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Most Glorious Grey Seer

How do?

Conversation topic that came up at my local gaming club via FB. Essentially, it was about clubs arranging games between each other. Whether just 'I fancy a new opponent' to 'which club is best? FIGHT!' type stuff.

And it got me thinking - is there/are there any 'neutral ground' FB groups etc where clubs can advertise essentially 'member exchanges' for such arrangements?

Strikes me as a useful way for those who enjoy their tournaments to widen their practice experience, as well as forge stronger links in the wider community.

If there's not, is this something you might make use of, either as a gamer or a club member? Reckon a series of groups might work best. For instance...South East/South West/London Wargames Pagga Starter. Those who are happy to travel etc can join multiple groups. Would help keep things from getting too bogged down with offers from far flung areas?

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Aspirant Tech-Adept

United Kingdom

Here in the North East we invite other clubs to our tournaments / events, and they do the same.

As for neutral ground there's a few FLGS like Battle Bunker which host things.
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Most Glorious Grey Seer

Hmm. Some sort of precedent then.

Might set up a group for my neck of the woods, see how it goes. No like it's gonna cost anyone anything.

Fed up for Scalpers? Why not join us? 
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Aspirant Tech-Adept

United Kingdom

There was a more formal attempt with the North East Tournament Circuit, but that died out.
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Androgynous Daemon Prince of Slaanesh

Norfolk, VA

Some folks dont use facebook. So any effort almost has to be two fold. FB and a something like a traditional forum.

Dakka already has a "find a game" forum.
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