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Made in gb
Fresh-Faced New User

Hi been slowly getting into the hobby for a while now, still not too heavily involved in the competitive scene, but I do get sucked into the collecting and painting aspects.

Always loved orks since Dawn of War, especially with so many cool looking units like the Flash-Gitz, Squiggoth, Mega-Nobz, etc. I kind of liked the concept of mercenary orks and was toying with the idea of a combined Ork/Kroot/Dark-Eldar/Renegade(Chaos) army, but it seemed a little too fan-fictiony, so I've settled for Freebooter Orks with plundered gak and a contingent of Kroot Kommando Merenercies.

I bought the Flash-Gitz a while back as a treat and coated them with way too much paint, which I later removed with dettol, I'm now giving them another pass.
I don't have a before and after unfortunately look better than they did, still have to finish off the rest of their squad, but I'm pleased with how they're turning out.
I still layer the paint on a little thick as I keep editing the highlighting, decals and such.

I mentioned that I liked the squiggoth a lot, so I when I saw one going for "relatively" cheap I grabbed it. To be honest it's likely a recast as it gave off a pretty strong smell when I sawed the joints that were a little misshapen, but o'well.
That was about 6-9 months ago, and in the few games that I played I noticed my squiggoth was getting focused down, and with less cash I wasn't going to spend £60+ on another squiggoth, so I grabbed a cheap arachnarork that I'm converting into a squiggoth.
They're about the same size, the only real pain is in making a decent carrying-platform on the thing, I've used the sprue frame and some hard plastics with a off-brand kannon to start to piece it together. It could really use with some bolts, and chains to tie it to the beast though.

I had my eye on the little goblin shaman that came with it, and using some greenstuff I'm in the process of converting him to a free-booter mascot parrot. I got this idea from the pirate warhammer ogre with a snotling pet.
And on the subject of parrots, I got some kroot and am converting them into little green psychos. I like to imagine they eat too much ork-freebooter flesh and gone native.
The little drone I've was a conversion I wanted to do from the get go, it uses a nob-slugga, chaos chain-sword and a rokkit-launcher, I may change it's checkered pattern to cyan to tie it in and make it pop.

Back to gretchin, I have a lot of work to do, there's some I'm happy with though below.
I'm using a fantasy goblin as a wierd-boy, I may want to add a cybork body guard or something on his base to justify his wounds and attack. I'm pretty pleased with his cloak though.

With my Elites, I was a little unsure what I wanted, the kommandos were cool but as I was going for quite a dakka focused army, so I ended up grabbing some Tank-Bustas and Nobz.
The latter you can see below alongside a banner nob, with a kustom-shoota/banner/big-choppa hybrid that I'm pretty happy with.
Initially with the nobs I really wanted to go for a bunch of kustom shootas, and have them as less-flash-gitz, now they are pretty much nobz with shootas and big choppas.
As with most units I'm still converting and painting up more models, I'm hoping to have two squads of 6 with ammo runts to go in the squiggoths.

For those tankbustas I mentioned, I've been converting a Dark-Eldar Raider as their trukk, the wheels look a little small though and I need some more, plus some more gak to decorate the sides.
There's also a Dark-Eldar that I'm converting with a fantasy Flagellant into a mascot ammo-runt, need to swap the head out, if it doesn't work it doesn't work

Lastly I have my dakkajet I got for cheap and cleaned up, I still need to do the underside and add my tail-fins but I'm liking the vibe of it.
The eyes are a bit too much though, I'm thinking of bringing the flames to front main body, but I kind of like having the red body divide the paint scheme so ehh... not sure.

So that's it so far, I have a lot of Boyz that are only base coated, and I'm converting some with pirate ork kits, and hacked off tricorn hats, so we'll see how that goes.
I'm interested in maybe converting some of my boyz into stormboyz, but the bodies really don't work too well without some kind of strap or frame securing it to their back, I don't really fancy paying out the nose for my stormboyz, we'll see.

I'll try to keep this updated, sorry if I've gone a little ott with the info, let me know your thoughts.
Made in gb
Stabbin' Skarboy

Dorset, England

Mate I absolutely love the colour scheme you have going here, you have really captured the vibrant colours of the earlier Ork artwork whilst still maintaining the look of a cohesive force.

I think the Squiggoth is my favourite example of this but that could be because i really want one for my Snakebites. I love the raider konversion as well but you must have been sick of painting checks afterwards!
Made in gb
Fresh-Faced New User

Thanks Kroem, yeah I took a lot of inspiration from the old freebooters and rogue-trader schemes. Humies need to know who they're being shot at -and missed- by.
There's definitely a couple of layers of warped checkers painted onto most of the models lol, it's something I graze on and neaten up between minis still haven't got the touch with a brush right.

The squiggoth is a cool model, plays okay, finger's crossed Snakebites get some supporting rules for (and against) monsters.
I will say the 10 ork carrying capacity seems a little optimistic given the model's size though, but then that's the same story for most transports.

An idea I've been considering is taking some bonesplitterz on as sluggas, would definitely be tempted if I were doing Snakebites, as Freebooters I was hoping their exposed torsos were detached so I could mount them onto pinstriped Boy legs, alas seems like a saw-job I'm not up for.
Might still be worth it for a bit of head and choppa variety though.

They look a little pants right now, they're not getting a lot of attention poor gitz, but you can see some of the conversions and paint schemes carrying over hopefully.
Here's some paint on my modified goblin spider priest

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Made in us
Utilizing Careful Highlighting

at the keyboard

Love these guys!

Kapn Badrukk looks awesome especially - he's not easy to paint imo

I actually like the eyes on the Dakajet

Made in gb
Stealthy Grot Snipa

Northern Ireland

On man! I just love your style right here. These orks are right up my street! Love it all!

Made in de
Resentful Grot With a Plan

Nice to see colourfull old school orks. Good paint job and i love that converted spider!

Fantasy is just perfekt for count as Snakebites.

Looking at that maw crusha for a while now but have no idea yet what to do with it.
Maybe a giant Blastoise with 2 big ass cannons. Yeah, that would certainly work.
Made in gb
Fresh-Faced New User

Cheers for the lovely comments, been slowly doing a little more work on my freebooters, I've had some other little projects and distractions so it's been slow.
Really been trying to get hold of the old Ork Flash Git with Targeting Squig and the ammo-runtz from Badrukks Flashgitz -cough- or a recast -cough- otherwise I'm not really after any more units.
I've bought some spellcrow pirate bitz, my only complaint is they're bulky and the jaws don't really look the same. Have some ogre swords that I'm hoping to use as big-choppas for my nobz that I think will look fairly cool

Got a chain for spider, gave a rough paint job on the platform, bits have been falling off of my platform, so I need to get a decent glue and some more plasticard (thicker too).
I'm not too happy with the cannon blast-shield I've glued on, so I might replace that with some more plasticard, I'll do the little bolts once the design is finished I hope.

Trying to bring purple into my orks, the stripey tops aren't doing anything for me, and a lot of the torsos are covered in plates and other stuff.
So going forward I'm thinking only trousers will have the stripes, and I'm going to use purple&brown for hats&tops.
I've also used some green-stuff for my bandanas, this has worked quite well.

Started to paintup some tankbustas, like the rokkit-pistols/hammer models, so I might field them as normal rokkit-launchers
I've painted up my trukk, it could maybe use with some more wheels, the plate overlay for the wheels I've detached to paint separately .

Been looking at the Ork Glyphs, had no idea they had meaning, so I'll try to incorporate them going forward.
I like the idea of using the Glyphs for my Kroot Kommandos, with a shaper with a banner that reads "Orky - Alien", subtitled "Boss - Friend" maybe.
I've tried to add a more feather like texture on the kroot with greenstuff and some more clothing and slings, once it's coloured up it should look a lot better, I'd like to add some hats too.

Hope everyone is-having/has-had a great halloween, all the best!
Made in gb
Stealthy Grot Snipa

Northern Ireland

Ha! I do exactly that on my thumb nail too! Keep up the excellent work, always a pleasure to see.

Made in gb
Fresh-Faced New User

Thanks bud, I tend to move slowly with my personal projects :(, but I need to get the force on the table this year.

Adjusted my Raider to look a little more Ramshackle, recently bought some industrial super-glue, and it's made sticking random plastic and resin so much easier.
I also wanted to have a "wrecking-ball", so going with the pirate theme I've added an Anchor on the end.

I've been having some problems with the Dark-Eldar Sail, i'd cut away and added greenstuff to it, but it just hasn't done it for me, so I may go for a more traditional square sail.
What would really be cool is a "crow's nest" on said sail, that I could swap for either a big-shoota or rokkit-launcher, that might look a bit much for a lowly trukk though, will have to see.

I've also stared my big-trukk, that'll double as a trukk, I'm using an eldar Falcon as the base, and adding a flakk-turret to the top.

Unsurprisingly it looks a little too unstable, I'm hoping to add some guns on the underbelly, and some fat wheels on the back to help support it. It'll hopefully end up looking a bit like the Batmobile.

Sadly the Kaptain and his flash-gits were lost at sea, by which I mean a tub of dettol. I've been getting a little better at painting details and the poor sods had too much paint on them.
They're kind of a central part of my army so I'm giving them a real go, I've removed their arms and guns to get at the detail. Their guns are going to take a while to complete, they have a lot of detail I want to do justice.


You can see a Runt there with an eldar pistol and empire/guildsman hat, and my space marine runt. Longer term have managed to acquire some oop models of Badrakk's runtz (or at least casts of those models idk) so I'm looking forward to having them painted up.
I've also modified some Fantasy goblins to work as fodder, you can see my flag-bearer (how anel opponents figure line-of-sight will works will dictate usage). I'm thinking of having some of them retain their shields since they're just going to be holding up troops for the gitz to shoot at.

My boyz and gretchin are just a mess of ebay filler, however I've got a bunch of different shootas and body-parts from bitz manufactures, so I'm trying to give my relatively small squads of boys the same feel.
The pin-stipping of their trousers is probably the longest process, and I'm thinking I'll have to just base coat the lot of them, and work on that later so I can actually play a few games.
I'll post some images of them an my nobz when I have more to show.

In terms of making the army generally, I'd like to have some kannons, I feel that's pretty piratey, some rusty old cannons using ball and harpoon, idk. I also think my whole army would benefit from 2nd warboss focused on melee so I've ordered this...

Mostly for his hook, I may just chop it off and use it on another ork, or I might just swap the head for a nice freebooter one.

Will post more once I make more progress.

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Made in us
Growlin' Guntrukk Driver with Killacannon

Nice conversions. Definitely going to follow this. Love the green skins myself. The painting looks good to. Can’t wait to see what other craziness you come up with.

Made in gb
Fresh-Faced New User

Cheers, always loved orks since I found 40k through Dawn of War, especially the images online of others minis

Got my first lot of shoota boyz done, using some odd maxmini and kromlech bitz, really haven't made a much of a dent in what I need.

Going to do another 10 shootas before I move onto my slugga boys

Here is my Runtherder, I might combine it with an ork, the small 25mm base makes it a bit hard to pose though.

Since I've got the superglue, I'm readjusting the platform, using some spitfire sprue and some savage orc stuff

Will update again when I have more done
Made in us
Drop Trooper with Demo Charge

Kirkland, WA

The shoota boyz and other models look great and you have excellent taste in books.

"IG, We are many. They are few."  
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