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There are 2 tournaments in the Louisville area being hosted by Bourbon Brothers Wargaming. These are eligible for ITC scoring.

2000 Point Maelstrom RTT 9/30/2017

1000 Point GT 10/14/2017

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Longtime Dakkanaut

Can you post the results? I live in the area but couldnt go and would like to know how our area meta ITC is.

15k+ 12k+ 5k :Harlequin: 4k

Reading/Writing LD, be kind!

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Fresh-Faced New User

The final standings were...

1. Officio Assasinorum
2. Harlequins
3. Adeptus Mechanicus
4. Alpha Legion
5. Dark Angels
6. Dark Angels
7. Dark Eldar
8. Chaos
9. Adeptus Astartes
10. Harlequins
11. Astra Militarum
12. Raven Guard

The Harlequins player and Admech player currently hold the highest ranking for their factions within the ITC. The field is usually very varied.

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