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Which Entries Are Your Favourites?
Nevleon 1% [ 6 ]
u971 1% [ 4 ]
STG 5% [ 23 ]
doktor_g 3% [ 14 ]
Guildenstern 1% [ 6 ]
Chris56 6% [ 30 ]
Elnibbus 2% [ 11 ]
Power Elephant 1% [ 5 ]
SQRT(-2) 4% [ 21 ]
kavika0311 1% [ 5 ]
Straken619 3% [ 16 ]
Oppl 7% [ 36 ]
Vejut 1% [ 4 ]
ZenBadger 3% [ 16 ]
Midget Gems 3% [ 15 ]
n1ceguypaul 2% [ 12 ]
Martinof 1% [ 4 ]
ChaoticMind 1% [ 3 ]
alleus 7% [ 35 ]
SirDonald 1% [ 7 ]
feltmonkey 6% [ 28 ]
TheDraconicLord 2% [ 9 ]
NathanD298 3% [ 17 ]
Modock 6% [ 32 ]
retrogamer0001 1% [ 4 ]
ApaceKittens 1% [ 3 ]
GulGog Tuftoof 1% [ 7 ]
Moolet 5% [ 24 ]
Paradigm 3% [ 17 ]
Kustomer D 4% [ 20 ]
Metal_Man 6% [ 32 ]
EmberlordofFire8 0% [ 2 ]
Manalishi 3% [ 17 ]
Keezus 2% [ 8 ]
Total Votes : 493
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Made in gb
Legendary Master of the Chapter


What a month for the Unofficial Painting Challenge! For the theme ‘Armour Up’, the entrants really did bring out the big guns, with this month’s array of entries featuring whole squadrons of battle tanks, multiple Imperial Knights, a Talon’s worth of Dreadnoughts and the largest model ever to be entered and completed into one of these, a Warlord Titan! Oh, and there’s a few armoured up infantry models in there, because like the man said, ‘size matters not!’.

And now it’s time to pick a winner. As usual, feel free to cast as many votes as you like for any reason you see fit, be that the quality of the paintjob, the effort on show, the interpretation of the theme, the choice of model or anything else that catches your eye. The poll will run for 5 days, as normal.

Sorry for the delay in getting it posted, it turns out doing a dissertation requires me to do some actual work now and then... Who’da thunk?


Nevleon: Ultramarines Land Raider

u971: Battletech Tanks

Mymidon Medium Tank.

Rommel Heavy tank.

STG: Imperial Guard Hellhound

doktor_g: Squiggoth

Guildenstern: Ork in Mega-armour

Chris56: Ynnari Vehicles

Elnibbus: Baal Predator

Power Elephant: Stormblade

SQRT(-2): Imperial Knight

kavika0311: Ultramarine Rhinos

Straken619: Warrior

Oppl: Stormlord

Vejut: Bear Cavalry

ZenBadger: Ultramarines Dreadnought

Midget Gems: Knights Sanguine Chapter Master

n1ceguypaul: Stormcast Initiate

Martinof: Vanguard Veteran

ChaoticMind: Enforcer squad

alleus: Vultarax

SirDonald: Imperial Knights

feltmonkey: Dark Eldar Incubi

TheDraconicLord: Neave Blacktalon

NathanD298: Lord Castellant and Gryph-Hound

Modock: Tau Stealth Suits

retrogamer0001: Tau Devilfish

ApaceKittens: Tau Crisis Suit

GulGog Tuftoof: Ork Freeboota

Moolet: Death Company Dreadnought

Paradigm: Black Templars Terminator

Kustomer D: Ork Skull’amma


EmberlordofFire8: Death Guard Plague Marines

Im really happy with the blightlauncher, although the images really don't show it off too well.

Manalishi: Iron Warriors Predator

Keezus: Khador Warjack

Paradigm's Hobby Blog: last update: 13/09: Critical Role Vax mini

Available for Commission Work. Click the banner or PM me for details.
Made in hr
Dakka Veteran


Great painting everyone. When I finished my model I thought my freehands would easily take the win, but when other finished entries started comming in my confidence dwindled.

I do commissions: https://www.facebook.com/BoxyBrush/
You can follow any projects I'm working on here: https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/722207.page 
Made in gb
Boosting Ultramarine Biker


Well Looks like mine are the "Smallest" Tanks in the challenge! So i win on scale regardless

Made in pt
Longtime Dakkanaut


Such quality from everyone what a month. It wasn't easy choosing, but in the end I had to vote for Chris56's "The Seekers of Isha": LOVELY theme, great ideas for the free hand, the mix of light and dark with blue, it just struck all the right chords for me

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"Fear is freedom! Subjugation is liberation! Contradiction is truth! These are the truths of this world! Surrender to these truths, you pigs in human clothing!" - Satsuki Kiryuin, Kill la Kill 
Made in gb
Stabbin' Skarboy


Holy crap everyone this has been a good month. I'll be surprised to get any votes for my little guy with all this competition. I'm certainly happy to have just taken part in this month.

Our vehicle production this month would meet an Imperial Forge world Quota
1 Land Raider
2 Battle Tech Tanks
1 Hellhound
2 Predators (1 Baal)
1 Stormblade
1 Stormlord
3 Knights
2 Rhinos
2 Dreadnaughts
1 Vultarax
1 Warlord Titan
(and some alien tech, 1 Squiggoth, 1 Skullhammer, 2 Grav Tanks, 1 Viper, 2 Raiders, 1 Devilfish)

 TheDraconicLord wrote:
Such quality from everyone what a month. It wasn't easy choosing, but in the end I had to vote for Chris56's "The Seekers of Isha": LOVELY theme, great ideas for the free hand, the mix of light and dark with blue, it just struck all the right chords for me

You can vote for as many entries as you like/feel should get a vote, doesn't just have to be one

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Made in us
Warning From Magnus? Not Listening!

Holy Terra.

Great job everyone, I can't even remember who I voted for, but there were quite a few.

Made in pt
Longtime Dakkanaut


 Midget Gems wrote:

 TheDraconicLord wrote:
Such quality from everyone what a month. It wasn't easy choosing, but in the end I had to vote for Chris56's "The Seekers of Isha": LOVELY theme, great ideas for the free hand, the mix of light and dark with blue, it just struck all the right chords for me

You can vote for as many entries as you like/feel should get a vote, doesn't just have to be one


Sorry to everyone I also wanted to vote for

"Fear is freedom! Subjugation is liberation! Contradiction is truth! These are the truths of this world! Surrender to these truths, you pigs in human clothing!" - Satsuki Kiryuin, Kill la Kill 
Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Power Elephant I really liked your freehand, the artistry was super fun and took the mini to another level!
Made in us
Dark Angels Librarian with Book of Secrets

A Protoss colony world

Quite a few first-timers in here, which is always great! Hope you guys come back for the next one! I'm kind of sorry I wasn't able to get anything done myself. Oh well. Anyways, it was pretty cool watching everyone's entries take shape, and the results really speak for themselves in the final photos from everyone! I barely managed to keep it down to 5 votes, but I don't think I can resist commenting on everybody's entry; there were just too many cool ones! Here we go:
Nevelon: Very nice looking Land Raider; you seem to have a gift for getting a smooth paintjob on your Ultramarines.
u971: I'm not real familiar with Battletech, but those tanks are cool-looking!
STG: Very cool conversion on that Hellhound. The paintwork really makes it look amazing!
doktor_g: It's always fun seeing different Ork players' takes on the Squiggoth, and yours is no exception. Awesome work!
Guildenstern: Your model looks like he's ready ta krump sum 'umie gitz!
Chris56: I am truly in awe of the paintjobs on those tanks and Raiders. Some of the best freehand I've ever seen!
Elnibbus: Very nice paintjob on that Baal Pred; the muted tones make it look like it's seen some action, which is what you want on a vehicle like this.
Power Elephant: I love the way that giant plasma weapon looks on that big tank, and the freehand images on the armor are very well done!
SQRT(-2): Very interesting and unique conversion work on that Knight!
kavika0311: Those Rhinos are very crisply painted, which is great! I really like the effect you got with the Ultramarine symbol being slanted on the hatch on the one vehicle; I don't think I've seen that anywhere else.
Straken619: That warrior really turned out amazing! The armor looks great, but the face is where the model really shines, at least for me.
Oppl: That's one of the best Baneblade variants I've ever seen painted. Very cool!
Vejut: Yet another unique piece from you; you certainly have a flair for coming up with interesting subjects with your model projects! I'm not sure I'd be comfortable riding a bear into combat myself, though!
ZenBadger: Dreads are awesome, and yours is very well done!
Midget Gems: Wait a minute, this isn't an Ork! Of course maybe there's three Grots stacked on each other's shoulders inside that armor or something. Model looks great!
n1ceguypaul: Interesting choice doing a barechested guy in an armored theme. That said, a giant shield is definitely armor, and your paintwork is really great!
Martinof: I like the bright red you chose for the armor on this guy. I think Blood Angels should be bright like this!
ChaoticMind: I'm not sure what game these are from, but they look great regardless!
alleus: This thing turned out great! I love the metallic red especially!
SirDonald: You get a big thumbs up for getting not one but TWO Knights done in a month. They look good too!
feltmonkey: These are perhaps the best looking Dark Eldar infantry I've ever seen!
TheDraconicLord: Nice work getting a brand-new released model looking awesome!
NathanD298: That off-white is a nice change from the usual gold-armored Stormcast Eternals. The Gryph-hound looks great too!
Modock: Very cool-looking camo on those Stealth Suits. That must have taken some time to get looking that good!
retrogamer0001: You don't usually see Tau in brown; it actually works pretty good!
ApaceKittens: Crisis Battlesuits are awesome, and your color scheme is too! Orange and white go well together!
GulGog Tuftoof: I like the sculpt of that Freeboota, and your paintjob makes it look even better!
Moolet: The paint scheme of the Death Company looks amazing on Dreads, and you nailed it! I really like the crackling electricity on the claws, too!
Paradigm: Another nice gritty piece from you! The weathering on the armor turned out really well.
Kustomer D: I guess a Skull'amma is kind of a konvershun of a Baneblade chassis, huh? It really looks good, like something Orks would do to a Baneblade if they got hold of one.
Metal_Man: I am not sure at all how you managed to get a Warlord Titan done in under a month, but it really turned out well! I love the color scheme you went with on it for sure!
EmberlordofFire8: The greens on the armor look really good, very appropriate for the Death Guard. I hope mine turn out as well when I start working on my own Death Guard.
Manalishi: You really nailed the Iron Warriors color scheme. The hazard stripes are especially well done!
Keezus: That's a pretty nice clean paintjob on that Jack. Looks good in green!
This has been one of the best months of all for entries, both in number and quality. Hopefully next month we get a good number again and hopefully I can be among them this time. Special shout out as always to Paradigm for running this thing even when he's busy with college life. See you all in the October challenge!

My armies (re-counted and updated on 6/7/18, including modeled wargear options):
Dark Angels: ~11200 | Space Marines (Blood Ravens and others): ~1100 | Space Wolves: ~2000
Inquisition: ~300 | Officio Assassinorum: ~500 | Imperial Knights: ~800 | Talons of the Emperor: ~500
Tau Empire: ~6300 | Chaos Space Marines (various legions): ~8400 | Death Guard: ~2700 | Chaos Daemons (all types): ~2400
Check out my P&M Blogs: ZergSmasher's P&M Blog | Stormsurge blog | Imperial Knights blog | Total models painted in 2017: 65 | Total models painted in 2018: 93 | Current main painting project: Various Dark Angels
 Mr_Rose wrote:
Who doesn’t love crazy mutant squawk-puppies? Eh? Nobody, that’s who.
Made in au
Basecoated Black

Melbourne, Australia

So many great entries this month!

Thanks to those who said nice things about my models!

My votes went to -
SQRT(-2) - love the modelling on the 'mistress' (I still want to know how you did those tentacle/cables!);
MidgetGems - great depth of shading on the red and I love the blue on the hammer-head, great paint;
n1ceguypaul - such a simple model but such great execution, top shading on the shield;
feltmonkey - love your incubi, really consistent squad and the purple helmets really draw the eye;
Modock - the camo on these suits is crisp and clean without spoiling the silhouette of the armour, great job;
Moolet - similarly clean and crisp armour on your dread;
Paradigm - your great personal style really works on this model and fits the theme nicely; AAANNNNDDD,

Metal_Man!!! Holy Hell man, that is so much paint in one month that I am really blown away, great work!

Thanks as always to Paradigm for all the work on this thread.

Great work everyone, see you in 'Fright Night'!

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Skirr and Skiver, Fancyman of Cornwall and Best Friend of your Mother's. 
Made in gb
Legendary Master of the Chapter


Lots of top work this month! Votes to:
STG, Chris56, Elnibbus, Oppl, Zenbadger, alleus, feltmonkey, NathanD298, Modock, Moolet, Metal_Man, Manalishi!

Great work and a whole ton of entries, this has been a great month for the challenge.

Paradigm's Hobby Blog: last update: 13/09: Critical Role Vax mini

Available for Commission Work. Click the banner or PM me for details.
Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Thanks Chris, I had to get help when unpackaging and cleaning all the parts, that really took the longest! Organizing was no fun either, had to lay all the parts on towels after cleaning them then labelled what parts it belonged to. It was insane. basically over 20 hours a week working on that damn thing when it was timed out. A buddy of mine who plays Tau wanted to fight it.... so we let him proxy a lot of Taunars against it, hahaha! If the Taunar go first they have a slim to non chance, but if the Titan goes first, it just blows everything off the board except other titans. Then we proxy'd a 400 drone army against it (Close point wise) and that was super fun!

It was super fun to build and paint, but no real practical use in 95% of the games I've played in ever, haha.

I love Alleus' metallic work and details, some of that is just hard to pull off even when very experienced.

Honestly bigger spaces are typically easier to paint like the warlord, it was way faster to paint it than I thought!
Made in se
Jealous that Horus is Warmaster

Thank you all for your kind words about my Vultarax! This was my first time entering in this contest, and there are a lot of great entries for sure

Will absolutely enter again!

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Just According to Keikaku
30k Mechanicum, Zhao Arkhad - 4000~ pts
30k Thousand Sons - 3000~ pts 
Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

In a Trayzn pokeball

I voted for ten this time, sorry there's no commentary, but they are as follows:
Kustomer D

All stellar entries, I'll try actually get something done next month.

Plus a quick vigil for Bottle, who will be sorely missed.

My hobby blog, weekly updates hopefully http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/641714.page#7702117
 JohnHwangDD wrote:
The hobby is actually hating GW.
I'm just here to play 40k and buy overexpensive paint and rattlecans man, I want no part in this sigmarine crap.
Made in ca
Ancient Venerable Black Templar Dreadnought


 alleus wrote:
Thank you all for your kind words about my Vultarax! This was my first time entering in this contest, and there are a lot of great entries for sure
Will absolutely enter again!
The painting was excellent on your model.
The lenses were very well executed and the metallic carapace has a nice depth to it.
Only thing that detracted was needing a tiny bit more detail on the gun.
As of my time of writing, you are in the lead and rightly so!
The squiggoth got my vote for all the detail but I had a really tough time deciding between yours and his: well done!

A revolution is an idea which has found its bayonets.
Napoleon Bonaparte

Made in si
Hacking Interventor

There's no limit how many votes can somone give. With so many amazing entries I believe 1 vote it's absolutely too little.
Made in gb
Legendary Master of the Chapter


Yeah, I sometimes wonder if I should put the 'You can vote as many times as you like' part of the OP in bold, red, large font! Every month, there's people saying they didn't have enough votes to go around, when really there's no such thing. Go wild folks; if you feel every entry deserves a vote, give every entry a vote! If you want to vote for just one, you're welcome to, but don't ever feel you have to choose between entries.

Paradigm's Hobby Blog: last update: 13/09: Critical Role Vax mini

Available for Commission Work. Click the banner or PM me for details.
Made in si
Hacking Interventor

There's so much "metal" this month it's just nuts, plenty of huge and amazing entries. I apologize but I'm gonna be brief on commenting this time.

My votes went to:

Midget Gems

The ones that really tickled my bubbles are Chris's Dark eldar squadron. Love the color scheme and the free hand is well done. The screaming heads are pure gold.
Moolet's Dreadnought. The clean and beautiful black tone (german grey right ?) with subtle edge highlighting. I like it that you didn't go overboad with edging.
Metal_Man with his metal monster. The huge amount of work it went to this model?... I should say specimen. Congrats!

Thanks to everybody who commented and voted on my entry and to Para for the hard work.

See ya all soon.

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Made in gb
Stabbin' Skarboy


Thanks for the comments Zerg, Chris56 and Modock

I had a little bit of a think over my votes this month.

u971 - For entering tiny tanks and you can still see a lot of detail on them
doktor_g - A very cool and well armour Squiggoth. Well done for getting it finished
Chris56 - I like how you have broken up the black with OSL from the gems and stars/light patches. The freehand is also wonderful
Power Elephant - You have put a lot of effort into this Stormblade, The freehand is very good. Congrats
SQRT(-2) - I like the rusty/dirty look and the extra bits of have added to the model.
Straken619 - You have done the face very well and made it look very human, and the model is cool
Oppl - A very well painted and weathered Storm Lord, I'm glad you weathered the white Aquilas, They look much more in keeping with the rest of the model.
ZenBadger - The scratches on the armour look great.
alleus - Metallic Red is just perfect, I'm glad you enjoyed the challenge definitely want to see more from you in the future
SirDonald - Not just 1 but 2 Knights, I respect your work ethic to get both of these done in a month
Moolet - The Black is very good as is the lightning on the claws
Kustomer D - A very well done Orky Tank
Metal_Man - Thank you for sharing a Warlord Titan with us, its pretty special, I'd vote for you twice if I could.

Well done everyone see you next month. Its been a very good month for entries

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Made in gb
Parachuting Bashi Bazouk

Cambridge, UK

I never finished this month- oh well! I'll post the Chimera up on my blog when its done.

Some really fantastic entries. I voted for 7 in all since I couldn't cut it down to my usual 5. Modock's entry was my favourite- great camo, neat paint job and highlights, cool bases. Those are some battlesuits to be proud of!

Made in si
Hacking Interventor

Thanks a bunch Arclaw, I appreciate it!
Made in gb
Regular Dakkanaut

Thanks to everyone who's voted for me and especially Zergsmasher and Chris56 for the too-kind comments!

Quite an amazing month. The quality is always high, but this month has been extraordinary for the ambition. Huge tanks, squiggoths, five vehicles in the same month, a flipping warlord titan... I reckon this month must break records in terms of the sheer area of plastic painted. Also probably the monetary value of the miniatures painted! As such, I really have to comment on everyone's entries.

Nevelon - Another nice, clean paintjob from you. I feel it needs a bit of weathering and some chapter symbols to add interest, but nice vibrant painting anyway.

u971 - I like the strange concept of taking metallic tanks and repainting them silvery-grey. They look kind of similar to how they did before you painted them! How big are the tanks? I get the feeling they're really small, in which case nice job picking out the lighter and darker panels neatly, and nice thinking entering something tiny when everyone else is going big. I reckon they could do with a spot colour in a couple of areas to draw the eye a bit.

STG - Great weathering. I like the camo nets too.

doktor_g - I would love to see this in the flesh, as even in the pictures it's kind of an assault on the eyes! In a good way, I mean. The red and green are so vibrant. A truly mad-looking miniature.

Guildenstern - Nice use of contrasting colours to create an eye-catching mini. It's a shame you didn't base it though.

Chris56 - It would be impressive enough just that you've finished so many vehicles in a month, but the fact that they're so beautiful is amazing. I love that colour scheme, particularly on the raiders. Great freehand, too.

Elnibbus - This is great too. I really like the red tone you've achieved. It really looks like a heavy, metal old tank.

Power Elephant - I like the weird freehand. That sort of thing can really lend interest to a vehicle. I'm not sure the OSL is quite working. It's surely not far off, but it's such a difficult thing to get right. Kudos for giving it a go.

SQRT(-2) - Very nice, very grubby Knight. He's not going to be allowed in the house until he's wiped his feet. The blue eye-lens is a perfect example of how a bright spot colour can really add to a model. The bits you scuplted are great too.

kavika0311 - A nice clean job. I like the freehand chapter symbols and heraldry particularly. I really like what you've done with the diagonal Ultramarines U on the one tank.

Straken619 - An impressive miniature. The detail on the face, and the metallic tones in particular.

Oppl - A really well-done traditional GW-style paintjob. I like all the guardsmen in the back (plus the frantic conversation going on on the top. It's those bits that really lend character to the model overall. great job!

Vejut - Nice work on the fur. What is that miniature from? An incidental point, but I think you could do with some kind of matte spray, as the model appears to have a kind of gloss finish.

ZenBadger - A very nice dreadnought. A good, neat job with great freehand and weathering. I like how you've done the lascannon barrels.

Midget Gems - I like how you've pushed yourself with the painting side of things this month, and with great results. That red tone is excellent with some nice highlighting, and even some scratches painted on. I like the way you've painted the light reflections on the hammer.

n1ceguypaul - Lovely stuff. The NMM on the sword, and the gradient on the shield really catch the eye. The contrasting bright blue flower on the base also helps make a really effective, eye-catching model.

Martinof - That's a cool-looking miniature. Do the rules say he can run up walls like in the photo? Nice tabletop paintjob.

ChaoticMind - It's a nice coherent-looking squad, but they could do with some brighter spot-colours. I can see you've got the green eyes and gun-barrels, but they could do with being a touch brighter, and maybe a different colour, in order to contrast with the dark green armour.

alleus - This is nice. The metallic red tone and the lenses are what make it. I'm not sold on the OSL, but that might just be me. I just don't like that airbrush OSL thing. It usually doesn't look like light - it looks like paint. Like I say though, it might just be me. Great job overall.

SirDonald - Two knights? TWO? As if one wasn't enough. They look good, too.

TheDraconicLord - Really nice. The detail work on the face is excellent.

NathanD298 - Again, really nice. I really like the cloak in particular.

Modock - Very well-executed camo, great consistency across the squad, and excellent bases. The grey on the guns looks a bit weird to my eyes, but it doesn't detract from the models overall.

retrogamer0001 - I like the murky colourscheme, very unusual for Tau. I kind of feel that if you made the red spots really bright, the contrast would help accentuate the murky body more.

ApaceKittens - Nice weathering and colourscheme. What's going on with the gun in his left hand though? It looks like you've accidentally got some of the blue on it. Perhaps it could do with some tidying up?

GulGog Tuftoof - I tried an experiment with this. I left the picture up on the screen and viewed it from across the other side of the room. It looked amazing! Basically, you zoom your photos in too close, and it ends up looking a bit expressionist. I personally like expressionist, but more zoomed-out photos would likely show how good your minis undoubtably look on the table. Your ork skin-tones are always great.

Moolet - Very clean eavy metal style painting. The lightning on the claws is great.

Paradigm - Class. Storytelling in miniature form.

Kustomer D - It's flying rodent gak mental. I love it.

Metal_Man - I'm kind of opposed to the "large miniature syndrom" that infects painting competitions generally, but there are times even I will make an exception. It's amazing that you even finished it, but you've also done a great job on it. The gradients across the armour, and the consistency of them is fantastic, the subtle rust tones on the metal, the glowing eyes, and even a rare instance of a plasma glow done really, really well! Stunning.

EmberlordofFire8 - These look very grungy and grimy, but they are crying out for a focal point in order to show off the work you've done making them look like that.

Manalishi - Great painting, very subtle. The quality of the weathering is obvious, but there's some really nice highlighting that I think people might have missed because it's so realistic. I really like it overall.

Keezuz - Nice blending on the armour. It's a shame you didn't manage to get it based.

See you next month!
Made in si
Hacking Interventor

Thanks Feltmonkey! Great eye mate, I'm not satisfied with the weapon grey. Probably I should have used a warm grey not cold grey.
I'll change that tone on future minis.
Made in gb
Mysterious Techpriest

Hey, Zergsmasher, Midget Gems and feltmonkey - thanks for the compliments! i'm going to follow your lead since i appreciated them so much.
I gave everyone who 'went superheavy/gargantuan' an auto-vote because it's more effort than enjoyment to get these things done in such short a space of time without planning taking a month off to slog through it >cough<Metal_Man>cough< - so huge respect to everyone who did so.

Nevelon - i like seeing mk3 helms on an LR crew! Your subtle tonal differences (the sponson weapons) made the purity seals pop out for me, really nicely done pal, i may have to hustle you over which colours you used on them.

u971 - i wonder if you should have put something in shot to provide a sense of scale because those things are tiny! when you realize how small they are it hits home what a pita that must have been - good job dude!

STG - nice conversion! the heat effects on the weapons and exhast are nice; the use of the stencil for unit markings was an inspired idea and the tyres look nicel and realistic, kudos!

doktor_g - I love the ork gargantuan creatures! inside the mouth looks kinda wet.. nicely done!

Guildenstern - what happens if an ork warlord runs into the supply ship from forgeworld ryza to the emperors children? he gets really nicely toned skin! (an' sum ded shyny optiks!)

Chris56 - that is a lot of work doing all those vehicles, probably as much as a superheavy! and all complimented by the restrained use of airbrush and subtle freehand work everywhere - pleasant variance throughout the group too!

Elnibbus - i'm a fan of warning signs and hazard stripes and i think you did well with this peice; you don't notice the dirt effects at first which suggests you got it 'right'

Power Elephant - your phased light pulsing on the plasma blastgun and the associated OSL on the hull is making me look at my warhound and considering breaking out the paint..

SQRT(-2) - thats the kind of dirt that comes from 'danger close!' situations - it looks like years of being on the front, in the gak, tip of the spear type dirt! the lenses on that model are a pita to do lens effects on due to their domed nature, kudos!

kavika0311 - nice crisp paintjob dude! really stark contrasts between the UM blue and the opacity of the white; the angled 'omega' drew my eye too - i'd like to see a whole formation like that now! (each with subtle differences naturally!)

Straken619 - I don't know why, but i just like this entry. voted for it an' a'..

Oppl - auto vote, but would have done twice if i could - the lenses are really pleasantly done, the weathering is nicely restrained, the whites are crisp, the crew are spot-on, the back reliquary is clear and crisp - loveley stuff man! Honourable victory?

Vejut - good work on the hair/fur man!

ZenBadger - as you can tell, i'm a sucker for a well painted lens, and yours are very nice! hidden gem for me was the oh-so-subtle blood splatter between the feet!

Midget Gems - Shading reds. arguably one of the most annoying things in the hobby right up there with 'that guy' and his opinions - huge respect due just for that, but your entry is another good example of weathering done subtly (read as 'properly'!)

n1ceguypaul - very pleasant shading on the sword and sheild, was that wet blending?

Martinof - you don't see it immediately because of the angle the photos are on, but that base is really nicely done - i also like the metal work on the jump pack, especially the thrust emitters' blue glow!

ChaoticMind - i like the subtle 'blue-ing' of the inner metal layers; provides a good contrast for the almost 'matte' exterior armour - perfect scheme for sci-fi police!

alleus - i gave you a vote for putting a 'go-faster stripe' on a flying MC...

Sirdonlad - i had the time to wait for morning light, which means i could have put some inks on the cables and other 'working' mechanical bits if i had been thinking straight at the time - damn it!!

feltmonkey - sadly, saying that a paintjob is "worthy of the 'eavy metal team" is no longer a good enough compliment, certainly not for your entry! - nicely done!

TheDraconicLord - lovely base and cloak, but i just wanted to focus some kudos for the mixed-colour hair - a light colour woven with a dark colour is a fething knightmare to paint, but you made it crisp and neat - Bravo sir!

NathanD298 - yes. almost 'ceramic' looking white on both - autovoted because of the shading and finish on the griffon; well done!

Modock - i give you 10/10 and a vote. if you want 11/10 and a second vote, you'll have to drill out the barrells on those burst cannons.. lovely work on the camo - doing solid, tonally contrasting colours with irregular edges is no easy task.

retrogamer0001 - this entry has a lot of character - thats 'grime' of war! - it looks like its been in use for ages, the drab camo colours fading from UV exposure.. - wicked!

ApaceKittens - i see a very nice lens... ...and possibly the most battered crisis suit in 40k!

GulGog Tuftoof - The norman helm ork gave me lulz!

Moolet - you got a vote for the shading on this mini - i've tried painting black armour with depth. yeah, 'tried'. kudos!

Paradigm - gore-geous!

Kustomer D - Much Dakka! scotland forever! A brilliant, battered paintjob, absolutely spot-on! would have voted even without my superheavy/gargantuan rule!

Metal_Man - I like the blue, i like the model, but what an effort!! A herculean task and one you should explain to the titan owners club: it's got to be a record!! good use of fujin's brush, and the end result is exactly how i like it - Factory Fresh and good to go!

EmberlordofFire8 - they are properly disgusting aren't they? the toxic puss/goo to rust ratio is good imo. not nice, because it looks disgusting..

Manalishi - nice predator, particularly the lights; another thing i find hard to do that is very well done in this case. the grime and hazard markings look the part too, like its been a while since the last service - nicely done!

Keezuz - Really nice shading on the armour dude; the metallics look good- overall another great example of the 'factory fresh' look - it's easy to lose the sense of depth but your shading work has retained it well.

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-px27tzAtVwZpZ4ljopV2w "ashtrays and teacups do not count as cover"
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Thanks for taking the time to comment on everyone's entries Felt and Sir Donald and for the comment on my entry, I'm glad you liked it and yeah I was happy with how the red and the hammer came out .

Pretty close race at the top only a few votes in it.

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Thanks all for the positive comments.

Feltmonkey--its actually another stock Reaper bones model--they're cheap, and usually a nice way to break a block or burnout for me because they make so many weird and silly bits. The fur came out better than i originally thought but yeah, The metal came out a bit too shiny, and i'm not happy how the eyes came out.
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34 entries this month, those of you who took the time to comment on everybody's models are really going above and beyond.

@Zerg: Thanks for the nice comments!

@Felt: I finally figured out what was going on... I've been resizing these in Photoshop, and they look perfect on my screen, but what I missed is that I was viewing them (post-resize) at 30% or 50% size! So like you said, if you look at them as they are at half size, they should be good. I don't think I'll take the time to change this one, but I have high hopes that the issue is fixed from here on out.

@SirD: If I have provided some lulz, then my work here is done. The Norman helmed head is a gem for sure, to say nothing of the purple pants and fur-lined boots (Orks in Uggs?) I figure pirate orks in spaaaaace is an opportunity to do pretty much whatever you want, since suspension of reality is already implicit.

Great work everyone, see you all on Fright Night!

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Cheers for the kind comments guys, did far better than I thought I would this month

@SirDonald: The lights look good?! Man, they were a last second bodge job that took me maybe 10 minutes, just painted them averland sunset, then a circle of ushabti bone in the middle, then went over the wire again with leadbelcher. I don't think I even thinned my paint!
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WINNERS! Mighty close at the top this month, just 6 votes across the top 5!

In joint third, Modock's Tau Stealth Suits

And Metal_Man's Warlord Titan:

In second, Alleus' Vulturax:

And in first, only a vote ahead, Oppl with the Stormlord:

Congrats folks!

Paradigm's Hobby Blog: last update: 13/09: Critical Role Vax mini

Available for Commission Work. Click the banner or PM me for details.
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Congrats Modock, Metal Man, Alleus, Oppl superb stuff very close at the top.

And well done everyone, a great month.

I'll update the League Table by the weekend since I'm away during this week.

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