then looked to Adelram preparing and handing out the food.

The dinner lasted another hour until all three eldar were twitching ruins of meat. Adelram stood in the middle of the garden he announced "Thank you brothers for staying and enjoying the service I provided." Adelram gave a swift bow cheers erupted in the garden "Now we look to the battle ahead to crush and enslave the minions of the false emperor!"
The Astartes then left their seats walking out of the garden those not wearing helmets, Asriel could see clear smiles on their faces. Asriel saw Amethyst on lying forward on the table out cold. Adelram approached Jedrick "Can you take her to her room?" Jedrick grunted and then nodded he gently lifted Amethyst up and left the garden.

Asriel watched them leave he looked up to Adelram "There is more going on isn't there?" Adelram looked to Asriel "Walk with me." Asriel raised his eyebrow "What about the clean up?" Adelram then said "The garden is not being cleaned we are leaving it as it is." Adelram then walked out of the garden Asriel followed along with the rest of the Acolytes.

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Nice. When you said the chapter was hard to write I thought you meant someone important had died. Haha

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