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March Madness 2018
March Madness is less than 6 months out, and we are getting pumped for the event! Everyone who orders a ticket before December 31st, will receive a gift bag when they arrive.

This 2 days 5 round tournament is nestled in the beautiful state of Arkansas. We are proud that this is our fifth year, and we have grown substantially every year! We are hoping this year is no different, especially with more codex releases from GW! We are also partnered with ITC, so this will count as a major event for those needing to knock out their major early in the year!


Ticket –
Pre-Order - $50.00
Regular Price - $60.00



1st - $600 CASH!!!!
2nd - $300 store credit
3rd - $150 store credit
4th - $75 store credit

Best Painted – TBD ($100 value)
Best Sport – TBD ($75 value)

Everyone that comes to the tourney regardless of placing will win a prize! These prizes will be determined randomly!! All money outside of immediate costs (i.e. paying judges) will be awarded to players! The store makes their money from store credit and purchases.

We will be offering 25% off all GW pre-orders before the event (which you can settle up after the tourney) or 20% off all GW purchases for the weekend.

On Saturday we have confirmed a food truck Iron Pit BBQ, who will be serving BBQ for lunch!

On Sunday we will be grilling out… Chicken, Hotdogs, and Hamburgers will be served… along with chips. Prices will vary depending on the order.

The Madness is Coming

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In the name of the Emperor I will smite you with my Fu**, GW took that away too!  
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This is a great event. I can't recommend it enough.
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